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global food


'Restaurants thrive on the delicate balance of chaos and meticulous organization; gracious hospitality at an aggressive pace. Success lies in the understanding of these relationships and the ability to apply ďŹ nesse, humility, and soul at every step.'

global food


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Chef Joshua Linton is emerging as one of the rising

for Jose’ Andres at both Zaytinya and Oyamel, in

stars of contemporary ethnic and global cuisine.

addition to his efforts in the development of Andres’

His education at the Culinary Institute of America


provided the vision for a breadth of experience and exposure, which Linton eagerly pursued beginning with his year long employment under the tutelage of famed Chef Takashi Yagihashi at Tribute in Farmington Hills, Michigan.

Chef Linton was equally enriched

and influenced through his exposure to contemporary Indian Cuisine under Executive Chef Floyd Cardoz at

Prior to returning to his roots in the Midwest, Joshua was commissioned as menu and operations consultant for the Starr Restaurant Organization, which includes such notable establishments as Buddakan and Morimoto in New York City, and El Vez, Parc and Tangerine in Philadelphia.

the New York Times 3-star rated restaurant Tabla in

Linton continuously draws on his vast understanding

New York City.

and exposure to ethnic cuisine to provide an intensely

In 2005, and again in 2006, Linton had the opportunity to serve as consulting chef at Neyla in Washington D.C., where he developed and executed a contemporary Middle Eastern menu. While in D.C., Linton gained additional experience working as Executive Sous Chef

creative, intelligent, and progressive experience while respecting tradition and cultural roots. These sensibilities are at the heart of Linton's most recent endeavors–Ajasteak, and newly concepted–Ajakitchen, where the experience remains true to an eclectic Asian identity.



Ethnic Cuisine


Brazilian, Carribean, Regional Chinese

Motivating staff to daily excellence, instilling

and Mongolian, Egyptian, Greek, Iberian,

a working climate of pride and professionalism,

Israeli, Italian, Indian, Lebanese, Mexican,

creating efďŹ cient staff schedules to maximize

Morrocan, Regional North American, Russian,

productivity, organizing kitchen to provide for

Scandinavian, Southeast Asian, Spanish,

minimum product perishability, maintaining

Syrian, and Tunisian, Turkish,

highest food safety sanitation standards

Menu Planning

Financial Planning & Sustainability

Concept development, menu design with respect

Budget planning and cost-saving techniques,

to budgetary goals, planned tastings, food

detailed back-of-house accounting systems,

and wine pairings, appropriate plateware and

back-of-house ordering and aquisition systems,

atware selection, staff training on necessary

economic staff management

service techniques Kitchen & Logistical Planning Appropriate equipment layout for proper menu execution, blending aesthetics with functionality, balancing budgetary and operational goals

)ingenuity) SPICE

Pulling from an ethnically diverse culinary repetoire, Joshua developed the retail spice collection, 'Ajaspice.' Beginning with handmade-Smoked Tellicherry Black Pepper and handmade-Smoked Atlantic Sea Salt, the product line continues to grow and pull inuence from around the globe. This product line was developed for Ajasteak restaurant at the Dana Hotel & Spa in Chicago, IL.


Culinary Institute of America

Starr Restaurant Organization, Philadelphia

Bachelor of Professional Studies, Culinary

Chef of Research & Development

Arts Management

Menus & New Concepts



Culinary Institute of America Associates of Occupational Studies, Culinary Arts

Neyla, Washington D.C. Consulting Chef


Launched New Middle Eastern Menu; Developed new dishes to meet quality, flavor and cost

Ajasteak, Ajakitchen and

standards; Hired & trained new and existing staff;

Dana Hotel & Spa, Chicago

Implemented new kitchen cost control systems;

Executive Chef, Hotel and Restaurant

Planned $40k kitchen renovation; Maintained back-

Luxury Hotel, Boutique Asian-Inspired Steakhouse

of-house cost controls and high standards while

and market-driven restaurant

restaurant was in transition of management



Think Food Group, Washington D.C. area

Tabla, New York

Chef de Cuisine at Oyamel

Kitchen Tournant

Managed Staff of 30 back-of-house employees,

Mastered every responsibility in kitchen; Trained

Reduced Food Cost by 2.25%, Reduced back-of-house

new cooks in all preparations of ever-evolving menu;

Labor Cost by 1.85%, Achieved Press

Mastered butchery of whole fish, meat, game, &

and Media coverage to increase popularity

poultry; Aided Floyd Cardoz at James Beard

of restaurant

House events



Executive Sous Chef at Zaytinya

Tribute, Farmington Hills, MI

Managed Staff of 65 back-of-house employees,

Kitchen Tournant

Reduced Food Cost by 1.4%, Achieved Press

Trained new cooks in all preparations of ever-evolving

and Media coverage to increase popularity

menu; Mastered butchery of whole fish, meat, game,

of restaurant

& poultry; Aided Takashi Yagihashi, and regional


chefs, with James Beard Dinners. 2000



June 2009

April 2009

Restaurant and Hospitality Magazine

ABC/Channel 7 Chicago

Chosen as “Rising Star Chef”.

Performed cooking demonstration and gave one-on-one interview with Iron Chef judge, Steve Dolinsky.

April 2009; July 2009 Plate Magazine’s “Plate Cooks” event

July 2008

Performed cooking demonstrations and led

Crane’s Chicago Business

professional workshops.

Positive review of Kobe Beef and other dishes from Ajasteak.

June 2009 Chicago SunTimes

July, 2008

Personal interview, photos, and explanation of cooking

Metromix Chicago

techniques and Kobe-Fat Fries

Interview and cooking demonstration on live TV,

August 2008; May 2009 Food Arts Reviewed in national round-up of notable new restaurants. September 2008; March 2009; May 2009 WGN/Channel 9 Chicago Cooking demonstration filmed live, accompanied with recipes and segment posted on the WGN website for additional internet exposure.

accompanied with recipes and segment posted on the Metromix website for additional internet exposure. May 2006 Washington, D.C.’s 107.7FM Broadcasted live on The Washington Post radio station regarding the history of Cinco de Mayo in Mexico and the celebration at Oyamel in Arlington, VA.

)selections) PRESS & MEDIA (CONT'D)

July 2006 Women’s Adventure Magazine


Quoted on the use of dried and fresh chilies in

September 2008

many countries and cultures around the world.

Taste of the Nation, Chicago, IL Contributed to Share Our Strength National

June 2006

fundraiser to raise money in the fight to end

The Washington Post

childhood hunger. Also, included in the event’s

Quoted on advice for “job hoppers” considering

auction to further raise money for the cause and

the Culinary field as a prospective career change.

offered a private dinner party in the ‘bidder’s’ home for the lucky winner.

April, 2006 The Washington Post

October 2008, 2009

Quoted in food section in the Worth the Trip

Meels on Wheels, Macy’s, Chicago, IL

column regarding Cochinita Pibil Tacos at Oyamel

Signature Chefs event

in Arlington, VA. November 2008 March of Dimes, Chicago, IL Celebrity Chefs Fundraiser

'I love to eat food prepared with soul; food that says something about the person who prepared it. I cook with big avors because I want those who eat my food to know I have personality, that I have something important to express.'

Invitations for consulting are currently being accepted. Please contact Joshua Linton by email:

global food


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global food





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