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The Lions’ Pride, Friday, February 1, 2013

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Tampa police report decline in citations By Ashley Reynolds Contributing Writer Drunken pirates, booze, and beads, what else is new? This year ’s citation total. On January 26, 2013, people came together in pirate fashion to celebrate the 2013 Gasparilla parade. And although there were many citations issued, reports show that alcohol related citations are down from previous years. According to, the 2013 parade resulted in 131 citations for alcohol and 68 adult arrests. In 2012, there were 302 citations and 50 arrests. In 2011, 342 people were arrested. About 277 of those people were for

alcohol arrests and 43 for underage drinking. This is still a decrease from 2010, which resulted in 415 people arrested, including 367 alcohol arrests and nine for underage drinking. Of this year ’s arrests, 60 were for misdemeanors, including disorderly conduct, petty theft, and possession of marijuana and one charge of giving alcohol to a minor. And 31 of these arrests were given to underage drinkers between the ages of 18 and 20. There were also eight adult arrests for felonies as well. Many Saint Leo students attended this year ’s pirate festival. When students were asked about their thoughts on the decrease in citations,

many felt that parade goers definitely were more careful this year than in past years. “I feel like people might have been more cautious this year to do the facts concerning previous Gasparilla events. And I think people were more conscious of how they went about their business,” says Junior Pete Valcarcel. “I definitely noticed more uniformed officers on every street corner and even some riding around on horses checking for underage drinking. Maybe the increase in officers prevented those who were not of age to be more cautious and aware of what was going on. This year I saw more security than I have in all four

years of attending the parade,” said Senior Heather Gick. One student felt that there weren’t enough police officers around during the parade. “Gasparilla is fun, but there should be more law enforcement to create a safer atmosphere for pedestrians who want to enjoy the parade. There are way too many underage drinkers and the community should step up in order to help save the pirate festival,” said Junior Renee Raimondi. Will people finally get the hint about underage drinking? That we do not know. But hopefully we will continue to see a steady decline in both citations and arrests in the next few years.

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Seven mistakes that screw up your job search By Shane Holman Managing Editor “You’re not going to marry every person that you date, and the same goes for your job search,” according to professional career strategist Julie Bauke. Did you make a new years resolution to find a new job, or are you realizing that the reason you came to Saint Leo was to become employed after graduation? Don’t get overwhelmed before seeking out some help from our in-house Career Planning Office. Career Planning hosted a Webinar on the seven mistakes that screw up your job search featuring Julie Bauke. Below are the coveted seven mistakes you should avoid:

The Seven Mistakes to avoid: Jumping into the fire without your fireproof undies Bauke points out here the importance of knowing who you are, what your looking for, and what you want to do before beginning your job search. Be clear on what your looking for, and when you find it you’ll know its right. Forgetting that it’s all about you (or at least it starts there!) What do people come to you for when seeking advice? Bauke suggests taking cues from what your good at for a start to your job search. Not managing between your ears Structuring your week is argued by Bauke to be a recommended method of maintaining order

with family, social activities, and professional development in order to stay in a great mental state while completing your job search. Falling into the big black hole: the internet, recruiters, and bad follow up. According to Bauke, only 6-8 percent of jobseekers find a job through the internet. Keep your focus on meeting new professional contacts to have the best chance at finding an opening in your field. Spending too much time at networking events, but not really networking Don’t be a wallflower. It really is a waste of your time. Introduce yourself, exchange business cards, and follow up

with two or three people per event to make the most of the opportunity. Casting your net too widely You are not the best at everything, and everyone knows it. In continuance of mistake number one, know what you’re looking for and really focus your efforts in that field. If it’s a really narrow area, consider adding subfields that are related such as all forms of media instead of just television news. Overlooking the “gimme” questions and other interviewing uh-oh’s Very few people enjoy the standard interview questions like what are some of your weaknesses? However, Bauke advises that it’s much better to take some

time to be well prepared for these questions rather than just hoping they don’t come up in the interview. She advises using a weakness that you have made efforts to correct as a best response to the “weakness” question. Not as bad as you thought, was it? Don’t worry, you’re already holding it in your hand; there’s no need to take notes. For more assistance with your career or internship search stop by Career Planning in Saint Edward’s Hall on the first floor. Career Planning will be assisting Saturday students on March 9 in Teco Hall in the Donald R. Tapia School of Business. Additionally, advising meetings can be made in person, by email, or through Skype.

