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That’s What I’m Talkin’ About Helena uses her usual mixture of humor and sarcasm to look at the frantic holiday season.


Imperial Court Of Kentucky News The holidays are a very important time of year for the Imperial Court’s fundraising efforts to make our community a better place to live.


TransKyAdvocate Tuesday’s recent travels turn out to be a surpise spiritual journey that helped teach her to embrace her fears.

A Family Reunion Carol recalls the 2nd Annual Bluegrass Black Pride Awards Dinner, and how much it meant to her, and looks forward with hope for others during the holidays.

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Honing In On The Holidays Ranada reveals the secreta climate to enjoying theinhoidays. Buy less, The GLSO is conducting survey order to determine but give more! how we can better serve our community. Please take the time to fill one out!

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That’s What I’m Talkin’ About T

By Helena Handbasket

his month I’d like to do

best customers and in a great mood

to deal with them and bake cookies,

a little shout out for the

when they finally stop long enough


to go eat (detect any sarcasm?).

Santa’s reindeer and how hard they

busiest person in the world at this

Have we even considered

time of year. No… I’m not talking

No, the busiest person in the world

have to work that night? I’m not

about the retailer who is constantly

this time of year is, of course, Santa

sure how Rudolph’s nose stays so

merchandising and stocking and

Claus. Can you even imagine what

bright but if there are batteries

navigating through the crowds to

this man must go through year after

involved, I sure hope Santa takes

help people find what they need,


I mean… think of all the

along extras. He wouldn’t want to

then only to have to calm them

pressure he must be under. He has

run out of light on his journey from

when they are 19th in line with only

to sort through the Christmas lists

the North Pole to houses all over

two registers open but 15 registers

of all the little boys and girls who

the world.

in the store. No, I’m not talking

have been good. Of course, the way

Keeping after the elves so that

about the security people in stores

society has changed in the last two

they make all of the toys that the

who are on constant alert because

decades, his list is probably much

precious little ones will want for

shoplifting increases during this

smaller than it used to be. And can

Christmas must be quite a daunting

time of year, which puts the security

you even comprehend the weight

task for Santa each year as well.

people on edge. No, I’m not talking

he has to carry in that sleigh?

Everyone knows that elves just

about those Moms and Dads who

Although, now that gaming systems

sit around on shelves all day until

have been crowding to the malls

have become the rage, they weigh

someone actually makes them do

and shops, fighting for that bargain

considerably less than bicycles

something. And why shouldn’t they

and trying to avoid road rage in

and swing sets.


the parking lots and roadways.

children of today actually have to

deserve to be kept without doing

I’m not even talking about those

go outside… much less get some

their share?

waiters and waitresses who work


No, thank God we can

I won’t even go into how many

themselves into a frenzy trying to

keep them all stationary inside the

malls he has to travel to in order

feed all of the crazies who have

house in front of the 55-inch TV

for kids to sit on his lap and have

spent all day shopping and driving

screen. That is so good for them

their photo taken while they tell

and dragging around packages or

and reduces the chance of meeting

him what they want for Christmas.

children or relatives.

We know

neighbor kids that would want to

My goodness, what a great memory

that those people are always the

come over to play. Who has the time

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God forbid that

Do they really think they

Continued From Previous Page

keep his fat ass at home and let

Santa must have to remember all

Mrs. Claus go out and have a little

of those requests.

This must be

fun some Christmas? I bet children

the only time of year that a grown

would be less afraid to sit in her lap

man with a long beard who is not

than in Santa’s.

a member of the family is actually




encouraged to grab a youngster and

everyone, so celebrate this precious

sit him or her on his lap. Haven’t

season and try to not get so caught

we all been there and watched kids

up in the stresses of the holiday.

cry and/or scream when placed

May you and yours have a blessed

upon his lap? Thank goodness he

and happy Christmas (or Hanukah,

is an upstanding individual with

or Kwanza, or whatever it is that you

no perverted notions. After all, he

celebrate… I want to be inclusive

does have Mrs. Claus there with

here – I know how you’ll fuss at

him to take care of his every need.

me if I’m not).

But in this world that we live in, we

(Send comments or suggestions to

are always shouting equal rights.

