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Presentation of Treasurer’s report


2019 is highlighted with no new players joining our Seriously Injured Players family. Purple patch. We will take it.

We have two new ‘old’ Seriously Injured Players Sione Fifita (Auckland) was injured in 2011 playing for Auckland University. His injury was never reported. A walking tetra with complex on-going issues. Jonathan Maxwell (Tutira Hawke Bay.) He lost the sight in his left eye in 2002 while playing for Palmerston North Boys’ High School First XV.

SUPPORT It has been busy in the Near Miss context. It is never a nice feeling when the mobile rings on Saturday or Sunday. Having said that, we would rather know than an injury not being reported and having serious repercussions – which is way more concerning.

Here is a summary of the incidents

SCI Precautionary SCI / Surgery TBI Precautionary TBI Cardiac Arrest survived Internal / unusual New Seriously Injured Players Death on field Death not by rugby 11 1 2 7 1 2 0 0 1

• An increase in female Near Miss incidents is inevitable as participation numbers grow. NZR have specifically designed a RugbySmart module directed at girls and women.

• An increase in Concussion / TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) reporting is positive. This does not necessarily mean increased occurrence, but rather, increased awareness and care.

• There has been concern of injuries not being reported. NZR have addressed this. I believe the point here is to focus on what actually needs to be reported. Not the broken pinkie or Achilles tendon. If a player is ‘serious’ i.e. neck / head / internal; rather err on the side of caution.

Our Seriously Injured Players family:

• Seven of our Seriously Injured Players have been ‘way too close to the wrong side of the ledger health wise.’ Their families have had tough and worrying times.

• Many have had really challenging pain management experiences. Also, at times, challenging care team issues.

• There have been loads of positives as well, starting with many guys getting through winter ‘well’.

• Engagements.

• New baby: Phil and Ellen’s baby boy Cooper

• NCEA achievements and University graduations / A+ achievements

• Personal adventures and career achievements • New homes in upsizing and downsizing.

• Wonderful Wheel Blacks qualifying for Tokyo 2020, with a few hoops to get through.

• Several achieving remarkably in their sport disciplines and chasing down Tokyo goals.

• Others, in Life Coaching and setting goals for years to come.

FUNDING AND RESOURCE As highlighted in Treasurer Mark Peter’s report we are very pleased to report a positive year financially.

In moving forward, it is fundamental to look back and acknowledge the $1m gifts from Goodman Fielder in 1987 and the NZRU in 2003 came with interest only expenditure caveats – which we still apply today.

In 2019 we undertook an external fundraising activity review, that complements the internal strategic review the board delivered in 2018.  The growth opportunities are identified, and our focus amended appropriately.

We acknowledge our donors for their ongoing support of our appeals. They can be proud of what is being achieved with their donations enabling us to tangibly deliver the products and services our injured players require.

We would specifically like to thank the attendees at our fundraising events.  Many are repeat attendees,