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Convert Scanned PDF to Text on Mac As PDF is recognized as a much better and safer way in distribution, good preservation and isn't simple for editing without related program/software, so it's widely used during our business and in file archiving. The ones are likely to scan paper-base document into PDF using the scanner. As that's a good idea to reduce the price of the storage, and simpler to distribute. However we occassionally need to edit the scanned PDF files, particularly when you want to edit some paper files by scanning it to PDF (which is simple and easy , convenient). When you are getting a scanned PDF, you could require this content to use in your computer directly, and a common PDF Converter Pro for Mac could not distinguish the file. If you really should use the content in the scanned PDF, surprisingly this is pretty easy to do when you have some OCR (Optical character recognition) converter tool. Free download it first, then follow the tutorial to convert scanned PDF to text on Mac. Method 1: How to Convert Scanned PDF Files to TXT on Mac Step 1: Perform OCR Launch the program, on the bottom window, check the "Convert scanned PDF documents with OCR" option. Then this software will automatically perform the OCR.

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Step 2: Import Scanned PDF Files On the top menu, click File -> Add PDF Files to import the scanned PDF files. This software also supports drag-and-drop PDF files to the main window. This method will save a lot of time for you. Step 3: Output format settings Click

button next to the PDF files, a window will pop-up, from the Format drop-

down list, select .txt as an output format. You can also set the page range to meet your needs.

All rights reserved—— Step 4: Convert Scanned PDF to Text on Mac All settings are OK, simple press Convert button to start scanned PDF to txt conversion on Mac. Few minutes later, you can get the converted PDF files on your Mac local. You can open it to check the quality. Method 2: Converting Scanned PDF Files to Text on Mac Google Docs is actually software to convert scanned PDF files to TXT on Mac for free, but free of charge OCR tool. And it is simple enough to convert scanned PDF to Google Docs. Here is the information for how Google Docs works its magic to perform OCR. Step 1: Sign in Google Doc Open Google Docs ( and sign in with your Google Account via the link on the top right corner. Step 2: Upload scanned PDF files Once you login in Google Docs, you are able to upload scanned PDF files. Click on the Upload icon to browse the file in your Mac and upload to Google Docs.

Be careful! This is when Google Docs performs OCR. Once you pick the PDF to upload, a pop-up could request you to set preference for uploading files. Here, you

All rights reserved—— should tick the choice in the centre as "Convert text from PDF and image files to Google documents". Step 3: View and Convert Scanned PDF to Text on Mac After the conversion, the scanned PDF has been converted to Google Docs format. You can click the name of the original file to view it in Google Docs format. Amazing, right! Bravo, well done! The PDF Converter Pro for Mac does much better then Google Docs in converting scanned PDF files to text on Mac by performing OCR. Free download it right now. Keys: convert scanned pdf to text on mac, convert scanned pdf files to txt on mac for free Related Guides: Convert Scanned PDF Files to Word on Mac, Convert Scanned PDF to EPUB on Mac

Convert Scanned PDF to Text on Mac  

Want to convert scanned PDF files to editable text on Mac? This simple guide on how to convert scanned PDF to text on Mac, after conversion,...