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Opinion Recent figures show Apple Brand drop in sales By Jocelyne Hilary Contributing Writer For quite some time, Apple has been creating products that have dominated the technology markets on a global scale. Some Apple Products such as iPhones, iPods and iPads have enabled Apple to witness a soar in figures of sales and profits on a worldwide scale over the last few years. People’s dependency on technology and the ease of completing tasks on the go has allowed Apple to become an integral part in consumer life. Unfortunately, recent figures released on Wednesday have illustrated the opposite of what the big brand has been accustomed to. The recently published figures have shed a light on the drop in sales. The brand has suffered a decline of 10 percent in sales. The figures are by far the most disappointing and have failed to impress investors who held such high expectations for the company. The newest addition to the

iphone family, the iphone 5, released in October of last year failed to measure up to the expected sale outcome the company owners anticipated. Apple produced revenue of $55 billion, which despite seeming like a large number, was a disappointing figure and the lowest the company had seen in a while. The revenue from the iphone 5 was similarly distressing as it was not nearly as close as the preceding iphone models, and it failed to make up for the company’s smaller revenue. With Apple failing to make up for the company falling short with the iphone5 sales, things did not look any better when they lost necessary shares in their Asian suppliers. This effect impacted the business with a further dilemma. With continuous commercials, packed stores, and people becoming dependent on technology, the question everyone wants answered is: “What has happened to the top dog contender of the technology and electronic market?” Technology

analysts have responded to this question by simply stating that “Apple has fallen victim to its own success.” Whether this may be the answer or What decisions are being made in the Apple headquarters? not, it is it’s mainly due to the no surprise that the all contributors. fact that their increase in Saint Leo is the products are easy on competition from home of many the eyes in addition to new tablet students who either being easy to use and manufacturers and own or are keen on the new release of using Apple products, very effective,” she said. the Samsung Galaxy having interviewed Despite having 3S has introduced several students on received the same Apple with new their views of Apple’s response from many contenders for the current dilemma, students on campus, top spot as the best. there were many there are other Many consumer responses of shock researches have also and mixed responses. students who believe Apple’s reign is over. shared that the Junior Apple “Apple has always economy has affected enthusiast Casie been a good brand. retail in general, and Strohson is a proud However, I recently that electronical and owner of a MacBook purchased the technological air, iPad and the Samsung Galaxy 3S products which are recent iPhone5. She and I personally more expensive are expressed utmost preferred it. Apple has luxuries consumers satisfaction with the become very are learning to cut functioning of all the overrated and I think back on. This Apple products. people are starting to identifies “I think that all of look past the beauty contributors to the my Apple purchases of Apple products and fact as to why Apple have been worth the looking for sales may have price and I would technological dropped. The gloomy definitely purchase efficacy,” said junior economy, high prices newer items from Nancy Conejo. and the lack of new them when available. products being I have always been a released by Apple are regular customer and

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The Lions’ Pride, Friday, February 1, 2013

Opinion Three reasons to be proud of dining services By Ali Lavalle Contributing Writer Occupants of The Caf waste 350-400 pounds of food a day, which is: 2,000 pounds a week, 4 tons a month, about 20,000 tons a semester, and 40, 000 tons a school year, and that doesn’t include Saturdays and Sundays waste amount! Do you know how many pounds of food Saint Leo packaged with Feeding Children Everywhere on MLK day? Put it this way 100,000 meals is equal to 77,200 pounds of food; that’s 38,600 tons. We waste so much a year, I can only compare the same notion to Feeding Children Everywhere backing their loads of rice, lentils, dehydrated vegetables, and Himalayan salt into Lake Jovita. If students appreciated Dining Services (while also staying conscientious of what they are throwing

away) the waste rate at Dining Services would decrease significantly. Saint Leo University students, look around you! Or do you not see the paradise to which you traipse about? Compared to most state universities, students dine like kings. No need to continue complaining. The bar for Dining Services is set so high that whenever this is an inconsistency, or whenever something does not suit student’s specific tastes, moods, or cravings, then the cafeteria immediately “sucks.” The Saint Leo Dining Services does not, indeed “suck,” and this is why: First, it’s convenient. Notice the cow pastures, the rolling fields, opossums—you’re in the middle of nowhere. Dade City isn’t called “Dead City” because it’s bustling with corporate salesmen and trade industries. Both San Antonio and Saint Leo lack fast-food restaurants. But, in an

