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Supreme Court Evaluations of Greenhouse Gas Regulations By Kenna Dieffenwierth Contributing Writer On Oct. 15, the Supreme Court took a case filed against the Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA has been accused of overstepping their bounds in regulating greenhouse gas emissions. According to an article by the New York Times, the last case against the EPA was in 2007 when the Supreme Court decided that the EPA had the right to regulate greenhouse gas emissions in relation to new automotive vehicles if they discovered that the emissions were dangerous to the public. The EPA came to the conclusion that green house emissions were dangerous and damaging to public welfare after conducting a two year study on the matter. A few states and industrial groups have brought multiple complaints against the EPA since then. This opposition includes accusations that the EPA doesn't have sufficient evidence to back up their claims on the dangers of global climate change, that their regulations on car emissions are flawed and that they were never given the power to regulate stationary sources of emissions. Cases were brought to United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit last year for these reasons, but the court unanimously ruled against it. The Supreme Court agreed to review the part of the rejected case in relation to the EPA's aggressive regulations. The reason the EPA's regulations are under scrutiny by the Supreme

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Court is because they are regulating stationary sources as well as vehicular sources of emissions. This was a power not directly awarded to them in the 2007 ruling. Critics have been accusing the EPA of taking powers that don't belong to them and violating the Constitution as well as the Clean Air Act. "Congress are not scientists, because they are not scientists they cannot make regulations. EPA has scientists devoted to collecting scientific data," said Professor Michael Wilder. According to an article by The Harvard Crimson, the reason the EPA has been targeting power plants and stationary sources of emissions is because stationary sources are easier to regulate. Also, the air pollution released from smoke stacks is the same as air pollution released from cars. "Really what this is about, I suspect, is big business.

to be more Eco friendly," said Sophomore Libby Paneck. Everyone wants someone else to be regulated to solve the problem, but no one wants to be regulated themselves. "It took 25 years to get seatbelts because the lobbyists for auto manufacturers didn't want to deal with extra cost," said Wilder. "Carbon dioxide is something that goes into the air, and they say, 'Big woop! I can't even see it!' We're fighting this battle against carbon dioxide being pumped into the atmosphere by big industry, which is amplifying Global Warming [and] which causes Climate Change." Not many people understand the meaning behind the terms ‘global warming' and 'global climate change.’ The warming of the earth through greenhouse gases is a natural and necessary element to human survival. Sunlight shines through the atmosphere to the earth's surface. The earth's surface absorbs the light and reemits it as heat energy. The greenhouse gasses in the air then trap some of that heat, hence keeping the earth warm. But

when human activities cause an unnatural increase in greenhouse gases, it results in 'global warming' which causes 'global climate change.' The earth becomes unnaturally warm due to the extra greenhouse gas emissions produced by humans. As the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere increase, the amount of heat increases. There are many consequences of this extra heat like unpredictable weather patterns, the melting of arctic ice, and the increased desertification of certain land areas. "It is predicted that the arctic will be completely ice free in the coming decades," said Dr. Christopher Miller. Although climate change is accepted by most scientists, there are groups in the scientific community who claim that it is an over exaggerated issue. They feel the benefits of global warming will outweigh the consequences, and there is no proof that definite harm will be caused by global warming. On Oct. 23, U-T San Diego posted two different interviews related to global warming. One interview was with skeptics, while the other interview was with strong proponents of the dangers of global warning. The skeptics present were scientist S. Fred Singer, scientist Robert M. Carter and Joseph Bast. These scientist took a stance arguing global warming was more natural than human fueled and looked at the positive possibilities of global warming. They claimed that carbon dioxide is not a pollutant, just plant

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Big business has standards they have to meet and the standards are set by EPA," said Wilder. "We don't want to be regulated. No business wants to be regulated. How much regulation do you want to have in your life?" Wilder's suspicions about how people respond to regulation holds weight. "I think they should regulate businesses and companies, but I don't think they should force people to change their daily lives. People should be encouraged

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food. They also mentioned that the melting ice would open up the Northwest Passage, saving money on travel between European and the Pacific countries. The second interview posted was with Scripps Institution of Oceanography scientists Jeff Severinghaus and Tim Barnett. They stood behind the research conducted on the issue of global warming and briefly discussed the negative impacts climate change has had on the oceans. The scientists blamed disinformation for the public disconnection with global warming, claiming that millions of dollars are spent to trick people. The scientists stressed that Carbon Dioxide emissions needed to be taken more seriously by the public and the government, because it is estimated that carbon dioxide remains in the atmosphere for 1,000 years and more is pumped into the air every day. "A lot of climate deniers insist that the increase in climate temperature is part of natural cycles, but most of the variability is the result of human factors," said Miller. The United States is directly involved in the global warming controversy, particularly the nation’s contribution to the event. "The U.S. is responsible for 25 percent of the world's emissions, but only 4 percent of the world's population. Climate change will affect you in some way, manner, or form," said Miller. Global Warming has become a controversial political topic. Whatever decision the Supreme Court reaches regarding the Epa will play a role in shaping the future climate.

