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Connecting the Bluegrass LGBT community

Lexington 2014 AIDS Walk May 2014, Vol. 36 No. 5

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Cover photo by Brian Hawkins, 2014 AIDS Walk in Lexington, KY. Sunday, April 13

That’s What I’m Talkin’ About Helena blooms with a discussion of her favorite flowers and the arrival of spring in the bluegrass.

Imperial Court of Kentucky J.D. Vaughn discusses the end of Reign 32 and upcoming elections for the Imperial Court monarchs.


Empathy Found Here Ginger Minder-Moore shares the history and purpose of the GLSO’s Wednesday night discussion group.

Cancer Poems Pat Ritz shares her moving poety about seeing someone you love be diagnosed and live with cancer.

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That’s What I’m Talkin’ About By Helena Handbasket


e have all heard

names? A rose by any other

Aren’t daisies lucky to be

Polly Nation. She would only

the saying that

name would still smell as

associated with something

wear floral fabrics and always

April showers

sweet. Why was that particular

every gay man of a certain

have a flower adornment in

bring May flowers. I was

flower named “rose”? One

age has owned, worn, or

her hair.

a kid the first time I heard

of my favorite flowers is the

admired at some point in

that and it always made me

Brugmansia, with a slang

his life, whether he wants to

flowers would have to be the

wonder “wow, that must be a

name of angel trumpet. The

admit it or not? What about

daffodils and tulips. I love

lot of rain to bring a big old

flower has great fortune to be

the character Hyacinth on

to cut them and bring their

boat to Kentucky.” Of course,

named after such a heavenly

the British comedy “Keeping

beauty into the house to be

it happened to Noah when it

idea as the angel’s trumpet.

Up Appearances”? Don’t we

enjoyed. I have to admit that

rained for 40 days and nights

Although, if you smell an

just love her? Even anima-

few things bring me as much

so I guess it can happen but

angel trumpet flower, you will

tion has followed suit, like

joy as tulips on my organ. A

how can a boat that old still be

see why someone would name

favorites Petunia Pig (Porky’s

big vase of tulips on the organ

working? Of course, it wasn’t

it something with a heav-

lady friend) or Jasmine, the

in our home just makes me

long after that I realized

enly reference. The fragrance

princess in Aladdin.

scream with delight.

the difference between May

tops that of the star gazer

Flowers aren’t always named

So, my challenge to you

flowers and the Mayflower.

lilies, another of my favorites.

after something nice but

all, be the flower in the

Anyway, don’t you just love

Speaking of lilies, there are

keep the name because they

garden today. Or every day.

flowers? I love flowers of all

many varieties of lilies. The

usually resemble something

No matter where you are

types. We love them because

peach lily, day lily, tiger lily,

in appearance. One example

planted, whether it is at

of the way they look, the way

lily of the valley. Each beau-

would be flowers such as

your job, or family gather-

they smell, and the way that

tiful in their own right.

the spider flower. I do hate

ings, or charity functions,




people respond when they see

I also love it when people

spiders, although they seem to

be the flower and not the

or smell a flower. If only we

or things are named after

like to live in flower gardens.

weed. I will certainly give

all could be like a flower and

flowers. Do you ever wonder

As much as I dislike spiders, I

this a shot! If you walk

offer something of beauty to

why someone would choose

hate bees even more, although

up and sniff me, though,

everyone that we encounter.

a particular flower to name

their existence is necessary for

I might have to slap your



pollination. Now that I think

face… depending on where

Things like Daisy Dukes.

of it, that is a great drag name...

you sniff! Until next month.

Did you ever wonder how some of the flowers got their 4



Send comments or suggestions to:


Imperial Court News

By J. D. Vaughn


reetings from the

1 in the Grand Ballroom at the

held at 11am on Monday at

Candidate Tim has Meet &

Imperial Court of

Downtown Hilton Hotel. The

the Downtown Hilton Hotel.

Greet events scheduled at 6-8pm



event will feature the yearly

This year, the Imperial Court

on Friday, May 9 at Crossings

32 is winding up the eleventh

elections. Tenured members of

of Kentucky has one monar-

Lexington and 6-9pm on Sunday,

month of fundraising and

the Imperial Court of Kentucky

chial candidate for each race.

May 11 at Pulse Nightlife. He

preparations are underway for

may vote. Please see any board

Tim Logsdon is candidate for

also has a Candidate Show

Coronation 33. This year, the



Emperor 33 and Christina

scheduled at 9:30 pm for Friday,

Reigning Monarchs, His Most

Monarchs to retain member-

Puse (Chris Hocker) is candi-

May 16 at Crossings Lexington.

Imperial Majesty Emperor 32

ship in the Imperial Court of

date for Empress 33.

