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The Golden Sword By: Kate Wernicke

The wind blew across my face as I lifted the golden sword from the inside of the gray dull rock. The sword started to slip slowly, blade first out of my trembling hand and to the solid rocky ground, as the audience screamed with great terror. “Ahhhhhh!” “Ding, Ding, Ding! Let the fight begin.” Called the referee. I slowly looked up as my teeth started to chatter and my body froze, and to my surprise the monster I was looking at was as hard as a brick wall and as furry as a golden retriever. [Pause] I’m an eleven-year-old girl named Amy Border. I love to fight and be myself. I practice fighting every day with my dad. I don’t go to school like normal children instead I go to fight in tournaments. Right now I’m at a tournament. [Play] I looked around the arena rows and rows of people. Nothing on the sides of the oval arena but cages, there was one to go outside the other three are for letting monsters out to the arena. I saw one that was open because the monster I was looking at was in it. The big hairy creature stood with great pride. As he let out a loud


I lifted my sword with a slight shiver rushing down my spine. I knew it was time for the monster to die. I closed my eyes not knowing what I was doing and tried to slice through the monster but all I got was a little ROAR! That sounded alot like a laugh. “Teeheeee!” I opened my eyes, and grunted my teeth because, I didn’t even touch him. My legs stood still as the red boiling feeling sat inside me. My face turned brighter than Rudolph’s red nose. I felt the anger and the jealousy. My joyfulness didn’t last very long I jousted my sword forward cut right through his neck the head slowly sliding off the body hairy body.

The Golden Sword  

story about being yourself.

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