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202nd BN Family MESSAGE BOARD t to a shout ou e iv g to e k I’d li ordon back at G my family m letting the and I love them C t a th w o n k F e soon. -S will be hom amsey Raheem R


by To my Baby doll and my Ba and miss you all e very much, can’t wait to se you again...Dad --CW2 Eric Anderson ily and my To my fam u and hope o y s is m I car... well. And g in o d e r a ya’ll somebody! to Tony, hit ua Sharp --SPC Josh

Kristie, Damon Jr., Anthonie, and Anneci aI love and miss each of you...Tell Winston and Spencer I say hello w!... Dad -LT Damon Mill er

To my bike, get well soon!

Dad (LT CG I miss yo ordon), u being at games. Be safe. my I love yo Sydney u,

KT, I car r with y your he m art Love e. , Bra (2LT n Ries don )

Andy (Gordon), I will miss us being t ogether this Thanksgiving! Think ing of you always. Love you, Lisa

am...I l, and S u a P , n l. s you al Sharme s i m d n a g love you and keep doin g ! n o f you all Stay str o d u o r ’m p great! I ove you! L feger Schwert e i l r a h -CW3 C

--SPC Sabrina Martinez


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