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Celebrating Spring with a Daffodil Flower Show & Tree City USA Festivities In Southern Middle Tennessee the blooming daffodils are a sure sign that spring is here! Bell Buckle, Tennessee celebrates these delightful blooms with a day dedicated to their splendor. Daffodil Day 2014 is scheduled for March 15th.

Bell Buckle RC and Moon Pie Festival Defining the perfect essence of what is Southern hospitality can be found in the small historic town of Bell Buckle, Tennessee. The charming row of downtown shops and a famous Café nestled against a backdrop of tree lined streets, horse country, and a slow moving trains beckon to those yearning for a simpler time. But every third Saturday in June the quiet, friendly little town becomes a bustle of excitement and activity when one of the South’s most traditional pairings is celebrated at the annual RC and Moon Pie Festival. The South’s original fast food meal was paired together in the 1950’s, and it has been a match made in Southern food lore heaven ever since. This year’s Festival will begin with the 20th annual RC-Moon Pie 10 Mile Run. Over 1,000 runners will compete on the scenic but grueling certified 10 mile course and then rewarded at the finish line with a full breakfast that Runners’ World magazine called “some of the best food you will find at a race”! After the race, the real fun begins! RC’s and Moon Pies are celebrated in every way possible with a parade, bluegrass music, dancing, the coronation of the King and Queen, and unique games featuring the two classics in every way imaginable and sometimes even beyond the imagination! Admittedly tongue-in-cheek humor bounces from center stage throughout the day with guest appearances by Moon Pie herself and her constant beau RC plus many other surprises that will bring a smile to every face. The perfect day concludes with the perfect treat – the cutting of the World’s Largest Moon Pie. Bell Buckle serves up the gooey treat to everyone and it’s FREE! It’s Southern hospitality, it’s classic Americana, and it’s all in Bell Buckle. The Bell Buckle RC-Moon Pie Festival has been named a Top 20 Event by the Southeastern Tourism Society, and Bell Buckle has earned a spot on the Tennessee Department of Tourism’s highly touted Jack Trail. So find out what all the fuss is about. Be sure to come visit the place that is close to home but a world away. And if you decide not to visit, well then as we say in the South, bless your heart. 06 |

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By: Melina Powell – Owner of The Dog Parlor All scratching does not mean that your dog has fleas. If your dog has inflamed and irritated skin, be sure to consult with a professional before treating your dog for fleas.

How To Give Your Dog a Flea Bath 1. Before you do anything, purchase tearless shampoo (any brand will work). 2. Once you have your tearless shampoo, create a mixture of half water and half shampoo in another bottle. Now you are ready to give your dog a flea bath! 3. Make sure the water temperature is warm or slightly cool. 4. Do not get your dog wet! Start using the shampoo/ water mixture at your dog’s neck and work your way down the dog. This prevents the fleas from gathering at the ears, eyes, and face, which can be difficult to safely wash. 5. Create a thick lather of soap all over the dog and don’t forget to get between the toes! 6. Leave the thick lather on your dog for 20 minutes (it’s the bubbles that smother and kill the fleas). 7. Thoroughly rinse your dog. It is very important to rinse off all the soap. 8. Give him a treat for being a good pup!

Additional Grooming Tips •

After you give your dog a bath, make sure you also wash all of your dog’s bedding. • When your dog scoots across the floor, it could mean that their anal glands need to be expressed. A veterinarian or a groomer can take care of this. • Cut your dog’s nails regularly (if they grow too long it can be painful to your dog). o If you do it yourself make sure you do NOT cut the quick (the pink/gray area that supplies blood to your dog’s nail)! o If you do cut the quick, you can put cornstarch or a styptic/clotting powder on the nail to stop the bleeding (we’ve all done it so don’t feel bad).

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The Duck River: Tips to Help Protect this Natural Treasure by Lisa Wallace

The Duck River is one of the most pristine, biologically diverse river ecosystems in North America. However, it is also a fragile ecosystem that could easily become spoiled and depleted. Here are a few simple steps to help keep the Duck River clean and healthy.

Simply enjoying the river is the first step toward protecting it. Go swimming, boating, or fishing. Enjoy a serene walk along its banks. Once the river becomes a valuable part of your life, you will feel naturally motivated to work toward its preservation. Include children in your river outings— they may well become lifelong supporters.

