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How to Best Recover from a Tummy Tuck

Introduction You've just had a tummy tuck (or planning ahead for a future operation) and you'd like to know how to get back in shape as fast as possible? In this presentation, we will see exactly what you should expect from your post-operation, from the types of discomfort you could be experiencing to the tips you could put into action to speed up your recovery.

Common Side Effects There's nothing natural about having your abdomen cut open to remove excess fat and skin. That's why, as with every major surgery, you should prepare yourself to experience some side effects such as : •

Bruising : this one is inevitable. Because of the operation, you will notice some bruising in your abdominal area, but nothing too dramatic

Pain : don't forget what your body just went through. It is only natural for you to experience some pain. But taking pain killers should help you get it under control

Swelling : after undergoing surgery, your body will react by building up fluids at the location of the trauma. That swelling should take a couple of weeks to disappear

Possible Complications While almost everyone who resorts to a tummy tuck will experience the aforementioned side effects, for a certain amount of patients, some complications are to be expected. •

Bleeding : if your wound continues to bleed after the surgery, this might lead to the formation of a haematoma that could require you going back under the knife

Scarring : scarring is a natural process that just means that your skin is healing. But sometimes, the healing can go wrong and you're left with a big scar that will take months to subside

Infection : although infections are rare, pus may develop in your wound, necessitating antibiotic treatment

Possible Complications

Slow healing : as we mentioned previously, the scarring mechanism might go wrong, leaving you with a hypertrophied scar. But the opposite could also be true. If your wound doesn't heal like it should, you will need to see your doctor for help

Seroma formation : a seroma is to the body fluids what a haematoma is to the blood, an abnormal collection under your skin. This can be removed with a needle

Numbness : some level of numbness is natural and usually disappears over time. However, permanent numbness can sometimes arise and is irreversible

Tips for a Better Recovery Now that we've tackled the "risk" side of the surgery, let's see what we can do to ensure a faster and better recovery : •

Get informed : as the saying goes "knowledge is power". Make sure you're fully informed about what to expect, so you'll be better prepared

Use pain killers : utilizing ibuprofen and such in the first days after your tummy tuck is a good way to start your recovery by eliminating the pain

Start moving : the best way to cut your recovery time is still to leave your bed as soon as possible. Once you feel able to walk, do so

Tips for a Better Recovery •

Stop smoking : if you want to limit the risks of a complication, you need to stop smoking at least 2 weeks before your surgery until 2 weeks after

Stay positive : the mind is a powerful weapon that you can use to your own advantage. Keep up your smile and your immune system will go along

Eat healthy : right after you’ve had your tummy tuck, try and avoid junk food. Nutritious meals full of vitamins and good fatty acids will help in repairing your body

Sleep inclined : to avoid putting too much pressure on your abdomen, sleep with your head and shoulders above the rest of your body by using pillows

Conclusion Having a tummy tuck is no light matter. This procedure will leave you incapacitated, but you can use the advice we just outlined in this presentation to make sure you’re up on your feet in a jiffy‌ Ready to enjoy life with your new body!

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How to Best Recover from a Tummy Tuck  

Do you know what is the best way to recover after getting a tummy tuck abdominoplasty? Liposuccion-Montreal has some friendly suggestions to...

How to Best Recover from a Tummy Tuck  

Do you know what is the best way to recover after getting a tummy tuck abdominoplasty? Liposuccion-Montreal has some friendly suggestions to...