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Converting PDF to Excel on Mac

• Does the database systems in your company only export PDF format? Vendors lists, product information or price lists, they are all saved in PDF! Though, PDF is quite popular in daily life, working and study, sometimes we need to switch to other document formats, like Excel. And we might need to quote some text or statistic from PDF. But, Adobe Reader doesn't have the editing feature. If we want to calculate or analyze PDF data on Excel, we need to copy data from PDF to Ms excel spreadsheet. That's why we need to extract excel from PDF files on Mac. • PDF Converter Pro for Mac is a program to solve the problems for Mac users. Just with several simple clicks, Mac users can convert read-only PDF tables to fully editable Excel spreadsheets on Mac OS X.

How to Convert PDF Files to Excel for Mac? • Step 1: Add PDF files • Click "File-> Add PDF Files" from the top menu, and browse your PDF files to select the files you want to convert. • Note: If you have many PDF files to convert, you can import as many as 50 PDF fiels to the program at one time, in order to save your time.

• Step 2: Select an output format • To set the output folder for the converted Excel spreadsheet, choose "PDF Converter Pro > Preference…" from the top menu. Then click on the gear icon beside the Excel icon to select excel as an output format.

• Step 3: Start Converting PDF to Excel on Mac • Click "Convert" button to start your conversion. Just waiting for a little while, you can click on the Excel icon to open the converted file! • Sometimes people would like to add security to the PDF files, especially in business. If you cannot copy and paste or print, the PDF files must be restricted by the owner password. In this case, to save your precious time, PDF Converter Pro for Mac can also deal with the restricted PDF files without any problems.

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How to Convert PDF Files to Excel for Mac  
How to Convert PDF Files to Excel for Mac  

PDF is the most widely used format in sharing and storing documents and data. Here is tutorial about converting PDF to Excel on Mac, so you...