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How Chameleon Got to Blend In By Cameron Tuttle

In the beginning of the beginning when the world was new, Chameleon was walking down the road when all of a sudden Tiger jumped out of the bushes and pinned Chameleon to the ground. “Prepare to die” he said. Chameleon was very scared even though this happened every other day. “No, I’m too young to die. Mommy will get scared that I am not home.” Tiger then looked into the horizon and saw a very pretty female tiger. “You got lucky pal!” he said and ran off to the other tiger. Chameleon never knew how fast Tiger could run because Tiger had always caught him when he was eating or lazily walking. Chameleon was still breathing really fast wondering if other predators were to jump out at him any moment. Chameleon thought he heard Panther in the bushes but when he looked, he only saw Turtle. “Come to me,” said a raspy voice all of a sudden. Chameleon jumped.”Come and together we can destroy the tiger who keeps trying to eat you.”

“Show yourself” Chameleon cried. “Come out and be a man.” The brush between Chameleon and the mysterious voice was moving and Chameleon was about to run for it but his legs would not move. He felt like he needed to see the creature. Maybe a fluffy little bunny would appear but Chameleon felt down inside him a frightening tarantula would jump out and kill him. After a moment a great snake appeared. The snake lashed at the poor reptile. After what felt like hours the snake slithered away. The next day Chameleon climbed the tallest tree and said “Oh great sky spirit, please make me invisible when enemies approach.” A voice then said “I will do that”. The next day when Chameleon saw Tiger, Chameleon turned invisible. Every day after that whenever Chameleon saw an enemy, he would just blend in with his surroundings. Chameleon’s life was saved. That is how chameleons nowadays blend in. THE END!

cameron tuttle