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The Rotary Club of Georgetown Club 6810 District 7030

Rotary Georgetown Elects New Board

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As required by Rotary International, at the beginning of each Rotary year a new executive would take leadership of the Club. This year was no different as Khalil Alli took the reins as the President at the installation ceremony which took place at the Georgetown Club on June 29, 2012. A large percentage of our club members turned out, along with members of our Rotary Family, including Inner Wheelers and Rotaractors, to witness this special event. In his acceptance speech President Khalil outlined plans for the new Rotary year and highlighted the approach taken to develop models of projects that can be easily replicated in future years. He also described the main tenants of the Strategic Plan’ which was accepted at a recent Club Assembly. He expressed confidence in the members of newly


Installation Ceremony


Tribute to Laurie Lewis & Hugh Cholomendely


Joint Day of Sport


Medical Outreach


Leadership Seminar

appointed Board.


Assisting the Convalescent Home

Names Photo from Left to Right Assistant District Governor - PP KalamJuman-Yassin; VicePresident – Ronald Burch Smith; President-Elect – Harry Parmessar; Secretary – Elizabeth Cox; Director Service Projects – Michele Ming; President – Khalil Alli; Director Public Relations – Lisa Foster; Treasurer – Michael Wharton; Director New Generations – James Bovell; Director Membership- Peter Peroune; Sergeant – At – Arms – PP Paul Chan – A – Sue; Director Club Administration – Clyde De Haas; Absent: Immediate Past President Anna Lisa FraserPhang & Director Rotary Foundation Amanda St. Aubyn.


Launch of Book Clubs


Membership Orientation


Dinner Disco & Dutch Auction


Club meetings


Rotaract Instillation Ceremony

PP Deo Persaud and Pres. Khalil



Club on 30th January, 2002 on his return to Guyana and his interventions in certain of the Club’s projects have had a lasting beneficial influence on the Laurie’s work in Rotary was mulClub. If one said that in their service ti-faceted. Not one to trumpet his abilities, to Rotary they both exemplified Be it the Service Projects of our he always worked quietly. the ideals of Rotary, then everyClub, our Club’s Senior citizens thing is said. Project, taking a lead in our Bar- He would intervene in a discusPast President Laurie left us on becue, leading the Annual Carol sion always with a proposal to the 13th of August, 2012 while Singing, inducting new members move matters along. Hugh encouraged the Club to be and Rotarian Hugh left us on the 10th or coordinating relief efforts in insisted that it be more profesof August, 2012. That both Ro- times of national disaster, he sional in its inter-action with tarians gave fully to the Club of was present and fully commitcorporate partners especially in their considerable talents and ted. His was a life well lived in the area of fund raising. He abilities is a truism. Rotary. helped to establish reliable Past President Laurie in his pri- On August 13th 2012 the illness structures in the Club which vate avocation served his coun- which he had so valiantly continue to date. Development try as the Commissioner of Pofought, won the last battle. of the Club Leadership Plan; and lice and gave over four decades re-alignment of the governance Hugh Cholmondeley (or to give of his life to Law Enforcement. structure of the Club saw major him his full name, Hugh Neville interventions by Hugh. He was He became a Rotarian on 1st James Cholmondeley) brought November, 1990 and that he with his membership in Rotary a concerned about the effectiveimmersed himself fully in the full package of talents and abili- ness of our service projects and drafted a Comprehensive Aswork of the Club is borne out by ties developed and honed in the fact that for the year 2006- several decades of service as an sessment Tool for use by the Club. That tool continues to 2007 he was elected President International Civil servant and serve the Club well: There is of the Club. It was a proud mo- specifically with the United Namore that can be written about ment for the Club when for its tions System. Hugh joined our The month of August 2012 will always be recalled by Rotarians of our Club as the month in which two stalwarts of the Club departed this life.

Club Meeting

work during that Presidential year; it received a Presidential Citation from Rotary International.

Club Meeting

Club Meeting

REMEMBERING LAURIE LEYLAND LEWIS & NEVILLE JAMES CHOLMONDELEY ctd Hugh’s service to Rotary. We may speak of his efforts to select speakers for the Annual World Understanding Dinner, his involvement in disaster mitigation efforts in Haiti and in the development of a structure for

the training of emergency medical personnel in Guyana. It has been much quiet and focused activity by Hugh during his decade in Rotary. That the Club has lost much in the death of Past President


Laurie and Rotarian Hugh is without question. And so, we say Farewell. To Jennifer and Marieanne and the other members of the bereaved family the Club extends deepest condolences.