exchange for a short road-trip, Zephyrhills is your best bet for a Dorito’s Taco Loco. For the rest of the student community (who have no mode of transportation or gas money) The Caf is located in the middle of the campus with reasonable operation hours. Therefore, it is way more convenient to eat at the caf then to venture to Zephyrhills for fast food. Second, the food is diverse. Where can you eat and drink: Asian food, pizza, a hand tossed salad, vegetarian alternatives, soup, fast food, fresh fruit, healthy choices, sub sandwiches, cereal, juice, ice cream, icee’s, soda fountain, all day pasta, make your own waffle, sautéed vegetables, bagels, omelets, cookies and assorted desserts at your access… at once? Think of the caf as a giant refrigerator. Change your

perspective if you must, and when you do, you’ll finally realize that the caf is a wonderland of eatery extravaganza. Third, it’s superior. Truth! Saint Leo University has far superior dining services than most Florida universities. There is special thought and planning that goes into everything from the monthly menu, to very small things like the containers used for the self-serve salad bar on Saturday’s and Sunday! At another Florida university, their waffle batter is placed on ice without a cover. The next time you go get ice cream at the caf, notice Saint Leo Dining Services has taken careful thought as to how they present something so simple as waffle batter. In short, this is an intervention. It’s not the caf food… it’s you. Maybe if you tried new things instead of eating

cereal, pizza and coke every day you wouldn’t think the food “sucked.” If options are not as full as the weekdays (like on weekends)—invent something new! For instance, take a wrap with cheese and ham, close it in half and crisp it under the hot press. Boom. Quesadilla. Everyone loves a dang quesadilla. Hopefully this convinces you to remain thankful towards the Dining Services and the staff who work very hard to cater to students spoiled requests. Maybe this will warp your perception of the caf. If not, just keep eating that Ramen. At least the caf food doesn’t leave irreversible damage to the brain like the synthetic components of MSG in Ramen. Remember this article when your brain decays.

Campus News French Millitary Forces sent in to help Mali Matt Beil Contributing Writer Earlier this month, French military forces were sent in to Mali on an intervention mission to oust Islamic extremist who have taken up refuge in the northern Desert. Mali, a country in western Africa located south west of Algeria, was originally a French colony that gained independence in 1960. Since then Mali has suffered through a severe poverty and military dictatorship which held power until the early 1990’s, when they had their first democratic elections. After that Mali became a democratic society, it saw more than a decade of prosperity and economic growth. All of that was shattered last march

when soldiers in the Malian army mutinied and ousted the elected government. The soldiers were acting in retaliation for the government’s handling of the northern rebellion by Tuareg rebels. Since this time, the Malian government has been both ineffective and in a state of chaos. The first military government buckled and under international pressure selected an interim President and Prime Minister. However, in December, the military government buckled again under the new Prime Minister and selected a new one. All was quiet until earlier this month when Islamic extremist made a push south word and over ran a town considered to be the defacto border between the area held by

Islamic extremist and the Government held area of the country. The Malian military was hesitant to act, which lead to the French intervening with air strikes. When this failed to dislodge the rebels, The French government sent in ground troops. The French forces in Mali have had great success in stopping any further push south. The response from the French was looked upon by the global community with much support, including that of United States and Great Britain, as well as many African counties. The United Nation has devised a plan that will send African troops into Mali once the Malian army is reorganized and retrained. The United States and Great Britain

have offered to help with logistics and intelligence; however it is unlikely either country is willing to put boots on the ground. The French President Fancois Hollande has stated that: “This operation will last as long as is necessary”. The total number of troops that France has sent into Mali is unclear, and the best intelligence on the strength of the Extremists is between 800 and 900 combatants. The hope of the UN and the French is to establish a government in Mali that will be both strong and able to deal with any other threats. The hope is also to strengthen the dysfunctional and directionless Malian army so that it can effectively respond to any future threats on its own. This conflict brings

up very important point; that where there is poverty there is an opening for extremist groups to take hold. Mali is in the top 25 poorest countries in the world with its main export being gold and cotton, with 80% of the Malian population working in agriculture. These counties are at the most risk to fundamental extremist such as Al Qaeda, which intelligences suggest has been providing training and weapons to the rebels. The global community is looking at Mali with apprehensive hope that it will be able to regain the freedom and prosperity that it had. Even then however, it will take time for its economy to reach a level in which these kinds of threats will no longer be an issue.

