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J'Accuse ... Indictment of the FDA Dr. Ron Paul: the FDA engages in "abuse of power..." This Citizens' Indictment is Presented to the Court of American and World Public Opinion.

You of the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) leadership are little more than political hacks, which means that you are little more than prostitutes for the MultiNational Corporate Persons who would poison you and your children while they poison us and ours. You have blood on your hands, FDA officers and agents, blood mixed with chemicals. Your scientists tell you that mercury amalgams have no place in children and you choose to ignore their pleas telling you that patients need protection; instead you aid and abet mass poisoning of children and adults with toxic mercury and with toxic fluoride; you merely offer to cover-up the harm by having people sign more abusive waivers to protect the dental and corporate interests who poison their brains and bodies. Your experts told you that "GMO" genetic modification of plants and animals was tinkering with life itself and, once released, this particularly malignant genie could never be re-contained in its flask. "Do not do this!" they said, but you rushed not to judgment, but to the condemnation of our biosphere, one nuclear DNA bundle of precious genes at a time, throwing out bouquets of infertility, cancer, brand new lethal allergies, strangely mutated bacteria, weeds that will not die, babies that cannot live and a plague of contagious genes never before seen - or experienced - on this planet. You have conspired to allow the poisoning of the biosphere. Your bloody hands, hearts and heads have no capacity to contain all the guilt for deaths and suffering, losses and heartbreak caused by poorly tested (or in the case of flu vaccines, not safety tested at all), deceptively reported and dishonestly labeled drugs and vaccines which you had every reason to know will kill and main, but from which you make money or receive research position and money. Such a small amount of money, FDA, for so many lives despoiled and destroyed. You are baby-killers. We accuse you of purchasing, approving, recommending, allowing, distributing and promoting the 2009 H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine which has resulted in thousands of miscarriages. See our Citizens Petition demanding that you enforce the law against vaccine drug pushers: Your dishonest and self-serving regulations make food the stuff of death and drugs the stuff of suffering. The fluoride in the water which you criminally flood us with - for genocide and mind control is a crime against humanity - is not there for us and our well being. It is there for the profit of those who would poison us and the comfort of those

who would dominate us through apathy and slack-witted mindlessness. FDA, you know that we know how to control disease and remove its underlying causes and you know that such removal and control strikes deeply at the heart of the Uber Cartel, those drug lords who will sell their contaminating agra-chemicals and provide their deathdealing seeds in order to make short term money, gain long-term control and accomplish forever-term depopulation of those of us deemed unnecessary, the "Useless Eaters". So J'Accuse FDA. We accuse you of murder, of graft, of extermination, of inhuman acts committed against the civilian population of the Earth, the miliatry population of the Nation, unborn generations of the planet. I accuse you of Crimes Against Humanity through knowingly perpetrating these acts. I accuse you of fast-tracking death because it brings fast-track profits and because it brings fast-track infertility, suffering, disease and death. We accuse you of having neither shame, compassion nor any humanity worthy of the name. You have sold your soul, FDA leadership, for a mess of guilt, crime and money. For the brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters and others of the Earth, We accuse you of genocide. The International Criminal Court statute (echoing the Nuremberg Code) provides, in Article 7 of the Rome Treaty that Crimes Against Humanity, even when practiced against one's own people, include "Other inhumane acts ... intentionally causing great suffering, or serious injury to body or to mental or physical health." We therefore accuse the FDA and its officers and agents of conspiracy to cause "serious injury to body or to mental or physical health..." FDA: how do you plead? The Trustees will announce the membership of the Citizens' Commission over the next few weeks and will then develop the case against the FDA for presentation to the Commission, and their Moral Decision. We need a lawyer to volunteer to defend the FDA. Any volunteers? Maj Gen Bert Stubblebine (US Army ret), President Rima E. Laibow MD, Medical Director Ralph Fucetola JD, Counsel Natural Solutions Foundation Trustees PS – We discuss and review Health and Food Freedom issues on the Dr. Rima Reports, Sundays 9 to noon, Central time- PS #2 – Continuing the struggle, as we will, requires ever more resources… please help us by donating here: PS #3 - And please "friend" us on Facebook:


You of the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) leadership are little more than political hacks, which means that you are little...

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