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SPIRIT: University Magazine By Tom Buckley Contributing Writer The magazine with that proudly presents the American Flag collage made up of pictures from the university has been displayed around campus. This magazine is the 2013 fall issue of the SPIRIT Magazine. The SPIRIT Magazine is Saint Leo’s Magazine. It was first published in the fall of 1999 by the Division of University Advancement. The magazine was originally called Saint Leo College Magazine, but was it changed when Saint Leo College changed its name to what we know now as Saint Leo University. The SPIRIT Magazine currently releases two issues per year: one in the Fall semester and one in the Spring

semester. The magazine is put together by the Office of University Communications, which is a part of the division of University Advancement. The title of the SPIRIT Magazine was suggested by staff members in 1999 in the University Advancement office. According to the first issue with the new title, the new title was chosen because it expresses the mission of the magazine, to engage the readers and to celebrate the Spirit of Saint Leo and its people. The Assistant Director of University Communications, Lucia Raatma, is the main editor of the magazine. She collaborates with the Director of University Communications, Maureen Moore, and the rest of the

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department to come up with ideas and themes for upcoming issues. Once a theme is decided upon, Raatma works on articles herself and assigns articles to other writers in the office: Kim Payne (Staff Writer and Media Coordinator), Jo-Ann Johnston (Academic Communications Manager), and occasionally to other people around the university. A great deal of reading, editing, and decision-making is done before creating the finished product. “The biggest challenge is making sure we cover all the stories that we should. We don’t want anything to slip through the cracks,” says Moore. The main target audience for the

SPIRIT magazine is Saint Leo Alumni. Apart from Alumni, the magazine is sent to the Board of Trustees, friends of the University, and peer institutions similar to Saint Leo. About 60,000 copies are distributed each year: 30,000 from each issue are distributed around campus and sent to those mentioned above. “We are also very conscientious of including stories [and] features on our student, staff and faculty: university-wide, not just from university campus,” said Moore. All articles in each issue correlate to the theme of that particular issue. This year’s Fall 2013 issue focuses on the University’s 40th Anniversary of educating the military. The magazine also includes information about new programs, Board of Trustees updates, commencements, news from education centers, awards received by the University, alumni news, and athletics news. “The SPIRIT magazine is intended to be a magazine that highlights all the great stories about Saint Leo and its students, alumni, staff, and faculty. We have so much to be proud of, and we hope that the pages of SPIRIT capture and promote that pride,” said Moore.

Cookies, Coffee and Conversation Cancelled Until Further Notice By Kenna Dieffenwierth Contributing Writer In the Student Activities Newsletter sent out on Oct. 28, it was announced that the Student Activities staff was cancelling their weekly Wednesday event: Cookies, Coffee and Conversation has been cancelled for reevaluation. “The event was cancelled because, unfortunately, members of our University were not upholding Core Values during the event. So it’s cancelled until further notice,” said Associate Director for Student Activities Justin Yates. Yates went on to express that this event was intended to bring students together for calm socialization and to provide a relaxing break

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The Lions’ Pride, Friday, November 8, 2013

Campus News Editorial: Academic Integrity By Bryan Quiles Contributing Writer Photo Courtesy of Public Domain Images

Cookies, Coffee, and Conversation Canceled Continued from page 1 from the week. “Its original purpose has been lost in the way it has been executed lately,” said Yates. A former student worker in the Student Activities office, Sophomore Craig Graves, was glad that the event was cancelled. He said that the behavior of the students made the event stressful for workers. “I always saw a flock of students waiting like vultures for the cookies to come out of the oven,” said Graves. “I found it disrespectful for the students to swarm the workers when the cookies were being brought out of the oven. It was chaos.” Other students seemed to witness misconduct as well. “I took cookies and had some conversation but not all the time. And I saw some people pushing to get to the cookies but that’s about it,” said an anonymous student. How students feel about this cancellation varies. Some found the times of the event to be inconvenient for their schedules, so they are unaffected by the decision. “For me, it’s more of an ‘eh.’ The cookies were good, but the times were bad for my schedule,” said Senior Rachel Manyo.

“It’s smart on their part because the event was an inconvenience. Cookies and Conversation was either on my way to class or during my class, so I never had time to sit down and enjoy the cookies,” said Sophomore Danny Francois. Some other students hadn’t even heard of the event. “I didn’t even know it existed,” said Junior Robert Botelho. Students who enjoyed and took part in the event were disappointed by the cancelation. “I am very upset that the Cookies and Conversation was cancelled. That was my bonding time with my sorority sisters,” said Sophomore Angie Fortunak. This event being cancelled is inconvenient for some, but it has not been cancelled indefinitely. “We hope to be able to offer this event again in the future after we reevaluate how to best serve the University community,” said the official statement in the Student Activities Newsletter. Cookies, Coffee and Conversation might even start back up within the semester. “My hope is that we will bring it back before the end of the fall semester,” said Yates.

