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South Queensferry

South queensferry, located 10 miles to the north west to the city centre, is a former Royal Burgh in West Lothian now part of the City of Edinburgh, Scotland. It has been a coastal transport hub linked the south and north lands since 10th century. In 1964, the significant landmark, Firth of Forth Bridge was established. It gradually took over the ferry to be the major transport between the two lands. Ferry services continue to run from the harbour to the islands within the Firth of Forth, including Inchcolm. Rely on the bridge and the ferry, this small town in Edinburgh rural area is now a local travel destination.

Leith Dock

Leith developed from its history both as a port and an independent burgh. The city of Edinburgh and Leith are most directly connected by Leith walk, which runs from the East End of Princes Street into Leith. The walk is a recreational trail based on the Water of Leith, which is a river runs through the whole Leith area into the sea. The post-industrial site, Leith dock, has been regenerated with new shopping centres and dwellings, and became one node of the walk.

Granton Harbour

In terms of location, Granton harbour is at the transition part of Edinburgh urban area and rural area. Its green network has a strong connection with the rural greens to the west, such as recreational lands, golf courses, etc. Its waterfront development type is quite similar to the Leith dock. The Granton harbour is between South queensferry and Leith, and within the 30 min’s bus circle to Edinburgh city centre. Get connection with South Queensferry could open the site to people across the sea, while enhance the transport link with Edinburgh city centre could introduce the site more to the hinterland, even the whole world( as Edinburgh is a worldwide tourist destination).




Granton Harbour in History

Granton harbour is always the core of the development in Granton area. There were very few settlements until the harbour was constructed in 1830s by the Fifth Duke of Buccleuch. Along with Granton harbour came houses, at first for construction workers and later for employees at the harbour. As the harbour developed, there came the ocean linked industries. Granton harbour gradually became an industrial hub. Churches and schools had been built, the settlements and communities began to be formed. This period lasted until late 20th century, and gave Granton the industrial character and tradition. From the end of the 20th century, industries and works gradually closed due to the worldwide economic depression, Granton harbour was gradually filled for other development. In 1980s, the harbour became today’s shape. As a post industrial place relied on coastal industries, there are a lot of brown fields near the coast waiting for regeneration. Light industries such as storage had taken place, but didn’t bring back the flourish. New dwellings on the harbour site were proposed, but neither succeeded at last. A new development proposal that conforms to the times while respects the history of Granton is greatly needed.

Granton Harbour in Historical maps

Source: Maps, Granton History website(

IN 1896

IN 1933

IN 1952

IN 1970

IN 1980

IN 2010

IN VISION (see poster for details)

Baseline Date Research Public Transport- Bus network

Original source: Lothian bus company website( From Edinburgh city centre, No. 8, 11, 14, 16, 19, 24, X29, 32, X37, 38, 47 go through the site. One can get to the south part of the site by bus from most of the residential places in Edinburgh. Conversely, the waterfront area is much less accessible by public transport. GRANTON

Western Harbour

Granton Square

Ocean Terminal

Muirhouse Silverknowes


Leith walking tour: Trinity house South leith parish church St James Signal tower Swing bridge Water of leith

Royal botanical garden

King’s Road (Wakefield Avenue)

Edinburgh city tour: 30 minutes bus circle Princes street CITY CENGeorge street TRE Edinburgh castle West princes street gardens Grass market Scottish National Gallery Waverly railway station

Bus route Bus stop Project site Attractions

Greendykes Royal Infirmary


Colinton (Westgarth Avenue) Torphin

Hyvots Bank

Glencorseanburn Penicuik Town Centre

Bus stops within site

Gorebridge (Birkenside)

Baseline Date Research( see posters for analysis) Transport- Road Network Che stnu t St