Patrick Thompson and Her

Kentucky or to purchase a ticket

Candidate Tim Logsdon said

would like the opportunity to

Most Imperial Majesty Regent

to any of the Coronation events.

about his campaign: “I envi-

continue on the traditions and

Empress 32 J.D. Vaughn, chose

The Coronation Ball will

sion and reflect on a quote from

fundraising of the Imperial

“A Night of Elegance – Southern

feature amazing performances

Harvey Milk, ‘All young people,

court of Kentucky with new


from Reign 32 members,

regardless of sexual orienta-

ways of reaching out to our



tion or identity, deserve a safe

community.” She has Meet

Coronation 33 weekend

mances of out of town guests,

and supportive environment

& Greet events scheduled

events will kick off at 9pm on

and production numbers by

to which to achieve their full

at 6-8pm on Tuesday, May 6

Friday, May 30 at Crossings

both the Gilded Cage Divas

potential.’ As candidate for the

at Crossings Lexington and

Lexington ($5 cover) with

of the Bar Complex and the

Imperial Court of Kentucky’s

6-8pm on Wednesday, May 14

the In-Town Show, show-

Rhythm Showcast of Pulse

Emperor XXXIII, I plan on

at Pulse Nightlife. She also has

casing local entertainers.

Nightlife. The event culminates

using every possible opportunity

a Candidate Show scheduled

in the formal crowning cere-

to promote his belief through

at 9:30 pm for Sunday, May

mony of the new monarchs.

communication and outreach.

18 at Crossings Lexington.



Gentleman” as the theme.

The Out-of-Town Show will be held at 8:30PM on May




Christina Puse said: “I

31 at the Downtown Hilton

The weekend wraps up with

I cannot do this alone. As it has

Please mark your calendars

Hotel in the Magnolia Room

a Victory Brunch where the

been said, ‘It takes a Village.’

and make plans to celebrate with

with a $10 cover. This show

Reign 32 Monarchs present

Though personal and community

the Imperial Court of Kentucky

will feature out of town guests.

final awards and the new

support, the bringing together of

and Reign 32 as they finalize

The 33rd annual Coronation

Monarchs for Reign 33 start

this village will continue to be

their fundraising and pass the

Ball event will be held on June

their reign. The event will be

my main focus.”

torch on to the new monarchs! LinQ


Mr & Miss Lexington Pride

By Brian Hawkins





Gay Cheeseburgers in Kansas: Faith, Freedom, and a Law About Neither By Rev. Erin Wathen

So, I’m new here. And I

offer. When interviewed by

But if you take the gay man

look as though they *might*

realize that Kansas has JUST

the media he said “I mean,

out of the worship service,

be together. The presence

BARELY moved past the

I’m not going to make gay

and out of the class room,

of the kid kind of tears it.

Prohibition. But I am baffled

muffins…gay cheeseburgers.

and you place him in the

It gives them a decidedly

and perplexed by this new

What are you afraid of?”





legislation, making it totally

Yes, religious groups have a

freedom extend that far?

They ask for a table for 3.

legal and legit to refuse

right to ban certain practices

Can the church say ‘we think

The hostess looks uncom-

services to same sex couples.

and teachings within their

you’re a sinner, so you can’t

fortable. Says she needs to

Granted, this is just one

own institutions. I don’t get

serve our children lunch?’

go get the manager/owner.

more way Americans have

it, and I don’t agree with it,

managed to slap a ‘religious

but you don’t have to hire


freedom’ sticker on run-o-

a gay priest if you believe

We’ll see.

the-mill discrimination. But

the Bible condemns homo-

Meanwhile, take that gay

the family (at least, we all

as the culture at large makes

sexuality. You don’t have to

man out of the worship

assume they’re a family)

steps toward LGBT equality,

marry a same sex couple

venue, out of the Christian

standing at the door. “I’m

smaller interest groups push

if you believe scripture

classroom, and out of the

sorry,” he says, a little more

back in last, grasping efforts

instructs against it. And—



loudly than necessary. “We

to marginalize and condemn.

oh, and this is a blog post for

gether. Take him to a totally

don’t serve you people here.

This is not surprising. What

a WHOLE nother day—you


You’ll have to leave.”

is deeply disturbing is the

do not have to hire, or even

business. Say, a restaurant.

framing of this law as ‘reli-

consider a female candi-

In Kansas.

nod in smug approval. More

gious freedom,’ when in fact,

date for a leadership role, if

And here’s how this goes

than a few look uncomfort-

it has nothing to do with reli-

the Lord has revealed to you

down—You and your family

able. The rest of you—well,

gion. Or freedom.

the truth that women are to

are out enjoying a relaxing

you’re not so hungry any more.

remain silent in churches.

dinner. Nobody has to shop,

I could write a novella

(Because Jesus. I guess).

cook, OR clean up tonight,

about what happens next.

I heard this story on NPR yesterday

folks say


As your entrees arrive


at the table, the manager hurries by. He goes to




Some of your fellow diners





Like I said, I don’t like it, and

so yay! It’s a weeknight, so

Is there an uprising from a

thought he’d landed his

I’ll never understand it. But I

the place is uncrowded and

vocal minority who insist

dream job as a school cafe-

can at least concede that reli-

pretty quiet (except for your

this family be served or

teria manager. But then, in

gious freedom grants this sort

children, of course). Two

the rest of you will leave?

the last round of interviews,

of government sanctioned

women walk in, with a child

Do you go open your own

the adminstrators realized he

exclusivism. Within the walls

in tow, about the same age

restaurant and serve gay

was gay, and reneged the job

of a private institution.

as your own. These women

cheeseburgers? I don’t know.






