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Underwriting Workflow Blue Goose is the expert in providing the insurance marketplace with solutions that are ahead of the curve and specifically designed to automate your insurance workflows. No other solutions provider can leverage the convergence of policy administration and rules-based workflow better than Blue Goose.

Policy Administration System

UNDERWRITING WORKFLOW AND Across the industry, insurance

companies are seeking ways to streamline every element of their business processes while they maintain premium dollars and pursue new business. Competition is fierce and the demand for growth presents what might seem an impossible scenario—to grow profitability and reduce expenses while increasing customer service. That can only be accomplished with the most advanced and nimble technology solutions.

The structural limitations of old dinosaur legacy systems for underwriting and policy processing have weighed down companies and left them grappling with inflexible data structures, awkward or limited integrations that are difficult to support, and a lack of rules-driven workflows. The only options require expensive customization which is timeconsuming, difficult to implement and many times doesn’t work.

That is until now.

tHE BLUE GOOSE workflow Advantage Retail Agent Creates ACORD Form and/or Supplemental

Submits ACORD Application Fills Out Application on Company Website

ExpertInsure® Captures ACORD Form and/or Supplemental Data

ExpertInsure® User Clears Submission – Sends to Underwriter

Rules-based Workflow Engine Initiates Submission Process

Send Data via XML to Rating Engine

Issue, Store, & Send Policy

Bind, Store, Send & Track Binder

ExpertInsure® Receives Rate, Creates Quote – Send to Agent

Send XML Data-Feed to Carrier for Rates

Underwriter Reviews & Collects Additional Information for Rating

ExpertInsure® Scripting Engine Auto Populates Carrier Website for Rates ExpertInsure® Agent Portal – View Policies, Accounting Info, Submission Status, Collaborate with Underwriters via IM Solid blue line is ExpertInsure® internal workflow Dotted blue line is communication with agent

Cloud to Carrier for Rates/ Email Policy and/or Data Stream

Dotted brown line is communication with carrier Shadowed object indicates Blue Goose Technology Solutions exclusive workflow process


ExpertInsure® is Blue Goose’s underwriting workflow and policy administration system. It is a modern .Net Web-based system that uses today’s most dynamic and advanced technology. The rules-based workflow engine is easily configurable and allows companies to add a market or adapt to business changes quickly and with much less resources. ExpertInsure is the answer for companies in search of a way to automate their workflows, reduce expenses and improve customer service. Today’s profitable insurance companies are built on strong risk management principals and underwriting efficiency. They must have streamlined workflows that include accessibility and communication with their agents, and processes that make it easy to do business

in today’ fast-paced environment. These are the keys to booking new business and keeping existing customers. The challenge of booking the best risks and rejecting the risks that should not be written has become more difficult for companies. Even those with clear guidelines find that consistent application can be illusive using the old legacy policy administration systems that have become the lumbering dinosaurs of the insurance world. These relics and their time-consuming processes create product leakage that often results in the loss of the best risks and can even undermine the entire underwriting process. Outdated systems serve to undercut the best underwriting principles with their static business processes, poor or inefficient interfaces, and by ignoring the sense of urgency today’s businesses require to provide superior customer service.

Key Features •

ACORD/Supplemental forms data capture means no manual data entry required

Advanced easily configurable workflow via rules-based workflow engine

Supports all policy transactions: new business, endorsements, renewals, and cancellations

Web portals for clients/agents with document view and collaboration capabilities

Complete system-of-record with out-of-sequence endorsement handling

Comprehensive document management eliminates the need for a third-party DMS

Automated renewal processing

Intuitive and highly configurable Web-based user interface

Rule-based funneling of submissions through clearance

Point-in-time and “difference” views of policy versions

Producer, account, and policy views

Integration to third-party document management solutions and rating engines

Modern .NET technology platform

Advanced document management can be used in all departments

Submission management that includes audit tracking

Policy issuance and archival

Endorsements, notices, cancellations, reinstatements, audits and certificates

Agent quote and bind templates

Communication management with instant messaging (IM)

Integration with MS Outlook/Word for email and letter templates

User task and activity management

Work queue management with custom configuration

Dynamic reporting and dashboards

Sales and management tools

Renewal processing management

Manages stale submissions

Role-based security (w/ carrier audit functionality)

Document forms library

User administration via easy-to-use graphical interface

Agent, carrier and state treaty management

Integrated to Oden Insurance Services Policy Terminator for policy cancellation compliance.



