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How to Fix If Facebook App Is Not Working On Blackberry

On occasion, the Facebook app on a BlackBerry phone may stop running due to some technical errors either on the phone or the app. If your Facebook app is not working anymore, then you have a few troubleshooting methods to fix it before calling on the Facebook customer service number. In most circumstances, the app issues are a sign to either update it or reinstall it.

Take a look at the common technical errors and related solutions:

Internet Connection A stable internet connection is always necessary to open the Facebook app on the BlackBerry smartphone. If you have the inactive or unstable connection, the app cannot load correctly. So, check your network connection to make sure it’s active by considering the network icon located in the notification panel of the screen upper side. If it’s inactive or unstable, press the ‘Menu’ key and then hit the ‘Manage Connections’ option. Select the ‘Mobile Network’ check box if it’s unselected to turn on the network connection.

Updates Periodically, updates are always released to provide advanced features and fix the identified issues. If you are facing problems continuously with the Facebook app, check for the necessary upgrades. Open the BlackBerry App World and search for the updated version. If an update is obtainable, click the ‘Install’ button and wait for some time to complete the process. This is the best way to fix app issues and get the new features.

Hard Reset If you are running another app with the Facebook at the same time, then it can cause conflicts between apps. If you have closed other running apps on the phone and Facebook app is still not running, then hard reset your smartphone by removing phone’s battery for a moment. During the reset, none of your data on the phone are altered or disturbed. The hard phone resetting is just like to restart the PC. It will close all running applications and loads only those that are required for the phone to work.

Uninstall/Reinstall Facebook Continued issues with the BlackBerry Facebook app can be a sign that the installation was incorrect or faulty. You should try to uninstall the app and then reinstall it to make sure that it’s installed correctly. Open the advanced options of your phone and see the apps list now installed on the phone. Select the Facebook app and hit the ‘Menu’ key and wait for the process to finish. When the app is uninstalled, you can reinstall it via App World. However, if the Facebook app is still not working on your BlackBerry smartphone, it’s recommended to give a call on the contact number for Facebook and seek the assistance of professionals to fix all knotty snags.

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Facebook app is not working on blackberry  

If the Facebook app is still not working on your BlackBerry smartphone, it’s recommended to give a call on the contact number for Facebook a...

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