It might be a great story. But

Can a fire fighter or a

I hate to see the constitu-

the more important ques-

police officer walk away

tion misused in this way.

tion is: is this the world we

from a burning home if gay

But of far greater concern to

To practice any religion is

want to live in?

people live there?

me is how the public under-

to believe in a power higher

yourself with like-brained people.

And perhaps even more

The thing is, we don’t

standing of ‘faith’ has come

than one’s self; to trust in a

importantly: is this restau-

know. This is new, so

to bear such toxic implica-

Creative force, alive and at

rant owner really within

we don’t know what the

tions for humanity. As if it

work in the world. Using

the bounds of ‘religious

broader impact on our

were somehow a basic right

that force for our own cruel

freedom’ as outlined in the

communities will be. But

of the believer to shape the

manipulations of the social

constitution? I mean, he’s

I do know this—the pros-

world into their own narrow

order is—I’m going to just

nowhere near his church.

pects are frightening, and

image of God.

say it—an abomination.

The encroaching lesbians

nothing about it is biblical,


are not threatening him with


bodily injury if he wants to

related to the life of faith.





about same sex marriage, LGBT presence in church

Even moreso than gay cheeseburgers. I




the power of petition to


affect real social change…

it bears repeating that the

ality, people of faith need to

However, if you are as good

Say what you will about

constitution is meant to

holler back right about now

and pissed off about this

Dan Cathy and the whole

serve all the people, and not

and say that freedom of reli-

as I hope you are, you can

Chic-fil-asco, but they never

a privileged few. Freedom

gion does not extend to the

at least send this little note

refuse service to anyone.

of religion emerged from a

arbitrary mistreatment of

to…wherever these things

desire to escape the tyranny

others. Even IF you believe

go. Put your name on a big


that homosexual behavior

fat NO. Kansas has smart

post pictures of Jesus or the

I feel like a broken record

ten commandments in his

sometimes, but apparently


place of business.

They have not established separate drinking fountains.



or on

And technically, I guess,

tioned belief and practice.



people. AND nice people.

neither has Kansas. But

As a matter of fact: that

you should rail against the

We should all get together

you’ve got to wonder…

particular article of govern-

notion that the Christian


what’s next?


narrative can be used in such

not have to be a Kansan to

a harmful way.

sign this!





Note: you do

Because, oh, and this…

whomever is in power at

The Kanss-ackward (Kansas

the moment cannot subject

Because here’s the truth:

+ ass + backward) interpre-

the minority to his (yes,

faith is the substance of

tation of religious freedom



things hoped for. Faith is

The Rev. Erin Wathen, a

here does not just extend to

form of belief or practice.

the conviction of things

London, Ky. native and a

small business owners. No,

The First Amendment is

unseen. Faith is NOT the

former Lexington pastor, is

this bill extends the ‘right

meant to protect faith from

word for word writ of

senior pastor at Saint Andrew

to refuse services’ to state



doctrine, sanctified by the

Christian Church in Olathe,


to write your faith into law,

law of the land. Faith is

Kan. You can

then, abuses the spirit of the

not the promise that you

her blog at:


constitution, creating the

will always be comfort-

teacher refuse to teach the

very tension it was meant

able, or that you will be

child of a same sex couple?

to destroy.

always allowed to surround



that parameter end? Can



his) blogs/irreverin/. LinQ





Empathy Found Here By Ginger Moore-Minder

Empathy – the ability to mutually experience the thoughts, emotions and direct experience of others. Lexington

marriages who find them-

are told is that “We accept

man in our community

“family” for support when

selves split between two

you just as you are. We are

wanted to give back. He saw

they are so far away from

worlds as they try to find

not here to change you.”

a need for support for LGBT

home. In the group they find

themselves. There are the

It’s not always sad. Some

persons during the holidays.

comfort, they find that they

adult children of parents

come to learn. What does

He knew that many of his

are not alone, and some-

who come out late in life,

it mean to be gay, lesbian,

peers suffered during this

times, they find “family”.

who only seek to under-

bisexual, or transgendered?


And, many times

What does it mean to be gay

Many years ago a young



season because they had been

For some it is just “To be

rejected by their families or

around people like me. So I

there are the newly coming

in Kentucky? How is my life

lived in the sort of depression

can be myself.” Some come

out who also only seek to

going to be changed? How

that the holidays only accen-

seeking a sense of belonging


am I going to change? How


His response was

to something bigger than

In the group they see others

do I be happy and secure?

to start a weekly discussion

the sheltered little world

who have been where they

They find the answers in the

group. Eighteen years later

they have created for them-

are and have found their

stories that others share.

his vision of a time and place

selves. Many people already

way to understanding.

where people could come to

secure in there lives move

So many tell stories of

because in their daily life they

be accepted and heard lives

here from larger communi-

rejection; by family and

are forced into silence; unable

on in the Wednesday Night

ties and experience a level of



to share even the simplest

Discussion Group.