Academic Integrity is an issue that currently troubles universities all around the U.S. today. Within the parameters of the populations of proceeding generations, professors are finding a higher correlation of academic integrity issues within the new generations that come to universities. Many of the academic integrity issues are centered on the freshmen population of colleges nationwide. At the University, some students will contend that giving another student answers or doing their homework is simply considered to be “helping someone out.” In fact, one student within the freshman population admitted to sharing his work. “I’ve done it before … not in college but in high school,” said an anonymous student. A study conducted in 2010 by the Josephson Institute of Ethics found that at least 59 percent of high school students had cheated on a test in the past year. Over 33 percent had cheated more than twice. Many incoming college students are used to this social norm, and do not understand the consequences if they are caught. In a Fordham University study, the college concluded that students who cheated in high school were more likely to cheat in college. Not only has this become a social norm within the freshmen population, but it is also a general norm to


the population of students as a whole. Professors have done everything in their power to tackle these issues so far. There are websites like that are used to weed out information that has been copied onto someone’s paper. “If you’re cheating, you’re eventually going to get caught. You will receive a zero for your score. Simply, do not do it,” said Dr. Carozza. Furthermore, social media has taken a larger role unveiling students who are not practicing academic integrity. There are students (names shall not be mentioned) who have posted on Twitter and Facebook that they had paid someone to do their paper because “it was too hard and too much work.” By posting these types of statuses, teachers and faculty can learn through the media about the dishonest work students submit. The question of how bad the issue is on the university level still needs to be answered. According to the Education-Portal, within the previous times before these newer generations, less than 30 percent of college students had reported that they had cheated, which is a statistically significant number in of itself; yet today the percentage of students that cheat in college can arguably be 74.99 percent. In addition, on a national level, every year 7.5 out of 10 students report that they had at least cheated once. “[Academic dishonesty is] a slap in the face to the students worldwide, their professors, peers, and all

(352) 588-8316 Student Activities Center, Office 106 33701 State Road 52 Saint Leo, FL 33574 Letters to the editor to The Lions’ Pride should be no more than 500 words in length and should not include profane or slanderous language. We reserve the right to edit for grammar, spelling, and libel; as well as the right to publish or not. All submissions should be sent to Letters to the editor must be submitted with student’s name, year, and major. Faculty and staff members must include rank and department. Please include a phone number (not a publication) so we can verify authorship.

those who wish they could get an education but do not have the means,” said Freshman Elizabeth Shilling. Shilling also believed students who cheated were “only cheating themselves.” Not only can this show to be a slap in the face to some students, but those who cheat and don’t get caught reap the benefits of their actions. In addition, the Fordham University study showed that those who cheat successfully would on average tend to have a GPA of .56 points higher in comparison to the person who did not cheat. Given that all sampling biases had been accounted, the statement that the cheaters reap the benefits is a statement that is indeed true. What can be done to reduce these numbers on the University campus? According to the University’s Academic Honor Code, the minimum sanction for the first two offenses, an “F” is given for the assignment/ test in which the cheating has occurred. There is no opportunity to replace it with a “W” (“W” stands for Withdraw.) However, in the second offense, there is the addition of suspension from the University. The student’s history – academic and disciplinary – and the nature of the offense, are taken into consideration when determining sanction. Perhaps the university should strengthen these rules, thus creating for the situation of academic integrity issues to decrease

Newsroom Racheljoy Capitola, Editor in Chief Ashley Reynolds Managing Editor Jessica Miller, Layout Editor Joanna Ozog, Online Editor Wendy Legorete, Distribution Manager

Advisor: Mrs. Valerie Kasper Advisor: Mrs. Valerie Kasper

The Lions’ Pride, Friday, November 8, 2013

Campus News Polio- Syria’s most recent Enemy By Janet Small Contributing Writer Syria has been a country of conflict since its civil war began in 2011, and now the latest threat to the country is an outbreak of polio. Ten cases of polio have been confirmed by the World Health Organization (WHO). This is the first outbreak in Syria in 14 years. The United Nations say a further 12 cases are still being investigated, with most of the 22 people tested being babies and toddlers according to BBC News. A member of the U.N. refugee agency, Andrej Mahecic, said the 900 days of fighting had taken its toll on the health care infrastructure in Syria. It is estimated that about half of the medical facilities have been affected by the civil war in one way or another. Medical staffs have left the country due to the crisis, with 1,500 doctors fleeing the country according to Voice of America News. This obviously has been a