ment.” The motto of the organization is “Greater service, greater progress” the organization prides itself in offering service where ever they are located. The organization plans to use their motto along with the core values of Saint Leo to provide young women an opportunity to grow mentally and spiritually. Some of the organizations that SGR are involved are Operation Big Book Pack,“a program designed to address the needs, challenges and issues that face school-aged children who are

educationally at-risk in local homeless shelters and extended care hospitals.” Project Wee Savers, a program designed in teaching young ones the value of saving money and ACT against AIDS a program built on the objective of bringing awareness and hope to fight against HIV. “A strong sisterhood, a solid record of service to our community and members, determination, perseverance, and the ability to stand on our achievements, not our name, are just a few of our strengths.” States Reed

Sigma Gamma Rho recruits on university campus Tarah Jeannis Contributing Writer On January 13 2012, the women of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Incorporated hosted an interest meeting at Crawford Hall to introduce the organization to the ladies of the University. The sorority dates back to 1922, the year it was founded at Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana. The Sorority was founded by seven school teachers at the epicenter of racial segregation; Sigma Gamma Rho is the only historically African American sorority to be founded on a prominently white university. Sigma Gamma Rho’s aim is to “enhance the quality of life within the community. Public service, leadership

development and education of youth are the hallmark of the organization's programs and activities. Sigma Gamma Rho addresses concerns that impact society educationally, civically, and economically.” When asked why Sigma Gamma Rho was interested in establishing a branch of their organization, Masika Reed stated: “Sigma Gamma Rho is one of the historically black organizations, of which there are four sororities in total. SLU doesn’t currently have any of these organizations on campus. We are interested in establishing a branch of our organization at St. Leo University because we feel we cater to a different demographic of young women than the currently established organizations. By establishing ourselves on the SLU campus, we will be able to offer those young women an op-

portunity to become a part of an illustrious group of women who are dedicated to Scholarship, Service, and Sisterhood.” She also goes on to explain that “Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. is an international service organization comprised of women from every profession. We offer our members opportunities to develop their unique talents through leadership training and involvement in sorority activities.” She explains that Sorority activities will provide an atmosphere where friendships and professional contacts are developed. This form of interaction leads to bonds that last a lifetime. “Unlike many established organizations, membership and service to Sigma Gamma Rho doesn’t end when you graduate from the university, it is a lifetime commit-

Photo Courtesy of Tara Jeannis

Campus News Take Action Today: Are you In it to End it? Meghan Mathias Staff Writer

There is a way to take action, stand up and use your voice for those who cannot by being part of a movement that is appropriately named ‘End It’. The End It movement is one that promises to “shine a light on slavery” by having “no more bondage, no more sex trafficking, no more child laborers, starting now”. There are currently estimated to be about 27 million (the most than at any other time in history) men, woman and children who are in bondage and are forced to partake in horrendous actions that one cannot even begin to imagine. Slavery is thought to be a notion of the past; something that only occurred during the era of the Civil War, but the reality is that modern day slavery still presently exists in 161 countries, including America. End It is a campaign whose specific mission is to bring awareness to all people about modern day slavery. They are a hub that can connect people from all locations and learn the astounding facts that make up the surface of

slavery and also give them an opportunity to learn how they can give to seven organizations, whose focus is to help with the freedom and restoration of slaves. End It encourages people to use their voice for others’ freedom by using popular forms of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, Pinterest, Tumblr and also email. Though money is an important component of this campaign (and 100 percent of all money given to End It is given to the coalition partners), using one’s voice can be considered just as important. End It is a movement that first originated at Passion 2013, a Christian conference that took place in Atlanta, Georgia. Passion is a conference that is meant for people who are between the ages of 1825 and focuses on worship and justice, which is the heart of Passion. This year 60,000 college-aged students united and had the opportunity to learn about the great injustice of slavery and how we have the power to be the generation that ends slavery once and for all. End It is a campaign that originated at