“culture shock”; they come

community, and sometimes

pleasures in their life with the

to group seeking informa-

even by themselves. We have

straight world around them;


tion on how to connect

learned over the years that

unable to speak up about


with the LGBT community

self-acceptance is key, but

the issues that affect them

tales of heartache and loss.

in their new home.


that it can be very hard to

personally and professionally.

“I feel all alone, like I’m

group can help them find

attain; especially when there

In group they talk about their

the only gay person in the


is no one telling you, “You’re

lives, from the most mundane

Over these years many stories







Some just come to be heard

world” is a common refrain.

Protected by confidenti-

okay.” Well, when you walk

to the downright spectacular,

We see students seeking

ality we see people leaving

into group the first thing you

and they are heard. LinQ


lives and what is impor-

use a little empathy or have

part of group is walking

tant to them.

They have

some to share we hope you

through the doors of the

found acceptance, commu-

will join us around the table.

Pride Center for the first

nity, camaraderie, comfort,

There is always enough

time. Who will be on the

family, and some find, for

laughter to be shared and

other side of the door?

the first time, that there is

tears to be understood.

Will they like me?

joy in being gay.

For most the hardest


they think I’m weird, or

The group exists today

terrible, or damaged? Will


they be weird, or terrible or

Because a group of people,

damaged? Some circle the

strangers really, can sit



Camera Ready Single Ad listen Ratesto block many times before around a table, they come in. Others Pages: park each other and nod in Regular far away so no one will 12x recognition 6x 4xthat “we 1x too

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know where 1/8 they are going. 25

have where you 30been 30 35 are, and40 we are okay. 45 ”

23% switched products last year to a more LGBT supportive company

Over the years literally

to adults of every stripe;

71% remain loyal to LGBT supportive brands and companies, even if costlier or less convenient

But most find 1/4 that once 35

50 they open the1/2 door and step Night 55 The 60 Wednesday 70 75 Full 100 Discussion 110 120 in they are “home”. Group is125 open Pages: hundreds ofPremium people have sat gay, Back Cover around a table at the Pride Center


Full + 200 transgendered,

bisexual, queer,

Front questioning, Full + 100intersexed, onInside Wednesday

nights and Inside talked Back about

Full + 75 (We do not even straight.

2 Page Full + 200If you could what is going on in Spread their discriminate.)

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Assigned: It’s a Boy! By Bobbie Thompson aka Alana’s Spouse A time long, long ago…

Eventually, someone had an

could also be incorrect. I feel

Let’s zoom to modern day.

experience that lead them to

the percent of persons born



the idea this is a false belief.

into the transgender experi-

everyone that the earth was

eyes glued to the monitor,

“What if,” that person might

ence is probably much more

flat. “It must be flat,” one

listened intently as the ultra-

have pondered, “a boy can be

than just 1%, especially with

might have said, “I can see the

sound tech showed them

born with a vagina and a girl

so many trans* choosing to

proof in yon horizon where

their unborn baby’s ears,

can be born with a penis?”

remain hidden.

the earth comes to its end.”

fingers, toes. Finally, they

“Preposterous,” is currently

Over time, it will be proved,

Eventually, someone had

say “Congratulations, it’s a

the response. “I see what I

by the experience of being born

the idea this was a false

boy.” The child’s gender is

see, therefore, the proof of

trans, that, indeed, it is not

belief. “What if,” that person

assigned even before leaving

gender is by the genitals.”

genitals that determine gender.

might have pondered, “the

the mother’s womb. Decades

Ever so slowly, the idea that

The truth that some boys are

reason you can never reach

ago, prior to the technology

gender is determined solely

born with a vagina and some

yon horizon is because the

of ultrasounds, the child

by genitalia is being chal-

girls are born with a penis

earth is round?”

would leave the womb before

lenged as more and more

will be accepted by everyone,


the doctor would announce,

trans* share their experi-

even without everyone having

might respond. “I see what I

“It’s a boy.” Gender is the

ences. However, the experi-


see, therefore, the proof is by

very first proclamation made

ence of being transgender is

transgender themselves.

my sight that the earth is flat.”

in the life of every child.

a rare one. I have read statis-

The fact is, gender is not

There was a period in time where it was believed by



believed differently. expectant




Over time, it was proved, by

How did the ultrasound

tics that show only 1 out of

assigned or determined by

the experience of travel, that

tech and doctor determine

100 people are born into the

genitalia… even if folks

the earth is, indeed, round.

the child’s gender? Of course,

trans experience. Only 1%

believe differently.

The truth that the earth is

the same way it’s been done

have the experience while

round is eventually accepted

since the beginning of time:

the remaining 99% of people

by everyone, even without

the appearance of the geni-

still align with the belief that

everyone having the experi-

tals. It is believed that a

gender is determined by

ence of travel themselves.

child born with a penis is a

whether or not you are born

boy and a child born with a

with a penis or a vagina.

Fact is, the earth was never flat, even when folks

vagina is a girl.

