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Editorial We are proud to present our first edition of EXCLUSIVE LIFE. The idea of publishing a magazine at this time is by no means arbitrary. We have been maturing the idea for many years, and now we can finally offer the opportunity to read this magazine, which we can assure you, is full of vitality and energy.


“ The Best way to predict the Future “

is to Invent it!

This publication is launched with the aim of being a benchmark for Luxury in MarbellaSotogrande; the most impressive villas of the present time, the true style of Exclusive Living, far from the parties; Design, Avant-Garde, Art, Healthy Lifestyle, Architecture, Culinary Art and Catering, Fashion... For this edition, we have selected professional collaborators who we consider to be sources of great inspiration for the reader. Exclusive Life Marbella-Sotogrande is aimed at all those who, when they pick up a magazine, expect to find contemporary, interesting articles, inspiration and design. Each edition will be dedicated to featuring national and international professionals who have interesting projects to tell us about: the best Architects, Decorators, Entrepreneurs, Businesspeople and Artists from all times. We hope you really enjoy this fresh approach. We are very passionate about, and love our work, and we are committed to according due importance to the Costa del Sol and Marbella in Europe, as the cosmopolitan, multicultural city that it is. Without further ado, we take this opportunity to thank all the professional collaborators who have contributed to our first edition with their talent. Kind regards,


Issue 1 - March 2019



Rafael Barrio





........................................................................... Martin Demichelis ...................................... Jorge Manzur ................................................ with Ana Maria Macedo ............................ Ramon Davila Guerrero ............................. Rodolfo Amieva Jacobson .......................... Karl Lagerfeld .............................................. The most iconic ............................................. Memories of Africa ...................................... Dani García ................................................... Grace Kelly .................................................... Aida Aguirre ................................................. To feel young and vibrant .......................... Leyre Gonzalez .............................................

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AUTHENTIC ITALIAN FLAVOURS Date nights and family dinners

Dining alfresco on the garden terrace with a full-bodied red wine in hand, you could almost be in a Tuscan vineyard. With the ancient Puente Romano bridge as your backdrop, Serafina transports you from contemporary Marbella to classic Italy. Relax at the capable hands of chefs Marco and Carlo Morelli for a delicious Italian experience. Share fine wines and

modern interpretations of authentic Italian cuisine in this elegant setting with friends, family or that special someone – life doesn’t get better. To make a reservation please call (+34) 952 771 798


Marbella is a city that seizes the spotlight, and as a result of such interest, new, exciting proposals are emerging to illustrate the excellent range of services our municipality offers. Exclusive Life Magazine is an outstanding example; a new publication created with the vocation to reflect the prominence of our city in a variety of sectors, such as gastronomy, art, health, fashion or architecture. Its pages feature reports and interviews in areas in which Marbella is at the forefront. From the City Council we’d like to wish this new publication and its excellent team of professionals every success; a proposal which aims to enhance the provision of high-quality information in Marbella, and which will help tourists and residents gain an insight into the extraordinary range of services to be found in our city.

Best wishes, Ángeles Muñoz Uriol Mayoress of Marbella.


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Solaris Yachts presents The New Solaris 68 The new Solaris 68’ : is the result of experience gained in the design and construction of sailing yachts for long-range navigation. The decision to concentrate engine room, tanks and systems under the saloon floor ensures optimum comfort even with a highperformance hull. Different interior layouts can be developed to meet the requirements of any boat owner. The deck layout allows navigation even with a small crew in all sea conditions





Recommended Sales, Corporate Consultancy & Events, with Expert Advice from Multiple World Championship Title Holder Sail · Mot IÑAKI CASTAÑER

Marti INTERVIEW After making his debut with the River Plate in 2001, Martin Demichelis pursued an interesting football career which would take him to Germany, England and Spain. Martin was born in Córdoba (Argentina) 39 years ago, and was characterised by his game plan and aerial prowess. He announced his retirement amid tears at the age of 36. He’s currently the Ambassador of Bayern Munich and is completing his studies to become a football coach. Married to Evangelina Anderson, a famous model, they have three children. With this brief presentation, we’re going to start the interview, which I hope you enjoy.

Years later, and thanks to my experience living in Germany and working in a team like Bayern, I completed my training as a player and as a person. In Germany I understood that there’s no success without discipline. For me, discipline, punctuality and organisation are the basis of everything, and I’ve instilled this in my children. Did the tragic death of your parents change your outlook on life? Yes, it’s a lesson life gave me. Losing my mother at fourteen, and my father in a serious accident, has made me harder, stronger, but at the same time it’s made me rethink what the real problems are, and which ones have no relevance in life. Everything that’s happened in my life reminds So, who really is Martin Demiche- me of the importance of hugging my lis? children and my wife every day. It’s admirable to see how a football I consider myself a modest, star like you got emotional and even persevering person, who, despite cried at the announcement of your having been born in a small town in Argentina, Córdoba, achieved retirement. Do you consider yourself, my goal of becoming a professional besides being self-demanding, a senplayer. It’s all thanks to the education sitive man? I received from my parents and Retiring was a blow to me. I was grandparents, which is essentially always tough on the football ground, based on the sense of sacrifice. with a very high pain threshold, but yes, I’m sensitive. I’ve lived difficult


in Demichelis


times, that’s why I got emotional, and also because I was giving up something I loved, and will love for the rest of my life - football. But I’d say, yes, I consider myself a sensitive man. How did the end of your career as a footballer come about? After a semester in the Español, where I had some disagreements with Quique Fernandez Flores, the coach who’d proposed me, but later he got annoyed because Bauza requested my participation in the matches of the Argentinian Selection, and I couldn’t go. That’s why I ended up cancelling my contract with the club. It was January 2017 and I realised that my career had ended. 10 days later, the manager of Málaga F.C. called me and asked me to help him out. I hadn’t trained for 20 days but I got ready and started playing again. I played for two months until I made a mistake in a pass and we tied the game. I went into the locker room and told Michel: “I’m not playing any more, it’s over!” The mistake was unacceptable for me. The older you are, the more intolerant you become with mistakes. Tell us Martin, what are you doing now after your retirement from football? I’m currently the Ambassador of Bayern Munich, and I’m preparing to be a football coach. After 8 years of fidelity to the club, apart from the 11 titles, I’ve been rewarded with this important position, accompanying the president and the executives to lunches, meetings and events with the fans. On another note, Martin, now that you live in Marbella, accustomed to travelling the world as you are and having lived in such different places, what’s is your life here like? Do you see yourself living here in the future? Football gave us the chance to travel all over the world, but from the moment we arrived in Marbella,

we immediately felt it was where we wanted to stay. Eight years in Munich, a wonderful city, but with harsh winters; three years in Manchester, where we were very happy, but it was cold and wet all year round. Here, the 300 days of sun are unbeatable, we love the combination of the mountains and the sea, and you can feel the love and affection of the people, because they start the day with a smile. We’ll stay here until fate invites us to leave. Tell us about a dream, or a pending goal? Dreams or pending goals - as a professional player - there’s probably more than one, but I’ll never be a professional player again, so no more regrets. My current sportrelated dream is to be a great coach, which is what I’m preparing for. And concerning the family, to keep growing alongside my wife and my three children. Marbella allows me to enjoy them and be with them in all their activities. Eva and you form one of the most attractive couples in the world, as well as having three wonderful children, who I can see are following in your footsteps... So now, some personal questions: Do you consider yourself a jealous man? My wife says I’m not jealous, but I say that deep down, it’s a different matter. Anyway, I respect and trust my wife’s work. And Eva - is she jealous? She should be the one to answer that... Do you approve of your 5-year-old daughter Lola having an Instagram account with 90,000 followers? I don’t have any social media, and honestly, as a future football coach, it bothers me that up to 5 minutes before going on the field, the players are on their mobile phones. My wife has a different career, as a model she needs to be in contact with people. My daughter Lola, in this sense, is




My current sport - related dream is to be a great coach very similar to my wife. I’m very shy. But they enjoy posing, taking pictures... However, Lola doesn’t feel comfortable with television. It seems that Bastian, like yourself, has opted for a career in football? Do you think he has the skills for it? Bastian’s 9 years old and he’s loved football since he was little. I’ve never imposed anything on him. He’s currently playing in a competitive Fuengirola team and I really think he takes after me: the same gestures and

movements, the same face... I don’t know how far he’ll go, but he plays well! And who does little Emma take after - mum or dad? We still don’t know who she takes after, she’s a mixture of all of us, her brothers and her parents. She’s the naughtiest, very affectionate, but mischievous at the same time. She’s not even two years old and she’s already talking a lot and she understands everything. In order to stay so fit... Diet, sports what lifestyle do you and your wife lead

to stay in such good shape? In our house, in order to keep fit, there are two things that are very clear to us, and there are no secrets: good nutrition and sports. Personally, I find it hard to train after so many years of sacrifice, now I prefer golf and less sacrifice, but I still go running and ride my bike whenever I can, and Eva goes to the gym a lot and does yoga. We also do fit boxing together, which we really enjoy.


EXECUTIVE HEALTH – FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO LEAD A LONG LIFE Executive Health, the leading early detection business in Europe, opened up their first clinic in Spain last year. Here healthy clients spend a full day doing exams to make sure that they are not about to develop any serious disease. The idea is “early detection” – if you discover something early it is very easy to cure. We sat down with head physician Dr Henrik Reinhard to discuss. The key to a long life, is early detection of any potential problems. “Most people know someone that unfortunately passed away in cancer because it was discovered too late and most people know someone that could get cured from cancer because the cancer was discovered early. We are all about finding things early.