Why, then, has no one even thought


to suggest that maybe Santa can




Imperial Court Of Kentucky News

By H.M.I.M. Empress XXXIV of the Imperial Court of Kentucky Kali Dupree hope that everyone enjoyed

including myself, Empress Kali

the beginning of their holiday

Dupree, or there is the convenience





Remember that thanks to all the

of doing the renewal online at

generous donations and hard work

There are several opportunities

of this community and to the

throughout month of December

dowager Monarch’s show, “Feeding

to bring love, compassion, and

Our Youth,”

giving back to your community.




many families were able to have






an amazing meal for the holiday.

Lexington, the Imperial Court will

Bravo, Lexington! Thank you!

team up with AVOL to present our

The holiday season has always

annual “AVOL’s Kid’s Christmas.”

been a time of giving and celebrating

This event raises funds every year

life, love, and family. I have the

to make sure that the children in

distinct honor of not only having

those families affected by HIV and

my biological family, but also a

AIDS are provided with an amazing

the next pageant in our series,

rather large chosen family here

Christmas, one that every child

“Miss Mary Christmas, Benefiting

in the community of Lexington

deserves. It is sure to be a night

Lexington Fairness.” If anyone

and through the Imperial Court of

of amazing fundraising and many

would an application or other

Kentucky. The community and the

moving and touching moments.

information, again, please contact

membership is always growing

One of the most important things


and always looking for the good

anyone can do in their life is to

“Very Fairy Christmas,” a night of

in the world and striving to make

make a difference in the life of

fundraising to benefit PCSO for

it a better place for all. With that

a child. If anyone would like to

Lexington Pride, with sexy Santa

being said, I would like to remind

make a donation or would like any

and Mrs. Claus. You don’t want to

all members of the Imperial Court

more information about this event,

miss this.

of Kentucky that memberships are

please contact me on Facebook or

due by December 31. You can renew






to any of the board members, 6


On December 16 at Crossings Lexington





December 20 brings about

Lexington, keep up the amazing work! Happy Holidays!


TransKyAdvocate By Tuesday G Meadows

Embracing My Fears

“It’s been a long day without out you, my friend, and I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again...Everything I went through you were standing there by my side, and now you are going to be with me for the last ride.” See You Again, Wiz Khalifa


y article this month was originally

“I’ve turned the corner and things seem to be

able to live outwardly and truthfully. Even

titled, “Traveling While Trans.”

better.” If people believed my words, maybe

after I transitioned, I was fearful of not

I was going write about my recent trip out

they would leave me alone or maybe even

having Linda because she protected me from

west, and how scary it is for transgender

I would begin to believe it. I kept this lie up

cruel people. She had always been there to

people to travel. Instead, my trip was a

throughout the month after Linda died.

comfort me. It felt so hollow when someone

revelation about my reactions to fear and grief.

But lies that you tell yourself only last for so long, and the Monday I packed for my

called me brave, because Linda was my bravery.

For the last 39 years, my wife, Linda, has

two week trip, it hit me that I was going

At the Georgia O’Keeffe museum in Santa

been my constant companion. In September,

alone. Next, I started thinking about being

Fe, Linda spoke to me. Some people have

she died of cancer. Before she died, she had

alone forever, and I started thinking that

said that maybe I missed her so much that I

talked about taking a trip west, mentioning

suicide was the only way to find peace. That

imagined it. Maybe so, but I know that I felt

New Mexico several times. When she was

evening, I wrote a very long suicide note

and heard her. After my encounter, I have

getting close to the end, she again mentioned

on Facebook explaining that I could not

been at peace... maybe for the first time in my

the New Mexico trip that we never got

continue. But as I hesitated to submit, I felt

life. I stopped being afraid at that moment.

to take. After she died, I decided to take

I would be disappointing my wife by not

Some wonder if I transitioned to be happier.

the journey west. After one failed attempt

taking the trip she had wanted. I deleted the

My answer is always “no, it was to be my

(stymied by a stomach bug), I rescheduled


true self.” What that meant for me was that

for November.

So west I went by myself. The first few

even in a world that rejects me, I could at

My challenge was that profound grief and

days were pretty uneventful except for

least stop the battle that was going on inside

depression had taken hold of me even before

the blizzard in Arizona. I went through the

of me. After this trip, I have truly found my

she died. I constantly thought of suicide.

motions, saw the sights. When I got to Santa

inner peace and am ready to embrace the

“Wouldn’t it be easier not to deal with all of

Fe, New Mexico, things changed.

fears that seemed so daunting for so long.

this? Really, who would miss me anyway?”