major contributor to the outbreak as pre- civil war in 2011, 95% of children were vaccinated against the disease. However, now, due to the disruption to the healthcare system many children have not been vaccinated - the UN estimates as many as 500,000 children (NY Times). When asked why she thought the outbreak may have occurred, Junior Jia Wong said, “Well after all the fighting that has went on in Syria over the past few years, it probably isn’t surprising that their healthcare system has failed. It’s just so unfair that innocent children are the ones who have had to suffer.” The WHO had stated that it suspects the outbreak to concentrate on the eastern province of Deir al-Zour, Syria, where more than 100,000 children under the age of five are currently at risk of contracting the disease. According to BBC News, this province has been one of the areas caught in the battle between

government forces and opposition fighters. Polio is a highly contagious disease that is most often spread by consuming foods or liquids contaminated with feces. Severe cases of the disease can cause paralysis and death. According to Voice of America News, polio mainly affects children under the age of 2 who haven’t received proper vaccinations. Lyndsey Ray, a sophomore at Saint Leo, had a neighbor who contracted polio when he was younger – “He has difficulty walking, but thankfully with the help of braces and crutches he is able to walk and even drive now. It’s such a horrible disease though, and I really hope that they manage to help treat all of those children before it reaches a really bad stage.” “When a virus gets introduced to a country that has not had a lot of immunization in some years, you see really a major outbreak where hundreds of children are getting paralyzed from

Undeclared Fair was mainly for students who are still undecided about their major or who were thinking of changing it. For others, this event was to get information about other majors and minors. Students were able to chat with some of the faculty members from all three schools-the School of Arts and Sciences, School of Business, and School of Education and Social Services. “I wanted to reach out those students whom are undeclared and in case if they have questions because sometimes it can be intimidating to make an appointment with an advisor that you don’t know.”said Brook McGinnis. Inside the boardrooms, there was candy all over faculty members’ tables. The faculty were wearing silly hats to make the

students feel more comfortable talking about their major. By the end of a student’s sophomore year, he/she will have had to declared a major. “Although you can change it at any time; you may not get out in four years. The process to finish a major may become longer.” said Brook McGinnis. In addition, any student can take higher level classes as long as the student has done the requirements for such class or he/she has the permission of the instructor to take it. If an undeclared student is looking for major with great job prospects, then according to McGinnis the most promising majors for the next ten years are biology or health care management. Anything in liberal arts is a good choice for someone who may want to change his/her career

something that could have been prevented,” said Elias Durry, the WHO’s emergency coordinator for polio eradication in Pakistan, to the NY times. Polio has been eradicated in most developed countries, but for some developing countries it still remains an endemic: such as in Nigeria, Pakistan and Afghanistan. According to the BBC News, due to the ongoing conflict, more than 4 million Syrians have been displaced inside the country and generally live in overcrowded, unsanitary conditions. The WHO has also reported increases in cases of measles, typhoid and hepatitis A. It is thought that the source of the virus came from one of the endemic areas. Oliver Rosenbauer, a spokesperson for the WHO, told BBC that is important to eradicate polio in the endemic communities so the disease won’t spread to uninfected areas. There have been some speculations that foreign fighting groups in

Syria may have imported it, such as jihadi fighters from Pakistan. According to BBC News two million have fled Syria to neighboring countries – such as Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and Egypt – and are living in refugee camps. Syria’s Health Ministry has begun an immunization drive, while aid agencies have begun strategizing emergency immunization plans at refugee camps in Syria. “With population movements, it [polio] can travel to other areas so the risk is high of spread across the region,” said Mr. Rosenbauer to BBC. With this in mind, Voice of America News reports that urgent plans have begun for vaccination campaigns in nearby countries to try to halt the progression of the disease. Unfortunately, there is no cure for polio, but the series of vaccinations developed can confer immunity against the disease.