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World News 12 Year Old Boy Kills Teacher and Injures Two Classmates By Janet Small Contributing Writer On Monday, Oct. 21, a shooting that took place in northern Nevada, in the town of Sparks which left a popular math teacher dead and two 12-yearolds injured. Michael Landsberry, 45, was a math teacher who coached basketball, volleyball and soccer teams at Sparks Middle School since 2006. Landsberry was a former Marine who also served in the Nevada Air National Guard. The shooter was 12year old Jose Reyes. According to the LA Times, he first shot another 12-year old boy in the shoulder, and then proceeded to shoot Landsberry fatally in the chest. It was reported by the head of the school district’s police force that after seeing the first shooting Landsberry “calmly walked toward the shooter [Reyes] and put his hands up in a motion to try and stop him.” Mr. Landsberry has been called a hero, by the Washoe County School District Police Chief Mike Mieras, according to the LA times, for his actions because it is thought that if he had

not approached Reyes then more students could have been hurt. The distraction allowed students on the playground area time to flee. Since Monday, a Facebook memorial page for the teacher was created with more than 10,000 ‘likes’ by early Tuesday. Reyes then shot another of his classmates,

face charges for making it possible for their son to make off with the gun. The entire shooting is said to have only lasted a few minutes, according to CNN, with the first calls to authorities at 7.16 a.m. Law enforcement officers arrived on the scene in less than three minutes. Mason, one of the victims, told CNN that

The school where the shooting occured.

Mason Davis, in the abdomen, with the bullet missing vital organs, CNN reported, before Reyes proceeded to fatally shoot himself in the head. The weapon used in the attack was a semi-automatic handgun that police believe he got from his residence. Washoe County School District Police Chief Mike Mieras added that his parents could potentially

Authorities have not spoken out about what they believe caused Reyes’ actions. A 13-yearold who attends Sparks Middle School told CNN that there were many people who speculated that bullying could have been a causative factor in the shooting. The student said during the shooting that Reyes was yelling: ‘Why are you

Photo courtesy of Sparks Middle School offical website

he pleaded with Jose Reyes. “Please don’t shoot me, please don’t shoot me,” said Mason. Mason also claimed that he viewed Jose Reyes as a friend, who he had met at the start of the year, and did not know what could have caused him to hurt him and a classmate and kill a teacher who he ‘deeply admired’.

laughing at me? Why are you doing this to me?’” However, Mason stated he didn’t believe that Reyes was being bullied, and that the shooter was ‘nice’ but sometimes started arguments with people he disagreed with. This, unfortunately, is the latest in a long list of school shootings across the United States, and it

is thought by many people that the incidence of shootings across the US is becoming an epidemic. There has been a major increase in the occurrence of school shootings since 1996 according to Statistic Brain, with the year 2012 having the most mass shootings – seven shootings, four of which took place in schools. Six of the 12 deadliest school shootings in the history of the U.S. have occurred since 2007: out of 61 cases, 49 of the gunmen had obtained the weapons legally as stated in This has driven much speculation into the reasons behind the increase in occurrence of mass shootings and the motives. It has become necessary to assess ways to help reduce and stop this epidemic, and has reignited a national debate over gun control. It is difficult to speculate the motives behind each one of these shootings, which seem like senseless violence, but one of the most concerning facts is that this violence is not limited to high schools but is creeping down into younger ages – in middle schools, just like this unfortunate instance.


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World News Titanic Violin Sold for 1.5 Million Dollars By Jocelyne Hilary Staff Writer The violin claimed to have been played by the leader of the band on the Titanic was sold for a shocking 1.5 million dollars ( £900,000) in Wiltshire (UK.) The violin allegedly belonged to Wallace Hartley, who died along with thousands of others when the ship infamously sunk in 1912. The auctioneer, who sold the violin, had expressed that it was the “most iconic” memento that could have been retrieved from the ship. The violin was allegedly the one that was played during the last hours of the ship’s tragic accident to calm passengers and crew. The violin was not

