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folks had also held leader-

sympathy is because, over

faith, baptism and spiritual

share their thoughts on the

ship roles which now would

time, all the wounds that

gifts of all Christians regard-


be vacant, and of course (not

may have been created from

less of their sexual orienta-

these citizens (actually most

to be crass) they took their



tion or gender identity, and

of them), this gave them a

money with them too.

healed over, and, from my

that neither is grounds for

chance to bash GLBT folks.

Now, if you are still reading

view of things, the vitality of

exclusion from fellowship or

Very often it was a minister

this ramble, please don’t

our congregation is stronger

service within the church,

who did the berating, often

think I am trying to gain

now than it has been in any

but we celebrate that all are

quoting Scripture to suppos-

any pity points with anyone,

of my time in Frankfort. I

part of God’s good crea-

edly prove their point.

nor to have you think, “Poor

have heard more people

tion.” In the weeks leading

couple times, I spoke up

Scott, what a good guy he

speak supportively of GLBT

up to this vote, I had shared

as well, as one of the piti-

must be.”

I’m not really a

individuals and who agree

this resolution, and my

fully few ministers who

good guy (to know me is

with my belief that God

supportive thoughts on it,

spoke openly in favor of the

to know this), but I made

blesses committed same sex

in many ways in our church

Ordinance. One time some

such a public and consistent

relations just as God blesses

(with leadership, among all

of my talk made the paper,

sharing about my views on

heterosexual relations. And

the congregation); not once

but other times I could be

GLBT because, first of all,

while I know that there are

did I hear a comment of

seen on the TV news, the

when I think “GLBT”, I don’t

others in our church who

opposition to this resolution.

balding back of my head

think of letters and issues

may not agree with me on

But the good news doesn’t

very obvious in the commis-

and “them.” I think of my

this, they are willing to agree

end there.

buddy Audrey. I think of her

to disagree.


partner Miranda. I think of



this summer, our denomina-

Commission in Frankfort

people from my church who

other gay and lesbian friends

tion, at its biannual General

has debated over a Fairness

attended many of the meet-

I have made over the past few


Ordinance for our city, which

ings, wearing their blue

years. And I feel like I need



would include “gender iden-


to be public and consistent

favor of a resolution enti-

tity” and “sexual orienta-

Fairness” t-shirts.



tled, “Becoming a People of

tion” in its list of prohibited

the end, it all proved worth

with church folks, because

Welcome and Grace for All.”

discriminations. During this

it, as the City Commission

most churches don’t speak

This resolution resolves that

agonizingly long process,

made Frankfort the 5th

openly about God’s love for

the church is “striving to

citizens of our commu-

city in Kentucky to pass a

all people, including GLBT

become a people of grace and

nity had the opportunity to

Fairness Ordinance!


Plus, I know that

welcome to all God’s chil-

whatever bad has happened

dren though differing in race,


to me in all of this, it is

gender, age, sexual orienta-

nothing at all compared to

tion, gender identity, nation-

how GLBT people continued

ality, ethnicity, marital status,

to be treated, in churches

physical or mental ability,

and in society at large.

political stance or theolog-




Another reason why I

ical perspective…” and calls

am not peddling for your

on the church to “affirm the


sion meeting. Furthermore, I was grateful for the many







For much of

For many of



And in



  

 LinQ


Profile for LinQ by PCSO

LinQ March 2014, Vol. 36, No. 3  

LinQ is the only monthly magazine that focuses on Kentucky LGBT issues. It is published by the Lexington Gay and Lesbian Services Organizati...

LinQ March 2014, Vol. 36, No. 3  

LinQ is the only monthly magazine that focuses on Kentucky LGBT issues. It is published by the Lexington Gay and Lesbian Services Organizati...