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Volume 10 Issue 3

2018-2019 Volume 10 Issue 2 2018-2019

Lions Club of Tropical Gardens Newsletter.

Editor’s Note

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Welcome to the September Issue of LCTG Newsletter

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Hello Again, September, like the sweet yet sudden changing of the leaves, is a month of serious transition and


transformation. No matter how much we’re aware of this happening, it can still feel incredibly jarring to move so abruptly from one polarity to the next.

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So let’s get on to the featured articles this month. Lion Kareefa



Editor’s Note


Hurricane Season


Vision Screening


Prison Screening


Steve Higgins


Guest Speaker




Cayman Brac




Pink Shop


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Photo Rama



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Lion Kareefa

Free Public Vision Screening

On September 8th, 2018, The Lions club of Tropical Garden hosted a Free Vision

Screening and educational talk on Glaucoma to the public, at Elizabethan Square Cayman Conference Centre.

51 person turned out to make this a

successful project. Free vision screening was done by Optical Outlook, with their

professionals also addressing the gathering

on Glaucoma (otherwise known as the silent thief of sight).

Attendees were encouraged to have regular

checks, as where glaucoma is diagnosed and treated early it can prevent long-term vision

loss. Person over the age of 40 who have a family history of glaucoma, should have a

complete eye exam with an eye doctor every one to two years.

Glaucoma, a hereditary condition that usually only emerges later in one’s life, is generally

caused by a build-up of pressure inside the eye. This increased pressure, called

intraocular pressure, can damage the optic nerve which transmits images to the brain.


If left untreated the damage to the optic nerve will continue and can cause

permanent loss of vision. There are four main type of Glaucoma, open

angle (being the most common one); Acute angle; development glaucoma and secondary glaucoma.

There are many steps in maintaining good eye sight, such eating health;

choosing sunglasses that block 99%

or 100% of both UVA and UVB rays; and wearing safety and protective glasses at work.

Lion Kareefa

Prison Vision Screening

On September 16th, 2018, The Lions Club of Tropical Gardens visited the Fairbanks prison to provide free vision screening to the female inmates housed at that located. Lion Dr Kishna Mani joined forces with our Club and screened 16 inmates. Lions set up vision charts, reading charts and retinoscopes to facilitate the screening, which was extremely appreciated by those benefitted. The project was a tremendous success.


Lion Kareefa

Steve Higgins and Friends

Embracing Romance was the theme for the night, which saw Steve Higgins and friends performing at the Marriott Beach Resort was one to remember. Proceeds of this highly enjoyable fundraiser were kindly donated to The Lions Club of Tropical Gardens and The Cayman Island Cancer Society. In both cases, funds will be used for cancer support Thank you Steve Higgins and Friends for all an amazing night and all that you continue to do to make our community a better place. Lion Kareefa


Guest Motivational Speaker The Club’s social meeting held on 18 th September

welcomed guest-presenter, Theresa Thomas, who is the

fo u n d e r o f B ra n d i n g BluePrints. Ms Thomas is a

Christian Motivational Speaker and Entrepreneur and told the

audience that she encourages women to “embrace their shine” by creating and marketing their brand and products online.

Theresa traded the island life to move to the US in 2014 for foundational schooling for her two girls. She described herself

as being a person who is not afraid to try anything at least once.

Theresa has a purpose fuelled by passion to encourage, motivate and edify women through biblical principles.

Discounting the doubters, Theresa overcame adversity and obtained 5 academic degrees on her own (and is currently working her Doctorate in Theology).

With these

accomplishments under her belt, she has never looked back and encourages women to never stop learning.  

Lion Kareefa


Pines Retirement Home

On the 22nd September 2018, the Lions Club of Tropical Gardens visited the Pines Retirement Home and presented toiletry supplies to elderly residents. Joining forces with

the Lions were members of the Leo Club, whose youthful energy was greatly appreciated by all participants. The

room was filled with songs, stories and laughter, as

everyone gathered together and games were played before lunch was served. A sweet treat for those with a sweet tooth was also served!


Lion Kareefa

Cayman Brac 5K Walk/Run

On September 22nd, 2018 The Lions Club of Tropical Gardens partnered with the Cayman Brac Lions to bring Breast Cancer Awareness to Cayman Brac. The Walk/Run and awareness meeting were well received, with all age groups being well represented. A

light breakfast was enjoyed while the doctor educated the gathering on Breast Cancer, with an emphasis on early detection.


Lion Kareefa

Eclizpe Day Spa Cut-A-Thon

Eclipze Hair Design & Day Spa is an amazing community partner and a long-time supporter of the Club’s breast cancer awareness activities. Eclipze has staged an annual

Cut-a-Thon over the last

several years, which raises well-needed funds, as well as awareness for the cause. The breast cancer story is a personal one for Eclipze:

Darla the owner and

her sister Darna (a partner at the time) established this event in loving memory of an aunt who suffered in silence and passed away to Breast Cancer 20 plus years ago. After exploring different ways to make a difference, they decided to use their profession of Cosmetology (Hair & Beauty) to create a fun and rewarding event for the community. Other Salon and Spa professionals were invited to participate and so began the Eclipze Hair Design & Day Spa Annual Cut-A-Thon. The funds generated annually from this event are given to our Lions Club which in turn uses them to help fund the Club’s various breast cancer initiatives. The 2018 Cut-a-Thon, held on Sunday 30th September, saw professionals working together for “the cause” from Privé Beauty Studio, Focus Hair and Beauty, Spa Esprit, and Eclipze Hair Design & Day Spa – as well as visiting TIGI star stylists. The services offered included wet cuts for men, women & children, mini manicures, eyebrow threading, massages and reflexology. CUTS FOR A CAUSE… 
 In an effort to help raise additional funds amazing volunteers (who, with our blessing had sought sponsorship) came forward and committed to cut at least 10-12 INCHES OFF their hair or shave their head. In some cases, this hair was donated to Locks of Love to help in making wigs for children with cancer who have suffered hair loss.


The Pink Shop

Lion Kareefa 9

Next Issue

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September 2018 Newsletter  

September 2018 Newsletter  


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