Don’t Get Scared of Choosing Your Major! By Dexomia Livia Contributing Writer Who do you want to be when you grow up? While some students already know the answer for this question, for others this causes fear among them. To commence the week of Halloween, faculty members were getting ready to guide and not scare the students at Saint Leo University. On October 30, faculty members were dressed up with funny costumes at the “Halloween Undeclared Fair.” This event took place at the SAB boardrooms from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and was prepared by Brook McGinnis, an Affiliate Faculty of the School of Arts and Sciences, Peter Marian, an Affiliate Faculty of the School of Business and Admission, and Admissions. The Halloween

many times during his/ her lifetime. “Liberal Arts gives you a field where you can take from career to career. So, if you are someone who is unsure of what you want to do for the rest of my life, then you can change it” said Brook McGinnis. “My opinion is sport business, accounting, and sports management.” said Peter Marian. All the business majors are required to do an internship. Internships are usually during junior and senior year, so a student has to have chosen his/her major. “We ask the students what is your dream job, what organization you want to work for. Then, we encourage and work with them to get the internship of that desirable location.” said Peter Marian. Some of the

internships are paid and others are not paid. However, the students gain valuable experience and connections. For all the students who are still undecided about their major, here are some questions to consider before choosing or making the final decision for the major: Why do I want this major? Do I know enough about this major? What are the requirements for this major? What are the career opportunities for this major? Am I good at this major? Have I talked to someone in this major? Is this the right–and only–major for my career path? Just remember, you are the only one who makes your own decisions. “The measure of choosing well, is, whether a man likes and finds good in what he has chosen,” said Charles Lamb.

The Lions’ Pride, Friday, November 8, 2013

Campus News Superfood Craze!

Sleep Vs. Toxins

By Jocelyne Hilary Staff Writer A team of scientists in the US have claimed that the reason why sleep is essential to us is because it acts a “waste removal system.” The brain has always been regarded as one of the most intriguing organs in our body, and this recent discovery only provokes more questions on what we might yet have to discover. This recent study has shown that the brain is responsible for removing toxins that we accumulate over the course of a day, especially after a whole day of hard thinking. As college students, getting the recommended eight hours of sleep may already seem like an impossible task, but this indicates that we might

sprouts. These greens help prevent heart disease and cancer, however most people only eat these less than occasionally according to the health specialists at One type of superfood that is good for immune system is fruit and nut superfoods. Fruit and nut superfoods help a person’s body to build up the immune system in order fight everyday toxins emitted from cigarette smoke, radiation, and pollution. One delicious way to help build the immune system is Raw Cacao, not the cocoa powder usually mixed with hot water or milk though. That type of cocoa powder has been contaminated with sugars and other enhancements. It has also been exposed to about 302 degrees of heat, and raw cacao has only been exposed to about 260 degrees. This allows important minerals and vitamins to still remain intact in raw cacao. Raw cacao contains a very high amount of antioxidants. Antioxidants are used to metabolize fats and proteins used to fuel the body. Raw cacao is also a great source of iron. Acai Berries are also a have to rethink our sleeping cycle. However some students, especially athletes and students with an average of eighteen credits, find that sleep can seem like a rare luxury. Senior Andrea Maxwell has been on the cross country team throughout her four years at Saint Leo: “Practice means that I have earlier mornings than some students. I try my best to get at least seven hours of sleep, but some nights it can be tough given the homework load and other commitments. Before a race, I try to get a lot more sleep because I want to perform my best. I wish I was able to get more sleep, because I feel tired most of the time because I get up so early, I am busy throughout the day and study and do homework throughout the night.” Biology major

great source of antioxidants. These berries taste great when blended into fruit drinks and smoothies. Another nutritionally dense food is kale, which is found in the Seaweed category. When prepared correctly, kale Ph wik oto c o i c o mm urtes on y of s.

By Brianna Llewellyn Contributing Writer All over America people are discovering a new diet trend that could help lower cholesterol levels, prevent heart disease, and help enhance mood levels to increase happiness. And no, it isn’t a drug so there are no side effects to worry about later. This new diet is based on a phenomenon called superfoods. Superfoods are a group of foods easily found in nature. These foods are not high in calories, but have a great amount of nutrients such as proteins, omega-3, and various vitamins. There are several types of super foods including Green Superfoods, Fruit and Nut Superfoods, Seaweed Superfoods, Bee Superfoods, and Herb Superfoods. Green superfoods are great for weight loss because they contain a high amount of fat burning compounds and healthy bacteria that help clear the digestive track to prevent sickness and weight gain. The chlorophyll in this group of superfoods is excellent in the production of hemoglobin, which promotes oxygen rich blood and is great for cells. Some foods in this category are green leafy vegetables such as spinach, parsley, lettuce, and broccoli

i s high in calcium, antioxidants, and can promote weight loss. Nori is another seaweed superfood used in the preparation of sushi rolls and is also very high in nutrients. Seaweed can also be used to stimulate an inactive thyroid gland to enhance the metabolism and stimulate weight loss. A dish prepared with seaweed can also help break down chemical bonds between fat cells and help a person lose a few extra pounds in the Antonio Roki shared similar views. Roki expressed his minimal time to sleep: “I typically get four hours of sleep on a daily basis. At first it doesn’t feel too bad, but as the week goes on, I feel exhausted. I can’t function or concentrate in class. Sometimes I wake up late for class. I try to tackle this by taking micro naps that last ten to fifteen minutes during the day. A lot of caffeine is consumed to get me through.” So with some students already struggling to even get the recommended hours of sleep, what are the consequences of less sleep according to this research? Failure to remove these toxins, which can be correlated with a continuous cycle of sleep