We have different examinations depending on a patient’s state of health, the presence or absence of symptoms, and age,” he says. The checks are thorough but can take just a few hours; after an extensive survey with his patients about previous health, heredity, genetics, present nutritional situation and lifestyle. “Cardiovascular diseases are the number one cause of death globally,” says Dr. Reinhard. Of these deaths, 7.4 million can be attributed to coronary heart disease and 6.7 million to stroke. Don’t let the statistics get you down though. There is one way to prevent heart attack and stroke and Executive Health is set out to help you do just that. Dr. Reinhard’s own area of exper-

tise and science is the heart. “We offer a CT scan to envision the vessel walls of the coronary arteries. Cholesterol testing is insufficient when it comes to assessing the real risk of atherosclerosis and heart attack, because it does not indicate the amount of plaque.” Heart health is, indeed, one that requires a preventive, proactive approach, since “over 50 per cent of people have absolutely no symptoms before they have a heart attack. A CT scan enables us to see the level of plaque in the coronary arteries and therefore risk of heart attack; patients with levels of above one thousand have a 25 per cent risk per year of having a heart attack. This risk can be brought down significantly with treatment.”

Patients are seen by several specialists throughout the day, including a radiologist. There is also a ‘micronutritional evaluation’, in which digestive genes and all minerals, trace elements, vitamins, amino- and fatty acids are measured. After all the test results are compiled, the care team reveals the results to patients: “I let them know where they are and where they should aim to be. Small lifestyle changes today might translate into significant life changes in the future.” There is also the cutting edge technology of the PillCam. Patients swallow a small pill which has a camera on both ends. It captures images of the whole inside digestive system while the patient is at home,

and wirelessly transmits them to a recorder the patient wears on a belt.“This is state-of-the-art technology – a small camera that travels through your body to take pictures and find pre-cancerous polyps in the colon, without any discomfort for the client” Executive Health boasts cutting edge technology, including its own in-house MRI machine, to enable the doctors to obtain the maximum information possible on a patient’s state of health. In addition, patients’ comfort and wellbeing are cared for, thanks to the state of the art facilities and first class patient service and care. Knowledge is power if you want to lead a long, happy life.

Executive Health Marbella, Helicopteros Sanitarios Hospital Marbella CN340, Km. 175, Puerto Banús. Tel: 603 840 984

Today we are with


Managing Director of Puente Romano Beach Resort, one of the most luxurious and exclusive beach hotels in Spain, situated on the seafront of La Milla de Oro, in the most exclusive area of Marbella.

Managing Puente Romano is a great responsibility, but it’s also a source of pride, working alongside people with such passion is something that’s hard to find. It’s like getting to drive a Ferrari in Formula 1

Jorge Manzur

We’d like to know how long you have been managing this wonderful Hotel. I’ve been managing the Hotel since July 9th, 2013. Let’s talk about the Hotel. How many rooms and what room types does it have? There are two Hotels, Puente Romano and Nobu; they have 172 and 80 rooms respectively. These include junior suites, master suites and villas. Many of the suites have been renovated this winter. What has been your best moment since you became Managing Director of Puente Romano? My best moments are when a guest thanks one or more employees for making their stay unbeatable. That’s

when I feel we’re doing things right. What’s your favourite spot within the complex? My favorite spot in the Hotel is table 50 of the Sea Grill Restaurant. What are the main challenges the Managing Director of a hotel of this category has to face? The main challenge is maintaining a harmonious balance between guest satisfaction, the staff, and the income statement. Why stay at Puente Romano? Puente Romano is a very diverse, unique hotel. It has 14 restaurants, one of which has 3 Michelin stars; a tennis club; golf; an equestrian centre;


a disco, and unlimited opportunities to do activities. You’ll never be bored at Puente Romano. Furthermore, we have an exceptional team, professionals who have been working in the hospitality industry for a long time, and who make the experience even more special. What challenges is Puente Romano facing in the coming years? The most important challenge is to surpass ourselves every year. We mark our own goals. In your opinion, what values make Puente Romano such an exceptional, prestigious Hotel? We’re authentic. We offer honest, informal luxury and a lot of fun.

The dining service is one of the main attractions of the complex, and all the more so with the arrival of Nobu, are there any more upcoming surprises in terms of dining? The dining service has been our mainstay in recent years; for the last five years we’ve offered something new each season. This year we’ll have a new space, which I’m sure everyone will like. How does it feel to have the responsibility of managing such a prestigious Hotel? Managing Puente Romano is a great responsibility, but it’s also a great source of pride. Working alongside people with such passion is something that’s

hard to find. It’s like getting to drive a Ferrari in Formula 1. What must a Hotel have in order to qualify as “Deluxe”? Two things - the first is the hardware, in other words, the rooms, the common areas, the restaurants, etc. They must be in perfect condition. The second and most important, the staff must be very professional, but friendly at the same time. Guests nowadays want to live experiences with local people and our staff are responsible for offering them. What would you highlight as Puente Romano’s greatest asset? Puente Romano’s greatest asset is the staff, they make everything possible.

What do you like most about your work? What I like most about my work is interacting with people, I don’t know how to make beds, but I really enjoy being with and listening to clients and colleagues. Why do your clients choose Puente Romano? People choose to come to Puente Romano because of our service range, which is undoubtedly one of the best in Spain, coupled with with the fact that our staff provide them with unforgettable experiences. That’s what makes our clients come back time after time.


e f i l r u o y f o e m The ga

3 0 0 D AY S O F S U N S H I N E P E R Y E A R # P U E N T E L I F E 3 6 5 Boris Becker. John McEnroe. Now you. As you

international tournaments and even world-

step into Puente Romano Tennis Club, picture

renowned musicians in open air concerts.

the Davis Cup crowd. Soak up the atmosphere.

Today, professional coaching and 10 courts are

Rise to the challenge.

yours – whether you’re already a pro or picking

Since Bjorn Borg opened the Club in 1979,

up a racquet for the first time. Either way, under

we’ve hosted some of the very best stars at

Marbella’s skies, rain rarely stops play.

SERVE IT, SMASH IT, WIN IT, LOVE IT! c te ni s@pue nte r o ma no .c o m | +34 952 820 900 | puenteromanotenni s .com

AT HOME with Ana Maria Macedo



fter 17 successful years in New York, the former model of Elite and fashion designer Ana Maria Macedo has moved with her family to Marbella, Spain. Ana Maria sells her clothing under the name of Ana Maria Couture in 12 countries all over the world. “Europe is an important market for us, both from a customer perspective but also from an inspirational perspective. I will always be Brazilian at heart in my core influences for my designs,

but Paris and Milan are the two motherships of fashion and it is great to have proximity to the best designers and brand creators in the world. And all the major fashions shows are still in Europe�. Ana Maria moved with her 2 daughters Arya (5 years) and Johanna (6 years) and her Swedish husband, financier Jon Jonsson to Marbella in the summer of 2017.



They open they second clinic ‘’Executive Health” (Early Detection Screening) in Europe inside of Helicopteros Sanitarios in Marbella. So far they cherish their new Home town. “Marbella is like the west coast of USA; the best microclimate in Europe; a great entrepreneurial spirit and a cosmopolitan melting pot; every nationality is represented here”. Ana Maria lives in a mansion in the most exclusive gated Neighborhood in Marbella. It is up on the hills of the mountain and the views to the Rock of Gibraltar and to Africa are breathtaking. “We love everything that Marbella has to offer. The kids ride on the Beach,

play tennis and we take hikes in the mountains. Almost every weekend from December to April we go skiing in Sierra Nevada”. “The cultural offering is also great. I can highly recommend the cathedral in Seville where Christopher Columbus is buried and also the Alhambra in Granada” “We love to be in Europe with the ability to go to all the major capitals with a 2 hours flight. This autumn we went to Paris, London and Rome. We also did a safari in South Africa before Christmas” Their mansion is guarded by 3 police trained male German shepherds from K9 Canine Trust.


TROCADERO SOTOGRANDE (+34) 956 795 012

TROCADERO PETIT PLAYA (+34) 619 736 849

TROCADERO PLAYA (+34) 610 704 144

TROCADERO ARENA (+34) 952 865 579



“The reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more”. Jonas E. Salk Work provides us happiness. We want to pass on to you our passion for what we do. Entrust us with your legal advice, let us show you how effective we are and how we add value to convert our professional relationship into a reliable and long lasting one. Specialized in property law, family law, labour law, corporate law, and finance-related criminal law. We speak your language: Spanish, English, French, German, Russian and Dutch Email: Camino de Camoján, 7. Edificio Camoján, Oficina 1 29602 Marbella Local 6 – A planta B, Edificio E puerto deportivo de Sotogrande 11310 San Roque, Cádiz Tel.: (34) 952 77 37 00 | Fax: (34) 952 826 443

¿LE GUSTARÍA VER SU CASA ANUNCIADA AQUÍ? WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE YOUR HOUSE ADVERTISED IN HERE? Let me know what property you are looking for and I will help you find it.

Ana Pavon´

Your personal Broker

CONTÁCTENOS / CONTACT US +34 644 54 20 81

Built: 2,560 m2 / 2,176 m2    Plot: 8,209 m2    Beds: 8     Baths: 8     Asking price: 13,500,000 €


Zagaleta country club


his property is an impressive contemporary villa, timeless and elegant in its form and style, with breathtaking views of the Mediterranean coast, which stretches from Puerto Banus to Gibraltar and the Atlas Mountains from Morocco. Located on a very private and secluded plot of 8,209 m2 with spectacular landscapes with majestic cypresses, pines and cork trees. The house is designed on two levels and finished with materials of the highest quality and the best line engineering systems. The magnificent floor-toceiling windows give a beautiful light to the versatile living space.

w w w. l i o n s p ro p e r t i e s . e s

M a r b e l l a ’s E s t a b l i s h e d R e a l E s t a te A g e n c y 1 9 8 5

I n fo: A n a Pa vรณ n

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+3 4 9 51 5 0 8 1 26

w w w. l i o n s p ro p e r t i e s . e s

M a r b e l l a ’s E s t a b l i s h e d R e a l E s t a te A g e n c y 1 9 8 5



Zagaleta country

Built: 2,560 m2 / 2,176 m2    Plot: 8,209 m2    Beds: 8     Baths: 8     Asking price: 13,500,000 €