the only keepsake from the Titanic that was up for grabs; other smaller memorabilia were available. Cutlery, old photographs, and newspapers were sold too, the price at which these were bought ranged from $15$200. The violin itself had quite a journey before reaching the auction room. Wallace Hartley, the owner of the violin, had made quite a name for himself as he became renowned for having lead his fellow band mates in continuing to play music as the ship was sinking. One of the hymns they are remembered to have played was “Nearer My God to Thee.” Following the tragic event, the violin was found with the owners corpse in the

water. The violin was sealed in its leather case, and Mr. Hartley was sadly found dead in a life jacket. Maria Robinson, who was engaged to William Hartley at the time, had written a diary entry stating that the violin was returned to her once it had been retrieved from the water. After her death in 1939, the violin was known to have been in the possession of Ms. Robinsons’ local Salvation Army Citadel before landing in the possession of the current owner ’s mother in the early 1940’s. The owner who bought the violin in was anonymous, and the only information on the buyer who bought it at the auction was that he was British. Controversies regarding the

authenticity of the violin have been ongoing for quite some time; the fact that the violin had survived this long was questionable. Many people refused to believe that the violin is in this good of condition after being in really cold water for that long. However , forensics have been able to authenticate the violin, and even found salt deposits within the violin which undoubtedly must have come from the sea water it was once submerged in. After almost a decade, the violin was authenticated by Henry Aldridge & Son, the auction house at which it was sold. The competition to be the highest bidder for the violin was quite high. The

auction of this item had drawn many antique collectors and enthusiasts from all over the world. Its popularity was not unexpected, as it had previously drawn almost 320,000 viewers in the United States during a shortterm exhibition. The opening bid for the violin was a mere $80 before being valued in the hundred thousand range within only a few minutes. Keepsakes from the Titanic are known for being auctioned off at exorbitant prices. The plan of the ship, which was used to help the captain and crew investigate further into the sinking and escape plan was sold in 2011 for $360,000 (£220,000.)

New Apple Products for Holiday Season By Tom Buckley Contributing Writer Just in time for the holiday season, Apple has new toys to put under the Christmas Tree, and there will probably be new toys next year. Everyone knows that when you buy the new iPhone, it won’t be but another year until the next one come out, how typical. On Oct. 22, 2013 Apple Inc. held a press event introducing the new iPad Air, which was called “The new iPad with retina display,” to replace the old iPad. Apple also introduced the iPad mini with retina display that will replace the first model without the retina display, MacBooks with faster processing speed and lower price, and their new Operating System (OS) called OS X Mavericks. But the main attraction was the iPad Air. It is faster, thinner, and lighter than the outgoing model that it replaces. The television advertisement for the

new iPad Air shows that the iPad is as thin as a pencil. In the ad, the iPad is hidden behind a pencil on different tables, until it is picked up at the end of the 1 minute advertisement. The iPad Air also features faster Wi-Fi performance, better cameras, free Apple apps including iWork, new cases to make the iPad colorful and match the new iPhone 5C which was recently released, and runs on the new iOS 7. There is no word yet on whether UTS will have the new iPad Air for incoming students to select if they already have a laptop. Another big release at the press event was the new OS X Mavericks Operating System. The new OS brings many new features and Apps to the Mac desktop including iBooks, Apple Maps, and iCloud Keychain. iBooks used to only be offered on the iPad and iPhone and syncs your books in iCloud. Apple Maps is also

a new feature for the Mac which also used to be only offered on the iPad and hone. Apple Maps now allows you to send directions from your Mac to your iPhone, and offers a flyover feature, just like bringing in an airplane looking over a city. iCloud Keychain is a new feature that allows users to store their passwords to all of their accounts across the web and access them on any Apple device. A new updated Calendar also comes with OS X Mavericks, with a cleaner interface, and even travel directions and times to events on the Calendar. These are just a few of many updates to the new Mac OS X Mavericks Operating System. Among these updates, there is another big change to the Operating System, the price. The new OS X Mavericks is now a free upgrade to anyone who already has a Mac, at one time OS X Leopard upgrade cost $129.

Could Microsoft be next to price their Windows Operating System for free when they release a new version? And if so, would and could Microsoft create their own hardware? “It would not work for Microsoft, because microsoft, other than the Surface, does not create their own hardware, I don’t think that a free upgrade would suit their business. It would also be a bad Idea for Microsoft to create their own hardware because it would alienate them from their partners, and put a strain on their relationships.” said Ricardo Pearce, a Graduate Assistant for UTS. Dr. Sreekanth Mallani, Associate Professor of Computer Science, says that if Microsoft offers a free update for their Operating System, that they will lose their competitive advantage. Dr. Bryan Regan, Associate Professor of Computer Science and

Information Systems says that since Windows holds 90% market share, Microsoft could not control all of the hardware if they were to make their own. Dr. Vyas Krishnan, Chair of Computer Information Systems said that hardware profit margins are thin, unless the product can be sold in large volumes with at least 2% margins. Windows has tried to create its own hardware with the Surface RT and Surface Pro, and the windows phone which both failed. However the X-Box was successful. Apple software is an addon to sell their hardware, but Microsoft's main product is their Windows Operating System and Microsoft Office. It would be foolish for Microsoft to make their own hardware and generate profits unless they create something new and innovative that is an early player on the market.