Fear has always been a big part of my life.

I hope you can embrace that which makes

I did not hide my sadness, and those close

Fear made me hide my true self for most

you fearful and find your own inner peace.

to me tried to help. A lot of well-meaning

of my life. I knew that if my “secret” (being

You may write me at Tmeadows828@

people told me how much that I would be

transgender) got out, the rejection would kill or follow me on Twitter Tuesday

missed and that suicide was not the answer.

me. I imagined losing my job, my family,

Meadows @trishgigi. Now Tuesday is gone

and my friends, which overruled me being

with the wind.

In order not to upset people, I just told them,




A Family Reunion By Carol Taylor-Shim, MSW


here is something magical

Acts of hate that are the causes of

kid from taking their own life. It

about being with your family,

death and devastation. Audre Lorde

could keep a closeted genderqueer

your tribe, your people. It fills your

once said, “There is no such thing

peson from withdrawing into their

soul in ways you never knew you

as a single-issue struggle because

own world away from everyone.

needed. The 2nd Annual Bluegrass

we do not live single-issue lives.”

It could give a person questioning

Black Pride Awards Dinner did

For those of us who live at the

their identity the strength to find the

exactly that. John Bentley, Joan

intersection of being a person of

answers. Love is what we all crave.

Brannon, John Moses, Djuan Trent,

color and LGBTQQIA, those words

People who identify as LGBTQQIA

and yours truly were honored and

ring so very true. On any given day

are no different. We want the same

celebrated as trailblazers. Sharing

we are battling to live our lives as

love and affection from our families

a stage with people I have looked

full and authentic people. I used to

that we got when we were kids.

up to with childlike eyes was a

think I couldn’t be gay and Black

Or the love we know we should

feeling I will never ever forget. We

at the same time. But I can and I

have gotten. As we move into the

live in a time where our survival is

am. I am only those things fully

time of year when families come

at risk on countless fronts. While

because of the family I have. My

together, I want to say something

the accolades and celebration were

family, both biological and chosen,

to the families who have chosen to

magnificent, what stood out even

has supported me since the moment

disconnect themselves from their

more to me was family. So many

I was honest with myself and honest

LGBTQQIA relatives. You can fill

families and friends came together

with them about who I am. They

that nagging void that you know

in revelry and pride. The entire

make me want to be my best, and I

is there, whether you admit it or

evening overflowed with love and

am forever thankful for that. I am

not. You can feel what we felt that

affirmation. Yes, homophobia and

nothing without them. We are all

Saturday night when we celebrated

transphobia and a myriad of other

deserving of that kind of love and

our lives together as a community

social evils are rampant in our

care and that warms our souls and

and as a family. You can fill that

communities. People are silenced

heals our wounds.

emptiness with the person who was

every single day and denied the opportunity

The holidays often soften people in

lives. We are inundated daily with

affirmation from their families.

their hearts. My hope for you is that

messages that make us question

Those three things are very different

your heart is softened enough to let

our place in the world. Blatant


the joy back in. Happy Holidays!

acts of racism, transphobia, and

different than “love the sinner, hate

homophobia are daily occurrences

the sin.” They are the very things

and intersect in unimaginable ways.

that could keep a 15-year-old trans









meant to be there the entire time.




So many trans and queer people




Follow me on Twitter @ctshim71





Healthy Holidays D

By Angel Algarin uring the Christmas season we

class or hot yoga session, give a more

healthy smoothies and this gift will be

are all very excited to spend

thoughtful gift card that encourages

an awesome combo.

time with friends and family, but unfortunately most of us dread searching

your friend to try something new! 2. Activity



4. Fitness Video games- For the only

person who wants to lose weight but

for the perfects gifts for everyone on

do activity trackers allow people to

loves playing on their gaming system,

our lists. We are tempted by traditional

monitor their own activities, but now a

this makes workouts fun and convenient.

options of gifting Christmas cookies,

lot of these devices have the capability

5. Workout Outfits- Having that

bottles of wine, and other tasty treats,

to challenge your friends! Treat yourself

special gym outfit that makes you feel

but what do we get for that someone

and your friend and use competition as

great while working out is one of the

who is trying to lose a few extra pounds?

your motivation.

best gifts for the fashionista.