I n fo: A n a Pa vó n

+3 4 6 4 4 5 4 2 0 8 1

+3 4 9 51 5 0 8 1 26


GOLDEN VISA I. Introduction

of visas and residence permits can be accelerated, in order to attract The “Entrepreneur Support Act” investment and talent to Spain. (14/2013, of the 27th September), The measure is aimed at investors, published in the Official State Gazette entrepreneurs, workers who take on September 28, 2013, aims to part in intra-firm movements, highly promote entrepreneurship as a means skilled professionals and researchers, of economic growth and job creation. as well as to spouses and children, via These measures aim to support an agile and fast procedure for which entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship, a single organism is responsible, and promote its development, growth within a variable term depending on and internationalization, promote the various cases referred to. These entrepreneurial culture and an residence permits will be valid environment favorable to economic throughout the national territory. activity, both in it´s initial moments, and in it´s subsequent development, II. The New Cases Of Visas And growth and internationalization. Residence Permits For Investors The law applies to all economic activities and promotion of internationalization Without a doubt, the main novelty of carried out by entrepreneurs in the this act is the introduction into Spain of the so called “Golden Visa” system, Spanish territory (art. 2 of the act). By “entrepreneurs”, we must which already exists in various understand, according to article 3 of countries, as is the case of Portugal the act, those persons, whether natural where it seems to have been easily or legal, who develop a business or accepted. In Spain it is also expected to generate professional activity. In addition and as measure that has a high level of interest due to the large greater interest to us, the act regulates numbers of non-EU foreign nationals certain cases where, for reasons who consider our country one of the of economic interest, the granting most convenient places to establish 36 / MARCH 2019 EXCLUSIVE LIFE MAGAZINE

their residence, whether temporarily or permanently, and now, with the improvement of the economy, also as a possible destination to carry out investments. The main novelties of the Entrepreneur Support Act in the field of residence permits for entrepreneurs and investors are: 1. Granting of Visas for Entrepreneurs: a) For the Purchase of Housing The act provides for the granting of temporary residence permits to those who create employment through the establishment and implementation of business projects in our country; to those who invest through the acquisition of homes located in Spanish territory at a price higher than 500,000 Euros; or who have the status of graduates in Spanish business schools. b) For the Realization of Investments Also, said visa is granted to those who invest initially in a quantity equal to or exceeding 2 million Euros in Spanish public debt securities, or by a value equal or greater than one million Euros in shares or

participation certificates in Spanish companies, or deposits in Spanish financial institutions. c) For the Realization of Business Plans Also, the visa will be granted to those who develop business projects to be developed in Spain and which are considered and accredited as of general interest. However, at least one of the following conditions must be met: i - Creation of employment. ii - Realization of an investment with a relevant socio-economic impact in the geographical area in which it is to be developed. iii  -  Significant contributions to scientific and/or technological innovation will be valued. It must also be taken into account that it will be considered that the foreign applicant has made a significant investment of capital when the investment is carried out by a legal entity domiciled in a territory that does not have the consideration of a tax haven in accordance with Spanish legislation, and the foreigner possesses, directly or indirectly, the majority of that entity´s voting rights and has the right to appoint or dismiss a majority of the members of it´s management.

to 100,000 Euros and up to 10% on company tax applied to the benefits obtained and reinvested in the economic activity. 4. Simplification of Procedures for the Creation and Closing of Companies: Also, this act will be used to try to facilitate procedures for the creation and closure of companies, which may be carried out via the internet through the Centre of Information and Network of Business Creation (CIRCE).

III. Limitations And Authorizations For The Concession Of Residence Permits By Real Estate Investment

1. General Requirements for the Concession of Residence Permits: - The investor must not be in Spain in an irregular situation or have a criminal record in Spain or in the countries where they have resided in the past five years. - They must have public or private health insurance. - They must accredit sufficient available resources. - The housing which is purchased must be free of mortgages or any other debt. Apart from the aforementioned 2. Quantity of the Real Estate requirements, a series of specific Investment: requirements have been established, Initially, the Government which are explained as follows. contemplated 160,000 Euros as the minimum investment for access to the 2. The Single Permit: said residence permit. However, in the The residence authorizations foreseen new wording of the law, the amount in the act will be processed according to Directive 2011/98/EU, of the 13th rises to 500.000 Euros. of December 2011, which establishes 3. Specific Taxation for Entrepreneurs: a single application procedure for a Among other important developments, single permit, which authorizes thirdone could highlight the regulation country nationals to reside and work of a specific taxation system for in the territory of a Member State entrepreneurs, which envisages and which establishes a common set different tax incentives on income tax of rights for third-country workers for investment in and/or financing legally resident in a Member State of of companies of new creation, the European Union. contemplating deductions of up Requests for the issue, modification

or renewal of these unique permits will be presented by means of a single application procedure. Decisions regarding the issue, amendment or renewal of these unique permits will be considered as a single administrative act, although independent from the procedure for issuing the corresponding visa. 3. Strategic Sectors: The national employment situation will not be taken into account with regards to authorizations regulated in Title V: Internationalization of the Spanish Economy, Section 2: International Mobility. Likewise, by Order of the Ministry of the Presidency, the non-application of the national employment situation could be established for the recruitment of foreigners in sectors considered strategic. In this Order, an annual contract quota could be agreed upon. 4. Strategic Sectors: The act contemplates an important novelty in this aspect, since, independently of the need to prove the continuity of residence in Spain for the acquisition of long-term residence permits or Spanish nationality, the renewal and continuation of the residence period can be established even when there are absences exceeding six months a year in the case of residence visas and permits for foreign investors or foreign workers of companies that, conducting business abroad, have established their base of operations in Spain. 5. Duration of the Residence Authorization for Investors: The initial residence authorization for investors will have duration of two years; although once this period has ended, foreign investors who are interested in residing in Spain for longer may request the renewal of the authorization for the same period of two years.


Sierra Blan La Quinta de

Built: 1,622 m2 / 1,379 m2     Plot: 3,807 m2     Beds: 6     Baths: 8     Asking price: 12,900,000 €


tunning classic style mansion. It has 6 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms. In addition, the property has a large palatial hall that is opened to the rooms with a grand staircase crowned by an impressive dome, fully equipped kitchen, living room, games room, wine cellar, movie theater and, of course, garage, swimming pool and landscaped gardens.

w w w. l i o n s p ro p e r t i e s . e s

M a r b e l l a ’s E s t a b l i s h e d R e a l E s t a te A g e n c y 1 9 8 5


I n fo: A n a Pa vรณ n

+3 4 6 4 4 5 4 2 0 8 1

+3 4 9 51 5 0 8 1 26

Sierra Blanca La Quinta de

w w w. l i o n s p ro p e r t i e s . e s

M a r b e l l a ’s E s t a b l i s h e d R e a l E s t a te A g e n c y 1 9 8 5

Built: 1,622 m2 / 1,379 m2     Plot: 3,807 m2     Beds: 6     Baths: 8     Asking price: 12,900,000 €


spectacular mansión de estilo clásico. Consta de 6 dormitorios y 8 baños. Además, la propiedad cuenta con un amplio recibidor palaciego que se abre a las habitaciones con una gran escalinata coronada por una impresionante cúpula, cocina totalmente equipada, salón, sala de juegos, bodega, sala de cine y por supuesto, garaje, piscina con cenador cuadrado y jardines paisajistas.

I n fo: A n a Pa vó n

+3 4 6 4 4 5 4 2 0 8 1

+3 4 9 51 5 0 8 1 26


Cascada de



rand new property, situated in Cascada de Camojan at approximately 3kms from Marbella centre and the beach and 7kms from Puerto Banus. Cascada de Camojan is a gated and secure community in Marbella’s Golden Mile, with surveillance cameras and guard at the entrance. Built in 2014, it has never been lived in. The entrance with double height ceilings features a staircase, a guest bedroom with a bathroom, toilet and a closet. The lounge has a fireplace and direct exit to the covered terrace with pool views. The lounge is connected with the fully equipped kitchen and pre-installed laundry room. The façade has a protective ceramic lining to prevent erosion. The upper floor is distributed into a master bedroom with dressing room, bathroom and terrace with sea views. Two other bedrooms share a bathroom. In the basement there is a pre-installed cinema room, sauna with shower and a bedroom which also could be used as a gymnasium or games room. A garage for 4 cars, machinery room, 5.000L water deposit, diesel tank and water purifier are some other features of interest. w w w. l i o n s p ro p e r t i e s . e s

M a r b e l l a ’s E s t a b l i s h e d R e a l E s t a te A g e n c y 1 9 8 5

Built: 540 m2 / 459 m2    Plot: 1,030 m2    Beds: 4     Baths: 5     Asking price: 2,100,000 €


reciosa Villa en una de las zonas más exclusivas de Marbella con primeras calidades. Tiene más de 700m2 construidos y 1030 m2 de parcela. En sus preciosos jardines tiene una piscina con preinstalación para climatizarla. Su maravilloso salón comedor tiene una bonita chimenea. Tiene 4 dormitorios más uno pequeño que sirve como despacho. 4 baños completos y 1 aseo. Vistas al mar y montañas, sistema domotica, suelos radiantes de marmol calidad extra en toda la casa, aire acondicionado frio/calor, sauna, sala de cine (preinstalación), ventanas de madera irroco con cristales de seguridad y persianas eléctricas, sistema de riego automatico, cocina totalmente equipada Miele, etc. En la planta sótano se encuentra el garaje donde cogen 5 coches.

I n fo: A n a Pa vó n

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+3 4 9 51 5 0 8 1 26

w w w. l i o n s p ro p e r t i e s . e s

M a r b e l l a ’s E s t a b l i s h e d R e a l E s t a te A g e n c y 1 9 8 5

Built: 1,270 m2    Plot Size: 2,100 m2    Beds: 6     Baths: 6

Asking price: 8,500,000 €





plendid mansion located in an elevated position in the privileged community of Sierra Blanca. It has been designed by a well-known Spanish architect. The property is distributed in 3 levels and it is full of details. On the ground floor we find an impressive entrance hall with handmade Moroccan style domes, an interior patio that imitates the Alhambra, a large living room with fireplace and direct access to the terraces. It also has a classic, elegant and very cozy dining room; a fully equipped kitchen with granite countertop and a second independent entrance to access the pool area, two bedrooms with bathroom and a guest toilet. On the first floor there is an impressive en-suite master bedroom with a private terrace with panoramic views of the beautiful Mediterranean Sea and another two bedrooms with additional bathrooms. In the basement there is a gym, cinema and games room, library, garage for 4 cars and another apartment for the staff with bedroom en suite and kitchen.