We st

venue ront A



s Cr





ad Ro



ro Waterf



nt Ave nue

e rin Ma

t Wes




Granton square A901 Lower Granton Road


W es tS

Loch invar Drive Oxcra ig Str eet



ree t


Ro t Shore


d Roa


on R


ve Dri

Muirhouse turning

A902 Busy traffic node A ROAD: A9 Falkirk to Scrabster A90 Edinburgh to Fraserburgh A901 Leith to Granton A902 Leith to North Gyle A903 Granton to Trinity

Main vehicular access Secondary vehicular access Minor vehicular access Outside road Site boundary

Transport- Walking and Cycling Network

Source: Sustrans route mapping website(

Traffic free route Shared surface with vehicle Access to site

Baseline Date Research( see posters for analysis) Buildings- Functions

Storage & warehouse Business Manufacturing Residential Commercial Vacant

Utilities Community service Preserved Communities outside

Buildings- Numbers map for assessment

51 31 12



61 60






15 4

52 16 17 27



40 25 26


42 49

6 39





19 20


7 34 33 22 37


35 21

54 8








1 44 55 32 5 45

29 58

5 business 11m Victorian Moderate 6(G) business 6m, 3m None Poor 7(G) business 3m None Good 8 business 6m Victorian Good 9 business 16m None Good 10(G) business None Under construction 11 business 8m None Good 12 None OCCUPATION Poor HEIGHT(ESTIMATED) CURRENT ARCHITECTURE businessMAINTENANCE( 3m 13 business 4m None Moderate HISTORICAL VALUE FACADE, WALLS...) HEIGHT(ESTIMATED) CURRENT OCCUPATION ARCHITECTURE MAINTENANCE( 14(G) business None Poor 8m None Moderate HISTORICAL VALUE FACADE, WALLS...)3m Affordable art 15 business 6m Affordable None Poor 8m None Poor Pickfords removal company 8m None Moderate art 16 business 4m None Poor 8m None Good Blueparrot production & events 8m None Poor Pickfords removal company 17 business 4m Blueparrot None Poor 8m None Poor Macrae &Waitrose storage 8m None Good production & events 18 business 6m Macrae None Moderate 11m Victorian Moderate Vives scootes/ Connect private hire 8m None Poor &Waitrose storage 19 business 5m None Moderate 6m, 3m None Poor Unknow 11m Victorian Moderate Vives scootes/ Connect private hire 20(G) business 5m Unknow Moderate 3m 3m None Good Festival city executiveNone cars 6m, None Poor 21(G) manufacturing 4m Festival None Poor 6m Victorian Good J+F Johnson Ltd 3m None Good city executive cars 22(G) manufacturing 10m J+F None Good 16m None Good Scottish gas Ltd 6m Victorian Good Johnson 23(G) manufacturing None Moderate None Under construction 8m Scottish Inchcolmgas house( Scotia gas network) 16m None Good 24(G) manufacturing 5m, 3m None Poor 8m None Good construction West shore business center None Under Inchcolm house( Scotia gas network) 25(G) residential 12m,15m,18m,21m Good 3m None Poor DCS group 8m None Good West shore business None center 26(G) residential 7m DCS Victorian Moderate 4m None Moderate Sea span 3m None Poor group 27(G) residential 12m,18m Good 3m None Poor Deborah 4m None Moderate Sea span service Ltd None 28(G) residential 9m,18m Good 6m None Poor Parcel express 3m None Poor Deborah service Ltd None 29(G) residential 21m Parcel Good 4m None Poor Clockwork removals None 6m None Poor express 30 residential 21m None Good 4m None Poor Ausserd removals 4m None Poor Clockwork removals 31(G) residential 21m Ausserd Good 6m None Moderate Plant 4m None Poor removals None 32 residential 15m Plant None Moderate 5m None Moderate Fleat factor car part supplier 6m None Moderate 33(G) residential 4m Victorian Poor 5m None Moderate Turner hire driver 5m None Moderate Fleat factor car part supplier 34(G) residential 7m Turner Victorian Good 4m None Poor Cockburn 5m None Moderate hireworks driver 35 