Here’s a list of some great ideas for that

3. Smoothie Maker- For those

Starting a healthy lifestyle can be

special someone who is serious about

looking for a healthy breakfast drink or

difficult, but with these gifts you will

their health:

a healthier replacement to a milkshake,

be able to demonstrate that you support

1. Workout class gift cards- Instead

a smoothie maker makes the perfect

your friend’s goals by giving them the

of talking about going to that fun spin

gift. Pair this with a recipe book for

tools they need to succeed!

Around The Library: Just Kids, Written by Patti Smith


Reviewed by Mattie Henry everal chance encounters set

evolved from that stage and endured

against the backdrop of late-

dramatic sexual and social shifts. The

1960s Brooklyn led to a lasting

pair were distanced by factors like



the emergence of Mapplethorpe’s

young artists Patti Smith and Robert

suppressed sexual identity, individual



pursuits, and fame; however, their

promised him she would, she tells

bond remained strong until his 1989

their story in Just Kids. Smith writes

death from complications arising

of how the two were drawn together

from AIDS. Smith’s lyrical prose

by their mutual commitment to the

and powerful descriptions create a

creation of art and describes what their

poignant snapshot of two young,

lives were like during the years they

creative lives. This book can be found

lived together dedicated to that vow.

in our Adult Nonfiction section under

Beginning as lovers, their relationship

BIO S for Biography.




devotion As





Honing In On The Holidays By Chef Ranada West-Riley


he holidays. It can give a good day

and warm again. I’m fortunate to have

- 1 cup pecans

a bad case of serious heartburn.

a great family that embraces me and my

- 4 tablespoons unsalted butter

For me, ‘tis the season used to mean traffic

wife and my LGBTQ friends. I can say

- 3/4 cup honey, preferably local

on Nicholasville Road coupled with the

I’ve never felt unwelcome in my family’s

- 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon

mania of spending too much money and

home because of my sexual orientation

- 1/2 teaspoon ground nutmeg

time on thinking about and buying gifts that

and I’m very grateful for that. I know

- 1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper

never changed someone’s opinion of me.

not everyone is as fortunate and that just

- 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt

Yes, I used to be one of those consumate

breaks my heart. My wife Karin and I open

- 1/4 cup of really good bourbon

people-pleasers who didn’t mind trying to

our doors each year for friends that do not

- 1 crisp apple, peeled, cored, and in thin

buy the love and friendship I felt I needed

have such accepting families as ours. It’s

from others. I’m sure I’m not the only one

about giving back. We volunteer to serve

- Preheat the oven to 375 degrees.

who spent way too much on gifts and lost

at homeless shelters or we donate food

- Place the potatoes on a baking sheet.

the meaning of the holidays somewhere

and essentials like socks and blankets.

Cook the potatoes whole, DO NOT punch

amidst the hustle and bustle of gift wrap

It’s about giving back. We seek out a

holes in them. Bake until soft, about 45

and shopping bags. I used to dread this

non-profit who could use some warm,

minutes. Let cool completely.

season for many years, but not these days.

home cooked food for needy families.

- In a small saute pan over high heat,

I can say that I genuinely look forward to

It’s about giving back. Karin and I love

add the pecans and lightly toast. Add 4

the holidays today. As a chef, I cook all

to shop for kids that we’ve never met and

tablespoons of butter, reduce the heat to

the time, so basically from Thanksgiving

tear up a bit knowing we can do that for

medium, add the honey and spices, and

until Christmas, I have a month of some

others. It’s about giving back. It’s about

allow to simmer for 4 to 5 minutes. Add

really long hours of cooking for many

being present more in a person’s life who

the whiskey and continue to simmer for

families who don’t have time to cook

might need it more than you’ll ever know.

5 minutes more. Peel the potatoes and

for themselves. But food brings people

That is when the holidays changed for

cut into 1/2-inch slices. Butter the bottom

together, and I selfishly love being a part

me. I encourage everyone to give more of

and sides of an 8 by 8-inch baking dish.

of that, so you’ll find me cooking away

themselves and see what happens. Until

Arrange the sweet potatoes, alternating

to some Christmas music and getting

then, here’s a really great recipe that will

with the apples. Pour the whiskey-pecan

everyone in the mood that I can. What

win friends and influence people along the

mixture over the top and place in the oven.

did I do to make the change? That’s easy.

way. Happy Holidays!