Of course, the statistics LinQ


2014 AVOL AIDS WalkBy Brian Hawkins






By Pat Ritz

Cancer Poems

Waiting for your call, still I’m startled Your voice raw-sounding, saying my name and then: malignant I picture you standing alone in the hallway Suncoast Medical Clinic at the free phone (3-minute limit)

Your tall black surgeon stands before me in Bayfront hospital’s waiting room murmuring the words “early early stages” He took a quadrant of your right breast and ten lumph nodes the pathology report is due in two days

Tears slide from my eyes trying to stay silent and my mind says out loud: NO They’ve made a mistake not you, not my long legged Amazon, andnot your breast, softness cats and I cuddle on. Only yesterday

October 31, Halloween night The phone rings your doctor’s voice I pass the receiver to you and holding my breath hear your soft voice exclaim THE LYMPH NODES ARE CLEAR? and we bounce like springs unwound giddy with relief

We laughed about your biopsy and said it’s not even necessary; you with your fat-free vegetarian diet, regular exercise, vitamin supplements, positive thinking not knowing the enemy was hidden within

Radiation side effects: loss of appetite skin tenderness, burning sensations, coughing spells, fatigue Each day the lineaer accelerator cooks you exactly three minutes leaving you increasingly weak

On ramp curving monolith of concrete funnels our white Plymouth Voyager van into speeding flow of steel 4-lane highway stretches before us no longer dreaming the trip we’ll take some day The journey is now

Pale sunlight creeps through the bamboo blinds in your bedroom as we weep intermittently calling friends and spreading the incredible news. Leaning on pilows, I watch your face It occues to me We forgot to be happy in this house too busy doing yard work, running errands, buying food never thought to appreciate the faded gold of late afternoon gathering to share each day’s tragicomic news






LGBT Seniors to Participate in National Study on Aging By Ginger Moore-Minder Fredriksen-Goldsen

relationship with someone

access, transportation, illness

they age, including disa-

sent an email to the GLSO

of your same sex or gender.

support, outings and friend-

bility, physical and mental

because of our pioneering

The roll-out date for the

ship to persons over the age of


work with the Senior Group.

questionnaire is May 2014.

50. Contact the Pride Center

discrimination and lack of

Lisa invited us to partici-

We will end data collection

for more information.

access to supportive aging

pate in a study funded by

in June and report results in


the National Institute of

October. Copies of the ques-


Health, the first of its kind,




and health services. Health


disparities must be elimi-

tionnaire are available at the

Summary, The Aging and

nated to effectively respond

that addresses the unique

Pride Center. You may also

Health Report: Disparities

to the aging crises in the

aging and health issues of

call the Pride Center (859-


LGBT communities.”

lesbian, gay, bisexual and

253-3233) and leave your

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and

“The first phase of this



address to get a copy mailed

Transgender Older Adults

project, we utilized state-

Phase 1 is already complete

to you or to get the web

written by Karen Fredriksen-

level population-based infor-

and some of those finding

address to take the ques-

Goldsen, Hyun-Jun Kim,

mation from the Behavioral

will be outlined. The GLSO

tionnaire online. There will



agreed to participate in

be two booths set up at the

Muraco, Elena Erosheva,

System in Washington State

the continuation of the

Pride Festival to get addi-

and Charles Hoy-Ellis, Jayn

(BRFSS-WA) to compare key

study in phase 2. This will

tional persons to complete

Goldsen, Heidi Petry.

health indicators of lesbian,

include more geographically

the questionnaires.

following from







“Aging and health needs

gay and bisexual adults to

southern data. Our role is to

Your participation in this

of lesbian, gay, bisexual and

heterosexuals. Next, to better

provide “Caring and Aging

project will help meet the

transgender older adults are

understand the risk and

with Pride” questionaires

aging and health needs of

rarely addressed in services,

protective factors impacting

to our community to help

adults 50 years of age and



gather more qualified data.

older in our communities.

even though diversity is a


The goal is 250 completed


defining feature of our aging

community-based agencies


about 15 minutes to complete

global population.”

across eleven agencies across






the country.

adults, with



The execu-

That’s quite a goal, so we

and your responses are

“Caring and Aging with

need your help! To partici-

completely voluntary. The

Pride, the first national

tive summary highlights key

pate in this project you must

questionnaire is anonymous.

federally-funded project to

findings and the recommen-

be 50 years of age or older

The GLSO is proud to be

examine LGBT aging and

dations stemming from this

and be LGBT or be someone

the sponsor of the Senior

health reveals significant

ground-breaking project.”

who is attracted to or has

Group and to provide social-

health disparities impacting


ization, referral, disability



an LinQ





“Lesbian, gay and bisexual older






social isolation, which in the

distress and are more likely

general population is linked

Addressing the aging and

to smoke and engage in

to poor mental and physical

health needs of LGBT older

disability and nearly one-




adults is paramount as it

third report depression.

heterosexuals. Lesbians and

ment and premature chronic

sheds new light on the diver-

• Most LGBT older adults

bisexual older women report

disease and death.”

sity and cumulative risks

(91%) engage in wellness activities.







their communities.” • Nearly



higher risk of cardiovascular

“Isolation, finding friend

facing the aging population.

disease and obesity than

support, care giving and

A comprehensive approach is

• Almost two-thirds have

heterosexual women, and

health are the biggest issues

required to transform public

been victimized three or

gay and bisexual older men

older gay persons face. Who

policies, services, education

more times.

are more likely to have poor

will be there for us, who will

and research. Understanding

• Thirteen percent have

physical health than their

help care for us without judg-

aging and health across

been denied healthcare or


ment? 66-year-old lesbian”

diverse communities illu-

received inferior care.