commercial 8m Cockburn None Good 10m None Good United wire 4m None Poor works 36 commercial 6m United None Poor 8m None Moderate Black light/ 10m None Good wire To let 37 commercial 3m Black Victorian Poor 5m, 3m None Poor Unknow 8m None Moderate light/ To let 38 commercial 5m Unknow None Good 12m,15m,18m,21m None Good 5m, 3m None Poor 39 commercial 5m None Good 7m Victorian Moderate 12m,15m,18m,21m None Good 40 commercial 8m None Good 12m,18m None Good 7m Victorian Moderate 41(G) commercial 6m, 3m None Moderate 9m,18m None Good 12m,18m None Good 42(G) commercial 3m None Good 21m None Good 9m,18m None Good 44 community 6m None Good 21m None Good service 21m None Good 45 community 10m Victorian Good 21m None Good service 21m None Good 46 community service 6m Not a typical Moderate 15m None Moderate 21m None Good victorian building 4m Victorian Poor 15m None Moderate but seems to be historical 7m Victorian Good 4m Victorian Poor valuable 8m None Good Go outdoors 7m Victorian Good service 47 community 6m Victorian Poor 6m None Poor To let but a club now 8m None Good Go outdoors community service 9m,5m None Good 48(G) 3m Victorian Poor Small retails 6m None Poor 49 community service 9m To let but a club now None Good 5m None Good LIDL 3m Victorian Poor 50 community service 12m Small retails None Good 5m None Good Morrison 5m None Good LIDL 51 community service 8m,4m,2.5m Victorian Good 8m None Good Morrison 5m None Good 52 vacant 3m Morrison None Poor 6m, 3m None Moderate Forest craft 8m None Good 53 vacant 5m Morrison None Poor 3m 3m None Good Small retails 6m, None Moderate 54 vacant 11m Forest craft Victorian Poor 6m None Good Help the aged 3m None Good Small retails 55(G) vacant 7.5m,6m Victorian Poor 10m Victorian Good Forththe Corinthian Club 6m None Good Help aged Yacht 56(G) vacant 3m,4.5m,6m None Poor 6m Not a typical Moderate Royal Forth Yacht ClubClub 10m Victorian Good 57(G) utilities 4m Forth Corinthian Yacht Moderate Not a typical victorian building 6m Not a typical Moderate Royal Forth Yacht Club victorian building but seems to be historical victorian building but seems to be historical valuable but seems to be historical valuable 6m Victorian Poor Forth port pier valuable 58 utilities 3m None Good 9m,5m None Good National museum collection research center 6m Victorian Poor 59 historical buildings 12m Forth port pier Pre-victorian Good 9m None Good Telford college 9m,5m None Good National museum collection research center Good 60(G) historical buildings 8m,12m Pre-victorian 12m None Good Telford college 9m None Good buildings Telford college 61(G) historical 3m,2m Pre-victorian Moderate 8m,4m,2.5m Victorian Good The piercollege quarter 12m None Good Telford 3m None Poor to letpier quarter 8m,4m,2.5m Victorian Good The 5m None Poor to let let 3m None Poor to HEIGHT PER LAYER(M) 11m VictorianTYPE Poor 5m None Poor to let RESIDENTIAL 3 Poor 7.5m,6m Victorian 11m Victorian Poor INDUSTRIAL SINGLE-LAYERED-8m, MULTI-LAYERED- 4m 3m,4.5m,6m None Poor 7.5m,6m Victorian Poor WORKS(FACT 4m Not a typical Moderate Sewage pump station 3m,4.5m,6m None Poor ORY) building victorian 4m NotOFFICE a typical Moderate Sewage pump station 3 but seems to be historical victorian building valuable MODERN 4 but seems to be historical PUBLIC 3m None Good Sewage station valuable BUILDINGS 12m Pre-victorian Good Royston station house 3m None Good Sewage BUILDINGS IN 4m Good per layer + 3m extra height The garden 8m,12m Pre-victorian 12m Pre-victorian Good Royston house VICTORIAN 3m,2m Pre-victorian Moderate Walls 8m,12m Pre-victorian Good The garden STYLE 3m,2m Pre-victorian Moderate Walls