process. Superfoods have been available since the beginning of time, but Bee superfoods are notable because, according to Egyptologists and archeologists who study ancient Egyptian life, Egyptians who indulged in raw honey at least once a day lived much longer then people who didn’t. This may be because raw oney contains concentrated nutrients and enzymes that are essential to a long and healthy living. Raw, unprocessed honey also has many antibacterial

properties that help to strengthen the body’s natural defenses against sickness and disease. Herbs are another type of superfood. Some popular herbs in this category include aloe vera and ginseng. Aloe vera is a bit different from most superfoods because, due its healing properties for the skin, it is mostly used in lotions. Aloe vera is essentially used to moisturize skin and speed up the healing process of burns and scars. The deficiency, can potentially be fatal by making people more vulnerable to brain disorders. Following a previous discovery that the brain’s own glymphatic site was responsible in disposing of waste material, further research was encouraged using the help of mice. Results indicated that when the subjects were asleep, the brain was ten times more active. The lead researcher, Dr. Nedergaard, expressed the importance of sleep due to fact that the brain only has a specific amount of energy that it can allocate when awake or asleep. Since the process of toxin removal has not been observed to occur

natural sulphur in aloe vera makes aloe vera the perfect skin smoothing agent. Ginseng is another type of herbal superfood. This herb is usually taken in pill form as well. Ginseng is a natural mood enhancer, it also helps to release stress, and reenergize the body. Lots of major brands claim that their foods are really healthy. But as the consumer you have to know what to look for. One tip that is guaranteed to lead you into a healthier lifestyle is to always look for foods with only one ingredient such example berries and meets. These foods are good because no preservatives have been added, which means that the product is in its freshest state. Foods with a long list of ingredients usually have much better natural alternatives that may cost a bit more but are better for people in the long run. Another thing to look for is the label if the product contains more 7 percent of calories from saturated fat, put it back! If the product gets more than 10 percent of its calories from sugar, put it back! True superfoods are certified organic foods (it usually says certified organic/ USDA organic on the label). The superfood trend may seem strange at first, but once people start feeling better and looking better, it will all be worth it! during the day, it is only accomplished with a good night’s sleep. This process is essential to stay alive. Resisting sleep and pulling all nighters are not prudent. Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s are a result of the loss of brain cells. This is encouraged by the presence and accumulation of damaged proteins in the brain. The build up of toxins over time all will eventually encourage disorders like this when older. This makes sleep and its resulting removal of toxins all the more critical.

The Lions’ Pride, Friday, November 8, 2013

Campus News Music Program Expands By Jessica Willing Contributing Writer

At Saint Leo University, there are a variety of programs that attract a diverse student body population. The fine arts program left behind a rich legacy of musicals and theatre from its heyday. However, in 1995 the fine arts program was discontinued, and it’s only been recently that the music program has begun to make its comeback. It wasn’t until Melissa Hollis came in 2006 that the music program was revitalized through her efforts to reintroduce musicals to the campus of Saint Leo. Though her work was done under the umbrella of University Ministry, the demand for a music program was increased as Saint Leo students showed interest in music again. Cynthia Selph has been in charge of the music program at Saint Leo since the fall of 2010, and has seen it grow tremendously over the last several years. The number of students involved in the program was lowthere were eleven members of the Saint Leo Singers at the time, and only five Music Theory students. She recounts the days when the music rehearsals and lessons were held in what was called “The Shack”- a run-down, small building that once stood by the ROTC building. “It was horrible… In the spring semester we were doing something in there for

a rehearsal, and all of a sudden the front window just crashed inside onto the floor… Literally the whole thing crashed onto the floor!” she recalled with a laugh. Selph believes that the condition of the

Lake Jovita and parking available right next to the building, and so the Marmion Center was renovated and turned into the permanent Admissions building. With the two-year lease on the

by Pat Hernly. The music theory classes are also going to be changed to fit the needs of a more diverse population of students. With the aid of an online program, students will be able to advance