Passion to bring awareness and action to end slavery but is one that is going to continue on far beyond the four days that Passion entailed. According to Gary Haugen, President of International Justice Mission (IJM) “awareness is doing the work”, which is one of the reasons why IJM is one of the seven coalition partners that is associated with the End It campaign. The campaign is meant to bring awareness to an issue that no one even knows exists today. Chelsea DeVries, a senior “wasn’t aware of the fact that slavery still existed” but now that she knows wants to “use social media to get the word out and end all types of slavery”. Awareness is the first step to action and action than turns into slaves experiencing the genuine joy that comes with finally being brought into freedom. Saint Leo has an IJM chapter and their purpose is to tell the students of Saint Leo about the injustices and how as college students, they have the ability to make an impact if they so desire. According to Ally Vincent, the president of Saint Leo’s IJM chapter, Saint Leo is having their first Justice

week from February 3 to February 7, where there will be events such as taking a trip to the Holocaust museum, handing out ribbons and factual information, having a panel discussion with a small meal, doing Global graffiti, having a 5K on campus and a candlelight vigil and ending the week by having everyone declare the social justice they are passionate about through social media. For more information about IJM at Saint Leo and how one can become more involved contact Ally Vincent, at Alexandria.vincent@ or come to the meetings on Wednesdays at 5:30 in Lewis 113. The End It campaign is one that is designed to be interactive for everyone who is involved and this is fulfilled in a variety of ways. They have merchandise such as a shirt and hats with the End It logo on it, which is another unique way to spread awareness about this cause. People are bound to ask you what your shirt or hat means and it is an easy way to start a conversation about something that is often hard to bring up because of the nature of the subject and all of the

desolation that it brings. End It also strives to let people really say that they are ‘in it to end it’ by letting them sign a pledge that states so by having people enter their e-mail addresses and then contacting them later with more information about what they can do to get involved. If you are interested in signing the pledge to End It and getting more information about this movement, then go to, where all of the information is readily available. End it is a campaign that has its official launch on February 1 but it’s a movement that is meant for so much more than just the launch of another campaign. It is meant to inspire all people to be collective in saying that now that they know there are currently 27 million people in the world who are slaves, that they want to bring awareness, action and hope to those who are enslaved. They want to be people who can say that they fight for freedom and justice for those who can’t fight for themselves and that they are truly in it to end it.

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Campus News The guide to the Greeks “love the person I become here” is because of TKE.” There are several Deciding which faculty members and Greek organization to leaders on campus join can be a who are members of confusing and Greek organizations. intimidating decision, Dr. Kirk, the but the office of Greek president of the Life is here to help. University, is a These member of Sigma organizations typically Beta Tau at Rutgers accept applications University. Ken from students with a Posner, the vice minimum of 12 credit president of Campus hours that are Life, is a member of genuinely interested the Sigma Alpha in becoming active Epsilon fraternity at members. Each Greek Michigan State organization also University. Also, has GPA entrance Frank Jackson, an requirements advisor in “It is also about that will help the Financial Aid, is a applicant excel in joining an organization member of the their studies. that you know you can Kappa Alpha Psi These fraternity and organizations are contribute to.” Coach Hart is a seeking student member of the -Connor Ellis leaders who are Alpha Phi Alpha open minded, fraternity. determined, Frank Wright III throughout your ready to learn, and spoke about the longcareer. This is a lifehave a positive term benefits of long decision, and it mentality. joining Kappa Alpha is wise to be Joining a Greek Psi that he knowledgeable and organization is about experienced: prepared before more than gaining “I realize that the beginning the Rush new friends and bond allows me to or Pledging process. attending social network with brothers Located in the events. Members of worldwide on both SAB across from the these organizations professional and social Campus Activities consider other levels. Members can Board office, the members as family make connections that Greek Life office can and they instill further their provide information friendships that last professional that will provide life long. endeavors across all guidance through The University’s types of occupations the process. Also, it Greek organizations by using the is common to find are committed to fraternity’s website to several members of community service link to chapters and Greek life at the and campus members in cities front lobby of the involvement. A few across the United Student Activities benefits of joining States and include being exposed Building. worldwide.” It is also a good to networking events, Sororities and idea to ask members gaining leadership fraternities within the of Greek life why skills, developing PanHellenic Council they joined. They can close relationships, and Intra Fraternal answer questions and building positive Council will be and offer their memories. holding interest perspective. Participating in meetings throughout “Greek life is all Greek life offers the rest of January, so about finding a members a watch out for flyers group of people who comfortable place advertising their time can help you grow as where everyone can and locations. an individual,” said embrace their To find out more Conner Ellis, a individuality and information about member of the Tau welcome diversity. Greek life, stop by the Kappa Epsilon “I joined [SLG] to office of Greek Life or be a part of something fraternity. contact the Director “I have grown so different, and of Greek Life, Dawn something historically much since I joined McEveen, at (352)588as a freshman. One multicultural and/or 8266. of the main reasons I Latina,” said Glorys By Nydjah Istatia Contributing Writer

