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People dream up clever ideas every day, but very few put them into action. Small Business owners are gutsy, energetic and (usually) fun to be around. Just a few reasons why we love them. Spark Collaborative is a creative agency designed to help small businesses shine. We are all about building brands that have personality and passion – the kind of company that people fall in love with. Led by Creative Director Linsi Brownson, Spark Collaborative is a team of people who get what it means to be small. We offer solutions that help business owners feel in control of their day-to-day, understand what their audience really wants from them, and plan the big ideas that will take them into the future. We are a 100% web based business so we employ innovative technology and processes to communicate with our clientele and keep the energy flowing. Most of our services are packaged as products, so people quickly understand what to expect and it also allows us to systematize and keep our prices within a small business budget. Spark Collaborative’s approach is unique in that we understand business savvy comes in all forms – there are people who just want to know what to do so they can run with it (teach me), some who want the knowledge and support (guide me) and those who just want someone to “do it for me.” We offer solutions for all.

e-lluminate – An entry level email consultation where our savvy-yet-stumped business friend emails 3 questions they want very specific answers to. Within 2 business days they will have them. Questions are addressed by Linsi in an engaging, personal and completely relevant fashion. Investment? $100 Praise for e-lluminate: “Perfect for my small business and budget. My first objective was to reach more women and increase my client base. Linsi weeded through my brain babble and helped me to identify my ideal client. She kept me laser-focused on the most effective strategies to achieve my goals. Thank you!” – Chandra, The U Project

Kalideascope – A 2 hour collaborative brainstorm session held with Linsi online, where you toss in your business troubles and she’ll swirl them around for some new perspective. The topics range from brand exploration to marketing strategy to product launches, but the result is always the same. A biz owner who feels rejuvenated and has a clear plan of action. Investment? $300 Praise for Kalideascope: “I can't tell you how much clarity our two-hour session has brought to my business. It's been the best investment I've made in my business so far, and I can't wait to work with you again. Thanks again, for all that you do!” – Lisa, The Makery

Copyright ©2013 Spark Collaborative, Inc.

Graphic Identity Design – A comprehensive design package that every business needs. A solid logo, color palette and style sheet, business card and social media starter. Investment? $398

Praise for Graphic Identity Design: “I came to Linsi with only an idea that I wanted a logo. I didn’t have a design or a or even a direction to start. She was extremely helpful brainstorming logo ideas that fit my personality and business. After deciding on a direction to go, Linsi got me three different personalized logos to choose from. From there I chose a logo and I absolutely love it. Overall I was very impressed with Linsi’s professionalism, speed, and attention to detail. I highly recommend Spark’s design services.” – Ryan the Realtor

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Web Sparklers – The best way to build a website. This is a service offered by Sparklebee, our collaborative alter ego. The designs are fresh and focused on getting visitors to take action. The process is simple and fast, the program is affordable and we are a damn blast to work with. Investment? Packages begin at $950

Praise for Web Sparklers: “AWESOME!!! I love love love it! I really appreciate you & Alycia's turnaround time & helpful service!!!” – Tyona Yoga

Copyright ©2013 Spark Collaborative, Inc.

Spark Collaborative also continues to release new products and tools for business owners, such as Clever and highly profesh email scripts to save time and avoid an aneurysm in our Shop. And then there’s a self-study course where business owners can “major” in their own company development, marketing and operations.

Copyright ©2013 Spark Collaborative, Inc.

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Copyright Š2013 Spark Collaborative, Inc.

Spark Collaborative helps small businesses kick ass and look hot doing it.