Bake for 30 minutes, basting the top with

The past several years, I started buying less and giving more. That’s when the holidays became fun

BOURBON-GLAZED SWEET POTATOES - 4 large sweet potatoes


the whiskey sauce once at 15 minutes.

Q LinQ


Estate Planning Basics For Same-Sex Couples - Part 5 By Michael T. Palermo Attorney At Law


his series began in August,

In doing so, the Grantor sets forth

Trust, and a Trust will not protect

and readers are encouraged

the Trusts goals and terms. The

Trust property from creditors or

to check out the past issues, which

Trustee controls the property owned

lawsuits against you. Rather, most

are available by scrolling down the

by the Trust and carries out the

people have three primary purposes

LinQ Magazine tab on the Pride

terms the Grantor has set, and the

in preparing a Living Trust. First,

Community Services Organization’s

beneficiary(ies) who benefit from

they wish to avoid Probate Court.

new website at We’ve

the Trust. Initially, most Trusts

(Note however, that although the

looked at methods of non-probate

are set up so that you (perhaps in

probate process takes a couple of



conjunction with your committed

months, unlike elsewhere, e.g.,


partner) wear all three hats.

California and Florida, it is not an





the Durable Power of Attorney

Think of a Trust as a vat into

(DPOA). This month we’ll explore

which the Grantor “pours” his or




her assets. This must be done by

available for do-it-yourselfers.)

that is especially useful in some

formally titling all such financial

situations—the Living Trust.

accounts and other property in the


A Living Trust is simply a Trust

name of the Trustee, who manages

property in case of disability. Since

that you create while you are alive,

the property and controls the vat

most folks name themselves as the

as opposed to one that is created

spigot on behalf of the beneficiaries,

original Trustee, it is important to

under the terms of your Will (a

in accordance with the terms and

name a reliable successor Trustee to

Testamentary Trust). But the basics

conditions set out in the Trust

take over in the event of disability

of both types of Trusts are the same.


(or death).



I prefer Living Trusts, however,

expensive nightmare in Kentucky. are




Secondly, a Living Trust provides the




Whatever your Trustee does, he

Thirdly, since your Living Trust


or she has the highest legal duty to

endures after your death, it can

immediately and don’t require the

honor the terms of the Trust and act

substitute for a Will in disposing of

delay of going to Probate Court.

in good faith. Recognize, however,

your property. But a Trust can be

Like many legal instruments, a Trust

that the SWAT team won’t swoop

significantly more flexible than a



in to prevent misconduct. That’s

Will by providing for almost any

enough mumbo-jumbo to choke a

why “trust” in your Trustee is so

sort of “strings attached” you desire

horse, but the concept is simple.


to the property to be distributed. For





A Trust is really an agreement or

Except in some multi-millionaire

example, it can direct the successor

arrangement among three parties.

situations, there are no tax benefits

Trustee to distribute funds only

The Grantor establishes the Trust.

to holding one’s property in a Living

Continued On Next Page



We’ve only touched briefly on the

information and advice on estate

flexibility and utility of the Living

planning, he can be reached through


Trust. While a simple Will can be

the PCSO Pride Center.

college, reaching the age of thirty,

a do-it-yourself project, only an

or buying a home. Alternatively,

attorney will be able to properly

informational purposes only and

a Trust can give the successor

advise you on how to draft and use

not for the purpose of providing

Trustee discretion in handling a

this estate powerful estate planning

legal advice. You should contact



your attorney to obtain advice with

Continued From Previous Page upon certain









just as you would do in life—

Mike is a general practice lawyer

withholding distributions to a child

in Lexington and author of the 2008

with a substance abuse problem,

book, The AARP Crash Course

for example.










respect to any particular issue or problem.



Announcing Free Legal Consultations Mike Palermo is a semi-retired Lexington attorney and ally of the LGBT community. He is a general practitioner with an emphasis on estate planning. He has offered to provide free consultations to community members, with the goal of assisting people in helping themselves when possible on a variety of legal matters that may come up from time to time. There are many situations that folks can handle with a bit of coaching along the way, but without formal representation. When representation or document preparation are required, however, Mike has agreed to work at greatly reduced rates. You can arrange a telephone, email, or office consultation with Mike through the PCSO Pride Center at 859-253-3233.