De Jesus of the Sigma Lambda Gamma sorority. Anyone interested in joining a Greek organization needs to find out about them. A few things to research include the founding principles of the fraternity or sorority, how many members are in the organization both on campus and worldwide, and how they can benefit you during college and

Rumor has it: A Fritz’s Donut Shoppe for Saint Leo By Annie Hays and Tarah Jeannis Contributing Writers Rumors have been spreading around about a Dunkin’ Doughnuts on campus, and they are true! The info desk across the Lion’s Lair will transform into a coffee shop which will be serving Dunkin’ Doughnuts products. Mrs. Van Vanguilder confirmed the great news on January 24, 2013. They have already chosen a staff and it will open Feb 4.For now only coffee and donuts will be sold, but if the shop gets popular enough they will expand. Jossei Vasques – Senior “This is really good! I am satisfied. It would be great to have something that opens up earlier than the lion’s lair.” Shayla Copeland – Junior “I’m exited. I look forward to croissants.” Karina Escalera- Junior “Why not a Starbucks? I am happy, but I am a little worried about being healthy” Jose Dimateco - Junior “I’ll buy some” Brooke Mc Ginnis - Staff “I like coffee. I’m excited about that.” Ali – Junior “I actually really like doughnuts.” Victoria Hutcheson- Senior ”I am upset. I won’t be here anymore.”

Mac Culkeen- Sophomore “I’m pretty excited that I won’t have to drive off campus. This is bringing a necessity to Leo!” Heather Martin- Sophomore “It’s a good idea;. A lot of students don’t have access off campus, so it’s one more thing to enjoy”

The Lions’ Pride, Friday, February 1, 2013

Campus News Clash of the Titans: Union Vs. Employers Matthew Beil Contributing Writer In recent years, a new initiative targeted directly at labor unions has taken hold with many states passing a Right to Work Bill. These bills do two critical things to undermine the power that the Unions have: first it removes mandatory dues to the union as a condition of employment by a company, and second it would allow a business to hire a non-union member. Since the industrial revolution, labor unions have been one force that constituted the only line of defense between the workers and their employers. When run correctly, they protect the right of workers and watch out for their needs. This entails everything from pay raises, working conditions, and time off. Of course, this does not mean there are no drawbacks. One of which is that unions require dues. These dues range from 1.3- 5 percent of the wages earned by workers. The power that unions have is twofold. First they consolidate the workers into a central group. Second they have the ability to negotiate contracts with big businesses. A main weapon that unions wield is directly linked to their consolidation of all workers, the ability to strike. This is greatly undermined when employers hire non-union members, because a nonunion member does not have to listen to the union. Now there are some downsides. In recent years, unions have not been able to negotiate contracts very well. This is due to overzealous demands and an inability to compromise. However, there are other factors. For example, if a strike is to occur in this modern world, the worker will feel the effects first because they will have no income. On the other side of the debate are the

businesses who feel that unions get in the way of production. The undeniable fact of capitalism is that profit is the goal. Profit is what decides whether a company lives or dies. The heads of corporations see the power of a union as a direct threat to the livelihood of their business and personal profits. They see the demands made by unions as unreasonable and greedy. They have some credibility in their argument, when employees are sitting on an assembly line and doing a repetitive task, they do not have a very high demand skill. Despite all of this, both labor leaders and corporations seem to have lost sight that workers are human beings. Workers have wives, sons, and daughters. They have bills to pay and mouths to feed. They have hopes that their hard work will allow their children to reach a higher level than they did. The hard reality of the situation is that when there is an organization such as large corporations whose main goal is to make a profit, workers are at risk. Some of these organizations do not give employee benefits and pay their workers minimum wage. What is more startling is how the political parties stack on the issue. Democrats take the side of unions, who more often than not support democratic candidates in election years. Republicans take the side of corporations, who are more often than not their biggest supporters in elections. And in many of the right-to-work states, Republicans are in control. One can look at this from two ways: first an attempt by Republicans to undermine one of the biggest supporters of their opponents and to garner more money for their political aspirations from their supporters. Alternatively, one can look at this situation as unions