Our rules-based workflow engine gives you a significant workflow advantage. Blue Goose can customize an automated workflow to meet your needs—quickly and inexpensively. For a GA/MGA to add a market only takes a matter of days and costs much less than the old dinosaur legacy systems. The ExpertInsure workflow begins with our data capture engine that automatically captures data from ACORD forms or other supplementals your agents create in their management system. Once the data is captured by ExpertInsure, the rules-based workflow engine initiates the workflow process by auto creating a submission and the captured data is entered into ExpertInsure without any manual entry by your staff. ExpertInsure also creates an XML data packet with the captured data and the rules engine then determines what to do with the data based on your unique workflow requirements. ExpertInsure can do any of the following: 1. Send the data to an internal or third-party rating engine(s) for quoting. 2. Send the data to a carrier via XML data stream for quoting. 3. Send the data to our custom scripting engine that automatically populates the carrier(s) website. Once ExpertInsure receives the return data, it then generates a quote. Additionally, all forms and data received are automatically saved in our document storage system as the source document. ExpertInsure has mapped out all ACORD forms and offers them in a fillable format. From the ExpertInsure Web Portal or from your website, you can allow agents to enter data to the ACORD forms and then submit them from the website. This feature can also be used to collaborate with agents when additional information is needed to quote or at renewal to collaborate on the ACORD application.

TECHNOLOGY ADVANTAGE Unlike the old dinosaur legacy systems, our system was designed from the ground up using a modern Microsoft .NET browser based platform. We use Microsoft’s latest SilverLight 4 development tools to provide a richer more interactive experience for the user. Our Web services integration tool natively supports XML, ACORD XML and other data streaming methods for integration with almost any application. All of this uses Microsoft SQL as the database platform. This is the best today’s technology has to offer, and it will give you a real advantage for decades. This new technology means our system is easy to implement and offers “out of the box” usability. The system can be quickly configured to meet the needs of any insurer by using our rules-based workflow engine. Your unique workflows and integrations are managed in a graphical interface that allows a much easier customization than other systems. It also enables you to manage and configure policies per LOB and encompass the definitions of the policy product itself. All configuration changes can be done quickly which means you can bring on a new market in a fraction of the time other systems require. New technology also allows you to capture data from ACORD forms and supplementals submitted by agents—the data is automatically entered into our system with no manual data entry.

The Blue Goose Menu of Services You can choose any of the options from the ExpertInsure menu. Blue Goose solutions are so flexible that you can use many as a standalone solution or create a combination of easily integrated features and services to meet your needs.

Billing and Accounting Advantage Blue Goose knows insurance and we understand how unique insurance billing and accounting can be. That is why we can offer the best, most robust insurance specific billing and accounting system in the marketplace today. It can be used as a standalone system or completely integrated into ExpertInsure. It accommodates agency bill, direct bill, carrier bill and installment billing. ExpertInsure handles reserve payments, tax reporting and generates easy-to-read agent account current statements with ease. You can easily adjust all of your treaty requirements and paying commissions has been streamlined, including lines of business and automated payments to carriers and reinsurers. The system has the ability to account for complex taxes and fees common to insurance billing. It includes a powerful financial report to run database queries and create ad-hoc reporting on anything stored in the Microsoft SQL database. The system is .NET and highly customizable. Additional features include: • Print / email invoices or send them to the ExpertInsure Web portal • The most powerful general ledger in the industry We will do custom data feeds to meet your unique requirements