I n fo: A n a Pa vó n

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+3 4 9 51 5 0 8 1 26


Built: 349 m2 / 296 m2  Terrace: 40 m2    Beds: 4    Baths: 4   Asking price: 3,295,000 €


truly unique 4 bedroom duplex penthouse in one the most prestigious locations in Europe, Puente Romano. Situated on the Golden Mile between the world famous Marbella Club and Puente Romano is this recently renovated penthouse. The property has undergone a complete re-build using only the finest of materials such as Poliform for furniture, cabinets and kitchen, bathroom white goods by Antonio Lupi, sand stone from Turkey and finally styled by an in demand Marbella based Interior decorator. The penthouse has been re-designed to

create large open spaces for easy living, ie"a villa feel". The spectacular master suite includes, hers & his dressing rooms, open plan bathroom with a free standing contemporary bath tub. The 2 terraces face the extensive lush gardens with 2 swimming pools. Located only minutes from the sea and on the footsteps of the Nobu Hotel and all facilities within the Puente Romano Hotel that include Nobu, 2 Dani Garcia restaurants, Suite Night Club and much more... The complex has a reception area and 24hrs security. A must see property !!

w w w. l i o n s p ro p e r t i e s . e s

M a r b e l l a ’s E s t a b l i s h e d R e a l E s t a te A g e n c y 1 9 8 5

Romano Duplex Penthouse

I just want to thank our customers for the trust placed in us to sell their properties. Let me know what property you are looking for and I will help you find it. I look forward to continuing to deliver results for our customers. v รณn Ana Pa

I n fo: A n a Pa vรณ n

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+3 4 9 51 5 0 8 1 26

w w w. l i o n s p ro p e r t i e s . e s

M a r b e l l a ’s E s t a b l i s h e d R e a l E s t a te A g e n c y 1 9 8 5

Built: 349 m2 / 296 m2  Terrace: 40 m2    Beds: 4    Baths: 4   Asking price: 3,295,000 €

I n fo: A n a Pa vó n

+3 4 6 4 4 5 4 2 0 8 1

+3 4 9 51 5 0 8 1 26


his impressive villa, due for completion June 2019, is currently underway on an elevated corner plot of 2,935m2 in the highly sought after estate of Sierra Blanca. The project is being constructed to the highest standards and utilizing the very latest technology available, including underfloor heating, efficient airconditioning system, smart home

system and Led lighting throughout. Designed by award winning local Spanish architect, the property has been carefully designed to ensure it takes advantage of the local climate allowing outdoor areas to blend perfectly blend with the indoor. Huge glass facades allow maximum light into the property and the blend of natural materials gives the overall finish a super modern and contemporary feel.

w w w. l i o n s p ro p e r t i e s . e s

The entrance leads into a spectacular hall with feature staircase leading up to the first floor. The ground floor consists of an office or bedroom, guest toilet, staff kitchen, main fully fitted kitchen and dining area, huge lounge area leading onto the terrace and pool area, changing room, reception room which could be used as a games/TV room, a double ensuite guest bedroom and lift access to the basement and first floor. The

M a r b e l l a ’s E s t a b l i s h e d R e a l E s t a te A g e n c y 1 9 8 5



Sierra Blanca exterior of the property boasts a huge entertaining area with covered and uncovered areas, sun deck areas, an infinity swimming pool and jacuzzi as well as green areas. The first floor houses the master bedroom with his and hers en-suite bathrooms, dressing rooms and a superb terrace with spectacular views to the Mediterranean Sea. There are also four additional family bedrooms, all with en-suite bathrooms and I n fo: A n a Pa vó n

dressing rooms, three with private terraces. The rooftop offers spectacular 360 degree views. There is the possibility of adding lift access to the roof and building a rooftop solarium and chill out area with jacuzzi to make the most of the impressive views. The basement comprises of a garage with parking spaces for four cars, a cinema room and spa with heated swimming pool and sauna. It also

+3 4 6 4 4 5 4 2 0 8 1

+3 4 9 51 5 0 8 1 26

Price: 15.000.000 € En-Suite Bathrooms: 7 Toilets: 1 Plot: 2935.0 m² Pool: Private Built: 1941.0 m² Garage: Private Bedrooms: 8 Garden: Private Bathrooms: 10 Orientation: South

houses the staff quarters, laundry room and the technical house. The property benefits from two entrances, one direct into the garage and one to the main entrance where there is also ample room for parking. This is the perfect family home in a secure 24 hour guarded community, close to International schools.

Built: 275 m2    Terrace: 182 m2    Beds: 4     Baths: 3.5     Asking price: 2,155,000 €


pacious and bright penthouse located in an urbanization consisting of 50 apartments distributed in 9 villas on a hill, surrounded by fields of prestigious golf courses and spectacular sea views, 15 minutes from Marbella Center and 5 minutes from Puerto Banus. The urbanization has two outdoor swimming pools and lush Mediterranean gardens that surround each and every one of the villas of the complex. The apartment has 275 m2 built and 182 m2 between terraces and porch and is distributed in 4 bright and spacious bedrooms with panoramic views and access to the terraces, 3 bathrooms with views and luxury showers, 1 toilet, bright living room, open kitchen with modern style, dining room, all built and equipped with luxury qualities.

w w w. l i o n s p ro p e r t i e s . e s

M a r b e l l a ’s E s t a b l i s h e d R e a l E s t a te A g e n c y 1 9 8 5

Nueva Andalucia

Penthouse I n fo: A n a Pa vรณ n

+3 4 6 4 4 5 4 2 0 8 1

+3 4 9 51 5 0 8 1 26

Andrés Moreno, Resort Manager Marbella

Marbella – “Viva Andalucía” on the Costa del Sol “Andalusia is world famous for flamenco. Foreign rhythms, oriental sounds and fiery passion are the ingredients making up this exciting Spanish dance. To make sure you don’t miss this experience, within the resort we organise for you what is probably the hottest flamenco show on the Costa del Sol.”

La Terraza Restaurant, lounge and bar. There is a new oasis open to you above the beach boulevard. Here you will enjoy delicious meals, a drink or desserts and relax with a view of the sea while you watch the comings-and-goings on the boulevard.

Live Music Wellness Pure relaxation for body, spirit and soul – Guaranteed in the wellness area „Bella Mar“. A large selection of therapies and massages, as well as cosmetic and beauty treatments, await you. Dive into the outdoor pool, which is heated all year round, or relax in the sauna and steam bath facilities.

Calle Camilo José Cela, 17, 29602 Marbella, Málaga (+34) 952 82 98 66

La Terraza

La Terraza





A career of more than 25 years, developed both on a national and international level, endorses the professional record of architect Rodolfo Amieva Jacobson, who came from his native Mexico to Spain to stay, and founded one of the most prestigious architecture studios on the Costa del Sol: Gonzรกlez & Jacobson Architecture. His curriculum includes more than 2,000 projects, covering all fields of architecture to provide a global service to his clients. His works are characterised by their great versatility, and carry the singular hallmark of his restless spirit. His eye for detail, the harmonious, meticulous selection of materials and colours, and the interplay of light and shadow are what mark the difference and add a personality to his projects that arouses emotions, and makes them truly unique. His observation of everyday life and his passion for creating give rise to unique, functional, innovative quality projects, with which the client feels fully identified, and in which the spaces and volume effects are a true reflection of the way of living and feeling of those who live there. Each and every one of his designs not only draws from his own experience and professional background, but also from the intimate relationship he builds with the future users of his projects, who he establishes as the true protagonists of his projects. To this effect, he flees from false artifice, with the aim of turning dreams into realities that exude sensations. A sincere architecture that arouses emotions. The privileged location of his studio means that his works maintain obvious influences of the Mediterranean, assuming with ease that tradition should adapt to current needs without superficial trivialisations. Another of his priorities when he designs is to develop efficient, environmentallyfriendly, sustainable architecture, which blends subtly and respectfully into the surroundings. His commitment, ethical values and social involvement are reflected in all his creations, a clear testament to his own honesty and integrity. Rodolfo conceives architecture as a valuable instrument at the service of mankind, in continuous evolution, capable of transforming and improving society. He takes on each new project with great enthusiasm and selfmotivation, which drive him to give his very best, reinventing himself time and time again. Each project represents a new opportunity for him to continue growing in both professional and human terms. A fascinating path of continuous learning in which he gives free rein to his imagination, sensitivity and devotion to beauty, all combined with his boundless creativity, to create exceptional projects, with a distinct identity, capable of arousing emotions and bringing happiness to those who live there.




