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Juvéderm® Juvéderm® injectable gel is a new, next generation, natural injectable gel which acts as a ‘skin filler’ to gently restore structure and volume to skin. Juvéderm® provides a natural look and feel that lasts.

What is Juvéderm ® and how does it work? Juvéderm ® is a smooth injectable gel that is made from a natural complex sugar called Hyaluronic Acid. Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is found naturally within the tissues of living cells, including human skin. HA assists in skin hydration by attracting and holding water and also combines with collagen and elastin to provide skin structure and elasticity. The HA in Juvéderm ® injectable gel is not derived from animals and is manufactured and purified by Allergan, especially for the smoothing of wrinkles and soft lip enhancement. Another product in the Juvéderm ® range is Juvéderm ® Ultra plus, Juvéderm ® Ultra plus is used more frequently for deeper folds.

How long does it last?

Where can it be used?

The effect will typically last 6 – 12 months so you

Virtually anywhere on the face.

may require 2 treatments per year. The length of time Juvéderm ® lasts is specific to each individual ®

and the area treated. Juvéderm breaks down to simple sugars and is used for energy over time so you have the freedom to use as you desire.


How much does it cost? Cost of treatments is determined by the volume required and starts at $690 for 0.9 ml syringe.


Answering your questions What happens in a treatment? There is no need for pre-testing and you will see the results instantly. A full medical history will be taken prior to your treatment and you will have an opportunity to discuss any aspects with your Cosmetic Physician. You will need to complete a consent form before treatment. You and your doctor will determine exactly where to use the product to achieve the enhancement you desire. You can choose a single area to be treated e.g. lips or multiple areas. Local anaesthetic is then injected into the areas that will be treated using various techniques followed by Juvérderm ® injection using a very fine needle.

Who can not use it? Those who have shown a previous allergy to hyaluronic-acid. Those planning to fall pregnant in the next 3 months, pregnant or breast-feeding. Those with a history of keloid or hypertrophic scarring. Those with severe multiple allergic reactions or anaphylaxis.

What after care do I need? Severe or increasing redness/pain/swelling must be reported to your Cosmetic Physician. Use ice / cold-compresses to soothe treated areas and to minimise swelling. Do not use cosmetic sponges on areas treated. Do not expose your skin to sun /sun-beds after treatment. Do not kiss / suck through a straw / smoke ciga-

To minimise swelling, do not immerse yourself in a hot spa / sauna or engage in vigorous exercise / aerobics or drink alcohol especially red wine for 24 hours. Do not have a facial for 2 weeks.

What side effects occur? The common injection related side effects are localised and transient and may include swelling, redness or slight bruising. Rarely pain or tenderness, occasional itching and increasing swelling have been noted. Accidental-needle placement into or through a blood vessel resulting in temporary skin discolouration and scab formation which may result in a scar. This has never occurred at Clinic 42. There is a very small chance of granuloma formation, which may require excision. This has not been reported with the use of Juvéderm ®.

rettes for 2 days if you have had your lips treated.

We know you will be delighted with the outcome of your treatment. If you have any concerns please call us on 09 638 4242 or call your Cosmetic Physician directly on her mobile phone.



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