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Puzzle This By Michael H. Pryor

By Tom Parker

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Gadget Brothers Reunion A group of old college fraternity buddies from five different cities decided to reunite at Maker Faire. Each dressed up in a goofy costume and used a different mode of transportation. To pass the time on the trip, each took his favorite gadget.

Illustration by Roy Doty

» Eric took the train from Seattle.

» The buddy with the Zune left from Austin (not dressed as the giant cupcake).

» Steve (who wasn’t dressed up as the computer) took his Droid but did not take a flight.

» Brad was dressed as the clown.

» The alumnus with the BlackBerry didn’t ride the motorcycle and didn’t leave from New York City.

» Jimmy (without the Kindle) drove the whole way by himself.

» The guy with the Kindle wasn’t the one who left from San Francisco.

» The five guys were: the guy dressed as a penguin, the guy from Boston, the guy dressed as a robot, the guy who had the iPad on the bus, and Eric.

» Larry (not dressed as the penguin) left from New York City without the iPad.

Michael Pryor is the co-founder and president of Fog Creek Software. He runs a technical interview site at



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