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Utility Reusable / Recyclable Cable Reel

Formerly Rotonics Manufacturing, Inc.

New Redesigned Model It’s a “green” alternative to wood for medium voltage primary cable Since the Thermodynamics brand was first introduced over 30 years ago, time has demonstrated the outstanding performance, weatherability and durability of the rotational molding technology and materials used. Molded with the same technology, the new cable reel evolved from the collaborative efforts of an innovative cable and wire manufacturer, two leading design engineering firms, standards engineers from a visionary utiity company and extensive field trials from industry experts in cable installation. Specifications: Diameter: 48” Width Assembled: 33.5” Between Flanges: 28” Weight (per half): 135 lbs Load Capacity: 2100 lbs Cable Capacity: 4100 ft. #2 15 Kv Cable

Computer modeling and detailed Finite Element Analysis (FEA) validates design and materials to optimize structure and durability of the plastic reel, as a replacement for wood High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) offers excellent cold temperature impact resistance and toughness with no splinters, nails, or staples to cut cable UV Stabilized and UL-HB94 fire resistance rating Returnable and reusable system for potential savings over wood Compatible with most commerical cleaning chemicals Cable can be stored on the reel without concern for reel deteriorating Three piece, flange and hub design are connected with heavy duty 1/2” plated tie rods allowing reel to be disassembled for scrap/recycling of cable and recycling of reel plastic components

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