stepping in the way of capitalism, the obstruction of profits and the debasement of the economic system of the country. An interesting note is that there is little difference between states with the right-to-work laws and those without. The difference in unemployment rates is 0.6 percent on average. Right-to-work states have a 7 percent unemployment rate and those states without Right to Work laws have a 7.6 percent. Yet the states with a right-to-work laws have on average a lower wage than non-right-towork states. Further, the state with the highest unemployment rate is Nevada at 11.5 percent, and the state with the lowest unemployment rate is Nebraska at 3.8 percent. Both have rightto-work laws. As debate rages on, the hope is that those making decisions remember that their actions affect the workers, unions, corporations, and all Americans. That we as a country must become a better global competitor without exploiting our lower class whose lives are paycheck to paycheck, and who are living below the poverty line. These are our people, our neighbors, our fellow Americans, and they are most at risk.

From pages to film reels the belief in love and the love of life in Anna. They fall in love at first glance and nothing can keep For years, directors them away from one have been taking stories another. Anna Kerenina is from novels and turning them into their own vision, a wonderful love story. It is filled with hopefulness and throwing these novels into tragedy. This story will pictures and having them shown on the big screen for leave movie goers breathless and wishing for the entire world to see. It seems like every time a new more. Another classic novel Nicholas Sparks novel that will be coming out comes out in a book store, May 10 of this year is The sure enough it will be in a Great Gatsby. This movie is movie theatre a year later. directed by Baz People love seeing their Luhrmann, who created favorite characters come to Moulin Rouge and Romeo life and this has been and Juliet. In his movies he proven by movies such as creates a world that is Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings and The Twilight colorful and fun with a twisted edge to it, so Saga. viewers should expect It seems lately though nothing less than that the new trend for movies have been based off perfection from The Great classic novels. Classic novels Gatsby. Starring Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby have become a new trend for young readers and now and Tobey Maguire as Nick Carraway, the story all these classic books are portrays the life of the becoming movies. One of the most recent examples is wealthy living in New York City in the age of the renowned Russian author roaring ‘20’s. The story Leo Tolstoy’s novel; Anna brings a wonderful feeling Karenina has just made its of euphoria to the big opening on the silver screen. Anna Karenina is an audience by showing the extravagant parties and life incredible love story set in that these sociallights had. turn of the century Russia. Nick just moves next door Anna Karenina, played by to Jay Gatsby and gets British actress Keira pulled into this astonishing Knightley, is the main character, who is married to life of ladies and liquor. This story is a mix of pure a very wealthy and ecstasy and pure reality. powerful man, Karenin, Viewers will be shocked who is played by fellow British actor Jude Law. On a and craving more by the trip to see her brother, Anna end. Bringing these classic falls madly in love with books to life is like getting another man. Vronsky, everyone into a time played by Aaron TaylorJohnson, portrays the other machine. These movies bring the audience to an handsome, young, vivacious man who restores entire new world. Jocelyne Hilary Contributing Writer

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Arts & Entertainment Excelsior! The Sliver Linings Playbook Jessica Miller Asst. Layout Editor Comedy, drama, stars, mental illness, dancing, break-ups, hook-ups, football, the Silver Linings Playbook has this all and more! This is a movie about finding the best things in life, no matter how torn up inside one becomes; there is always a silver lining for that person to discover. Bradley Cooper, who has starred in The Hangover and The Hangover Part II, plays the protagonist of the film Pat Solatano. Pat has spent eight months in a state mental illness institution as a Plea Bargain with the court system. Being in any type of state institution for a long period of time will really change a person, some for the worse, but Pat has use his time to better himself, and all for one reason. His wife. Pat leaves the state institution with a lot of optimism for the future. “Let me tell ya. You gotta pay attention to signs. When life reaches out with a moment like this it's a sin if you don't reach back... I'm telling