We are proud to present another one of the ingenious, ever-impressive projects of the prestigious González & Jacobson Architecture studio: the recently inaugurated Breathe Restaurant, situated in the heart of Puerto Banús. A unique, different, innovative place, which is proving to be a great success, and will undoubtedly become one of the most exclusive, original leisure options in Marbella. A design that stands out not only for the uniqueness of its shape, spaciousness and warm atmosphere, but above all, for establishing itself as a clear example of socially-responsible, environmentally-friendly architecture, marking a before and after in the architectural panorama of the area. A true landmark which reflects the current demands of a society that proclaims and demands the defence and conservation of nature as an inherent part of humankind. “Breathe” has become a bulwark of this social awareness, which marks a new era and creates a bond with Mother Earth. In accordance with the principles of sustainable architecture, the González & Jacobson team has created spaces that connect with nature and provide relaxation, serenity and pleasure. A true oasis that goes beyond the merely gastronomic to become a meeting place where gastronomy and architecture come together, offering visitors a multisensory experience in an environment created to delight the senses. González & Jacobson once again show us their expertise, not only in the impeccable, innovative design of this architectural space without precedent in the area, but also when coordinating the various disciplines and professionals who took part in the project in order to achieve an end result which is simply exceptional. As undeniable trademarks of G & J Architecture, we must highlight the meticulous selection of materials in search of natural elements and sustainability, the care invested in every detail, and of course, the luxurience of the landscaping and the exuberant vegetation, present both in the interior and on the exterior of the building. Water features blend with all these elements, in the form of fountains, giving the place freshness and life. Breathe will undoubtedly become one of the great icons of design and sustainability, seducing even the most demanding enthusiasts of design and gastronomy. Another great achievement of the González & Jacobson architecture studio, in which the avant-garde, ecology and innovation give shape to a spectacular project. González & Jacobson EXCLUSIVE LIFE MAGAZINE MARCH 2019 / 59

l tua th y c l l e wi o nl e t I s in ion se on“ e t t au ini sa ha “ I nve r , b e c o p y co uals t m t u o ec ell e ab t n i r ca


w w w. l i o n s p ro p e r t i e s . e s

M a r b e l l a ’s E s t a b l i s h e d R e a l E s t a te A g e n c y 1 9 8 5

a o t ll e w Fare

t s i t r A t a G re

t ewha m o s being live” d n a umor e legend a h f o sense to keep th a g n i d s “hav t’s neede a w s a ucces , that’s wh s o t l y His ke isrespectfu d

s i e c n a g E“ le

I n fo: A n a Pa vó n

+3 4 6 4 4 5 4 2 0 8 1

+3 4 9 51 5 0 8 1 26

” e d u t i tt A an EXCLUSIVE LIFE MAGAZINE MARCH 2019 / 61

He died in Paris on February 19, 2019, at the age of 85. When he started in Chanel in 1983, the brand was considered ‘almost dead’. Karl Lagerfeld became a permanent international name in Chanel. He relaunched and updated the company, maintaining its characteristic style; he converted the Chanel jacket of the 50s into an enduring, timeless style, adaptable to all types of looks, introducing golden chains, the camellia and the double CC logo as unmistakable features of the brand. He was known for his taste and his styling tendency of a sometimes snobbish eccentricity.

He worked as a designer for the most important fashion houses: PIERRE BALMAIN :1955 – 1958 JEAN PATOU : 1958 – 1963 CHOLÈ : 1963 – 1978 ; 1992 – 1997 FENDÍ : 1965 – 2019 KARL LAGERFELD : 1974 – 2019 CHANEL : 1983 – 2019 HENNES & MAURITZ (H & M) : 2004

Interesting Facts He didn’t take off his glasses in 55 years. A veteran photographer.

Karl Lagerfeld with his characteristic glasses. “In the book Karl Lagerfeld and I, Maillard reveals the motive: since nobody sees his eyes, he takes the opportunity to have a discreet nap at work meetings or when he finds the speaker boring”

His career as a photographer was extensive. He started out in the mid-eighties and never gave it up. Contrary to what one might think, his photographic work did not focus on his own fashion collections; he carried out assignments for prestigious magazines, was a celebrity portraitist, and even devised advertising campaigns for brands such as Adidas or Volkswagen. As a photographer, Karl published numerous books: Visionaire 23: The Emperor’s New Clothes, Another Fashion Book, Little Black Jacket: Chanel’s Classic Revisited. He was commissioned to create famous calendars, such as for Marie Claire Italy, or the illustrious Pirelli calendar, back in 2011. Furthermore, numerous photo exhibitions were held for and by him, including the last one, The Glory of Water, where drawings and photographs of Roman fountains were displayed. It is indisputable that a creative genius who managed to reflect his expert skills in everything he tried his hand at has left us.

- I hate intellectual conversations with intellectuals, because I only care about my opinion. His key to success was “having a sense of humor and being somewhat disrespectful, that’s what’s needed to keep the legend alive”. How he defined his style: - Never use the word ‘cheap’. Nowadays everyone can look chic with clothes that aren’t expensive (the rich buy them too). You can be the most stylish person in the world with a cotton shirt and jeans. It’s up to you, but never use that word.

Other Interesting Facts A TIRELESS WORKER

I do 12 collections a year, and when the rest of the designers talk about stress, what do they mean exactly? My life, and my job, is to forget about myself, he told Suzy Menkes from “Vogue”. EXCLUSIVE LIFE MAGAZINE MARCH 2019 / 63

Avda. Ricardo Soriano, 25 29601 Marbella - España Tel: 952 77 93 42 - Móv: 618 99 68 16

c/ Ribera, Loc. 20 - F 29660 Puerto Banús - Marbella Tel: 951 31 91 03

THE MOST ICONIC SKYSCRAPERS From the beginning of time, mankind has been characterised by erecting huge constructions, ever since the pyramids of Egypt. But the origins of skyscrapers date back to the 1880s, when building plots started to become scarce in Chicago. Hence the idea of BUILDING VERTICALLY came about. Since then, the skyscraper has become the iconic building of cities, and there is now no urban skyline where these concrete giants are not predominant.


Burj Khalifa (Dubai) Inaugurated in 2010, 163 floors, 828 m high. The Burj Khalifa has been the tallest structure and building in the world since its topping out in 2009.

Shanghai Tower (Shanghai) Inaugurated in 2015 as the tallest building in China, 632 m high.


CN TOWER (Toronto) 553 m high. In 1995, the CN Tower was declared one of the modern Seven Wonders of the World by the American Society of Civil Engineers. It also belongs to the World Federation of Great Towers.

EMPIRE STATE (New York) Dating back to 1931, height 381 m. This skyscraper will always be remembered as the most iconic in the world.

ONE WORLD TRADE CENTER (New York) At 542 meters high, it is the sixth tallest building in the world.

DUBAI CREEK TOWER Designed by the Swiss-Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava Valls, its inauguration is scheduled for 2020; its height, between 928 m and 1,400 m, will not be announced until this date.

TAIPEI 101 (Taiwan) 508 m high. It is the tallest environmentally-friendly skyscraper in the world, with one of the most spectacular designs of recent times.

TORRE JEDDAH (Saudi Arabia) To be inaugurated in 2020, 1000 m high. Initial plans called for a mile high structure, but the geology of the area proved unsuitable for a tower of that height. The current design, created by American architect Adrian Smith.


Savute Elephant Lodge



es of Africa" Africa 5 REASONS to Travel to

in Winter


Eagle Island Lodge

One of the greatest pleasures in life is travelling. Travel broadens your horizons, opens up your mind, and gives you the opportunity to appreciate everything you have and to realise how fortunate you are to live in a unique place on our planet: MARBELLA. It’s unique thanks to the climate, the culture, the gastronomy.... the life-style. You only have to talk to travellers who’d left and later returned to their “paradise”.

“There’s nothing like Marbella.” they say. Even so, when the winter cold sets in, we feel like heading off to exotic destinations, unknown countries, authentic, fun countries. Being a travel designer means I’m fortunate and privileged, as it allows me to discover unique, highly exclusive places in the world that not everyone has access to, and one of them is undoubtedly AFRICA.


This winter, we suggest making a trip to one of my favourite countries of the African continent: BOTSWANA, which is a region with great migration routes of mammals and birds, where humans go to observe the natural spectacle. Botswana reflects ancient Africa, one of the last unspoilt areas of the world. You’ll be witness to impressive contrasts and indomitable beauty, vast expanses of scorching sand, the

Eagle Island Lodge

Eagle Island Lodge

savannah, and a variety of wildlife. And all this from closer up than ever before - directly from the terraces of the spectacular safari camps. Specifically for this trip, I propose staying in 3 spectacular Lodges, located at three strategic points in the north of the country: the Moremi Game Reserve, the Chobe National Park, and in the centre of the Okavango Delta. Belmond Khwai River Lodge

is situated next to plains which attract the greatest variety of large mammals in Africa. The camp has its own spa which offers outdoor treatments in its facilities, or if you prefer, on the private terraces. The Belmond Savute Elephant Lodge, nestled on the banks of a river, is a magnet for wildlife. The camp has its own swimming pool, outdoor showers, and an open-air restaurant in a traditional “boma”.

This gives you the chance to have first-hand experience of life in the heart of the savannah. The location of the Belmond Eagle Island Lodge couldn’t be more inspiring, facing a lagoon shaded by palm trees. Watch the large mammals from an observation deck, take a guided walking tour or explore the lake area in a “mokoro” canoe. All the camps offer luxury accommodation and have beds


Eagle Island Lodge

Eagle Island Lodge

Eagle Island Lodge

with baldachin and mosquito nets, en suite bathrooms, and a private terrace to enjoy the views offered by this impressive setting. Regarding the dining service, all the lodges have outdoor or indoor restaurants, and offer an unforgettable culinary experience. After dinner, the best part is sitting by the fire, sharing stories with other guests. You’ll see the clearest, most star-filled skies in Africa!

Khawai River Lodge

Let’s talk now about the plan what shall we do during our stay in Botswana? The ecosystem in Botswana allows you to go on land or water safaris, and therefore observe the animals from two different perspectives: a land safari in very comfortable, well-equipped 4x4 cars, leaving the Lodge at sunrise. It’s the best time of day, when life begins to stir in the savannah, as it’s when the animals


make their way to the watering holes to drink. Later, you go back to the Lodge for lunch, and rest up to go out again at sundown. There are water safaris with “mokoro” canoes, or speed boats, which are great fun. There are also special excursions, such as helicopter safaris, night safaris or safaris on foot. Another great activity is visiting a nearby fishing town in the Okavango delta, or admiring the

Khawai River Lodge

ancient bushman paintings and the magnificent baobab trees. There’s no better way to end a safari in the savannah than spending a few days of total relaxation on a paradisiacal beach! And for this, I’ve chosen to fly to Mozambique, more specifically, to the unspoilt Azura Benguerra Island, located in a National Marine Park, where deserted beaches of white sand blend into the horizon, the water is

Eagle Island Lodge

turquoise, the days are sunny, and the starlit nights are like no others. Azura Benguerra is the first ecofriendly resort in Mozambique. It was handbuilt by the local community, which is still involved in its management. When landing by helicopter (the only way to get there) you’ll find 20 villas distributed along a fabulous white sandy beach, each one with a private pool and butler.

