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Flip By: Kate “Last one there’s the rotten egg!” my 13-year-old sister Emily shouted, as she hurried to get to the tramp. “First one there has to eat the rotten egg!” I shouted back as Emily slowed down. “You can go first Ian. Eight year olds always go first,” I suggested while shivering down my spine.

I hope I don’t have to go I don’t know how to do a flip off a tramp. “Ok, I’ll  go,”  Ian  agreed,  as  he  jumped  on  to  the  tramp.  He  jumped  off  the   tramp  face  first,  trying  to  flip  forward.  His  face  turned  a  bright  red  as,  his   eyes  gently  closed… “Awwwww!” Ian screamed. His eyes shot open, filling with tears.

Oh my gosh that must of hurt. I am definitely not going now. I don’t want to fall on my back too. Emily rushed over to check Ian for mental damage. “No nothing is wrong with your brain,” Emily said with relief.

Ian’s 12-­‐year-­‐old  brother  Izak  ran  to  Ian  to  check  for  cuts,  brouses,  or   blood.  “No  nothing  happened  to  your  arms  and  legs,”  Izak  said  with  relief.   “Kate, go get mom!” Emily shouted. “Why should I?” I asked. “Just go get her,” Emily answered. “MMMMooooooommmmm! Can you come here?” I screamed.

Mom ran out of the house. “Are you OK?” Mom asked. “Yeah, I guess,” Ian sniffled. “Why don’t you and Izak go home for a while,” mom suggested. “OK, bye!” Izak and Ian yelled, while they walked down the driveway. “Bye!” we yelled back.

Ever since Ian fell off the tramp I have not jumped off things without first thinking about if its safe or not. If its safe you would jump but if not you would never jump.


A memior about four friends and what happens when one gets hurt.