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1 Jesus grew up in Nazareth with Mary and Joseph.

When he was grown up, Jesus became a wise teacher.

He went to school like the other boys. He learned the old stories of his people, and about the God who loved them.

“Look at the flowers: God takes care of them,” he said. “Look at the birds: God takes care of them too. Joseph was a carpenter, and from him Jesus learned how to make things from wood.

“So you can be sure that God will take care of you.” When Jesus was 12, he went with Mary and Joseph to Jerusalem. There was a festival at the Temple to give thanks to God.

When it was over, Mary couldn’t find Jesus. She found him in the Temple, talking with the teachers.

“He is very wise,” they agreed.

2 Jesus wanted to tell people about God’s love. He asked others to follow him.

One day, some mothers came with their children to see Jesus. The friends said, “Go away. Jesus is too busy.”

“We will come,” said the fishermen. They left their fishing nets and their boat. They wanted to help Jesus.

“I am not too busy,” said Jesus. “I welcome children, for God welcomes children.”

We know the names of some of Jesus’ friends: Matthew was Peter was a Find a sticker a tax collector. fisherman. for the fish.

Find a sticker for his bag of money.

Find a sticker for her little house.

Mary came from a town called Magdala.

My Very First Story of Jesus Sticker Book  
My Very First Story of Jesus Sticker Book  

Extract from My Very First Story of Jesus Sticker Book by Lois Rock and Alex Ayliffe, published by Lion Children's Books, 978 0 7459 6332 7