• More than 20% do not

LGBT older adults are also

“Contrary to popular belief

at greater risk socially than

that LGBT older adults will

reminds us that resilience




not participate in research,

often emerges from adversity.

gender identity to their

Lesbian, gay and bisexual

2,560 diverse LGBT older

The LGBT older adults in


older adults are less likely to

adults age 50 to 95 joined in

Caring and Aging with Pride

• About one-third do not

be partnered or married than

our national aging and health

represent the past and the

have a will or durable power

heterosexuals, which may

project. Despite the chal-

future, as they create a legacy

of attorney for healthcare.

result in less social support

lenging historical context of

for generations to come.”

and financial security as they

their lives, LGBT older adults

age. Older adults who live

forge onward with resilience,


alone are at serious risk of

living their lives and building

Health Findings:

The Kentucky Bourbon Bears

and club members to be



door will earn an “Auction

will host the 4th Annual Big

auctioned off to the highest

Gay Straight Alliance for

paddle” to bid on the

Baskets of the Bluegrass event

bid donation! The Kentucky

youth. The donations allow

baskets. Baskets will be

at 8pm on Friday, May 16th

Bourbon Bears are a 501(C)

the GSA to celebrate their

available for viewing before

at the Campbell House Inn.

(3) non profit so all dona-

annual Pride Prom, develop

the auction starts at 8:30pm.

This year’s Gift Basket Charity

tions go to a worthy cause!

educational efforts in local





schools, and permit the

be a cash bar and feature

Baskets AND Buxom Beauties.

“baskets” with electronics,

annual trip to Kings Island.


The event will feature hot

UK gear, a Calipari-signed

The event also supports

performers. The event will

men and beautiful ladies in



be followed by an after party

sexy swim and underwear

dinners, bourbon tours and

their efforts to end discrim-

paired with a matching

much more.

ination and bullying in





Older Aging





• Most needed services:


senior housing, transporta-


tion, legal services, and social events.

Big Baskets of the Bluegrass




themed basket of donated items from local businesses 20










table donations go toward




central Kentucky. A $5 donation at the

there by

will local

at Crossings Lexington! Check out the Kentucky Bourbon Bears Facebook page for more information!

Calling All Pride Volunteers

It is now time to start thinking about contacting us for volunteering for the Pride Festival. We have had many individuals help us in previous years and hope that we have the biggest turnout and response for volunteers for the day of and the duties leading up to the Festival. There are many volunteer opportunities in all areas including merchandising, first-aid, services, activities, stage hands, set-up and breakdown and more. All volunteers will receive a little something as a token of appreciation. Take 2 hours to volunteer and then enjoy the rest of the day and know you had a part in helping to make it possible. For any and all Pride volunteer inquiries, please contact or fill the volunteer application out at and click on volunteer application.

Lexington Fairness Awards Lexington Fairness will host this year’s Fairness Awards Dinner on June 20th at the Grand Reserve. Each year, Lexington Fairness opens the nomination of the Fairness Awards to the public. Nominations will be accepted until May 15. Afterward, t all submitted nominations are presented to the Awards Selection Committee, a small but diverse group of people with years of experience in community service. Nominees will have short biographical information published in the event program at the Fairness Awards Dinner. Recipients of the awards will be announced during the evening’s festivities. To view the categories for nomination and to make your own, please visit Ticket sales begin May 1 and can be purchased at



2014 Lexington Pride Festival Entertainm​ent The Lexington Pride Festival Committee would like to announce three of our special guests headlining and appearing at the 2014 Lexington Pride Festival on Saturday, June 28, 2014! "Lies!"

and triumphs. Collaborating

this album has been so ther-

only three years old when

as well as two full-length

with leading UK DJ Les

apeutic and emotional!”



albums, "Dedicated," and

Hemstock, Dario explored


singer natural

Dario vocal




Never one to rest on past




"The Up Side of Down," were

the world of dance music





commercial hits. He has since

in "Talking Loud". Dario

committed to giving back to

hearts and an audience. It

toured with Destiny's Child,

explains, "I love the idea

the community. He works

was obvious that he was

KC & JoJo and other estab-

of creative musical people

with numerous foundations

destined to be a sensation.

lished recording artists. In

taking something I've done

that educate, research and

The Tucson Arizona native

2011, the pop star wrapped

and making it different and

fight to cure HIV/AIDS,

entertained at this early age,

a national, five-month head-

new!" While Dario enjoyed

breast cancer and sickle cell

singing and dancing to the

lining tour to promote "The

the opportunity to dive into

anemia. His favorite foun-

musical stylings of Michael

Up Side of Down," which

new musical territory, he

dation is Building Futures

Jackson, Marvin Gaye and

was released to rave reviews.

