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How Beaver got its flat tail By: Charlotte Simmons and Claudia Pratt In the beginning of the beginning beaver was sitting along the river bank admiring his fluffy tail.

When swan swam over and said “you are such a selfish beaver” and beaver said “how am I selfish?”. And swan said”you know why” and beaver said “can you tell me why?”so swan did. Every day you go around bragging about your tail and soon you will have bad luck. Soon after swan swam away .

The next day beaver thought about what swan said.But he still did not care. Day after day beaver was still his selfish self. But then some thing happened a big herd of elephants came. So all the friends huddeld together but they didn’t let beaver in the huddle and beaver got trampled.when the stamped. When the stamped was over his tail was flat and the swan said “I told you so”.so they lived happy for the rest of life. and that is the story of how beaver got its flat tail.

how the beaver get it flat tail