The Lions’ Pride, Friday, November 1, 2013

World News Curiosity Rover Detects Water Bound in Soil on Mars By Jocelyne Hilary Staff Writer Mars has been a hot topic among scientists lately, and researchers think they have found a major discovery. An analysis of the sample uncovered by NASA’s Curiosity Rover, which has been on Mars since Aug. 2012, revealed an unanticipated amount of water bound within the soil. Researchers found that the red surface of the planet had a 2% weight composition of water even though Mars appears to be very dry and desert like. This is the first time researchers have been able to analyze the soil from Mars with a great deal of accuracy. Using advanced instruments, scientists were able to investigate the soil composition. The soil sample was heated to 835 degrees Celsius. This resulted in the release of chlorine, carbon dioxide and water vapor. Scientists involved in the project are hopeful they will to be able to create more water in the future by being able to heat up more soil samples. John Grotzinger, one of the head scientists involved in the Curiosity Mission, believes that not only did Curiosity’s discovery uncover important information about Mars’ soil

composition, but it also opens an opportunity for further study to understand the hydrological cycle on the planet. "This is a reservoir for water on Mars that we had not really appreciated before," Grotzinger said. Curiosity’s discovery also opens up the possibility of future astronauts using the soil on Mars as a source of water. Although the technicalities for this have not been worked out, researchers can confirm that from what they have discovered the water is drinkable. Although there have been other rovers that have been sent to Mars such as Spirit, Pathfinder, and Opportunity, none have been as successful as Curiosity. This is mostly because the previous models weren’t as technologically sophisticated as Curiosity. The Curiosity Rover is far more accurate in its measure of mineral composition in the Martian soil. Not only has Curiosity been able to do this, but it has been able to provide information that scientists can use to discover how the soil was formed as well. The big question that follows this is “did life exist on Mars?”

The Mars Rover taking a “selfie.”

In addition, could it be possible for the future? Unfortunately, the Curiosity Rover is not advanced to the point that it could detect current or ancient life forms or organisms. However, it has already provided information confirming that the old Martian environment was habitable. However, this does not prove the existence of extraterrestrial life since the compounds may have been a result of an external source. “I think it’s so cool that Mars had some sort of water composition in its soil. There’s all this talk of freshwater on Earth possibly running out so it could be a possible source of water for

Photo courtesy of

the future. As for the talks of potentially living on Mars, I am not too keen on the idea, the whole concept of living somewhere other than earth just seems strange to me.” said Nancy Conejo, psychology major. “I think that the possibility of there being forms of microscopic life is absolutely possible following the discovery of water component in the soil. However I don’t think that life could be sustainable. As far as further knowledge into what exists or existed there, due to this discovery is interesting because there may be or have been life forms that we could have never dreamt of encountering. It’s a

whole new and different world that could teach us thing our world has not.” said Bobby Cote, Senior. Scientists are now continuing their study on the red planet and broadening their research to see if they could find methane. Methane gas is present in the earth’s atmosphere, and if discovered on Mars it would allow scientists to see if the planet is habitable. The Curiosity Rover has not found any presence of methane yet, but researchers believe that the volcanoes on the surface of the planet are more than capable of creating it. Perhaps the idea of humans inhabiting Mars is less crazy than it sounds.

The landscape of mars featuring areas that may contain drinkable water. All the soil may contain water.

Photo courtesy of

The Lions’ Pride, Friday, November 1, 2013

Campus News Contributing On the Topic of Alcohol By Michael Chacon Contributing Writer “I am not here to tell you not to drink,” said Rick Barnes. An event, which was held last Wednesday in the SCC Boardrooms, was open for everyone, although it was mainly meant to give alcohol education to the fraternities and sororities who filled the hall. The “Drink Think: A Personal Approach to Alcohol” program from Campuspeak “goes beyond the rules and regulations, and addresses the personal choice concerning alcohol use.” It aims to teach students to acknowledge that alcohol can become a serious issue when misused and gives insight to the possible negative consequences. The presentation covered issues such as the reason why students drink, explaining that the primary one was to achieve a sense of belonging. Obtaining something exciting to talk about, the lack of structured social events during the night, and

