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ď‚ž If

you decide to write a book review, make sure you Know the book well enough to be able to write your review properly

RELAX!! & Make sure you cover the following points:

 Plot: include the main events and

the order they come in the story.

 Characters: information about

what they are like and how important they are in the story

 Relationships: info about who

likes/dislikes who, and the things that affect their relationships

ď‚ž Places: include quick descriptions

of the most important places.

ď‚ž Your

own reactions: write down

your feelings about the topic, with some reasons for your opinion

INTRODUCTION: › The (book) i would like to review is… › The last book I read was…

› The book was really exciting because… › The book tells the story of › The first thing that happens is

Summarising the story › It’s set in… › The story is based on (real events/ fiction)

› The story takes place in › There are many memorable characters including…

› The most interesting character is › The main theme of the book is… › What the book is saying is…

Recommending the book › I would recommend this book to anyone. › The best thing about the book is that…

› It’s one of the best (books) I’ve ever read › It would make (a really good film), because (

it is

such an exciting story)

› The (book) lifts you out of your everyday life.