Baseline Date Research( see posters for analysis) BuildingsAssessment sheets NUMBER FUNCTION CATEGORY NUMBER 1 12 23 34 45 56(G) 7(G) 6(G) 8 7(G) 89 910(G) 11 10(G) 12 11 13 12 14(G) 13 15 14(G) 16 15 17 16 18 17 19 18 20(G) 19 21(G) 20(G) 22(G) 21(G) 23(G) 22(G) 24(G) 23(G) 25(G) 24(G) 26(G) 25(G) 27(G) 26(G) 28(G) 27(G) 29(G) 28(G) 30 29(G) 31(G) 30 32 31(G) 33(G) 32 34(G) 33(G) 35 34(G) 36 35 37 36 38 37 39 38 40 39 41(G) 40 42(G) 41(G) 44 42(G) 45 44 46 45

FUNCTION CATEGORY storage and warehouses storage and and warehouses warehouses storage storage and and warehouses warehouses storage storage and and warehouses warehouses storage businessand warehouses storage business business business business business business business business business business business business business business business business business business business business business business business business business business business business business business manufacturing business manufacturing manufacturing manufacturing manufacturing manufacturing manufacturing residential manufacturing residential residential residential residential residential residential residential residential residential residential residential residential residential residential residential residential residential residential commercial residential commercial commercial commercial commercial commercial commercial commercial commercial commercial commercial commercial commercial commercial commercial community service commercial community service service community community service service community

47 48(G) 47 49 48(G) 50 49 51 50 52 51 53 52 54 53 55(G) 54 56(G) 55(G) 57(G) 56(G)

community service community service service community community service service community community service service community community service service community vacant community service vacant vacant vacant vacant vacant vacant vacant vacant utilities vacant

58 59 58 60(G) 59 61(G) 60(G)

utilities historical buildings utilities historical buildings buildings historical historical buildings buildings historical






community service


historical buildings

SINGLE-LAYERED-8m, MULTI-LAYERED- 4m 3 34 4 4m per layer + 3m extra height 4m per layer + 3m extra height



Baseline Date Research( see posters for analysis) Green and open space- Green network Green patch Green corridor Self-growing green space

Green and open space- Spatial feelings of the green space in site

Open green space Semi open to enclosed green space Self-growing green space

Baseline Date Research( see posters for analysis) Recreation Programmes The recreation programmes layout maps shows that: 1. There are many sports activities around the site. 2. The site lacks of programmes which are featured by the sea.

According to the research, there is no urban waterfront tourism programmes in Edinburgh. Visitors can’t get the sense of Edinburgh’s character of being a seaside city. It is a weakness for the city, but brings great opportunity for Granton. Parks Playground Sports course/club Historical park Tennis Course & Fitness Club