You’ll find dozens of spots to relax and read, as well as a wide variety of activities: water sports, deep-sea fishing, diving excursions to nearby islands, horseback riding, picnics on deserted beaches, and even playing football with the locals! Gastronomy is very important for Azura Benguerra, and it’s fun that you never have breakfast, lunch or dinner in the same place! You may be surprised with breakfast by the


Scott Ramsay/Love Wild Africa

Scott Ramsay/Love Wild Africa

sea, and on another occasion, with a picnic on a remote island, or a candlelit dinner in your private villa. The “Azura African SPA” is wonderful. All their treatments are based on traditional local ingredients, such as mongongo or marula oil. And in case you’re wondering if it’s a destination you can take your family to - it is. The Amizade Villa and the Presidential Villa are perfect

Scott Ramsay/Love Wild Africa

for families. All the staff at the Resort are charming, and they organise a lot of fun activities for children and teenagers: discovering marine life, looking for pansy shells on an islet that only appears at low tide, climbing dunes, spotting crocodiles, and trying exotic fruits that can only be found on this island.


Scott Ramsay/Love Wild Africa

Scott Ramsay/Love Wild Africa

If you want to discover the most authentic countries and relax on the most idyllic islands on the planet, all you have to do is contact us, and we’ll be happy to design the trip of a lifetime for you:

CRIS&KIM Travel Designers Avda. Canovas del Castillo 1, 29601, Marbella (the blue house at the PirulĂ­) Email: Tel: 952 859 113 Mobile: 628 506 339.



MARCO REYES web: instagram: @dear_marco Facebook page: diar fotografía Telf: 619181588

This cute elegant cafe opened its doors this summer and it has been a total success. From its decorative walls of 30,000 silk roses to a contrasting rich green swing sofa, this stylish elegant cafe has become an Instagram-friendly phenomenon. Rosas cafe offers a very reasonably priced menu, from breakfast/lunch to afternoon tea and even a full Doggy Menu. As well as providing a full day time menu, Rosas also make all their own delicious breads, cakes and pastries in house. Rosas prides itself on welcoming clients of all ages, giving it an exceptionally warm and family-friendly ambiance. The owners of Rosas cafe, Ana Santos and Amy Bowers believe that being a family friendly cafe it should also mean bringing the “whole� family, which is why they designed a doggy menu especially for dogs so that they can also come along and enjoy the Rosas experience with their beloved owners. Part of the profits from this menu go towards animal charities. Some other facts that made us fall in love with Rosas Cafe are the beautiful spacious terrace and the fact they use biodegradable straws, local produce and 1 hour free parking!

Give it a try you won't be disappointed.


Awarded in November 2018 with the third Michelin star in his homonymous restaurant, located in the Puente Romano Marbella hotel, Dani García is one of Andalusia’s most internationally famous chefs. After more than twenty years of experience in the kitchen, the chef from Malaga fulfilled one of his greatest dreams by receiving the highest distinction awarded by the Michelin Guide. A recognition that, with the utmost respect and admiration for the guide, he believes to be the beginning of a new cycle in his career that drives him to achieve another of his dreams: to bring Andalusia to the greatest number of people through its gastronomy, developing new formats that make this possible. This new stage, launched after a deep process of reflection, will open with the closure of Dani Garcia Restaurant on October 22, 2019. But this change of course leaves a year full of challenges, emotions, creativity and commitment ahead for the chef. A final season, based on retrospection, and which will be articulated around a menu inspired by the trajectory and the return to the origins of the three-star cook. His beginnings in the kitchen go back to the year 1996, when he began his career under Martín Berasategui and with whom he claims to share “his DNA as a cook”. During these years of learning and sacrifice, Dani reaffirmed his vocation and passion for gastronomy, defining his cooking style and choosing flavor as its common denominator. Later and during his time at Tragabuches (1998-2004), a project where he was awarded his first Michelin star at only 25 years of age, Dani developed a cuisine full of intention, youth and color. Then, in Calima (2005-2013), he reached maturity and became the first chef with two stars in Andalusia. Following his international vision, in 2013 he traveled to New York, where he experienced a stage of openness of mind and borders in his kitchen. A year later, he entered his most personal creative stage with the opening of his gastronomic restaurant Dani García Restaurant and BIBO Andalusian Brasserie & EXCLUSIVE LIFE MAGAZINE MARCH 2019 / 79


Tapas. Two very different concepts, but united by two cuisines with the same common denominator: the product and the Andalusian recipe book as a fundamental basis and international character as a guiding thread. After the success of his most tourist-oriented project in Marbella, the chef’s arrival in the capital materialized in 2016 with the expansion of BIBo, his most informal and democratic concept, which arrived in Madrid to become an essential part of the gastronomic offer the city. However, the chef had more projects up his sleeve and, in July of 2017, he opened Lobito de Mar; an informal chiringuito located in the golden mile of Marbella, with which he managed to create a groundbreaking concept around the Andalusian recipes. A project with a great seafaring influence and where the product is always the main protagonist. Following his expansion strategy, in February 2019 he will launch his latest project together with Áreas. This is BiBO Flamenco Bar & Tapas, inspired by the brasserie concepts of BiBO Marbella and Madrid. A gastronomic space at the airport in Malaga where the culinary offer of Dani García is present with a format and proposal very oriented to its location and its traveling public. In addition, the chef also has Eventos Dani García, the catering line that takes his gastronomy to all the cardinal points, national and international, and with which he offers his most personal proposals to put the perfect icing on any type of event. But behind each project there is always a common trait: passion. The engine that drives him to act and cook always from the heart so that his recipes breathe that land that he admires so much; his beloved Andalusia. The same passion that has led him to start up projects as exciting as the Dani García Foundation. A non-profit organization whose objective is to carry out activities of social interest, research, education and dissemination of dietary habits as an instrument for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of childhood pathologies. In short, we speak not only of a chef with three Michelin stars but of a great entrepreneur, a visionary with an innate talent for cooking, who has a very solid team of people and professionals behind him who, to this day, make up the great family that represents Grupo Dani García. EXCLUSIVE LIFE MAGAZINE MARCH 2019 / 81

la cocina del go Dantonelas RESTAURANTES & CATERING

San Pedro de Alcรกntara www. Tel: 952 780 506

olf y mucho mรกs REAL CLUB DE GOLF LAS BRISAS C/ Londres, s/n - San Pedro de Alcรกntara Tel: 952 81 52 08

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BEACH PARQUE DEL SOL Urb. Parque del Sol, s/n - Guadalmina Baja 29670 San Pedro de Alcรกntara Tel: 952 88 46 89

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Grace Kelly

Actress Hitchcock’s Muse Princess of Monaco

Grace Kelly At the age of 17, Grace Kelly announced to her family that she wanted to be an actress. When the future actress and Princess of Monaco came of age, she moved to the Barbizón Hotel, in Manhattan (New York) to study Dramatic Arts. All this, despite having a deeply conservative Catholic family who persistently opposed her desire to become an actress. However, her strength of character is evident, as no one could stop her achieving her goal. Her childhood dream was too strong, and she left for New York to make it come true. She worked as a model and on Broadway, and did several commercials, among other jobs... But her greatest success was with Gary Cooper in “High Noon”. Then came titles such as “Mogambo” with Clark Gable, and of course, we mustn’t forget that she was one of the favourite muses of the great master of suspense, Alfred Hitchcock... These were the beginnings of this woman’s fascinating life, a life full of lights and shadows. But unlike her films, Grace’s life did not have a happy ending. A fatal accident brought a tragic end to the life of an exceptional woman, at the age of just 52.

Courtesy of Marbella Club Hotel - Golf Resort & Spa

There have been many different versions about her death... But let’s focus on her fascinating life as an EXCLUSIVE LIFE MAGAZINE MARCH 2019 / 85

actress and Princess of Monaco, and on the captivating, volatile and contradictory personality of one of the most beautiful, elegant women in the world. The actress not only conquered Hollywood with her great charisma with only 11 films, and an Oscar for the Best Actress - she also won Rainier over instantly, as they got married just 13 months after meeting at a gala held in New York. Everything in record time! She would define herself as “... a sentimental, romantic Princess by nature”. The definition was fitting with her physique and the image that she projected of herself: that of a woman who was somewhat demure, educated and discreet. But we now know that Grace was above all a very passionate, strong woman. Some of her romances corroborate her eventful sentimental life. She wasn’t fragile, she was a versatile woman who instantly captured the hearts of all who knew her with one look and her delicate demeanour. It could be said that HER SUCCESS was the result of the perfect blend of considerable talent, a healthy dose of ambition and a bit of luck. 86 / MARCH 2019 EXCLUSIVE LIFE MAGAZINE

I’m a sentimental, romantic Princess by nature

She was one of Hitchcock’s BLONDES... One of his enigmatic, aloof, mysterious leading ladies. His muse.

The great master of suspense chose her for a reason, and he was especially fond of her, so much so, that he even tempted her with a new movie after her wedding, when she had already become the Princess of Monaco, many years after giving up her professional career in Hollywood. However, Monaco made it very clear that the only tasks expected of her were to focus on her family life, promote the Principality as an international tourist destination, attend events, and play her role as Princess. Despite having so many new responsibilities, she always longed to return to the world of cinema. Years later, she herself admitted that in spite of her lavish wedding, the luxurious lifestyle she had, the glamour, the impressive parties she continued to attend, etc, the role of Princess, and in particular her adaptation, had been a very difficult period for her as well as for Prince Rainier. But that was her life, the timeless story of princesses, the fairy tale… Hollywood studios, unrepeatable parties, magnificent palaces. To talk about her, we must talk about the Côte d’Azur, European royal families, power and magnetism, glamour, elegance, splendid jewels. And of course... to talk about Grace Kelly, we must talk about Marbella, because those who had the unique occasion to meet her when the couple settled in one of Marbella’s most exclusive hotels with most history, the renowned Marbella Club Hotel, could surely share some mental images with us for our upcoming editions...

Written by Ana Pavón´



PART OF OUR HISTORY: PRINCE ALFONSO Prince Alfonso von Hohenlohe at the entrance to the Marbella Club. Photo credit: Classic Driver.

For more than 60 years, the Marbella Club has been a pinnacle of barefoot luxury in the middle of what once a small and sleepy village in southern Spain. Today, the region is a bustling tourist destination, thanks to its year-round mild temperatures, its Mediterranean flavours and Andalusian cuisine and friendly locals.

