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Brief: Produce a brand based on the colour pink - Pink Ink. Experiment with painting for pattern making, processes and techniques known as Japanese marbling and Turkish ebru. Explore with photography, image manipulation and digital product design to develop a range of pink themed juxtaposed designs suitable to print.


PRIMARY Investigate themes of pink, nature, pattern formation and colour spectrums. Produce photographic evidence and document on blog.

SECONDARY Visit galleries and exhibitions which showcase artists and designers work which have themes of pink, printing processes and patterns formation. Document examples of processes and techniques to develop pink patterns. Investigate existing products relevant to the Pink Ink concept. Visit stationary and clothing stores to look at existing products to gain an insight into current trends. Gather information from trend forecasting websites which include pattern design, apparel and product design. Other research, document on blog.

ACTION PLAN Equipment : Purchase a deep tray, mount board, glass, aluminium sheets, paint brushes, a pipette, inks and paints. Organise: Book the photography studio, rent lighting equipment and a camera, consider a model for shooting tshirts. Experiment: Pattern generating using japanese marbling and Turkish Ebru techniques.

DESIGN Photograph and document ongoing progress on blog Design sheets Colour palettes Develop an identity for Pink Ink Photographic editing of marbling experiments Digital pattern generating, juxtaposed style Create a range of designs Mock up products such as t-shirts and tote bags Prepare designs for print Photograph Pink Ink range in the studio


Project management

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