Edinburgh waterfront promenade Royal Forth Yacht Club

Gipsy Brae Recreation Ground

Caroline Park

Boxing Academy Yacht Club Playground

Forth Quarter Park Silverknows Golf Course

Queensberry Bowling Club

Granton Crecent Park


Tennis Club Victoria Park

Pilton Park

Football Club

Football Club Bangholm Recreational Ground

Baseline Date Research( see posters for analysis) Viewshed Analysis- Approach

With the landform information, a viewshed analysis can be done in Arc GIS to help analyse the views to the sea within site. In a Arc GIS viewshed analysis, the target( observation) can be only polylines or points, but in this project, the vast sea is polygon. To meet the requirement of the software, the shoreline, together with a series attractions on the sea are selected to represent the whole sea surface. The height of the observer( people) is defined as 1.65m. Observation: Shoreline opposite Granton, Inchkeith island, Inchcolm island, Cramend Island, Oxcars, Cows & Calves, Inchmickery islands, Firth of forth bridge. The viewshed analysis has been done in the following steps: 1. An Arc GIS viewshed analysis is done for each attraction. The height of the attractions are estimated based on professional judgement. 2. The viewsheds are layered up an merged together to show the gradient of places with views(Zone of theoretical visiblity- ZTV Zone). Each layer has equal weight in this project. 3. The ZTV zone only take landform and building heights into consideration. To double check the result and take other real facts into account( especially in the hinterland), representative points are selected after the site survey, to show the actual views.

STEP 1 Zone where sea views are visible

Inchkeith Island

Inchcolm Island

Coastal line opposite Granton

Cramend Island

Oxcars, Cows & Calves, Inchmickery Islands

Forth Bridge

Baseline Date Research( see posters for analysis) Viewshed Analysis- Maps STEP 2

Zone where sea views are visible. The darker the green is, the more sea views there are.






In this stage, 5 representative points have been chosen to check the views. As a conclusion, the shoreline enjoys various sea views to the islands and opposite land, which offers an opportunity for recreation activities. The point E is a valuable hinterland visual corridor to the sea that need to be protected. But the landscape quality along the corridor needs to be improved.



Coastal line opposite Granton Sea from hinterland

Inchcolm Island

Oxcars, Cows & Calves, and Inchmickery Islands


B Inchkeith Island


Forth Bridge and Cramend Island

Newhaven Harbour

Aspects of Over All Strategic Plan Transport Strategy

ferry landing existing bus stop proposed bus stop existing walking access proposed walking access existing vehicle road proposed vehicle road existing walking and cycling road proposed walking and cycling road existing bus route proposed bus route

Aspects of Over All Strategic Plan Land use Strategy

manufacturing storage and warehouse business residential commercial utilities community service preserved proposed buidling

comprehensive industry zone

waterfront development zone new community business and commercial zone centre new community

business and commercial zone

business and commercial zone new community

Aspects of Over All Strategic Plan Green and open space strategy

open green space enclosed green space

Aspects of Over All Strategic Plan Recreation programmes

water programme waterfront programme hinterland programme Edinburgh waterfront promenade place with programme ferry landing

pier fishting

royal yacht club

waterfront park with open air theatre ferry cruise to Inchcolm and Queensferry

seasonal rock beach with art work

existing walking access semi-indoor new scottish museum proposed walking access existing walking and cycling road proposed walking and cycling road historical buildings and park industrial park

sand beach

Shoreline Masterplanning Research Coastal Pier Fishing

Source of photos: Granton pier fishing club facebook

Record of Facebook Interview

Q: How do you find the pier fishing here? A: “fishing is only effected when its an easterly wind apart from that we fish all weathers plus easterly winds make it alot better for catching cod.” “wheres the proof mr allen” “Two new species of fish for me gfc on tour flat head and brean”... Q: If you could change one thing to improve your fishing experience, what would you do? A: “First of all I would improve both the run down huts that sit on pier plus maybe add another to allow shelter for fisherman and maybe put rails along pirt for added safety apart from that I think the piers perfect” A: “Some. Kind of lighting system on the pier would be brilliant cheers allan”

Record from World Sea Fishing forum

Topic: Granton Pier Fishing “No fish in the winter” “Just a simple 15-20 yard lob into the kelp is where the fish are( supposed to be). Try between the two brick huts.” “Fish the seaward side of the breakwater, fish can be located all the way up.” “Need facilities for rubbish, life saving rings...” “Flatties, mackeral, wrasse, codling, coley, red cod,sea trout...” “Cast to edge to the stone work of the breakwater, only about 20 yrds at high water. Beyond that you’re on sand.”