Rick Barnes discusses alcohol education. Photo courtesy of Michael Chacon

the facilitation of sexual encounters followed. Another important point was the steps that our body goes through while drinking; these may range from “happy mode,” which is not a problem, to more

severe ones like death. Mr. Barnes, the presenter, is a respected member of the National Speakers Association and has been a featured speaker at over 2,000 campuses nationwide. His presentation

differed from most other alcohol education talks because it was, as students considered it, down to earth. Rick introduced himself with humor and quickly connected with the audience. Constant jokes kept the audience

Blind Beep Baseball for Everyone By Dexomia Livia Contributing Writer On Oct. 23 some of the Saint Leo students were getting ready to know more about “Blind Beep Ball” and of course, to learn how to play it. This event was named and organized by Multicultural and International Affairs in the Bowl. Blind Beep Ball was held to promote the National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM), which was created to celebrate American workers with disabilities. Blind beep Baseball is a national sport that has been growing in popularity over the past twenty years. “We wanted to people to understand a little bit more about the challenges that are out there, have a

fun way of being able to learn more about it” said Paige Ramsey-Hamacher, Director for Multicultural and International Services. This game gave the students an idea of how much a blind person must rely on any of his or her other senses. The students played the game blindfolded except for the pitcher and the catcher. How does this game work? According to the National Beep Baseball Association, Beep Baseball requires a minimum of two sighted people and six blind players. The pitcher and the catcher are not blindfolded. Different from regular baseball, this game does not have a second base. The player has to hit the ball and run to either the first or third base. He has to recognize the sound

of the base and run to it before the ball is caught by a defensive player. The run is only scored if the runner is safe. Unlike the normal baseball, blind baseball has four strikes rather than three and only one pass ball. In the entire history of the National Beep Baseball Association, there have been five documented

cases of players catching the ball in the air. Also, many N.B.B.A. players are partially sighted. All of them are required to wear blindfolds before the game starts. Looking for impaired recruits is not as hard as people may think because the recruits do not have to be totally blind; they can be partially blind and still

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engaged and attentive as he moved through the variety of topics ranging from parties, to drunk driving, to the ones mentioned before. Using stories and examples, Rick captivated the students and kept them laughing throughout the event without deviating from the present subject. In all, the hour and a half flew by. This is Rick’s second time speaking in Saint Leo. After his talk, he noted that we are very similar to other universities in regards to alcohol but should be careful because of our small student body. He explained that people here know each other better and therefore feel confident enough around other students to drink more and be less careful about themselves. Finally, when asked what effects he expected his talk to have, Mr. Barnes stated that “When people go out socializing, they’ll think and make better decisions.”

be able to play. Blind Beep Baseball is a sport full of outstanding players who don’t have to rely on the benefit of the sight. Here at the school, the director for Multicultural and International Services, Paige Ramsey-Hamacher, wanted to show the students how important does someone need his senses.

The Lions’ Pride, Friday, November 1, 2013

Arts & Entertainment The Blackfish Documentary By Jocelyne Hilary Staff Writer This Sunday the CNN documentary called Blackfish aired for the public. Everyone remembers about that tragic day at SeaWorld in 2006 when a killer whale trainer was in a show with her killer whale Tilly. Tragedy then struck, and the whale grabbed the trainer’s arm, mutilated, and killed her. This documentary touches on the abuse these killer whales get and the true danger of these wild animals. The documentary first started out in the 70’s when SeaWorld would go to Washington to get their whales. They would find a family of killer whales and trap them all in a net. The poachers then picked the smallest in the family and would take him away to go and preform. They would let the rest of the family free, but the other whales would not leave the captured whale. This is how the killer whale Tilly was found for the show. Later on it was explained why this method of getting whales was illegal, and that SeaWorld had to find another way, and they did, but it was no more humane than the previous strategy.

The documentary then went on to talk about the deaths and injuries that had occurred while training and preforming with these animals. There are over forty injuries that have occurred within just over a thirty-year span. This includes a death of a female trainer that was pulled under the water and was drowned by a whale, of a man who snuck into SeaWorld at night, and of Dawn (a trainer) and her death. There were many other near death experiences of trainers and of tourists who wanted to ride the killer whale. One of the worst deaths that was not publicized was of a man who passed all of SeaWorld’s security and jumped into the tank with a killer whale. In the morning, the trainers found the whale parading around a dead, cloth less man. At first, SeaWorld made up stories to cover the truth, but reality always comes to the surface. They found out that the man did in fact jump into the pool, and the whale attacked the man. The killer whale took off his clothes then ripped him apart. This attack was only one of the many signs that should have been taken seriously instead being