ACORD Form Data Capture Utilize our state-of-the-art single-entry, multiple company interface (SEMCI) ACORD form data capture feature that captures the data on ACORD or supplemental forms submitted by your agents with no manual data entry. Once the data is captured we offer a XML data stream output, or using our custom website scripting service we can push the captured data to the carrier website with no manual entry. Of course, we offer integrated real-time rating, policy issuance, invoicing and document archiving. If you have custom data capture requirements, we will customize ExpertInsure to meet your needs. Policy Issuance ExpertInsure can provide policy issue for any LOB with any carrier. We can customize the workflow and add a new market or carrier in days not months, and we do it at an affordable price that is known up front. We can help you to stay in compliance with all state regulations when it comes to policy cancellations if you choose our integration to Oden Insurance Services Policy Terminator. Advanced Document Management The ExpertInsure base software comes with a comprehensive document and communication management system for documents and communications between insureds, agents, carriers and claims. As an option, we also offer an advanced document management system that allows you to store documents from your other departments in custom created departmental folders. This means there is no need for a third-party DMS solution. If you already have a third-party DMS, we can integrate it with ExpertInsure.

Agent Portal ExpertInsure extends to agent/brokers who are often the gatekeepers to new business. We provide them with a Web portal where they can view policy information and documents for their insureds. They can view submission and policy status and even collaborate with underwriters via an instant messaging (IM) system. Agents can track submissions, obtain quote indications and perform comparative quoting functions right from their portal. Other features include submissions and commission reporting, dashboards and the ability to create certificates. Claims Tracking ExpertInsure tracks claim details for system policies or non-system related policies. It includes loss runs, loss ratio and claim details reports. The claims tracking system can be customized to meet your needs. Integrations We can integrate with your existing ISO rater and/or custom rating engines for a single entry experience for your underwriters. If you have non-ISO custom rating requirements, we can include the rates into ExpertInsure. Our technology makes integrations easier than ever via our Web services integration tools. Implementation Notes ExpertInsure can be used in a carrier or GA/MGA. Since our pricing model is based on premium volume, it is affordable no matter the size of the company. There is no individual user cost to add users to ExpertInsure and users can log on to the system without limit, have sign-ins for different departments, and have multiple instances of ExpertInsure running at any given time. ExpertInsure supports all states and lines of business, and there is no additional cost to add states in the rules-based workflow. For MGAs, ExpertInsure handles an unlimited number of carriers within the workflow. The only cost associated with adding a carrier for policy issuance is based on the number of unique fill-in forms associated with that carrier.




Collaboration is important and ExpertInsure’s Web portal technology makes it easy to communicate and do business with your agents. We also provide a time-saving, self-service model that empowers agents to handle customer inquiries. A powerful search engine allows agents to quickly find their accounts and policies, and a further drill-down provides permissioncontrolled views of easily understood customer and policy information, including claims and billing status.

Underwriters are often the key to your business. ExpertInsure helps them to be more efficient and gives them the time it takes to identify profitable risks. Companies save expenses by establishing clear underwriting guidelines and allowing their underwriters to make decisions quickly and efficiently. ExpertInsure provides underwriters an intuitive environment where all the information they need to make a decision is at their fingertips. ExpertInsure creates an underwriting workflow that has a tight integration to MS Outlook and our internal document management and communication system creating a paperless workflow process.

A major source of frustration with the old legacy policy systems is the inflexibility. Too often companies are prevented from pursuing new business opportunities because their workflow or policy system simply does not accommodate change. The ExpertInsure rules-based workflow system is customizable without programming changes or changes to the core system code. The business logic is established in the systems’ workflow engine through a graphical rules management interface. Our model gives a company control and allows them to be agile and quick on their feet. As an example, a carrier can add a new LOB or a GA/MGA can add a new LOB and carrier quickly and with much less expense.

Experience has shown that efficient and responsive interaction wins the loyalty of agents. ExpertInsure streamlines agent interactions and eliminates the barriers to booking new business.

Policy administration systems today must have a rules-based underwriting workflow that is flexible and able to interface with an array of applications and external data sources. ExpertInsure supports integrations through a variety of methods, including Web services and specific integrations. Flexibility is essential in delivering a new system that will meet your organization’s unique requirements—and more importantly to provide ongoing business agility so you can adapt to the ever-changing market.

the Blue Goose difference Blue Goose is a solutions provider to the insurance marketplace. We know insurance and understand the workflows behind it. Blue Goose solves challenges like no other company in the insurance industry. We specialize in bringing you the most creative and innovative solutions on the market today. See why we say... “Blue Goose brings insurance and technology together.”

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