Shore fishing in the Edinburgh area

Source: Granton’s long east breakwater extends into the Forth, enclosing Granton harbour. Underwater, the structure slopes off steeply then gives way to sand. The wrack and kelp surrounding the nooks and crannies of the structure are home to crabs, which in turn attract codling, so short (very short) casts are the order of the day. Fish can be taken all along the length of the breakwater, though most people tend to congregate between the two metal huts and the bend. Codling can be expected from perhaps mid-May onwards, with the possibility of mackerel shoals arriving in late summer. Peeler crab is the most desirable bait, but some fish will still be caught on rag and lug, and mussel and even limpets can take fish. Most locals use a simple paternoster rig consisting of a long lead drop and short hook snood. Others use a sliding float to good effect. A cast of 5-10 yards should be all that is required.


The eastern breakwater in Granton has already been a fishing destination for local people. Species: Codling, Mackeral, etc Popular place: the bend/ between the huts Cast length: 5-10 yards Best side: Both are fine, the harbour side is a little better, because the sand attracts the crab, the crab attracts codlings. Requirements: facilities for rubbish and waste life saving equipment run down huts to be improved rails lighting system ...

Shoreline Masterplanning Research Granton Rocks with Art work Granton Quarry( Craigleith sandstone)

Source: Granton History- Industry Granton quarry was initially opened in 1835 to supply the excellent Craigleith sandstone, a hard, light-coloured stone for the harbour. The stones there were of good quality so the quarry was then extended to supply stones for architectures and even sculptures. It was in 1855 when the quarry was closed due to the concern of sea defence. The place then became the headquarters for the Scottish Marine Station for Scientific Research in 1884. Nowadays, although the rocks here don’t show any particular value on appearance, the story in history behind provide opportunities for them to be something with story. Very modern art works cooperate with these ancient features may bring some fresh air to the site.

Historical map 1896

General’s rock and old quarry

Why art works?

Source: “The art of regeneration”, Urban Renewal through Cultural Activity, Charles Landry, Lesley Greene, Francois Matarasso, Franco Bianchini Comedia found that 16 out of 23 projects saw the arts as playing a major part in their regeneration projects. They see the arts as adding quality in environmental terms and similarly as a means of working with people to build more sustainable relationship and partnership as well as building confidence. Surveys also shows that art work helps to put something into focus to create identity of a community, as community is increasingly defined on the basis of common interests rather than physical relationship, and people carry their own personal geographies.

New Site for Scottish National Museum Scottish National Museum

Home page of Scottish National Museum website

There are five museums in the National museums system. As the photo shows, they are: National Museum of Scotland, National War Museum, National Museum of Flight( East Lothian), National Museum of Rural Life( Glasgow), National Museums collection Centre. Among them, the collection centre is located in Granton. The centre provides places for those objects that are currently not on display, and places for research and preservations.

National Galleries of Scotland storage

The National Galleries of Scotland also has a purpose-built storage building on site holding some of their reserve painting and sculpture collections. The National Galleries include Scottish National Gallery, Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Scottish National Portrait Gallery.


The map shows the layout of those museums mentioned above. They all locate around the city centre. It’s a great opportunity for Granton to have a coastal museum relying on the collection centre. In terms of the themes of the museums, there isn’t any museum shows Scottish coastal life or sea science. The new site could grasp this opportunity to develop on this empty space. Last but not least, there is only one modern art museum in Edinburgh. It shows indoor modern artworks. As being a new museum beside the vast sea, the site could encourage outdoor modern art works to display.

Case Study

Louisiana museum in Copenhagen, Denmark. The museum set displays both indoor and outdoor. It perfectly combined the natural scenes with the museum display spaces. It is elected as most beautiful museum in the world.

Collection Centre

Linshan Lu Registration No. :110138491 Landscape architecture, University of Sheffield

Granton waterfront regeneration supplementary report  

This is a supporting planning document for the special project

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