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Take a few measures to help prevent erosion and other types of pollution. Allow trees and vegetation to grow freely within thirty feet of the edge of a river or stream; the plants growing on the bank will help prevent soil from washing into the river. Plant cover crops on fallow fields to hold soil in place. Never pour chemicals down a street drain, which often flows directly into the river. Even chemicals poured on the ground can reach the river, since the toxins leach through the soil and enter the groundwater. Keep livestock out of the Duck and its tributaries, to further reduce contamination. You can support your community’s efforts to protect the Duck River. Join a conservation group such as The Nature Conservancy or the Duck River Watershed Association. Check with your local Keep America Beautiful Office to see when the next public river cleanup takes place. Even buying a fishing license is helpful; the funds go to Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency. Whether you take the kids for a nature walk along the Duck, or let trees and bushes grow along the edge of your stream, you are doing your part to improve the health of this vital waterway.

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Solar Energy Works In Tennessee by Ron Castle

Many folks I meet often ask, will solar energy work in Tennessee? The answer is absolutely! In Europe, Germany has far less sunshine than Tennessee yet produced over 5% of their total electricity from solar in 2013 with a goal of producing 35% from renewable sources by 2020 and 100% by 2050. Energy savvy Tennesseans are using solar electricity tied to the grid to reduce or eliminate their home power bills. Some are installing off grid systems to be totally independent from utility power. Others are installing smaller off grid systems to provide electricity for emergency power outages to operate refrigerators, freezers, essential lighting and ventilation. Remote cabins and cottages can be powered for less money than it might cost to run a

power line. These systems earn a 30% Federal tax credit. In agriculture, solar water pumping for livestock or irrigation has a very quick payback. Lighting for barns, layer and broiler houses is an excellent application. Solar powered ventilation for confined livestock and greenhouses can operate during daylight hours without batteries and zero energy expense. Retail stores and offices can save electricity, maintenance and air conditioning loads with solar powered LED lighting. A 36,000 square foot retail store

reduced their lighting bill by about 40% and air conditioning load by over 12 tons plus earned an energy efficiency tax credit. In industry, a recent project costing about $100,000 will generate 49,000 kWh annually to the grid reducing the electric bill by about 70% with a payback of about 5 years thanks to the 30% Federal tax credit, accelerated depreciation and local incentives. Solar energy systems cost about half of what they did 5 years ago. Maybe it’s time to learn more. Read FOCUS On Line @ | 15

Tennessee’s own Charlies Daniels will be the highlight of the 10th anniversary celebration. He will be joining many local and area artists featured on stage during the event. Shopping at the craft and merchandise booths that will line the Square and side streets will offer unique and interesting finds. The aroma of delicious foods will drift through the May air promising flavors and treats to tempt everyone who attends.

Children will love the opportunity to play and explore in the Kid’s Zone. Reserve May 2-4 and plan to join family and friends during this exciting weekend. The nearby Tim’s Ford Lake offers recreation opportunities. Why not enjoy an entire week in the area? Visit or call 866-967-2532 for more information.

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The City of Winchester is located in Franklin County, Tennessee. More than nine years ago, the Tourism Committee and City Administration began working on a community event which would provide world class entertainment to the community and the region. The festival became a reality in 2005 with the first Dogwood Festival. Since that year, the festival has become a tradition for families all over the region and even all over the country. Support from our Sponsors allows them to cover many of the expenses involved in producing the festival and is how they can can continue to offer the free areas of the festival as well as price for the concerts. A Volunteer and City Staff supported committee plans the festival and works year round to produce the event.

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Preplanning Your Final Wishes

Preplanning is an opportunity to examine honestly and frankly your final wishes. Preplanning conversation communicates to your family openly how best to manage your final wishes, demystifying any concerns they may have as to what you would have wanted. There is a variety of available options that carefully take into consideration your beliefs, your life style and budget. Local funeral directors can meet with you to learn what is important to you, Then a legally required statement of goods and services will be presented showing the products and services they can provide as well as their current-day cost. Pre-Need life insurance polices have a death benefit that is designed to grow as time progresses. It is created for the sole purpose of financing funeral pre-arrangements. Most request little or no health information. Visit one of our local providers for more information. With all the details and expenses finalized, your family will cherish their memories and celebrate your life.

