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Library Update Autumn 2013

Welcome... To our autumn term Update

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Happy Birthday What’s New? Book Review Keep the library tidy Information Skills Events – Diversity Day, tasters, beauty demos Request textbooks in alternative formats Coming soon...

Our 1st Birthday This time last year it was bitterly cold, but we didn’t care because we were opening the doors to our FAB new library! Over the past year it has become an increasingly popular place to be - book transactions have doubled, and computer bookings have tripled! Due to increased demand and feedback from staff and students, we have made a few changes. Staff are now able to block-book computers for some classes, we have changed seating arrangements to suit the needs of our users and most recently introduced two PCs solely for book searching and computer booking on the upper floors. We have also started opening earlier in the mornings – so you can get started on that assignment, or check out our Facebook page!

We are also running an anti-litter campaign at the moment. Some of the carpet and furnishings are looking distinctly the worse for wear (despite the best efforts of our excellent cleaning staff), mostly as a result of food being dropped on the floor. We do allow any kind of (non-alcoholic) drink in the library, but please, no food. If you have any suggestions at all about how we can improve the Library service, then please let me know. Pam Hanney Library Manager

Happy Birthday

We are currently trying to strike a balance between providing a welcoming social space and a more studious environment. We do tolerate a reasonable level of noise on the ground floor, but discourage noisy social gatherings on the upper floors.

What’s New? Book Search and Computer Bookings kiosks on each floor

What’s New?

Childlink – a vast electronic resource of child related legislation, statistics, Acts of Parliament, news and more

Now you can like us on Facebook! Keep up-todate on our page

Newspapers now more accessible to encourage browsing

New !

A variety of board games and puzzles with a maths and English focus are now available for students to borrow and use in the library. So far the chess and playing cards seem to be the most popular!

Board Games

Board Games for Functional Skills

Book Review: Magic to the Bone By Devon Monk

Book Review

Blurb: Everything has a cost. And every act of magic exacts a price from its user - maybe a two-day migraine, or losing the memory of your first kiss. But some people want to use magic without paying, and they offload the cost onto innocents. When that happens, it falls to a Hound to identify the spell's caster - and Allison Beckstrom's the best there is. Finally! A book about magic that isn’t all flowers and unicorns! In this world, magic uses you back. It insists you pay in the form of the flu, migraines or even memory loss. Even more so, the magic leaves behind a unique signature, meaning the caster can be tracked. And that is where the wonderful Miss Beckstrom comes in. She is a hound that can identify the spell’s caster. This puts off many performing illegal, dangerous spells, making the world a reasonable safe place. Until, of course, someone finds a way to fake the signatures, which then leads to Allison’s nightmare of a journey.

I don’t normally read stories of heroines, but Miss Beckstrom is certainly worth paying attention to. Her stubbornness, strong, honourable personality is very likeable. She wants to help people and uses her gift to do so. But, just like anyone, she can be a bit impulsive, leading her to all sorts of circumstances. Devon Monk has articulated a world which is both compelling and recognisable. Its subtle comparisons to our own world are funny and entertaining. Her ability to create realistic characters that are well flawed is worth noting. Each character has their own story, their own reasons to be where they are, and their own goals to reach, allowing them to perfectly fit in the world.

Book Review by Josh Allerton, Student Governor

Book Review

If you are looking for to be guided by a strong heroine through a gritty world, with plenty of depth – oh and course a bit of romance on the side – then I recommend this first book in Monk’s paranormal series.

Events Diversity Day Fundraisers for Kenyan appeal


Street of Diversity

‘Cakes of all nations’ baked for charity by Library staff

Beauty Therapy students have been wowing visitors to the library with mini treatments to demonstrate their skills for assessment.


Beauty Demonstrations


Childcare Taster Day

Activities and resources for use with small children were produced by potential students in Childcare Taster day workshops.



Please help to keep the Library tidy by putting your rubbish in the bins provided – thank you!

Information Skills

NEW! APA Referencing!

With 33 sessions before half term and more in the pipeline, we have already surpassed last year’s Autumn Term total. New style sessions are differentiated to stretch and challenge students from Level 1 to H.E.  Research Skills –activities show students how to find different library resources and use them effectively  eBooks & eResources – course themed sessions explore the college’s online collections

Information Skills

 Plagiarism & Referencing – how to avoid plagiarism using Harvard or APA referencing methods

Students put their own stamp on the Research Skills Treasure Hunt To book a session for your group, email

Did you know that the library can obtain textbooks in alternative formats? A book in electronic format (e.g. in the form of a PDF Document) can enable a student or staff member with a visual impairment and/or specific learning disability to adapt the text to suit his or her particular needs. Books are normally made available on CD.

Please contact Georgina Young for further information (contact details on the last page).

Support for specific needs

Get textbooks in alternative formats

Events to watch out for... Tuesday 3rd December International Day of Persons with Disabilities The Library will have a display and demonstration of the assistive technology available in the college

Wednesday 18th December Library Christmas Quiz Night

Coming Soon...

This Festive evening of competitive fun will be held in the Bistro. Dig out your Rudolf antlers, we want you (yes YOU!) to assemble a team and get into the spirit of things! More details to follow very soon...

Thursday 16th January 2014 JISC RSC West Midlands Forum The Library will play host to a JISC Regional Support Centre Forum attended by library & learning resources personnel from colleges all over the West Midlands. For more information, visit the JISC website.

Library Contacts The Library Information Desk 01785 275436 or ext.3165 Subject Enquiries Pamela Hanney - Faculty of Professional Studies Faculty of Skills, Support & Enterprise Faculty of Technology Jayne Brazier - Faculty of Arts Library Inductions & Information Skills

Cathy Simpson - Access Care & Early Years Foundation Learning Psychology Sociology Joanne Clarke - Business Equality & Diversity Law Public Services Sport & Leisure Tourism Gail Ridgway - Education and Staff Development English Languages Maths Media, Music and Performing Arts Georgina Young - Beauty, Hair and Complementary Therapies Catering Health & Safety Sciences Technology



Library update autumn 2013  

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