Cynthia Selph leads the Saint Leo Singers Women in a new piece. Photo taken by Jessica Willing

building was in part to blame for the lack of interest in the program- and the change in numbers the following year when the program was moved into a portable supports that theory. As the Saint Leo Singers group grew to sixteen members, there was also an increase of students enrolled in private voice and instrumental lessons. This year marked a new chapter for the music program with the introduction of the new music building through what Selph deemed, “a series of fortunate coincidences.” The admissions building was in need of renovations so the Admissions office moJessica Willing ved up the Marmion Center temporarily. The time spent up at the Marmion Center revealed that the location and the building were better suited for what the department wanted, with a great view of

music portable coming to an end, it was decided that the old admissions building would be made into the new music building. The new facility has allowed the music program to expand by leaps and bounds. Currently, the Saint Leo Singers have thirty-four members. The acapella women’s group, S.A.S.S., has also grown in size and popularity with their diverse, high energy performances. There are thirteen students receiving private voice lessons, an estimated twelve students enrolled in guitar lessons, and ten students in the instrumental ensemble group under the instruction of Pat Hernly. Twelve students are currently pursuing a minor in music. The future is bright for the music program, with many improvements on the way. The spring semester will introduce a new class, World Music, taught

through music theory material at their own pace, as well as start at a level that is challenging to them. Selph hopes that this will attract more advanced musicians who have previously been unimpressed and unchallenged by the program. “I’d like to see us bring in more specialists… Like Pat coming in. His whole specialty is World Music! I could have taught it, but that’s not my specialty… He can bring that firsthand experience to students that they need to have,” said Selph when asked about how she would like to expand the staff. She would also like to bring in a bass instructor to teach both electric and upright bass, as well as someone experienced in music production to teach the music technology classes. Ultimately, Selph believes that bringing specialty

instructors into the program will help to increase the quality of the program itself. There are plans for a new performance venue included in the school’s mission statement for 2017. Selph credits this development not only to increased interest in the music and dramaturgy programs on the part of the students, but also an increase of support for the programs on the part of the faculty and staff. So what do students in the music program think about its growth? “I have been in the music program since I was a sophomore… We had an okay amount of students in it but [the parts] never felt balanced out,” said senior Kristina Valencia, a Political Science major. Kristina went on to say the program has since grown, and that now the different sections of the Saint Leo Singers are wellbalanced. “I think the music program is expanding very well to meet the need of its high demand. I would love to see it grow more while I'm here, and I am happy that by the time this year ’s freshman class graduates, they will have an outstanding program,” said sophomore Kara Marino, a Psychology and Religion major in her first semester of Saint Leo Singers. The future of the music program at Saint Leo is looking bright. Selph is confident that the music program will continue to grow and expand to meet the needs of Saint Leo’s students.

The Lions’ Pride, Friday, November 8, 2013

Arts & Entertainment Anthem Lights Comes to Saint Leo University sang for the audience. There was a loud cheer when the members of Anthem Lights came out and set up their gear. They greeted the audience and began to play

band conversed with the audience as well as each other throughout the Medleys of concert. popular hit songs During their echoed around the performance, they campus on Nov. 2 as took a moment to the band Anthem thank God Lights and share performed a their faith concert in The with the Bowl. The crowd. They event was then sang a sponsored by song in the Campus worship. Activities "I really Board and enjoyed this Quest. concert. And I Anthem liked how Lights is a they group from integrated our Nashville, core values Tennessee. into their Their debut performance album was and actually released in took the time 2011 under to give thanks the label to God for all Reunion of their Records. There blessings," are four said Senior members: Dominique Alan Powell, Spano. Caleb Grimm, Anthem Lights flew from Tennessee to Tampa then drove to Saint Leo to perform at the campus. Photo Courtesy of Jennifer Broom The audience Chad Graham and Joey Stamper. One of “Well my two Eyhanna Johnson. She various medleys of hit kept cheering for an encore, but Anthem their producers, Joe younger sisters are sang a few songs for songs. They Lights didn't have any Henderson, played obsessed with Anthem the crowd, and kept encouraged everyone more songs prepared. the drums for their Lights. I told them singing even when the to sing along with The crowd did, performance. they were going to be music track randomly them for each song. Campus Activities here, and they told me stopped due to "I loved the sing-a- however, get them to sing a Taylor Swift Board Assistant, Jamie I had to go. I checked technical difficulties. longs. It was very, song, which they Ray, Sophomore, out their YouTube and There was a bit of very fun," said hadn't planned on helped to bring this now I'm here," said a delay before Anthem Freshman Crystal performing. band to the campus. Sophomore Beverly Lights came out, so Bryant. After the concert, She also served as the Mejias. the crowd was Chad Graham even many people got in emcee. Other people came entertained by Ray. came down off of the line to take pictures "When I first out because they were She talked with the stage and walked with the band and get heard them I was curious. crowd and they through the crowd to their autographs. instantly drawn to "I'm just here cheered for her to let some members of them. I love their because I have sing a song. Ray then the audience sing into They greeted everyone in line before leaving. voices. I just wanted nothing else to do. took requests and the microphone. The By Kenna Dieffenwierth Contributing Writer

to grace the campus with their awesomeness." said Ray. Some people came out for the concert because they were already fans.