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The Jack Trail is Waiting for You A journey filled with history, music, horse racing and whiskey making. Reclaim your pioneer spirit at Cannonsburg Village in Murfreesboro — a reconstructed “living history museum” featuring a gristmill, blacksmith’s shop and one-room schoolhouse. Next, stop in Manchester to see the site of Bonnaroo, the most renowned music festival in America that Rolling Stone magazine said “Changed the history of rock and roll.” Come tour the George Dickel Distillery in nearby Tullahoma. Nestled in the Cumberland Plateau, George Dickel uses the mountain water that runs fresh and clear from Cascade Springs. Wet your whiskey whistle once again with a tour of the nation’s oldest distillery — the world-reknowned Jack Daniel’s in Lynchburg. Each year, thousands flock to tour the distillery and warehouses filled with 20,160 barrels of sour mash. Later on the trail, you’ll head to Kelso where Pritchards Distillery uses crystal clear, Tennessee spring water to make some of the finest rum available. Be sure to call ahead for a free tour. After distillery touring, high step to Shelbyville, home of the historic and world-famous annual Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration. The Jack Trail is an intoxicating blend of everything that makes the great state of Tennessee fascinating and unique.

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931-571-2222 Stress-Free IT

10 Reasons to Choose UP Tech Services 1. We design a Total Care Service plan for each client based on their needs and budget. 2. Each account is assigned a technical lead and we perform monthly service reviews and quarterly site inspections.

We are the Servolution.

3. We are vendor and equipment neutral, focused on helping you select the best value in software and hardware.

Servolution is made up of three things: customer service at extreme levels, servant leadership, and community support.

4. We implement 24×7 automated monitoring systems for your network to prevent system failures. 5. We have unlimited help desk support for your staff and a customer service portal. 6. We are committed to exceptional customer service with our Servolution, servant based leadership initiative. 7. We foster a supportive and dynamic team environment so our employees are energetic, resourceful and cooperative in their problem solving approach.

There are a lot of companies that provide IT services. What differentiates us is that we set the expectation of customer service at extreme levels and then attempt to exceed it. The second part of Servolution is servant leadership. This means that we will always put others’ needs before our own. Not only customer needs, but employee’s needs, because happy employees provide the best service.

8. We offer a complete range of IT services including communication system maintenance and mobile device management, so you don’t need to look elsewhere for your IT needs.

Finall Finally, we give back to our communities. We would be nothing without the support of our communities and we show our appreciation by donating money and our time to specific causes.

9. We are committed to forging long term relationships with our customers based on trust and backed by exceptional service.

What does Servolution mean to you? It means that you will be served by a group of very talented individuals, backed by a supportive company, passionate about earning your trust. It means your IT is easy and stress-free.

10. We are dedicated to making IT easy and stress free, eliminating the hassle and worry from your company.

Schedule your FREE IT Site Audit Today! 101 SE Atlantic Street Tullahoma, TN 37388 :: :: 931-571-2222

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CFC Recycles More Than Parts, and Metals ....They Recycle Monies That Are Returned to Their Community. From the very beginning owners Tom and Karen Rice have dedicated a portion of their profits to two local charities. Habitat for Humanity and Partners for Healing receive regular checks to support their work. Jeanne Warren, Manager of CFC Auto Salvage, the self-service automotive recycling center division of CFC Recycling, states, “I really enjoy working for a company that is dedicated to caring about the community.” Customers of CFC Auto Salvage pay an admission fee to search the yard for parts for their automotive repairs. A portion of every fee is designated for these local charities. Habitat for Humanity and Partners for Healing have named CFC as their largest contributor for the past two years. “We are helping our community in more ways that one,” she declared. We have great prices and the satisfaction of helping others she continued. CFC Auto Salvage and CFC Recycling Center is located at 54 Recycle Drive and Highway 55 in Tullahoma. CFC’s generosity is just one more reason to chose our local Southern Middle Businesses! 28 |

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The Community Playhouse Inc., Tullahoma Barefoot In The Park Feb. 7-9 and 14-16

Barefoot in the Park is the award winning romantic comedy by Neil Simon that premiered on Broadway in 1963 and ran for 1500 successful showings. Barefoot In The Park follows the lives of newlyweds Paul and Corie Bratter as they adjust to married life in a tiny Greenwich Village apartment.

Annie Get Your Gun April 4-6 and 11-13

Annie Get Your Gun: Three of the greatest names in American Musical Theatre - Richard Rodgers, Oscar Hammerstein and Irving Berlin - came together to create one of the most original and beloved musical comedies of all time, Annie Get Your Gun Many shows claim to be classics but this one truly is.

The Dixie Swim Club May 29-31 and June 1

The Dixie Swim Club: Five Southern women, whose friendships began many years ago on their college swim team, set aside a long weekend every August to recharge those relationships.

Visit Downtown Tullahoma

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