Killer whales such as these are not suited for captivity.

brushed off by SeaWorld. After this, they continuously let trainers interact with the whales, even the whale that was involved in the attack and killing of this man. These where not the only lies that SeaWorld spread to the public. When interviews or tours were given around SeaWorld, a tourist and even the trainers where telling the cameras some facts about killer whales. Among the few that came up where the life span of a killer whale and the percentage of whales with floppedover dorsal fins. The workers were told that killer whales live to be about thirty years old in captivity, and live less in the wild because in captivity the whales can get the vet treatment needed. This was a lie. Killer whale experts

Photo Courtesy of WikiCommons

swimming around an enclosure their entire life. They get bored and frustrated; this is not far to the animals. All these establishments seem to care about is ticket sales and the merchandise. This documentary was very sad, but informative. It really opened eyes to what goes on behind closed doors. This is only one angle to this ongoing problem. SeaWorld has made a rule now that trainers can only work with these whales from behind a border, but this will not stop a tragedy from happening. The problem will only be resolved when the young whales are put back into the wild and the other whales are put in an ocean enclosure to live out their time happily in the ocean.

explained that killer whales have the same life span as humans in the wilderness and just die early in captivity. Also, SeaWorld workers were told that more than fifty percent of whales have a floppedover dorsal fin, but in fact, in the wilderness it is only one percent of killer whales. Most of them have erect fins. The workers and trainers where shocked to find out that they have been fed lies by this company the entire time. It seems that SeaWorld and other parks do not realize that these whales are dangerous creatures. In the wild killer whales will kill and eat sharks and seals. These are not safe animals to be working with. These are highly intelligent animals that are

Netflix Profits and Popularity Rising By Jocelyne Hilary Staff Writer Everyone loves to cuddle up on a Sunday night with a bowl of popcorn and some good movies until one passes out, and the website Netflix is the best way to achieve that. Netflix has been growing rapidly from its start date in 1997. In the past week alone their stocks rose 10 percent. Netflix is an online website that streams movies, television shows, and documentaries right to a personal computer or game system like the PS3 or Xbox.

Netflix provides its customers with hundreds of things to watch for only $7.95 a month. The thing that makes them so popular is that they target all types of audiences and age groups, so this makes it great for families and college students. Talking to come college students at Saint Leo really showed how popular Netflix is. Casie Strohson quoted “I just started Netflix 3 months ago and I like that they gave me a month free to test drive it. It makes me feel comfortable that you are able to cancel it at any

time. Also it is great that they do not charge you for the devices you have Netflix on, I have it on my computer, iPad, iPhone and my Xbox. I still only pay the eight dollars. ” Those points are a great contributing reason why Netflix got so popular in such a short amount of time. In the last three months of this year their profit increased to 32 million dollars. This profit has also come from Netflix taking a jump and making a new television series. “Orange is the New Black” is a Netflix original series that has

become popular around the world. After the high volume with this series Netflix is now thinking of doing some more series, movies and even documentaries. Netflix is growing so big that it has now reached all over Europe and it is becoming a better hit then ever. The points that they take to get into their customers head is astonishing. They are such a customer-based company. Every time a customer logs onto the website, Netflix asks them to take a survey or rate the program that they just watched. They

are always looking for ways to improve the site and to put on what people want to watch. Netflix is on a roll. They are growing bigger and better every day. Netflix is a one of a kind website that gives people what they want and continue to. The profit that they have made just in these past three months is phenomenal to observe. Netflix is not stopping there. They add to the site every day, so if you want to snuggle up with your laptop tonight and catch a movie, go grab your month’s free trial of Netflix.

The Lions’ Pride, Friday, November 1, 2013

Arts & Entertainment Gotta Catch All the Nostalgia By Craig Graves Contributing Writer 718 – that is total number of Pokémon to date. On Saturday, Oct. 12, 2013, the video game companies Game Freak and Nintendo released the next generation of Pokémon games called Pokémon X version and Pokémon Y version for Nintendo 3DS. These are going to be the first Pokémon games capable of being played in 3D. It features the ability to customize the trainer avatar for the player beyond just selecting a gender. The Pokémon franchise began in 1996 in Japan and arrived in North America in 1998 with Pokémon Red and Blue versions and the original animated series. Later in 1998, Pokémon Yellow version was released. “I started with Blue version when I was around 8 years old,” said Jimmy Simeon, sophomore. In 1999, the Pokémon trading card game was introduced in

