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Halal Holiday Destination

Halal holidays specially designed for Muslim families In these holidays we facilitate you with halal entertainment Now pork and alcohol is served to the customers

Islamic Turkey Discovery Tour O The blue mosque Istanbul O Cappadocia O Bursa O Konya

Istanbul And Antalya Tour

This tour package welcomes you to an expedition to the two most extraordinary and indispensable travelers’ destinations in Turkey. The enchanting cities invite its guests to the stunning beaches and the historical and natural wonders.

Alanya, Antalya, Turkey Bera Alanya beach

Adenya Beach Resort

Tombs of the Sahaba in Istanbul

The graves of the Sahaba can be found all across Istanbul and most of them are located nearby the area of Ayub Sultan and Avansarayi. the Sahaba who had arrived for jihad were greater in number compared to the present number of graves.

4 Days Istanbul Tours

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Holiday packages for muslims

Holiday packages for muslims