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CLIENT CASE STUDY Introducing Edible Gems™ Developing a world class brand and new product category. Michael and Jina Tripodi of Redland Orchards in Victoria, Australia contacted Lisa to develop a brand and design packaging for their new, freshly shelled borlotti bean product. They were intending to market it under their existing Redland Growers brand, but Lisa believed there was potential for so much more. Not only were they developing a world-first product, they were creating a world-first category. Using her FreshInsights™ Process, Lisa realised that to bring borlotti beans to market and create consumer demand, the Tripodi’s needed a total category solution that included a clever brand, high impact packaging and a smart and savvy category strategy. STAGE 1: DISCOVERING AN ENTIRELY NEW CATEGORY OPPORTUNITY Working to extremely tight timeframes, Lisa undertook extensive product research. This included a review of competitive, market and consumer behaviour to fully understand the shopper who would buy, and love, freshly shelled borlotti beans. She also undertook research on food trends and nutrition in order to better understand how a fresh shelled legume fit into today’s diet. While not exactly fresh produce in the true sense of the word, borlotti beans were actually a good fit in the fresh produce department. Overseas trends showed specialist produce marketers were starting to dabble in this category but in Australasia, it was completely breaking new ground. STAGE 1 OUTPUT: SITUATION ANALYSIS  Research shows growing demand for vegetarian products like borlotti beans.  Increasing awareness in Australia for the environmental impact of red meat.  Strong growth in retail sales occurring in vegetarian products.  Independent greengrocers offer borlotti beans, but not in a shelled format.

STAGE 2: DEFINING THE UNSEEN OPPORTUNITY Through in-depth analysis, Lisa pinpointed the opportunity to create a globally unique product range of seasonal, freshly shelled, edible legumes (beans/peas). Where the growers only saw one product, overseas data showed there was opportunity for a whole range of freshly shelled legume products. Not only were these products providing much needed diversity to the grower’s stone fruit business, they had the potential to create an entirely new fresh food category. STAGE 2 OUTPUT: OPPORTUNITY ANALYSIS  Sell in convenience and food safety benefits of shelled beans.  Opportunity to add peas to range.  Retailers always seeking new product ideas. Pitch to retail and showcase missed supermarket opportunity  Develop compelling brand and pack. STAGE 3: DEVELOPING A BRAND & PACK WITH AN EYE ON RANGE/CATEGORY EXPANSION Most consumers were familiar with canned, frozen or dried legumes, so branding and packaging had to be carefully developed with an eye on the future. Given Michael and Jina wanted to expand the range over time, the brand had to balance their immediate need for a brand and pack with the long term strategic thinking required to ensure the brand and pack could include multiple new legume products over time. To develop a brand, Lisa went back to the research. What were consumers saying online about legume products? What were bloggers writing about in-shell beans and peas? Product comments were always about their natural beauty; the fact they looked like little jewels…and Edible Gems™ was created.

STAGE 4: DELIVERING A PRODUCT IN DEMAND Edible Gems was launched with a PR campaign resulting in strong consumer demand and support for the brand. Over 250 emails were received requesting stockists and within 12 months, the product was stocked in mainstream retail outlets in Australia.

STAGE 3 OUTPUT: STRATEGIC RECOMMENDATION  Develop 250g punnet with branded sleeve and clear view window.  Adopt Edible Gems as brand name with strong consumer impact.  Pack design to include illustration of beans inshell to link unshelled and shelled product.

“Lisa has the marketing expertise and skills in controlling and implementing a total product line from its original formation, right through to the shelf, into something that is at its highest standard and of world quality. She is a problem solver and can instantly come up with solutions to unexpected dilemmas, and always saves the day, with cool, calm and crystal clear clarity. In our Edible Gems™ journey together we have grown to love Lisa; her honesty, her humour, and her unrelenting ability to get the job done. We believe she was born to do what she does. We do not believe that we would have been able to replicate any of what Lisa has achieved in such a short amount of time for Edible Gems™, without her incredible vision and belief in what she does.”

Michael & Jina Tripodi Redland Orchards, Australia

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Through her proven and successful FreshInsights™ Model and Process, Lisa can help you with innovative and intuitive thinking to find and leverage strategic opportunities that create demand, grow value and benefit your company’s bottom line.

Edible gems client case study lisa cork  
Edible gems client case study lisa cork