“I’m so excited about North America. this new game and “I was introduced to generation! The graphics Pokémon with the card have improved a lot game,” said Eriqua since the first games and McGhee, sophomore. “I cards,” said was probably nine when Sheputis. I got my first cards.” In the following years, new generations of Pokémon were created with new games seasons in the anime and volumes of the The three starters for X and Y Not everyone is manga. happy about the new “I technically started changes brought about playing Pokémon late,” the changing generations. said Emily Sheputis, “[Pokémon] has junior. “My first changed a lot. The Pokémon game was originality is slowly Pokémon Colosseum dying. There’s Pokémon when I was ten.” that are based on candles Pokémon has and swords and balloons. changed a lot since its They’re on their seventh original release in North fox Pokémon and most America. In the original of those are fire types,” Pokémon games, there said McGhee. were 151 different “The graphics are Pokémon and 15 types. better, but I miss the old Now there are 718 gameplay. It is all so different Pokémon and confusing now. There’s a 18 types. There are lot more strategy Pokémon based off of involved now,” said mythology, pandas, Simeon. dinosaurs, dragons, Pokémon has not various flowers, been without its fair inanimate objects, and share of negative media. even humans.

Some of their designs and names have been questioned as whether or not the material is appropriate for children. Jynx is a good example of a controversial Pokémon, because of its

Photo Courtesy of the Official US Pokémon Website

original in-game artwork depicted her (Jynx are always female) with black skin. In Yellow version onwards, Jynx has had skin ranging in color from blue to navy to purple. PETA has also gotten into the fray of negativity towards the Pokémon franchise by creating Pokémon parody games called Black and Blue version – indicating the color of bruises. PETA claims that Pokémon franchise encourages the enslavement of animals, animal cruelty, and anime abuse. “They [PETA] really have nothing better to do? They should be

focusing on real animals instead of Pokémon. I think everybody, including children, knows that Pokémon is fantasy. Besides, Pokémon are not slaves or tortured; they are our allies and partners and are of course cared for,” said Sheputis. In the actual Pokémon games, a trainer’s Pokémon grow to love the trainer through the exercise of training and battling. Pokémon also grow to love their trainers when the trainers give them items to use or hold. Many early players of the Pokémon games and traders of the cards may have ‘grown out’ of Pokémon and sold or gave away their games or cards, but not everyone. Those who did not sell their Pokémon memorabilia are still fans of the franchise. “Playing Pokémon makes me happy,” said Simeon. “Pokémon is my biggest hobby. I’ve made great friends through playing Pokémon. I’ll always play and enjoy it,” said Sheputis.

Disney Tightens Disability Access By Jocelyne Hilary Contributing Writer Walt Disney World Resort and Disney Land have announced that they will be tightening measures that allow visitors with disabilities to cut lines and access rides quicker. This will happen within the next month. In addition to this, stricter requirements must be met in order for potential visitors to qualify and purchase admission tickets for the disabled. These measures follow a spike in the numbers of cases involving the misuse of disability tickets. Up until now, visitors with disabilities have been able to purchase admission tickets for the Disney Parks at a reduced rate.

In addition to this, the long lines for rides and attractions could be avoided upon presentation of the ticket. Recent investigations, including one conducted by The New York Post in May, indicated that wealthy people were paying disability ticket/pass holders to accompany them so that they could bypass the waiting lines at the theme park. Similarly, an undercover investigation conducted by Today uncovered the same truth. A producer from the renowned TV show went undercover with his family to Disney land to investigate further. To their horror, not only did they discover that some visitors abused

the system, but the staff was too. Tour guides working at Disney Land were profiting off disability tickets by selling them for an overpriced figure to healthy park visitors. Some of these tour guides have not been subtle about their abuse of the system, as far as to bragging online. The website Craigslist featured advertisements from employees working for the park, promoting the sale of their disabled passes. Ad slogans included “"let's cut the Disney lines together" and "access to special entrances." Disney enthusiast Kirsten Sullivan expressed her opinion: “I can’t believe staff at Disney would do such a thing, they always seemed so proud to

represent Disney but clearly all they care about is money. I think that tightening things up a bit would be a good idea, since that way only those who really need those passes can get it. It is sad that a few people could abuse a nice thing that Disney had offered.” Disney expressed that they had been monitoring the issue closely and did see a rise in the waiting time in the disability line for rides. Due to the vast number of visitors visiting the park on a daily basis, reps have admitted to having difficulties controlling the issue immediately. However, Disney has confirmed that they will not ignore the situation and an action will be enforced. As of now, guests with disability passes will be

issued with a pass listing different times at which they are supposed to go to that ride. This will ensure that the waiting time is reduced, and will allow staff to monitor pass holders more easily. Furthermore, the purchase of disability tickets will have stricter requirements and Disney is even considering photos on these passes. These decisions have caused controversy as some believe it is a great idea, while some people who are actually eligible for disability passes are worried that the process to get these tickets will be an inconvenience, as they will be time consuming and require more paper work and proof than what is already required.