Membership Orientation and Induction One of the objectives for this Rotary year was to improve the induction process of new members to the Club. Given the Board’s objective to increase membership to 70 persons during this Rotary year, it is imperative that new members be made familiar with relevant aspects of Rotary and our Club. This was done at an Induction ‘Lime’ held at Secretary’s Liz’s home during September. The

session covered several areas including the structure of Rotary, the areas of focus and Club alignment, attendance and membership obligations and financial matters. The session was conducted by President Khalil.


During this quarter, four new members were inducted being Marilyne Trotz, Roger Harper, Ulrick Thiabud and Eran

PP Fritz, delivers charge to new inductees

Launching of Book Clubs On September 25th 2012 The Rotary Club of Georgetown marked the beginning of a partnership with the Ministry of Education to contribute towards higher levels of literacy among Guyana’s Children. The Minister of Education Ms. Priya Manickchand and the Chief Education Officer Mr. Olato Sam were both present and lauded the efforts of the Rotary Club of Georgetown. The Minister called on parents and

teachers to strive to encourage children to participate in the Book Club activities, so as to develop an interest in reading which she said would lead to a higher level of literacy. The CEO in his brief remarks said that the critical element of the Book Club is to instill in young people the sheer joy of reading . The President of the Rotary Club of Georgetown Mr Khalil Alli stated that the Club intends to regularly monitor the

progress of the first phase this school year and he also stated that the club is optimistic that with positive reviews the Club will be able to support the Ministry in establishing Book Clubs in other schools across the country. .

Leadership Seminar The Rotary Club of Georgetown conducted training sessions in the various aspects of ‘Leadership’ in an effort to refine its Rotarian’s Leadership Skills and increase their base knowledge in Rotary. The Rotarians who benefited were the President and members of the existing Board together with other members of the club identified as future leaders. Designed utilizing guidelines from the Rotary International Training Institute with some modification to suit the needs of our club. The theme ‘Accountable Leadership’ was chosen as it is important that Rotarians understand how different a project could be if all were accountable for results and not just efforts. The topics covered so far are:

 Rotary and Your Time


 Leading and Motivating Volunteers

 Setting Goals and Assigning Responsibility

 Key Communication Skills  Managing Membership Manifesting Our Ethical Values

The seminar was officially opened by PDG Dunstan Barrow and his engaging and interactive discussion on the topic ‘Rotary and Your Time’ served to reinforce the answer to the question ‘Why did you join Rotary?’ Three other distinguished Rotarians PP Errol Cheong, PP Charles Quintin and PAG Keith Williams were the main contributors to the remaining topics. At the end of it all Rotarians all felt energized and inspired and much more informed on the workings of

Book Club Randoms

PDG Dunstan at leadership



Leadership seminar

Dinner, Disco and Dutch Auction The Club held its first fund raiser for the year on 15 September with a Disco, Dinner and Dutch Auction. The Fund Raising Committee under the chairmanship of Vice-President Ronald did an excellent job in organizing an entertaining night of music from eighties, mobilizing ticket sales a scrumptious dinner and a lucrative auction of a TV, a Rotary spoon, a Rotary hat and a tea pot.

Apart from raising valuable funds for the Club’s community projects, the night was simply lots of fun!

VP Ronald Rotary Hat

Assisting the Convalescent Home The Club will be partnering with the Rotary Foundation and Rotary Clubs in Canada – Brockville, Hawkesbury and The 1000 Islands (Brockville) for the provision of laundry equipment for the Convalescent Home. The total value of the project is US$13,750. This grant was approved to provide two washers, dryers tables and chairs. The Convalescent home which was originally a Rotary Club of Georgetown project and provides a safe home for young children. The Rotary Foundation is a notfor-profit corporation supported solely by voluntary contributions from Rotarians and friends of the Foundation who share its

vision of a better world. The We wish to thank the members mission of The Rotary Founda- who have already contributed tion is to enable Rotarians to for the Rotary year 2012 / 2013 advance world understanding, and encourage others to do so. goodwill, and peace through the improvement of health, the support of education, and the alleviation of poverty. Matching Grants are secured through The Rotary Foundation. Contributions from members towards the Every Rotarian Every Year Program supports matching grants around the world.

Club Meetings In the first quarter of the Rotary Year, the club received many visitors who delivered presentation on varying topics. Our speakers during this quarter were as follows. President Quacy Grant, President – Rotaract Georgetown, on a prize from the one of the world's most distinguished medical journals - 'The New England Journal of Medicine' for an essay on 'The Impact of Social Networking on the Advancement of Medicine'.

lenges and Opportunities. Mr. Ronald Webster, Managing Director of Caribbean Container Inc., on Recycling Efforts undertaken by that company including new eco-friendly disposable containers. Rot Quacy

Mr George

Mr Lawrence Williams, Governor of the Bank of Guyana, on the establishment of a Credit Bureau in Guyana.

