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A Minister’s Journey My name is Scott Rollins, a member of PFLAG, and

By Scott Rollins

with others who might not

my church about PFLAG

that Jesus is Lord means that

have heard it.

and my involvement in it. I

Christ, and not I, am Lord

the minister of Highland

It wasn’t long into my tenure

didn’t betray any confiden-

over my life, everything

Christian Church (Disciples

at Highland when I heard the

tialities by sharing stories I

else about our faith is non-

of Christ) in Frankfort. I am

first rumblings of discontent

heard at PFLAG, but I did

essential as far as member-

writing to share my story.

about my “views on homo-

let my church people know


I moved to Frankfort with

sexuality.” One person, in a

how horribly LGBT people

we interpret Scripture, how

my family in June, 2010, from

word, went “postal” on me

have been treated by their

we vote, how we understand

Knoxville, TN, to serve as the

at a meeting of our church

church “families”.

God’s role in the life of other

minister at Highland. I knew

leadership. Soon after, he left

We watched the video “For

people…None of these can

very little about Frankfort

the church because I “didn’t

the Bible tells me so,” over

form a checklist of what a

before we moved up here;

believe in the Bible.” Another

several PFLAG meetings and

person must believe.

I didn’t even know that

church leader shared with

I immediately ordered a copy.

the minister of a Disciples

Frankfort was the capital of

me that she felt conflicted

I shared it with several fami-

church, I cannot tell people

Kentucky until I did a Google-

and didn’t know if she could

lies in my church, all of whom

that they must think a certain

search before interviewing

remain in a church where

have gay or lesbian family

way about matters of faith,

at the church. Even though

the minister believed as I



but I sure can tell them how I

I didn’t know much about

did about same-sex relation-

who watched it loved it, so I

feel about things. Especially

Frankfort, nor the church,

ships. True to her word, she

decided to present the video

about issues important to me,

I wanted to make sure that

soon left the church.

to our church leadership

who are not “issues” after all

Shortly after moving to

group. Well, that stirred up a

but are people I care about

I made sure that the church

Frankfort, I found out about

few other church leaders, all

and who have been treated

search committee heard my

the Lexington PFLAG group.

of whom were wonderfully

so harshly by the church, a

“Audrey story.” Audrey is a

I was loosely involved in the

involved in the life of our

group who has been charged

dear friend of my family and



church, and whom my family

by its Lord to “love your

a former minister co-worker

before moving, so I began

loved. Ultimately, they could

neighbor as yourself.”

at my church in Knoxville.

to attend the local meetings.

not “agree to disagree” on the

Audrey also happens to be

Due to my commitments

issue of homosexuality.

a lesbian. I fully supported

at home (coaching sports,

Let me explain that phrase,

gree” on this, so they left. And

Audrey both in our ministry

running kids to sports and

“Agree to disagree.” In our

I have to admit, that group’s

together and in her sexual

dance and school events,

denomination, the Christian

leaving hurt a good bit. It

orientation. I told that story

etc.), I couldn’t attend every

Church (Disciples of Christ),

hurt personally for my family

openly and freely as I met

meeting but I always felt

our only requirement for

and for me, and even more for

with the search committee.

grateful to be a part of this

membership is our confes-

others in our church who had

After the church hired me,

great group when I could! I

sion that “Jesus Christ is

known these folks a whole

I shared that Audrey story

even began to tell folks from


lot longer than I have. These

they knew about me.





And while saying

Things such as how


But, there were some folks who could not “agree to disa-

Profile for LinQ by PCSO

LinQ March 2014, Vol. 36, No. 3  

LinQ is the only monthly magazine that focuses on Kentucky LGBT issues. It is published by the Lexington Gay and Lesbian Services Organizati...

LinQ March 2014, Vol. 36, No. 3  

LinQ is the only monthly magazine that focuses on Kentucky LGBT issues. It is published by the Lexington Gay and Lesbian Services Organizati...