You may have heard of a certain Prince Alfonso; maybe you’ve seen a bust dedicated to him at the entrance to The Grill. The prince, of Austrian and Basque descent, was the visionary behind the Marbella Club. One of six children, Alfonso grew up between Bohemia and Madrid, where his mother, Doña María de la Piedad had properties. Though born into great There were many people that – in wealth, many family properties were their own way – had a great impact depleted due to World War I, the on how the Marbella Club was viewed Mexican Revolution and the Spanish and how the location was perceived. Civil War. Today, we begin to introduce you to those people, the real influencers behind the Marbella Club.


Actress Brigitte Bardot and Gunther Sachs (left), alongside Prince Alfonso.

A young Alfonso with his godfather, King Alfonso XIII of Spain.

In the late 1940s, on a trip from Madrid to Marbella to see a relative, Alfonso and his father Max stumbled upon a vast fig and olive field facing the sea. Eventually, they would acquire the finca called Santa Margarita and would build a family home. Their barefoot-luxury way of life, where time slowed and there was no pressure to pretend would convince many Middle East royalty, Hollywood celebrities and some of the oldest families in Europe to bypass the south of France or the islands of Italy and come to a small town in the south of Spain. In 1954, Prince Alfonso debuted the Marbella Club Hotel, with 20 simple guest rooms built in similar style to

The first room distribution at the Marbella Club was inspired by California motels.

California motels. Its personalised, family-like service and charm and its simple approach to luxury was a success. Guests would be led down the path to the beach in donkeys, they would have seaside picnics and partake in at least three themed parties a week. A hideaway, a place to shed all worries and a place to have fun. Prince Alfonso found the right formula for his guests to create an authentic emotional tie to a place. Glamorous and entrepreneurial in a very spontaneous way, “Olé Olé” as he was affectionately known locally, made a long-lasting contribution to the values now attributed to the Marbella Club.



Inspiring speeches by Philip Selkirk Count Rudi Schönburg Daniel Shamoon will follow the screening.

for the screening of the documentary “THE CREATION OF A MYTH” The story of Prince Alfonso von HohenloheLangenburg and the Marbella Club Hotel.

An emotional and magical evening with very special guests leading characters in the documentary



Doctor Carlos San Martín Expert in Non-surgical and Laser Facelifts

CLÍNICA MIRØ C/Hermanos Salom Nº 4 29601 Marbella -Málaga-

DR. CARLOS SAN MARTÍN Dr. Carlos San Martín has devoted his entire professional life to researching how to treat skin aging by applying the best medical aesthetic techniques. His constant quest to achieve excellence and guarantee a job well done has made him an expert in the most advanced techniques of non-surgical facial remodelling and rejuvenation. For Dr. Carlos San Martín, each person is treated in a unique way, since “naturalness is the ultimate aim of each treatment, and each patient requires a dosage of different nuances”. With an impeccable track record in the sector, he has carried out the medical direction of centres such as Clínica Londres, Clínica AROsalud or Centro Médico Goya, until he founded his own clinic in Madrid: Clínica Bella Donna. Thanks to his experience of over 20 years, he has specialised in non-surgical and laser facelifts, using the most advanced technology in the sector, such as Intense Pulsed Light, Fractional CO2 Laser, Q-Switched Laser or HIFU Soft-Lift Ultherapy, which has FDA approval to combat sagging of the face and neck, as well as to reduce the lines and wrinkles of the neckline.


Under the direction of Dr. Carlos San Martín, CLINICA MIRØ opens its doors in the heart of Marbella: a new clinic concept, specialised in Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine. We focus on natural and customised aesthetic medicine, in other words, we believe each patient is UNIQUE, given that each face and body has different needs. At CLINICA MIRØ we strive every day to offer a personalised service and meticulous care, down to the smallest detail. A trustworthy team who are enthusiastic to share knowledge, totally committed, and passionate about our work, is the foundation to offer our patients effective and efficient responses. Thanks to the most advanced medicalaesthetic technology, we can perform very natural and minimally invasive treatments with excellent results. At CLINICA MIRØ, every detail is taken care of. For this reason, we have chosen a travel companion who shares our philosophy. CASMARA offers customised, exclusive protocols and cosmetic products. EXCLUSIVE LIFE MAGAZINE MARCH 2019 / 93

There’s a metaphor: If a fish is swimming in a dirty tank and it gets sick, do you take it to the vet and amputate the fin? No, you clean the water. What if there was an easy and painfree way to clean up your system? How can you achieve this? By flooding your body with oxygen by using the Oxygenius Vitality Retreat. How does the Oxygenius Vitality Retreat (OVR) work: OVR is a treatment that allows you to breathe highly concentrated oxygen while comfortably sitting(relaxing) in a pressurised chamber. The atmospheric pressure is raised up to three times more than normal. Under these conditions your lungs can gather up to three times more oxygen than usual. This floods your tissues with beneficial oxygen, revitalising your body's cells. The health and anti-aging benefits of OVR are simply amazing. New research shows that this unique, painless therapy can be highly effective for treating many more conditions than aging. Why not make an appointment and find out yourself?

Benefits from hyperbaric therapies: Slowing down the ageing process through oxygenation and better nourishment of all, even most remote body cells Improved physical and mental capacity Stimulation of skin cells – fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin - resulting in firm and toned skin Increased activity of osteoblasts and osteoclasts – cells responsible for strong bones Quick recovery post medical procedures, e.g. aesthetic medicine procedures Enhances detoxification of the body, e.g. various stimulants

Better memory


Piel tonificada, un cuerpo sano y firme y una mente ágil. Finalmente hay una tecnología para proporcionar todos estos efectos a la vez. Disponible exclusivamente para huéspedes de Oxygenius VR. Una sesión de yoga hiperbárico equivale a 4 sesiones de una clase de yoga normal. La cápsula reproduce tus células madre y purifica tu cuerpo.

Imagine tecnología ayudará Imagineuna a technology whichque will help your a su cuerpo a mantenerse joven body stay young ...

Ramón Areces, 2. Edif. Marina Banús Bloque 2, Local 1 29660 Puerto Banús (Marbella) Tel.: 95 518 714 I Mov.: 676 893 267 I

Dr. Bruno Pereira and Dr. Ana Pedrol the directors of Øne share a vision: We believe that the smile and the face mirror who we are and how we feel. If we feel sad we look down, our shoulders also point down, or when we feel excited our eyes are wide open and our body energized. Scientific studies show that it also works the other way around, meaning that, our outside also reflects in our inside. By changing the body posture for example, it affects how we feel. Here is an easy example: if we take a deep breath and focus our attention in our breathing, it relaxes us immediately. Or if we bring the chin up, our chest out and our shoulders up for a while, super heroe posture makes us feel more confident immediately. The same thing happens with the smile. We can start to change how

we feel by just smiling. This tells a lot about the power of the smile and how it can shape our life’s. If we don’t feel comfortable about our smile we won’t be a confident person. This issue can shape our personality, career and opportunities. We truly believe that “we don’t smile because we are happy, we are happy because we smile” and that’s what makes our profession so passionate. Øne Clinic is dedicated to facial aesthetics, treating the smile and the face as a whole, unique for every person respecting nature with and holistic and organic approach. Traditionally, when someone tries to improve his or her smile they often go to a dentist they might have heard about. Once the smile is treated, more often than not, they realize that the teeth are too white and too big and perfectly aligned and there is a lack of harmony and balance to

the face. The smile is the centrepiece of beauty, and with that in mind the smile needs to balance and enhance facial aesthetics, not detract it. When the aesthetic dentist works side to side with the plastic surgeon to enhance facial aesthetics, the outcome is more natural since balance and harmony all starts with the face and both specialists work towards one goal. The lips and teeth cannot be treated separately, otherwise, we will never achieve a truly organic and natural result. In such cases, gently lifting the lip known as the lip lift procedure is indicated instead of microfillers that often look unnatural. By working together, the Aesthetic dentist can create beautiful smiles that harmonize with the face. Øne is more than a clinic it’s a place designed to take care of the wellbeing.

Ă˜NE Clinic CC Tembo Bloque A, local 5, Av. Bulevar Principe Alfonso de Hohenlohe S/N, 29601 Marbella +34 682 635 865



Follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter on @AidaAguierreTV





We’re with Aida Aguirre, entrepreneur, influencer, vlogger, model and lifestyle guru, who we want to interview so she can tell us about her projects in Marbella. Hello Aida, we understand you have a wonderful family. Tell us a bit about them. I’m the mother of a large family; two girls and a boy. They were born in Bilbao, and for the last three years they’ve been very happy living in a natural environment with an excellent climate. They’re outgoing and have a great sense of humour, which is an advantage in the travel blogs in which they’re also protagonists. You created an Integral Marketing Agency. Where and when did this idea come about? I have a degree in Business Administration, with a double major in International Business and Marketing. In 2006, I started my career in Bilbao, with the aim of offering a customised service. Since then, my main clients have been luxury shopping centres, hotels, restaurants and golf clubs. I’ve even had some demand for wedding planning.