The concert seems like something that will cure my boredom," said Freshman Bianca Smith. The opening act was Freshman

Comic by Derek Richards

The Lions’ Pride, Friday, November 8, 2013

Arts & Entertainment Matt Smith Joins the Cast of the New American Psycho Musical By Shawnee Arnett Contributing Writer Matt Smith, who is widely known for playing the eleventh incarnation of The Doctor on the BBC’s Doctor Who, has been cast in the lead role of Patrick Bateman in the upcoming London stage production of American Psycho. The musical will be showcased in the Almeida Theatre starting on December 3 of this year and will have its final performance on January 25, 2014. American Psycho emerged as a novel by author Bret Easton Ellis in 1991. It is a social satire aimed at American consumerism, or what was considered “yuppiedom” at the time during which the novel was first published. Based in 1980’s New York, American Psycho follows the exploits of protagonist Patrick Bateman, a wealthy Wall Street investment banker who, despite his meticulously crafted social image and obsession with having more established wealth and prominence than his peers, spends his evenings torturing, mutilating, raping, and murdering various random victims who stray across his path. Throughout the course of the novel, Bateman descends further into madness as he systematically loses control over his homicidal habits and begins to lose touch with reality and the people around him. When the novel was first published, the controversy surrounding its subject matter led it to receive generally bad reviews from both critics and readers alike. However, when more people began to realize and understand the satirical nature of the novel, it became more widely read and accepted nationwide. It is now considered to be a modern classic by some. American Psycho was adapted into a film version in 2000 by screenwriters

Mary Harron and Guinivere Turner. Directed by Mary Harron, American Psycho starred Christian Bale as the sadistic murderer Patrick Bateman. The film focused heavily on the satirical nature of the novel, and became as much of a black comedy as it was a psychological thriller. Roger Ebert praised the film’s handling and Christian Bale’s portrayal of Patrick Bateman by saying in his review, “It sees Bateman in a clear, sharp, satiric light, and it despises him. Christian Bale is heroic in the way he allows the character to leap joyfully into despicability; there is no instinct for selfpreservation here, and that is one mark of a good actor.” The film went on to receive generally positive critical reviews overall and eventually led to the idea of the story American Psycho being translated into a stage production. The idea for a stage production of American Psycho began in 2008 when it was considered for a spot on Broadway. In January 2013, however, it was announced that not only a production would be staged in London’s Almeida Theatre, an Off West End theatre, but that it would be transformed into a musical as well. The script was written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacas, the music and lyrics were penned by Duncan Sheik, and Rupert Goold, the artistic director of the Almeida Theatre, was chosen to direct the stage adaptation. While casting choices were made well in advance of the theatre announcing Matt Smith’s participation in the project, his casting was kept a secret until the official press release, and the other actors working on the production were reportedly unaware of his being cast until the first day of rehearsals. Within hours after the Almeida Theatre confirmed that Smith would star in the

The cast was unaware of Matt’s involvement until the first rehearsal.

Photo Courtesy of the American Psycho Twitter

American Psycho musical, the majority of the tickets left available were sold out. The announcement came soon after Matt Smith finished filming his final episode of Doctor Who as the 11th incarnation of The Doctor. Smith will be replaced in The Doctor’s role by Peter Capaldi, a seasoned Scottish actor with Doctor Who experience already under his belt (check him out as Caecilius in Series Four’s episode, "The Fires of Pompeii"), when The Doctor regenerates in this year’s Doctor Who Christmas Special. Smith will also appear in his first post Doctor Who film, How to Catch a Monster, which will come to theatres sometime in 2014. Smith’s past stage productions include Murder in the Cathedral, The Master and Margarita, On the Shore of the Wide World, The History Boys, Burn/Chatroom/ Citizenship, and Swimming with Sharks. When asked about her opinion on Smith being cast in such a different role from his famous and generally boyish portrayal of The eleventh Doctor, Pam Decius, a Doctor Who fan and an instructor of fine arts at The University, said “I think he is completely capable in regards to the acting side of things- after all, he had to follow one of the most beloved Dr. Who actors (David Tennant) and was

