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Our collection of client development resources will help you build client relationships and reinforce the value that you provide. These cost-effective guides are proven marketing tools for your firm that can be distributed to clients to help support your expertise as a CA.

Practice Development and Management Resources

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The Personal Tax Planner Guide

The Personal Automobile Log

The Family Trust Guide

Registered Charities Guide

Succession Planning Toolkit for Business Owners

CICA Small Business eNuggets

from the Chartered Accountants of Canada Find the information you’re looking for quickly and easily We know that your busy practice doesn’t leave you a lot of time for tracking down answers to the many questions that come up each day. That’s why the Chartered Accountants of Canada are committed to providing you with easy access to the information you need. Our invaluable practice development and management resources will transform the way you do business — saving you time and money.

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PRACTICE DEVELOPMENT RESOURCES ThAT mAke IT eASy FOR yOu TO GeT dOWN TO BuSINeSS Professional Services Checklists Collection With over 90 ready-to-use checklists, the Professional Services Checklists Collection is designed to assist accountants in preparing or reviewing common commercial business transactions as well as tax and financial planning engagements. updated twice a year to reflect legislative and other changes, as well as provide you with new checklists, the Professional Services Checklists Collection can help you work more efficiently and effectively by maintaining consistency and thoroughness of work performed.

Resolut eements, Model Agr

ions and


The Accountant’s Manual


ant’s Account Manual n, LL.B.,

Brian J. Wilso


ancy Jane Nancy N

LL.B. Bullis, LL.B.

Canada’s leading general business information reference source for accountants in both industry and public practice, business owners, financial executives, lawyers and other professionals who need a comprehensive overview of the legal requirements and associated administrative and compliance information. updated to reflect changes introduced by the 2009 federal budget, The Accountant’s Manual provides practical guidance on a broad range of day-to-day business issues that confront financial professionals in both industry and public practice.

Internet/Loose Leaf (with customizable CD-ROM)

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Model Agreements, Resolutions and Contracts

The Accountant’s Handbook of Fraud Prevention and Detection

Model Agreements, Resolutions and Contracts (mARC) is a practical collection of more than 200 sample agreements, letters, resolutions and commercial contracts, designed to assist financial professionals, in both industry and public practice, who need straightforward sample agreements or other documents to meet a variety of commercial, corporate, tax and other business needs. Created in fillable Word format that you can revise to meet the needs of your engagement, these forms will help you design, implement and manage a consistent system of documentation for your practice.

designed to help you learn to spot the signs of fraud, develop effective systems and procedures that will help deter fraudsters and aid in the early detection of any fraud that is being perpetrated, The Accountant’s Handbook of Fraud Prevention and Detection gives you the tools you need for dealing with the threat and reality of fraud today. An invaluable resource in your fight against fraud, the handbook provides a comprehensive discussion of the many issues that face businesses today including case studies based on real-world fraud cases, a sector-by-sector discussion of key vulnerabilities and preventative controls.

Internet/Loose Leaf (with customizable CD-ROM)

The CICA Tax Practice Manual The CICA Tax Practice Manual is a unique source of practical information, time-saving practice aids, and the how-to’s of a successful tax practice. A proven practical resource that can help you build and maintain a successful tax practice, its straightforward commentary, real-world practice tips, checklists and questionnaires, and sample letters and forms can help you maximize productivity, and avoid common pitfalls. The CICA Tax Practice Manual focuses on how to run a tax practice, whether you are preparing simple tax returns, handling appeals on complicated tax matters or helping clients to arrange their tax affairs.

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Clients4Life The definitive guide to delivering outstanding service in your firm, Clients4Life will teach you strategies to improve client relationships and help you retain valued clients. The book has been written by seasoned professionals and provides practical recommendations that have been tested in the real world of accountancy. Clients4Life is an invaluable read for everyone in your office; with in-depth advice on how to make small changes that will have a big impact on your client management and retention.

PRACTICE MANAGEMENT RESOURCES ThAT SeT The STANdARd Professional Engagement Manual The CICA’s Professional Engagement Manual (Pem) is a comprehensive practice management manual designed to assist practitioners with the implementation of professional standards with respect to audit, review and compilation engagements. Pem summarizes the key requirements of the assurance standards and provides practical step-by-step guidance and methodology on how to implement them. It provides standardized procedures for members of the firm to follow, facilitating consistency in planning, reducing the potential for misunderstanding, and making reviewing of completed files easier. Add the CICA PEM Electronic Templates (Word or excel format) to your Pem subscription and you can customize the forms and letters to meet the needs of individual engagements, as well as complete them on a PC. Internet/DVD/Download/Loose Leaf

Quality Assurance Manual The Quality Assurance Manual (qAm) provides the methodology and practical aids that will help you identify practice management risks, monitor independence and ethics, define roles and responsibilities, and achieve your quality control objectives. qAm provides guidance on some of the more problematic areas of the quality control standards, such as improving the firm’s culture and commitment to quality control, what leadership involves, and quality control monitoring. Internet/DVD/Download/Loose Leaf

Softcover book

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