What is the main activity of your business? We specialise in Digital Marketing and Social Media for luxury brands. A continuous learning process, because it’s been seven years since I myself got involved. I was working in television, and considered a public figure after winning Miss Bizkaia; brands preferred to advertise by means of these new marketing formulas. Tell us something about yourself and your principles in such a fascinating business. I’d always wanted to set up my own company. However, I took the opportunity to learn with the best companies and brands. I must admit that at the beginning it was hard work to introduce the brand, Infiniti Style, and pave the way, with such intense competition in the sector. Since when has your work been based in Marbella? Three years ago we decided to take the leap and move to the area of Spain with the greatest international influence and luxury brands, as well as being able to manage our other company - the family. Why Marbella? The sun. The quality of life, both personal and professional, has changed us in every way. What else would you highlight about the city? The multiculturalism, with the perfect combination of sea and mountains. A paradise where you can live and work throughout the year. How do you envision the future in Marbella, with regard to the work that you and your company Infiniti Style do? Very positive. We currently manage a number of large accounts, amongst which we would highlight Nobu Marbella and Puente Romano. And the demand is growing so much that we plan to increase our staff in the coming months. 100 / MARCH 2019 EXCLUSIVE LIFE MAGAZINE


Tell us a phrase that you always have present, a saying that always accompanies you. “Nothing is impossible.” A female historical reference who is a source of inspiration? Why? Mother Teresa of Calcutta; a woman who inspires me every day. I try to follow her example of integrity and strength despite pain. Not long ago, I was diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. The symptoms are now part of my life, and every day is a new opportunity to keep smiling, in spite of them. In short, define Aida Aguirre. A simple, humane, friendly and outgoing woman who can achieve whatever she puts her mind to, with empathy and humility. Any new challenges you can share with us? I try to live day to day; the present. Going to the gym is one. An intention that has become a challenge. What, for you, is happiness? The balance between body, mind and soul, where love is reflected in the little things in life. Do you believe in coincidence? What did you want to be as a child? There’s no such thing as coincidence. Every instant, every moment is the starting point of a path that makes us what we are, with the good times and the bad times. As a child, I wanted to be a doctor - a dream I still have. I love natural medicine, and try to balance my life with specialised courses in the field. Who knows…? How can success be handled? By keeping your feet firmly on the ground and holding tight to the values of love and trust, with family and lifelong friends. Living life naturally. Your style and beauty formulas for 2019? Feminine garments with colour and creativity. Warm colors always combined with white. Natural beauty,

with just a touch of color on your lips to highlight your smile. Do you think that achieving success in any field is easy? Is it a matter of luck, or working for it? Success is a matter of thinking, creating, trying, doing something, then doing it again, and again, and continuing to do it. So it could be said that perseverance is the greatest

secret. Lastly, it’s said that a picture speaks a thousand words. You look radiant... What brings you happiness every day? My family is my driving force. As for me, starting the day with a Good Morning, being aware of what we eat - gluten free, lactose free, sugar free. And when night falls, going to bed with infinite gratitude for life.


Caroline Wendelin is a Finnish artist based in the south of Spain. To create her artworks she combines different techniques, including photography and digital painting, an emerging art form in which traditional techniques such as watercolour, oils, impasto and inks are applied using digital tools. After a career in fashion modeling, she decided to explore the search of identity using the new digital tools, which are defining how we interact socially as well as our collective mentalities. We are living in an era with the possibility of creating ideal, utopic images of ourselves and this makes us live with the internal debate of who we actually are, the one we feel inside or the one we create virtually.




Having a balanced diet is essential for your body to feel full of vitality. The key to being strong and feeling good is eating well. Remember that quantity and quality are not synonymous. It’s often better to eat a smaller quantity of food that provides you with sufficient energy than a large plate of food that contributes little or nothing to your body. Let’s look now at a list of tten foods that will help you feel good and full of vitality:

l es



Rich in potassium and carbohydrates, bananas are a very healthy fruit which helps you recover your energy. When you do sport, or have an intense day, it’s ideal to eat one mid-morning or mid-afternoon.

Apples are an ideal food to provide you with energy throughout the day. It’s a fruit that provides a natural source of vitamins and minerals, so don’t hesitate to incorporate it into your diet.

8 diseases you can prevent when you eat bananas Asthma, cardiovascular diseases, diarrhea, depression, anemia, constipation, hypertension, stress... So think no more, and eat healthily!


OODS Car r o Bl ue





3 4 5





Carrots are rich in fibre and provide your body with vitamin A and other nutrients. They’re an ideal way to look after yourself, and to overcome the temptation to snack between meals. Additionally, carrots contain betacarotene, which helps you tan more quickly!

Fish are categorised as white or blue, and the latter are a great source of protein and long-chain Omega 3 fatty acids, which help the brain function properly. Salmon, sardines, anchovies, tuna or bonito are some of the most common examples of blue, or oily, fish.

Eggs are a food you should always have on hand, because they allow you to make countless different recipes. They’re an excellent source of proteins; in fact, their proteins are of the highest biological value (they contain essential amino acids for the organism).

Daily consumption of omega 3 helps maintain normal cholesterol levels The Spanish Heart Foundation (FEC) states that the consumption of omega 3 contributes to maintaining normal cholesterol levels. There are several different types of omega 3 polyunsaturated acids: ALA (alpha-linolenic acid); DHA (docosahexaenoic acid); DPA (docosapentaenoic acid); or EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid), among others. The first is found in nuts, in some vegetable oils, and in some vegetables such as Brussels sprouts or spinach. The main source of DHA and EPA is blue fish, such as tuna, bonito, anchovy, mackerel, yellowtail, salmon or sardines. EXCLUSIVE LIFE MAGAZINE MARCH 2019 / 105

mea t


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Le a n

De tox




You’ll no doubt have heard of them because they’re all the fashion. They contain detoxifying foods that help eliminate toxins, and can be made from many different products. Ideally, combine seasonal fruit and vegetables, as they’ll provide your body with the best properties for the time of year.

When you’re trying to lose weight you’ll certainly hear plenty about it, because lean meat supplies your body with proteins while being low in fat. Although you can find lean pork or beef, turkey and chicken (skinless) are more typical.

Rice is a staple food that should form part of your diet. This highly nutritious cereal is a great source of energy for our body, thanks to its carbohydrates. It’s a food which is easy to prepare, and it serves as a main course or a side dish.



k r a D C


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¡Mmmm...... ...........................!

Although they’re high in calories, eating nuts quickly provides you with energy and vitality. They contain minerals, proteins and fibre, and are ideal to eat at any time!

We’ve left what may well be many people’s favorite for number 10: pure dark chocolate, also known as “The food of the gods”. Although it must be eaten in moderation, it’s a good source of energy that provides you with vitamin B and antioxidants, moreover, it’s ideal if you have a sweet tooth! The main substances chocolate is composed of are: theobromine, caffeine, phenylethylamine, anandamide, polyphenols, such as flavonols, lipids, proteins, vitamin B1, phosphorus and calcium, among others. (Why does chocolate create a feeling of well-being?)

1. Epicatechin, a polyphenol, has a cardioprotective effect: it promotes blood circulation, increases the elasticity of arterial walls, reduces blood pressure, as well as the formation of atherosclerotic plaques, elevates good HDL cholesterol, and improves insulin resistance. (Discover how chocolate protects your heart) 2. It aids bone and teeth development, transports oxygen through the body, boosts energy, and helps with the creation of new cells. 3. Because of its antioxidant activity, it has a positive impact on brain function and memory; protecting against dementia and Alzheimer’s. (Chocolate improves the memory) 4. It acts against the hormone, cortisol, to reduce stress; this effect also occurs because it reduces blood pressure. For your beauty 5. It has a photoprotective action on the skin, reducing damage caused by the sun and free radicals. 6. Dark, or bitter chocolate minimises the appearance of signs of aging, such as wrinkles, due to its antioxidants. 7. It helps to reduce water loss and to promote the formation of collagen, therefore maintaining cell hydration for a firmer, smoother skin. 8. It improves blood flow in the hair follicles, contributing to increased growth of stronger, shinier hair.


“La Viña de Leyre” is a wine with an ongoing history, as it has made the journey from Galicia to Marbella - the city providing the launching point for international expansion.

Falling in love is a feeling that defies explanation. It’s an incomparable sensation that makes us feel unique. And this is how Leyre González felt while strolling through the vineyards of Cambados, in Galicia. Thus “La Viña de Leyre” was created, in a search for essences that go beyond those found in so many wines, while maintaining special body and soul. The designation of origin of

Rías Baixas, the Albariña grape and the people of Galicia laid the seeds for the launch of a wine with a female soul that pleases all tastes. In recent years, this variety of wine has grown beyond the concept of a young, fresh, fruity wine. Albariño is a wine that has found its place with our best meals, as its light flavour with intense fruity aromas means it pairs especially well with white


meats, rice, cheese, fish and seafood. Leyre González’s objective was to select a wine with her hallmark and include it in “Leyre González Selections”, where, after her significant experience in the premium sector and as a TV presenter, she includes the best wines, gastronomy, trips, architecture and fashion for all those who enjoy the good life, all with a unique feminine vision.

nglés , Grupo Trocad ero, Paella y M ás, etc.. Corte I el G our met de E l

ill- , Localizado en los locales más premium de Marbella, tales como: Puen te Roma no - S ea G r

“An exceptional city and a world reference had to be chosen. Clearly it had to be Marbella”

Leyre González

Located in the most premium establishments in Marbella such as Puente Romano - Sea Grill - el Gourmet de El Corte Inglés , Grupo Trocadero, Paella y Más, etc..


Fine Dinning Restaurant & Bodega Award Winning Wine List of Over 6,500 Selected Wines At D-Wine restaurant, we aim to consistently provide our diners with Spain’s freshest, premier quality produce, cooked to perfection on every visit. We pride ourselves on giving superlative service and on offering guests exquisite dishes, in both traditional and modern styles, with the emphasis firmly on flavour. Our team’s mission is to combine all of the extraordinary skills, produce and equipment at our disposal, to ensure that patrons discover and enjoy the finest flavours on offer anywhere in Marbella.

+34 952 814 446 Centro Comercial Azalea Nueva Andalucía, Marbella, Málaga

RESTAURANT For those who are looking for a more relaxed atmosphere, we’ve created D.O.BAR. More informal than D.O.MAR, the space offers a long, carefully selected list of cocktails with the Mediterranean Sea serving as backdrop. Our tapas menu is the ideal company for our drinks selection, choosen carefully and based on the gastronomic character of the Costa del Sol.

For reservation please contact or by phone 952868396 don’t forget to mention if you would like to seat in our smoking or non smoking salon. Carretera nacional 340km 183 29602 Marbella (Målaga)

BAR D.O. Mar Restaurant in the golden mile of Marbella with the best views to the Mediterranean Sea. Our passion is wild fish which has the real flavour of our coast, we proudly buy the best quality products for our customers and it speaks by itself. It is in the blue skies of this wholly unique city that we have found the inspiration which guides us in the selection of the finest fish, shellfish and meat for those who dine here.

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