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TOPIC: Plant Growth and Changes Date: Nov. 14, 20011

Subject: Grade 4 Science

Intentions/Objectives/Outcomes: Topic E 4-10.Describe the care and growth of a plant that students have nurtured, in particular: identify the light, temperature, water and growing medium requirements of the plant identify the life stages of the plant identify the reproductive structures of the plant. Topic E 4 – 7 Recognize that plants of the same kind have a common life cycle and produce new plants that are similar, but not identical, to the parent plants. Topic E 4- 10 Nurture a plant through one complete life cycle—from seed to seed. ICT C4 - 2.2 Organize information, using such tools as a database, spreadsheet or electronic webbing. (Also can track the plant growth using a camera, daily.)

Time 5 mins

Assessment: Ask students to hand in their pictures they drew in guided practice, as a pass to go out for recess or home.

Teaching Points Anticipatory Set: For this lesson we will be starting our growth of the plants. So to get the interest of the students I included a BBC video on the time lapse of plant growth.

15 mins

Input: Plant Parts Anther: where pollen grains are made Egg: female reproductive cell Petal: colorful leaf that helps attract insects Pollen Grain: A male reproductive cell with a hard cover around it Ovary: where ovules are made Stigma: tip of pistil which catches the pollen grains Stamen: male part of the flower Sepals: part that protects the emerging flower bud Stem: conducts water from the roots to the cells of the plant Ovule: contains the egg cell Materials: Planter, Soil, Seeds, Fertilizer, Water, Nutrients, Light, Water, Temperature (Celsius)

10 mins

Modeling: Show students how to set up their planters, and how to use the camera.


Show Students how to set up a spread sheet and input data into Excel. 5 mins Check for Understanding: Ask Questions about the parts of the plant, stages of life, and common terms. 10 mins Guided Practice: Students will split into pairs and each draw their own picture of a plant and incorporate the characteristics they have learned this lesson. Circulate and provide feedback to those who need help. This provides a Pass to go out of the class and some cooperative learning. 2 mins Closure: Wrap the lesson up with a brief summary of what was covered in class. 2 mins Independent Practice: Ask students each day to take a picture of their pots, to identify the temperature, light and other growing conditions. Identify the stage the plant is in, and the parts of the plant they can see, and record data daily in Excel. Date: Stage Parts Dev. Water Temperature Light Cond.


References(text or electronic)


Addison Wesley Science & Technology 4 Q161.5 A334 1999 Posters Regarding the Plant Parts

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lesson plan on plants

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