The Lions’ Pride, Friday, November 1, 2013

Sports Cross Country By Michael Walker Contributing Writer This past weekend, the members of the women’s and men’s cross country team competed in their Sunshine State Conference Meet. Each year, the meet is hosted at different schools. This year, the meet was across the street from the University at the golf course. Knowing that this meet was right in the Lion’s own backyard, they had an ample amount of time to know and learn the course. The course itself is very hilly -- a two lap race into a fast downhill finish. Even though the gun went off for the men’s team at 7:45 a.m., there was a huge crowd and a lot of it was comprised of the student body.

The team was also on a mission to run the best they could -every second they dropped from their original personal record, a dollar was donated to the MakeA-Wish Foundation. The team ended up dropping a total of 271 seconds, earning the Foundation $271. The masses grew bigger for the women’s race that started at 8:45 a.m. The Saint Leo the Sunshine State Conference included the University of Tampa, Nova Southeastern, Florida Tech, Florida Southern, Lynn University, and Rollins. The men’s team took a second place finish. This is one of the best performances in years. During the

first mile, Freshman James Mullin led the race with a strong hold. Shortly after, Carl Dunne took the lead and opened a gap that could not be closed. As the race continued, Valentine Lenz was in third, behind a runner from Florida Southern. Coming to the close of the race, Lenz picked up his pace, fighting off the fatigue that comes from running an 8k, and passed the Florida Southern runner, right before the finish line, giving the Lions a one-two punch. The race was fast for everyone, despite the hills, and the times clearly showed it. The women’s team ended up with a third place finish. Jelena Tancic was in the top pack of the heat,

Some of the Cross Country members proudly being displayed.

Photo courtesy of Michael Walker

constantly fighting for a win. She finished the 6k with an outstanding time of 22:04. As the race progressed and began to thin out, the Lions started getting hungry and chased down their prey. Saint Leo began with a first strong

move around the second mile, sticking together in a pack and passing multiple runners at once. At the end of the race, the women charged down the hill, each runner passing at least one other opponent.

Soccer Games By Michael Walker Contributing Writer The men’s soccer team had an invigorating game against Florida Tech that led to yet another win. The game clocked off at 5:00 p.m. this past Saturday. With this win the Lions’ record came to 12-1-1. The first goal was shot in minute 22 by a pass from Edgar Herrera to Maximilian ShulzeGeisthovel, who made a clean shot deep into the net. Minutes later Florida Tech scored leaving the score to sit at 1-1 for the rest of the first half. At halftime, seniors of the Cross Country team were recognized for their efforts and commitment to the sport. The women recognized were: Lee Ann Antuna, Andrea Maxwell, and Elyse Snyder. The men recognized were Brian Haynes and Kevin Papac. These men and women lasted all four years and never gave up. They were a big help to the cross country program and we congratulate them

as well. Coming into the second half, the Lions played fast and hard. Florida Tech saw a small break in Saint Leo’s defense and drove through it. Twenty minutes into the second half, Florida Tech took the lead 2-1. The lions urged on, knowing they were down by one. They focused and gathered everything they had to make sure they would at least tie. With minutes to spare, Chris Lavie took a shot after receiving a pass from Edgar Herrera. The match was tied 2-2 at the end of the 90th minute. The match was brought into overtime, giving each team the chance to claim victory. The clock continued to count down. With only two minutes left, Florida Tech was issued a red card, leaving them with one less player on the field. Nearly seconds after the game was set back into motion, the Lions scored, leading to victory. The Lions play again the 29th at Eckerd College at 5:00 pm.

University Athletics Women’s Volleyball results

Women’s Golf Team Results

Oct 21, 2013 vs. Saint Leo @ Dade City, Fla. Round 1 9th - 315 Host: Saint Leo University Oct 22, 2013 vs. Saint Leo @ Dade City, Fla. Round 2 8th - 313 Host: Saint Leo University

Fri 25 at Lynn * L, 3-0 Final Sat 26 at Nova Southeastern * W, 3-0 Final Juniors Lauren Campbell and Tawni Warren led the offense for the Lions against Nova, giving our University an outstanding .395 attack percentage. The pair stood atop the stat leaderboard for both teams, with Campbell notching 17 kills and Warren collecting 13 on the night.

SLU Lion's Pride November 1 issue