remains dedicated to his roots

Inc. (BFI), where he serves

Cheyanne. Before long he

Dario's solid reputation

and will be releasing a Pop

as a passionate mentor to

was a successful champion

as a singular force in the

and R&B follow-up album


of local competitions and

industry has landed him

titled "Evolution" April 29th

young adults in Los Angeles,

talent shows, earning him a

multitudes of public appear-

2014, produced by David

helping them to envision

loyal following. Independent

ances, including televised

Pramik. “This is the defining

their dreams and work to

record labels invited Dario

red-carpet events such as

record for me in my career,”

make them come true.

to audition after discovering


Dario states. “Working on

him at a "Search for Stardom"

American Music Awards. He

convention, catapulting the

has also graced the covers of

singer into an exhilarating

more than 40 entertainment

music career.

and lifestyle magazines.

Dario's distinctive vocals




The reality series "Dario

and dynamic stage pres-


ence landed his first single

revealing glimpse into the

"Be" at number one on




album, as well as his personal

Chart in April 2004. His

and professional struggles


Independent LinQ


offers Dario's

a fifth





In a recent interview, Dario

was asked to reveal the secret

the “Fagbug,” and embarked

to his success. His answer:

upon a video-documented

"Hard work, the support of

58-day trip around the US

my friends and family, and

and Canada. During this

of course, the loyalty of my

she interviewed 536 people

amazing fans! But really,

and spoke out against hate

there is no secret—success


has always been the only

Along the way, Erin discovered other, more serious hate

option." been

crimes, had people attempt

announced as one of Katy

to remove the graffiti, and

Perry's opening acts in 2014

experimented with having a

at selected venues. For more

male drive her car. Not only

information on Dario and

did she want America to see

his music, check out www.


she wanted help with a solu-

Vermont, to wife and artist

Josh released a new single in

tion. Her trip in the Fagbug

collaborator Sonya Parrish.

2013 with “The Turn Around”

led to a 2009 award-winning

Erin & Sonya reside in

and is in studio recording his

Davies, an art education


Syracuse, NY with their 3

soon to be released album,

student at Sage College of


dogs, 3 cats and 2 turtles.
















and intriguing.



Albany made national head-

After a year, Erin gave her

Watch the trailer, view the

lines. On April 18, 2007, the

car a makeover and now

film on Netflix or Hulu. Her

The discography includes

11th Annual National Day of



sequel “Fagbug Nation” is

3 CDs with ‘Got Love?’, ‘Out

Silence, Erin Davies became

Volkswagen Beetle, speaking

coming out very soon and

From Under’, ‘A Totally New

a victim to a hate crime in

at over 300 colleges and

will be showing in Lexington

Sensation’ and the single

Albany, New York. Because



as part of a fundraiser the

“All I Want For Christmas”.

of sporting a rainbow sticker

America to bring awareness

day after the Lexington Pride

Distributed nationally by

on her Volkswagen Beetle,

of hate crimes and homo-


Burnside, Josh’s music is an

Erin’s car was vandalized, left

phobia. Erin’s been a guest on

with the words “fag” and “u r

BBC, NPR and ABC News,

gay” spray-painted placed on




Perpetual Discontent”.

infectious mixture of pop a

rock and soothing ballads,

and has been written about in

singer songwriter musician

all of them electrified with

the driver’s side window and

Newsweek, Vanity Fair, The

expanding his musical hori-

a powerful message of love

hood of her car.

Advocate, Curve Magazine,

zons with each original song

and self-acceptance.

Despite initial shock and

and in Clara Lewis’ book

he composes and records.

embarrassment, Erin decided

titled “Tough On Hate? The

Josh’s lyrics are said to be

our 2009 Lexington Pride

to embrace what happened

Cultural Politics of Hate

truthful, surrounding life’s

Festival. He was so well

by leaving the graffiti on her


challenges and quest for





Josh was a headliner at




car. In response, she put her

Recently, Erin received her

spiritual growth. His musical

invited him back. He has

studies on hold, took her car,

Master’s in Art Education

conviction and well articu-

been wanting to get back to

now known worldwide as

from Sage College and got

lated melodies are spirited

perform ever since. LinQ


May Calendar All meetings are hosted at the GLSO Pride Center unless otherwise noted

