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Stainless Steel Accessories Your Stainless Steel Products and Stainless steel conversion toppers are made with 18 gauge stainless steel with a matte-type finish. Please follow these simple procedures: Installation should be completed using 2 people.. The “balancing act” assembly may cause the stainless steel corners to scratch and indent your existing surface. Also, sliding the top over the wood table to achieve assembly can also scratch and damage the existing surface. Using two people for assembly will safeguard against any surface damage. Clean your tops with an approved stainless steel cleaner and polish. You can find these aerosol based products at your local Sam’s Club or other warehouse club. Remove water spills on the table as they may leave water stains or glass rings on your topper. If this happens, simply spray stainless steel cleaner (found at your local hardware store) and the stains will disappear. Do not store the stainless steel tops outside. You can use them for outdoor functions, but you should not leave them outside for a prolonged period of time. To repair scratches, simply use an orbital sander. Since the tops are made with a matte-type finish, you will experience surface level scratches over time. To eliminate these scratches, they will need to be re-buffed with an orbital sander and 100 grit sand paper. You can find these products at a local Lowe’s or Home Depot.