exceedingly successful in creating his own bow-tie, fez wearing persona… Matt has enough of a following that I believe other Whovians would get out there and support him- want to see him in this role. I don't believe he is typecast. His role in How to Catch a Monster is quite dark, but then, the Doctor has a dark side as well.” Decius was undecided on the subject of Smith being cast as the lead in a musical, “As for the singing part- I'm not quite sure. Arthur Darvill [who plays the character of Rory Williams, one half of the Williams/Pond companion team that accompanied The Doctor on his adventures during most of Matt Smith’s stay on the show] is currently playing the lead in Once on Broadway and has absolutely wowed audiences. There were a couple of ‘outtakes’ and Comicon appearances where they (Amy, Rory and The Doctor) would riff on melodies- and I don't ever remember being ‘blown-away’ by his performances- while I was enamored with Arthur's. I think there was a rendition of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ at some point. I think I would be compelled to see it simply because I love watching him work a character and the idea of this story playing out in musical form has piqued my curiosity.” Tommy Haines, Senior, gave his input as

well, “It is basically because of Doctor Who that Matt Smith's acting credentials have reached the levels they have. If he was somehow cast in this musical without having been in Who, I'd probably never notice.” When asked about his opinion on Smith taking on such a heavy role, Haines said, “Yes, I definitely think Matt Smith is capable of pulling off that kind of character. Yes, his Doctor tends to be rather quirky, but he's had some serious and angry moments at well. One need only look at ‘The Doctor's Wife’ or ‘The Name of the Doctor’ [episodes] to see him in more serious scenes and episodes… Whether or not people can take him seriously depends on their perception of him. If someone holds the stereotype of the eleventh Doctor as a maniac, someone who's constantly quirky, they'll likely not even give the musical a chance… Fans of the show who see Matt Smith's acting as deeper than ‘quirky’ are likely going to be excited to see him in the American Psycho musical.” Fans of Matt Smith can see his next performance as the eleventh Doctor alongside David Tennant’s tenth Doctor in The Doctor Who Fiftieth Anniversary Special, “The Day of the Doctor”, which airs globally on November 23.

The Lions’ Pride, Friday, November 8, 2013

Sports Men’s Soccer Goes to War By Michael Walker Contributing Writer This past Saturday the Lions faced off with the Number 1 ranked team in the Sunshine State Conference as well in the entire Division 2 NCAA. Rollins was on a winning streak with 15 straight wins until Saturday. The Lions defeated them and won the Sunshine State Conference title. This is the second consecutive year that the Men's Soccer team achieved this feat. The Men’s Soccer team was previously ranked number 7. Now they are sure to be moved up in the ranks. Before the match, Seniors Diego Pestana, Javiem Blanchette,

Sean Jones, Michael Panter and Edgar Herrera were all recognized in front of a roaring crowd for their time and commitment to the team. With a packed crowd of fans cheering and going wild, a hyped up atmosphere took over the event. Everyone’s adrenalin was pumping. The Lions brought a fighting feel to the soccer field. It seemed as though they were ready for anything their opponent was going to throw their way. Within the first 12 minutes of the match, the Lions took a quick lead as Lukas Cramer scored an unassisted goal. Fifteen minutes later Rollins shot and scored. The tension in the air

grew thick as they headed into halftime 1-1. At the start of the second half, the Lions came out with intensity. They let nothing get in their way as they fought for victory. The Lions scored again at minute 52. As the Rollins goalkeeper dove to stop it, the ball shot passed him. The score was now 2-1 Saint Leo. Nearly a breath later, Junior Lukas Cramer saw an open window to score again. He sent a shot to the net giving the Lions a score of 3-1. The crowd went wild with excitement but the soccer players stayed ready for combat knowing the game is never over until that 90th moment. Rollins

sent a free kick past the Lions bringing the total to 3-2. In the last ten minutes, Rollins scored a penalty kick into the net causing the game to tie 3-3. The game was forced into sudden death, putting ten more minutes on the clock. Neither opponent managed to score, causing the game to go into double and final overtime. The minutes were added and the teams gathered their thoughts. It came down to a battle of who wanted the win and conference champion title more. Lions Senior Edgar Herrera spotted a loose ball and knew this was his chance to bring the team to victory. At minute 102, Edgar shot

the ball, the crowd paused for a brief moment in anticipation. It was a score. The crowd went wild, the team swarmed with joy, and Rollins went home to a first loss. The lions won their regular season match against Rollins and claimed the title they won the year before as the Sunshine State Conference Champions. With this win, the Lions received a bye in the first round of the Sunshine State Conference tournament. Saint Leo will be hosting every semifinal and championship match in this tournament. Good luck men!

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