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THE COLLECTION... ZEPHYR's fall/winter collection “Mirage in shennvfeng” took shape from the mystic ancient Chinese tales and breathtaking landscape at Shennvfeng, in Southtern China. For thousands of years, this place (which in Chinese means: the mountain of the divine goddess),is the incarnation of mystery and fairness, and the embodiment of unconstrained love. So is the theme lied within this collection. Inspired by the mirage created by the various shapes of the mountain- the fleeing gold phoenix, the proud lion, the leaping dragon, the graceful and restrained girl, and the enchanted trees. Lio paved the canvas with this harmonious energy of beauty and sensitivity, and composed 20 pieces each represent a poem from ancient chinese utopia onto luxurious silk, cashmere and fine wool. Playing with the three dominating tones—gold, purple, and red are the most powerful hue conjures will be ubiquitous for this season ZEPHYR's statement style. From love to passion until sensual equilibrium, the silk and cashmere blended pieces featuring graphic patterns of deep purple to vibrant burgundy will exude sensuous qualities. From a wobbling lotus draped with enchanted animals, to the mythical phoenix exuding fire, to the yin-yang transformed energy circle, each piece is a moving canvas, wrapping up with your innate energy and becomes your second skin.

"Divine Music"

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