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Airtel Business Social Media Marketing Champions

Social Media Strategy

Relevant Fan Base Growth

+ Engagement & Awareness

Engagement Strategy 

1. Services – we talk about the various services & offers by Airtel Business.

With Airtel toll free services, discover a powerful and convenient way to connect with your customers and prospects. With domestic and international toll free services, you can expand your business around the globe. Call 98450xxxxx to know more! 

2. Trivia/Quiz – here’s we quiz and give out facts on the theme of telecom.

Alexander Graham Bell thought the phone should be answered with “Hoy, Hoy” instead of “Hello”. What’s the first thing you say when receiving a call?

3. Case Studies- Every week we will share and discuss with fans an interesting case study. Ex: Case Study on Dumb cold calls

4. Tip of the day - How to optimize bandwidth usage in office.

5. Story of the week- Choosing the most relevant and interesting news story of the week and linking it to telecom/Airtel.

Getting a clean chit in the Bofors scam after twenty five years, Brand ambassador of Airtel Champaign league, actor Amitabh Bachchan was relieved yesterday. What’s your take on this?

+ LinkedIn

LinkedIn  Target CxOs in India and Network management companies abroad  Targeted Ads – Target using Job Titles, Job Functions, Industry etc.  Use Ads for branding to ensure each and every target user sees the Ad multiple times in the first quarter


Slideshare Promotion (sans Ads)

Social Media Marketing Champions

How to use SlideShare? 1. Include audio (Slidecasting) and video files in the presentation. 2.Have slides with low on text and high on visuals. 3.Sign up for a PRO account with following features: A) LeadShare: Allows businesses to collect customer leads through their presentations, documents and videos. This can be done through 3 ways When the viewer tries to download the original presentation/PDF file, they will be asked to fill out a short contact form.  When the viewer is browsing through the presentation, the contact form will show up (say after slide 10, at the end, or via a permanent display button on the player).  If the presentation is embedded on a blog, website, forum, social network etc., the lead form will appear there as well.

B) The PRO Dashboard with allow to create campaigns through LeadShare based on Pay per Lead.

•PRO Silver plan costs 19$ per month. This gives you 30 leads for a per lead cost of 63 cents. •PRO Gold plan costs 49$ per month. This gives you 70 leads for a per lead cost of 70 cents. •PRO Platinum plan costs 249$ per month. This gives you unlimited leads.. the per lead cost depends on the leads you collect .. it could be extremely low if you collect a large number of leads. •Note: The unused leads from the maximum monthly limits will get carried over to the next month and shall not lapse.

C) Ways through which users can be targeted through LeadShare:  Content Targeting: Focus on viewers through content they are interested in seeing.  Target a Specific Country: Choose worldwide or specific countries to target (multiple countries option is coming soon).  Question Qualification: You can ask for more information (address, phone number) and up to 5 custom questions to qualify leads. All this can work for files in different formats: pdfs, text, spreadsheets, videos. D) How to ensure Quality Leads? Upload more content Make sure your lead form is appearing on download Check the Make form compulsory to view further option Keep the number of questions on the lead form to a minimum Offering a free e-book, a price quote, or perhaps an opportunity for a lunch meeting will be perceived as valuable and is likely to be more effective than simply saying Get in touch.

Best Practices:

E) Upload Videos and Slidecasts based on events and themes - Storytelling. F)Access to Analytics: G) Access to branding features:

H) Create Zipcast Meetings:

I) LinkedIn Extras: Customized profile widget on LinkedIn; access to LinkedIn data on SlideShare: dashboard.

J) Customize to create a SlideShare Network to have your stakeholders and uploads clearly defined on the page e.g.

Why use SlideShare? ďƒ˜ 60mn visitors and 3billion slide views per month

SlideShare PRO account Charges



6. Include links in the presentation


7. Create Slidecasts (audio synced with slides) to make content more appealing.


8. Embed in blogs, websites, LinkedIn and social networks.


9. Create Zipcasts- private or public meetings with video, slides, chat, and audio


10. Customize the SlideShelf to make your page and content look like a mini-website.


Social Media Commercials Proposal

for B2B Marketing – Really?

Video can engage your audience better than other media

Studies show decision-makers want to watch, not read

Studies also show that people who have seen a video are more likely to convert to a lead

An example of successful B2B YouTube Marketing -



Customized Channel

The Need to 

500 years of YouTube video are watched every day on Facebook, and over 700 YouTube videos are shared on Twitter each minute

100 million people take a social action on YouTube (likes, shares, comments, etc) every week

YouTube is localized in 39 countries and across 54 languages

SMC vs TVC Social Media Commercials

Television Commercials


Cluttered Space

70% of YouTube traffic comes from outside the US

Difficult to focus on target audience

Works on WOM theory

Viral Reach

Sometimes.. ignored, avoided and hated

Very Costly to make

Even more costly to air!

 

Less costly Less analysis, More trust!

How it works? 

Executives across world will be targeted through professional sites like LinkedIn & Google

Redirected to Interactive Infomercials (SMCs)

Short and crisp videos about Airtel Business Services

Animated Demonstration of the working model of the services

The Plan (Stage 1) 

An exclusive YouTube Channel for Airtel Business Services

Customized interactive application on YouTube (gadget window) for better experience

20 Videos to be released every quarter

Videos on various B2B services that Airtel offers

Highly Targeted Viewership

Videos on..  

Toll free services

Data 

Interactive SMS

Other SMS solutions

Bulk SMS/Short Codes

GPRS Access Solution


Convergence solutions 

Managed Business IPLC


Fixed line and broadband

Mobile data, devices and applications 

Data card

Mobile application tool for enterprise (MATE)

Automatic meter reading solutions




 

The Videos 

Motion Graphics Technology

Typography Animation

Message: To the point, Informative, Interactive

End with Call To Action

 “Know

More”  “Apply Now”  “Try It Now” 

Universal Appeal



The Plan (Stage 2)  Post launching  Testimonial   

   


Testimonial Interviews Executive Viewpoints Case Studies

 Industry 

of the YouTube Channel

Solution Series

Education Financial Services Government Healthcare Retail


Why Us? 

Creative Excellence – Facebook Marketing Leaders!

Technical Excellence – We promise in numbers!

A team of young individuals –

copyrighting & script writing, direction, cinematography, editing, music composition, animation and various other departments of film making

Team members’ achievements  ViBGYOR International

Award for Best Direction  3 National Awards for Short Film making  Winner of Mahindra Rise Campaign Hunt  Industry Experience in Animation (Bollywood)  In-house production capabilities 

Best possible quality!

+ Deliverables

Deliverables Deliverable


Page engagement

Rs 50k per month

Fan acquisition

Rs. 25 per fan


Rs 200 per click – India Rs. 200 - Rs. 500 per click depending on the country of origin.

+ Thank you | P: +91-80-40951342 | IIIrd Floor, 659, 5th main, OMBR layout, Banaswadi, Bangalore - 43 , Karnataka, India


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