World AIDS Day The Time To Act Is Now

By Blake Flaugher, MPH, CHES


orld AIDS Day is December

The first HIV antibody test was

rates being among gay and bisexual

1. On the heels of Charlie

developed in 1985, and it took a full

men under 25. There is still a lot of

Sheen’s revelation that he is living

blood draw and at least two anxious

work to do if we want to get the rate

with HIV, it is the perfect time to

weeks to get results. Today, you can

to zero, but right now, we have all

remind everyone how far we’ve come

learn your HIV status in 20 minutes

the tools we need to get there.

in terms of HIV-related prevention

just by swabbing your mouth and

So please, talk to your friends

and treatment. Specifically, I want

dropping it in a vial. While it takes

about HIV. Have honest discussions

to take some time to compare 1985

3-6 months after a risky encounter

with your sexual partner(s) about

with today. What a difference 30

for an antibody test to be accurate,

playing safe and getting tested. Get

years makes!

some testing technologies can now

yourself tested. Talk to your doctor

For starters, consider that the

detect an HIV infection in as little

about PrEP and PEP. If you are

Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

as two weeks with a single drop of

already living with HIV, then know

officially noted in 1985 that AIDS

blood. This is important because

that you are worthy of dignity and

was caused by a newly-identified

during the first month after becoming

respect, and that there are several

virus that would later be called HIV.

infected, transmission can occur

resources for you here in Kentucky.

We now know what HIV is, how it

very easily. So, the sooner we can

Just as it did in 1985, stopping the

is transmitted, and how to prevent

detect HIV, the sooner people can

spread of HIV still requires unity

it. There is still no cure for HIV,

begin treatment, stay healthy, and

and diligence. The time to act is —

but studies have consistently shown

prevent the spread to others.

and always has been—now.

that people who stay on their HIV

Finally, 1985 was the first year

treatment live just as long as people

that HIV was confirmed to be a

859-225-3000 x30. Stop by AVOL

who are HIV-negative and are much

global disease. There are currently

at 225 Walton Avenue (Suite 110)

less likely to transmit the virus.



to pick up condoms and other

There are now also medications

HIV in the world, and 39 million

prevention supplies. Help AVOL

HIV-negative people can take to

people have died since the first

purchase HIV test kits, condoms,

stay HIV-negative: PrEP and PEP

case. Contrary to popular belief,

and other prevention supplies by

(for more information, visit aids.

90% of infections worldwide are

making a financial donation at

gov). Our knowledge about HIV

due to heterosexual sexual contact,

is increasing exponentially, and

although that cannot be said for the

that could not be true without

United States. Two-thirds of new

was founded in the Lexington

the discoveries made by those

HIV cases each year are among gay


researchers in the early days.

and bisexual men, with the highest













later, AVOL




PFLAG Central Kentucky

St. Michael’s Episcopal Church 2025 Bellefonte Drive • Lexington, KY Tuesday, January 12 • 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. A lively presentation about ancient and modern thought regarding sexual orientation and gender identity from Hindu, Muslim, Christian, and Jewish perspectives. Ancient thinking was more modern than you imagine! Presented by Shana Sippy, teacher of Religion and Gender Studies at Carleton College. Tuesday, February 9 • 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Several members of TransParentLex will join us to discuss their experiences supporting and advocating for their transgender children and teens. TransParentLex provides support, information and resources for families in transition. Our presentation and Q&A takes place the first hour, followed by our confidential support group meeting. We welcome LGBTQ persons, their family members, friends and allies, and all who share our vision of acceptance, respect, and equality.




Performers help the PCSO kickoff its GoodGiving Guide Challenge efforts. LEFT TO RIGHT: JoDee Monroe, Mr. Lexington Pride 2015 AJ Allen Montrese, Aurora Cummings, & Uma Jewels.



TOP Members of the Seasoned Independent People (50+) social group share a Thanksgiving meal at their monthly Senior’s Bistro (Potluck). LEFT Attendees at the UK Transgender Day of Remembrance Marisa Richmond event participate in a candelight ceremony honoring the lives of those transgender men and women who were murdered over the past year. RIGHT Miss Lexington Pride 2015, Phoxee Esparanza Roxx, performs at the Bluegrass Black Pride/ Ebony Wellness 2015 Honor’s Banquet.



