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To be a princess in your wedding ceremony

In modern society, every woman wants to have a beautiful figure, no matter what clothes to wear are all good-looking. The wedding dress is the dress worn by the happiest moment

of every woman in the life. Every bride wants to own the most beautiful moment to stay in their own wedding Photos, a little fleshy bride must be very distressed, worry about the wedding or wedding photographs are not enough beautiful. In fact, don't worry, as long as you choose the correct wedding dress, it will also makes you look slim much more.

High waist wedding dress is fat bride‘s Inevitable choice, but can not choose a particularly close to the body style, the so-called loose is just materials on the version of the type, design simplicity, don’t be yarn quality. Such as the waist line is in the middle of the chest and waist, this will make waist fat be hidden in the skirt below. You can choose waist lines decorative wedding dress or gown, in the vision to reduce obesity effect, the use of lines make obesity elongated, so it

seems that there is less fat. Here are many kinds of plus size wedding dress for you to choose.

Current wedding trends, the majority of the bride will choose a Western-style wedding dress and Chinese cheongsam, but phase matching of the parents dress is difficult to choose, when you select clothing parents dress, the most important principle is the natural harmony. If the bride chooses a Western-style wedding dress, mothers should also try to select Western-style dress, up and down two-piece skirt

suit or dress. If the bride chooses Chinese clothing, the mother's clothes should vary accordingly. It should be noted that, if the mother's body weight is over 65 kg, it is best not to choose to wear a cheongsam. Jewelry and clothing style should be consistent. If the clothes without collar, it needs match with necklace. If it is a short-sleeve or seven-sleeve can be equipped with bracelets and other ornament to decorate.

According to the personal habits, it can also use a ring as ornament. So, let your mother become the most attractive

mother at the wedding. This silver strapless column mother of the bride dress features the cute sweetheart neckline on the criss-cross pleated bodice and sequined appliques decorate in the waist. With strapless neckline and mini length design this glamorous mother of bride dress is more dramatic in appearance than any other gown without ornaments. Zipper closure completes the gown with a mini jacket with half sleeves available.

To be a princess in your wedding ceremony  

In modern society, every woman wants to have a beautiful figure,no matter what clothes to wear are all good-looking.The wedding dress is the...

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