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Global Markets for Natural Gas-Fired Electricity Generation The market for dental diagnostic and surgical equipment consists of devices used in diagnosing dental diseases/conditions and treating the same. These include dental chairs, hand pieces, CAD/CAM systems, scaling units, instrument delivery systems, dental lasers, intra oral and extra oral radiology equipment, and CBCT scanners. The global market for these equipments was valued at $4.5 billion in 2011 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.8% from 2011-2016. Increasing incidence of oral disease and significant transitions in the oral care needs, such as patient preference for painless diagnosis and surgeries, will drive growth of the market for dental equipments. Technological innovations in the field of imaging and radiology facilitate quick and effective diagnosis. The growing ageing population is the major consumer segment for this market, due to increasing rates of oral disease and edentulousness in the same. Also, rising demand for cosmetic dentistry further fuels the market growth. The increasing number of dental clinics and practitioners enables end-users to avail of dental care services at a larger level, thereby boosting the global dental devices market returns. Get your copy of report @ Report Details: Published: May 2012 No. of Pages: 178 Price: Single User License – US$4650

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This report also presents forecasts for the size and growth of the electricity generation market in each country and region of the world. The report includes an analysis of the major industry structure of each market by geography. This analysis includes the levels of privatization versus public ownership of the electricity generation industry in a given market. It also covers the ways in which the markets function and the level of competition present. Relevant regulatory organizations, controls, and issues are also discussed. Important government policies are presented as they relate to electricity generation and the industry in each country and region. The projected effects of these policies on the forecasts for electricity generation in each country and region are discussed. International agreements and regional cooperation are important to the electricity generating industries of many countries in the world, and these aspects are also discussed where they are relevant.

Industry trends in each technology market are presented. The discussion of industry trends supplements the market forecasts by giving the reader of sense of what drives each forecast. The study also provides a competitive analysis of the major firms involved in electricity generation around the globe. The firms that are analyzed include the major companies that are active in the major markets covered in the report. These companies include independent power producers, electric utilities with generation businesses for their own consumption or for sale on the wholesale market, and integrated utility companies that have a strong presence in the electricity generation industry.

Major points covered in Table of Contents of this report include Chapter- 1: INTRODUCTION Chapter- 2: SUMMARY Chapter- 3: OVERVIEW Chapter- 4: TECHNOLOGIES Chapter- 5: INDUSTRY STRUCTURE Chapter- 6: GLOBAL MARKETS Chapter- 7: NORTH AMERICA Chapter- 8: EUROPE AND EURASIA Chapter- 9: ASIA-PACIFIC Chapter- 10: MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA Chapter- 11: SOUTH AND CENTRAL AMERICA Chapter- 12: COMPANY PROFILES List of Tables and Figures

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Global Markets for Natural Gas-Fired Electricity Generation  

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