you,” said Pat. However, one would think Pat is the one character that should have the least happiness. Since, before Pat entered the state institution, he lost his job, his wife and his home. To top that all off, Pat must now leave at home with his superstitious dad and nervous mother. Even though there are so many elements against him, Pat is positive that he can get his wife Nikki back, his job and his house through his silver linings. Cooper does a fantastic job playing this young man with a lot of heart and positivity that all things will turn out like he plans. Cooper engages the audience and connects with them

on a level that everyone has shared at least once, heartbreak. The audience cannot help but what Pat to succeed in putting his life back on track, even though it is obvious that that life is passed him. So, when Pat meets a young woman, played by Jennifer Lawrence, named Tiffany, the audience almost instantaneously sees this as Pat’s silver lining. Pat does not however. Tiffany also has some mental health problems, but has accepted them and moved on.

This duo of Pat and Tiffany creates many memorable scenes that will excite an audience from start to finish. Pat and Tiffany are more often than not seen running together. What seems like just a funny way for the characters to keep running into one another is actually a very clever way to enhance each of Pat’s and Tiffany’s feelings for life and each other. Pat wanted to run towards his ex-wife Nikki. He wanted to run back into the life he had with her, because, for him, he felt like that was how he was moving forward with his life. Tiffany was running

away from her past. Tiffany found happiness in running from person to person; looking for someone that would give back the love and attention she gave to others. Pat and Tiffany eventually ran into each other and found that each had something the other wanted. Tiffany offered a way for him to get letters secretly to Nikki (since there is a restraining order put on Pat by Nikki), and Pat would give the attention and happiness Tiffany wanted by becoming her dance partner for a dance competition. The running then turns into dancing. And the dancing brought both of the characters happiness and relief from the outside world that has labeled and isolated them. In time, the audience discovers that Tiffany cares about Pat as much more than a dance partner, but will Pat chose Tiffany over Nikki? In the Silver Linings Playbook, one will never see love the same way again.

A Place Without Happiness Jessica Miller Asst. Layout Editor After years of doing hard labor in prison, would you feel that you deserved some happiness once you were free? In a country that is taken over by revolution, the people ultimately suffer. Les Miserables tells a story of these people in 19th century France. “The Miserable Ones” is more than just a title; it is a message of values in the face of survival. Les Miserables starts with hope, but quickly goes into emptiness. Emptiness in the forms of death, pain, broken hearts, and failure. Although all these themes are quite depressing, no audience member can leave a screening without filling some type of love for this film. Whether it is the music, acting, or

directing, there is something for everyone to find within Les Miserables. There are a few moments in the film that have dialogue. In fact, there are less than 15 lines of dialogue. The other 158 minutes of the film are done in song. The music reflects the mood throughout the entire movie and enhances every scene to bring out emotion in the lyrics and somber tunes. It tells the story as though it were poets singing of epics. This classical way to tell Les Miserables gives a certain attraction that many people do not see in musicals today. The lyrics have more to do about how the characters are feeling and how they have experienced suffering, hope, love, redemption, and lost. The French Revolution is a main theme on its effects on the lives of

people. It gives a behind the scene’ look into how difficult survival was during this time frame. The cast of Les Miserables acts strong from beginning to end. The audience is taken straight into the story with the song “Look Down” by a chain gang that includes Hugh Jackman. Hugh Jackman plays the convict and the symbol of redemption through Jean Valjean. Valjean has always lived off of a survival of the fittest way till him meet a bishop that gave him a chance to redeem his soul. “But remember this, my brother, see in this some higher plan. You must use this precious silver to become an honest man. By the witness of the martyrs, by the passion and the blood, God has raised you out of darkness. I have bought your soul for God,” said the Bishop. The Bishop gives Valjean the silver and more

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that he had tried to steal. This act of mercy made Valjean see the more important things in life. Valjean then goes through his life in the story trying to help others redeem themselves, and to make survival as easy as possible. Along the way Valjean meets a variety of characters such as the prostitute Fantine (played by Anne Hathaway), Fantine’s daughter Cosette (played by Amanda

Seyfried), and the comic relief duo (played by Helena Bonham Carter and Sacha Baron Cohen). Each of the cast represents a symbol of survival and the revolution which they are living in. The human spirit is strong in such a film as Les Miserables. Even when there is pain and suffering, one can still find hope and love in the darkest places.


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