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Friv Games: What Are They and Where Can You Play Them? A new addiction has been observed amidst the people who prefer online games as pastime. Friv games are played online but these are suitable to anyone, not only to the experienced or passionate gamers. These can be regarded as a simple way to have fun, to kill boredom or get rid of stress in the office. Friv games do not require special gaming skills. The rules are only a few and are very simple. For more information about friv, please visit

To play these games, one has to go online and find the websites that host them. Just type 'friv games' to be directed to the right ones. All such games should be free to play. These are friendly to any type of player and no one is required to sign up or register. Thus, getting to access a game and play it is

only a matter of seconds. The more difficult part is that of choosing what to play, as there are hundreds of titles.

Friv games graphics are simple yet fun and really easy to understand. The themes are many, some of the common ones being car races, parking, dress up, adventure, puzzle, cards, bomb detonator, fighting, ants, maze, shooter, treasure hunt etc. This represents only a very small fraction of all the themes out there. Friv stands for unleashed creativity and surprise. Friv games are a good idea for children; they will learn some basic skills, coordination and problem solving. You can always grab a new title so that the child always has something different to enjoy. The tasks are usually very simple, but as you advance and climb up levels, it gets more complicated.

A very important aspect is that such games are not to be downloaded, but played right on the site that hosts them. There is no danger of getting a virus or similar.

Friv Games: What Are They and Where Can You Play Them