December Calendar & Telephone Directory All meetings are hosted at the PCSO Pride Center unless noted with * Tuesday, December 1 World AIDS Day Wednesday, December 2 5:00 p.m. Richmond’s Alphabet Soup Support Group* 7:00 p.m. “Heart To Heart” LGBT Discussion Group Thursday, December 3 6:30 p.m. PCSO Board Meeting 7:30 p.m. H.E.A.L./HOPE Pozitive* Saturday, December 5 7:30 p.m. TransKentucky Meeting Sunday, December 6 6:30 p.m. Team Lex Volleyball* 9:00 p.m. AVOL Kid’s Christmas* Monday, December 7 6:30 p.m. Lexington Rainbow Bowling League Night* Wednesday, December 9 5:00 p.m. Richmond’s Alphabet Soup Support Group* 7:00 p.m. “Heart To Heart” LGBT Discussion Group

Community and Social Groups

Thursday, December 10 7:00 p.m. LexPrideFest Sponsorship Sub-Committee Meeting 7:30 p.m. H.E.A.L./HOPE Pozitive* Saturday, December 12 9:00 p.m. Kentucky Bourbon Bears Board Meeting* Sunday, December 13 4:30 p.m. ICK College of Monarchs Meeting 6:00 p.m. Imperial Court Meeting 6:30 p.m. Team Lex Volleyball* Wednesday, December 16 5:00 p.m. Richmond’s Alphabet Soup Support Group* 7:00 p.m. “Heart To Heart” LGBT Discussion Group 9:00 p.m. ICK’s Miss Mary Christmas Pageant* Thursday, December 17 6:30 p.m. LexPrideFest Committee Meeting 7:30 p.m. H.E.A.L./HOPE Pozitive*

Friday, December 18 7:00 p.m. Senior’s Bistro (Potluck) Sunday, December 20 Editorial Deadline for LINQ Magazine 6:30 p.m. Team Lex Volleyball* 8:30 p.m. A Very Fairy Christmas* Wednesday, December 23 5:00 p.m. Richmond’s Alphabet Soup Support Group* 7:00 p.m. “Heart To Heart” LGBT Discussion Group Thursday, December 24 7:30 p.m. H.E.A.L./HOPE Pozitive* Sunday, December 27 6:00 p.m. ICK’s Board of Directors/ Membership Meeting 6:30 p.m. Team Lex Volleyball* Wednesday, December 30 5:00 p.m. Richmond’s Alphabet Soup Support Group* 7:00 p.m. “Heart To Heart” LGBT Discussion Group

Community and Social Groups

HIV/STD Testing, Services

& Information

24-Hour Crisis Line




24-Hour Teen Crisis Line


Social Services, Lexington


AIDS Volunteers of Lexington (AVOL) 859-225-3000

AA/Alcoholic Teens




Health Department, Fayette County


Alcoholics Anonymous



Health Department, Woodford County


Arbor Youth Services


Transgender Youth Family Allies 1-888-462-8932

HIV/AIDS Legal Project


Council for Peace and Justice


Trevor Lifeline 24/7


Moveable Feast


Fairness of Louisville


United Way


Northern KY Region


Gay-Straight Alliance, Teens


UK Adolescent Medicine


“Heart to Heart” Discussion Group


College Student Groups 859-958-3633

Religious Groups

HOPE Pozitive


Berea College ACE

Imperial Court of Kentucky


BCTC Gay-Straight Alliance


Ahava Center for Spiritual Living


KY Survivors Area of Narcotics Anonymous 859-253-4673

Centre College BGLA


Bluegrass United Church of Christ


Lexington Fair Housing Council


EKU Alphabet Center


Embrace Fellowship


Lexington Fairness


EKU Pride Alliance


Faith Lutheran Church


Lexington Human Rights


Morehead State University


First Presbyterian Church


Lexington Pride Festival


TUnity (Transy)


Hunter Presbyterian Church


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


UK LGBTQ* Resource Center


Lex Friends, Quakers


PCSO Pride Center


Maxwell Street Presbyterian Church


PFLAG Central Kentucky, Inc.


St. Martha’s Episcopal Church


PFLAG Louisville


Unitarian Universalist Church


Rainbow Bowling League


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Woodland Christian Church




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December 2015 LinQ  

LinQ is the only monthly magazine that focuses on the Kentucky LGBTQ... community. LinQ is published monthly by and for the Pride Community...

December 2015 LinQ  

LinQ is the only monthly magazine that focuses on the Kentucky LGBTQ... community. LinQ is published monthly by and for the Pride Community...