Thursday, May 1

Monday, May 12

Saturday, May 24

6:30-8:30PM GLSO Board Meeting

8:00-9:00PM AA Meeting by AVOL*

1:30-3:30PM GLSO Fundraising Committee

Saturday, May 3

Tuesday, May 13

Sunday, May 25

7:30-9:00PM TransKentucky

6:30-8:30PM PFLAG Meeting*

2:00-4:00PM Raging Grape Ape Committee

Sunday, May 4

7:00-9:00PM HIV/AIDS Support Group at AVOL*

3:30-5:30PM Company Q Drama Troupe Practice

3:30-5:30PM Company Q Drama Troupe Practice

Wednesday, May 14

6:00-8:00PM Imperial Court Meeting

6:00-8:00PM Imperial Court Meeting

7:00-9:00PM LGBT Discussion Group

6:30-9:30PM Team Lex Volleyball*

6:30-9:30PM Team Lex Volleyball*

Thursday, May 15

Monday, May 26

Monday, May 5

7:00-9:00PM 2014 LexPride Planning Meeting

8:00-9:00PM AA Meeting at AVOL*

8:00-9:00PM AA Meeting at AVOL*

Friday, May 16

Wednesday, May 28

Wednesday, May 7

7:00-10:00PM Senior’s Bistro Potluck

7:00-9:00PM LGBT Discussion Group

7:00-9:00PM LGBT Discussion Group

8:00-11:30PM Big Baskets of the Bluegrass*

Thursday, May 29

8:30-11:30PM ICK Entertainer of the Year*

Saturday, May 17

7:00-9:00PM 2014 LexPride Planning Meeting

Thursday, May 8

7:00PM-10:00PM GSA Pride Prom*

Friday, May 30

7:00-9:00PM LOVEboldly Board Meeting

Sunday, May 18

8:30-11:30PM ICK’s In Town Show*

Friday, May 9

3:30-5:30PM Company Q Drama Troupe Practice

Saturday, May 31

7:00-9:00PM Hispanic LGBT Discussion Group

6:00-8:00PM Imperial Court Meeting

8:30-11:30PM ICK’s Out of Town Show*

Saturday, May 10

6:30-9:30PM Team Lex Volleyball*

1:30-3:30PM GLSO Fundraising Committee

Monday, May 19

9:00-10:00PM KYBourbonBears Board Meeting

8:00-9:00PM AA Meeting at AVOL*

Sunday, May 11

Wednesday, May 21

2:00-4:00PM Raging Grape Ape Committee

7:00-9:00PM LGBT Discussion Group

3:30-5:30PM Company Q Drama Troupe Practice

Friday, May 23

6:00-8:00PM Imperial Court Meeting

7:00-9:00PM Hispanic LGBT Discussion Group

6:30-9:30PM Team Lex Volleyball*

8:00-11:00PM 5th Annual Bachelor/Bachelorette Auction

* not hosted at the Pride Center

Don’t see your group’s events? Email it to and we will add you to our calendar! 24


Telephone Directory HIV/STD Testing, Services and Information

PFLAG Louisville

502 223 1323

AIDS Volunteers of Lexington (AVOL) 859 225 3000


859 806 0243

Health Department, Fayette County

Social Services, Lexington


Health Department, Woodford County 859 873 4541

Speaker’s Bureau

859 266 5904

HIV/AIDS Legal Project

502 584 1254


Moveable Feast

859 252 2867

Transgender Youth Family Allies

1 888 462 8932

Northern Ky Region

859 341 4264

Trevor Lifeline 24/7

1 866 488 7386

UK Adolescent Medicine

859 323 5643

United Way

859 313 5465

859 288 2437

Community and Social Groups

Religious Groups

24-Hour Crisis Line

800 929 8000

Bluegrass United Church of Christ

859 233 0208

24-Hour Teen Crisis Line

800 999 9999

Faith Lutheran Church

859 266 7621

Alcoholics Anonymous

859 967 9960

First Presbyterian Church

859 252 1919

AA/Alcoholic Teens

859 277 1877

Lex Friends, Quakers

859 254 3319

Council for Peace and Justice

859 488 1448

Maxwell Street Presbyterian Church

859 255 1075

Discussion Group

859 253 3233

St. Martha’s Episcopal Church

859 271 7641

Fairness of Louisville

502 893 0788

Unitarian Universalist Church

859 223 1448

Gay-Straight Alliance, Teens

859 266 5904

Woodland Christian Church

859 266 3416

GLSO Pride Center

859 253 3233

Imperial Court of Kentucky

859 619 7521

Berea College ACE

859 958 3633

International Gay Bowling

859 539 3058

BCTC Gay-Straight Alliance

859 246 6365

Lexington Fair Housing Council

866 438 8617

Centre College BGLA

859 238 5332

Lexington Fairness

859 951 8565

EKU Alphabet Center

859 622 5041

Lexington Human Rights

859 252 4931

EKU Pride Alliance

859 622 1027

Lexington Pride Festival

859 253 3233

Morehead State University

606 783 2071

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

1 800 273 8255

TUnity (Transy)

859 445 3822

PFLAG Lexington

859 338 4393

UK Gay-Straight Alliance

859 257 8701

UK OutSource

859 323 3312­­

College Student Groups

Don’t see your group’s contact information? Email and we will add you to our directory. LinQ




LinQ May 2014, Vol. 36, No. 5  

LinQ is the only monthly magazine that focuses on Kentucky LGBT issues. It is published by the Lexington Gay and Lesbian Services Organizati...

LinQ May 2014, Vol. 36, No. 5  

LinQ is the only monthly magazine that focuses on Kentucky LGBT issues. It is published by the Lexington Gay and Lesbian Services Organizati...