Dr. Bhiro Harry, Medical Doctor in charge of Mental Health Unit at the Ministry of Health, on Suicide Prevention Efforts in Mr. George Simon, archaeologist Guyana. and the winner of the prestigious 2012 Anthony Sabga Award Minister of Education, Ms. Priya for Excellence, on recent archae- Manickchand, on Initiatives to improve Maths and English in ological finds in Guyana which Guyana’s Schools. change conceptions of civiliza-

Ms. Patricia

Mr Ron

tion in this part of the world.

Presentations from Rotaract Major General (Rtd) Joe Singh, Clubs of Georgetown and UniChairman of the Guyana Geolo- versity of Guyana on their programs for the year. gy and Mines Commission, on Regulating the Oil, Gas and Minerals Sectors in Guyana – Chal-

Club Meeting Randoms

PP Aubrey Bishop

First Joint Installation Dinner (Rotaract Clubs in Georgetown) The year 2012 has been one of new beginnings for the Rotaract Clubs of Guyana. In March, the clubs came together under the banner of Strengthening Bonds through Fellowship and Service to host its first ever Mini Conference. As a result of the success of this event, the Rotaract Clubs of Georgetown, Georgetown Central and the University of Guyana subsequently united in service and fellowship to hold its first ever Joint Installation Dinner. Held on the evening of June 30, the dinner not only brought together present and past Rotaractors from the

three clubs but, also Rotarians and Inner-wheelers from their respective sponsoring Rotary Clubs. Immediate Past President (IPP) Valerie Johnson from the Rotaract Club of Georgetown, IPP Abigail Primo from the Rotaract Club of Georgetown Central and President Shane Pearce from the Rotaract Club of University of Guyana presented their outgoing presidential reports and awards. Following stimulating words from the guest speaker, Rotarian Elizabeth Cox; the 2012-2013 Board of Directors for the three clubs were then installed by Assistant Governor Kamal JumanYassin.

New members

New members

Club Meeting

The planning committee of this event did a splendid job in bringing together members and guests of the three clubs. The members of the Rotaract Clubs of Georgetown, Georgetown Central, and the University of Guyana extend best wishes to their respective sponsor Rotary Clubs as they continue to exhibit exemplary community service in this new Rotary

Rtn Victor and IPP Anna Lisa baby

Pres Khalil,

Medical Outreach The Rotary Club of Georgetown conducted its first Medical Outreach for this Rotary year in a Community about 15 miles outside of Georgetown – Viva La Force/Free & Easy. This Project was organised by the Rotary Club of Georgetown in collaboration with a team of medical personnel led by Past President Dr. Lloyd Validum, Dr. Maxine Swain and Rotarian Dr. Jose DaSilva Over 160 patients were seen by the Doctors which included 70 children; many patients received free medication and vitamins (donated by the Ministry of

Health); 42 patients were seen by Rotaractor Medical Intern PresiDr José DaSilva. dent Quacy Grant whose timely arrival allowed us to move paThe children also received school tients pass the first stage quickly. supplies donated by the Inner Wheelers and our Rotaractors We thank our Rotarians: Presijoined us on the trip and provided dent Khalil, Directors: Clyde, Pevery interactive life style sessions ter & Amanda, President Elect with teenagers from the area. Harry, Gary, Renger , Eran& partner , Liz, Pam (from Rotary DemIt was a full day and we enjoyed erara) and her Partner for giving some fellowship under a tree on up their Saturday for this event. our way back to the city. To all the other members of the Words cannot adequately express Rotary family who made this outour gratitude to the participating reach possible we would like to doctors and the team of supportsay thank and we do look forward ing medical personnel. to your continued support. We wish to express our thanks to

Joint Rotary Day of Sport This was the third year of this event which sees Rotarians and their families from the Clubs in Guyana competing in various ‘fun’ sporting events. Once again the event was held at the Georgetown Cricket Club. Our Club improved on our standing by moving from third place to a re-

Joint Meeting

were honoured to have District Governor Stephen Ramsaroop Off the field our Club ran a very present. A joint Club meeting successful barbeque stall which was held prior to the start of the was sold out by the end of the games during which DG Stephen day. Thanks go out to PP Johnny, delivered his vision for this RotaRotarians Renger, Clyde, Peter P., ry year. The day was even more Paul G., Amanda, Michele and Liz. special as it was DG’s Stephen’s birthday. At this year’s event Rotarians spectable second place.

Tug of War

Cricket Team

Rotary Club of Georgetown Newsletter  

A collection of some of the activities executed in the first quarter of the Rotary year

Rotary Club of Georgetown Newsletter  

A collection of some of the activities executed in the first quarter of the Rotary year