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Connecting the Bluegrass LGBT community

Imperial Court’s 18th Annual Falsies Awards Lexington’s 2014 Take Back the Night! Updated Civil Marriage Map April 2014, Vol. 36 No. 4

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Cover photo by Brian Hawkins, 2014 Falsies at Bogarts in Lexington, KY. Sunday, March 16

That’s What I’m Talkin’ About Helena explores the meaning of the word friend and gives us advice on how to be good friends to one another.

Imperial Court of Kentucky


J.D. Vaughn fills us in on the upcoming fundraising ideas of the Imperial Court.

Oh, to Be Childlike, Again Bobbie Thompson shares her partner’s experiences coming out as transgender to thier nephew.

LGBT Fundraising Efforts We offer you a glimpse into the GLSO’s Dine to Donate campaigns and the Imperial Court’s 2014 Falsies.

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Not So Fast with those Shovels Rev. Marsha discusses a metaphorical spring cleaning for our souls so we can embrace our true selves.


The Lexington Gay and Lesbian Services Organization seeks

Marc K. Blevins

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That’s What I’m Talkin’ About By Helena Handbasket


Yes, I do consider

I think that means that

that the truth? Some people

calls you a friend, doesn’t

each and every reader a

a friend can be a variety

like to have strange friends,

mean they will act like friend

friend. I like to think I have

of things for a variety of

as was the case in the Three

at all. Notice that in the defini-

a lot of friends. After all, my

reasons. Maybe that is why

Dog Night song “Jeremiah

tion and song titles, nowhere

Facebook page says I have a

there are so many songs

was a bullfrog, he was a good

does it say a friend is someone

lot of friends, right?

about friends. Bette tells

friend of mine” (but just

with whom you must share

When I think about it, I

us that “You Got to Have

between you and me, I think

every single belief. In fact,

don’t know everyone that is a

Friends” and Norah Jones

it was only because he let

a real friend will remain by

friend of mine on Facebook.

reminds us that “Everybody

him drink his wine). Garth

your side and love you in

I’ve come to ask myself why

Needs a Best Friend” in the

Brooks tells us it is okay to

spite of those differences. I’ve

are some of us friends?

movie Ted. Patti LaBelle

have “Friends in Low Places”

seen too many people who

We’ve always heard that

reassures us that “You Are

but perhaps that’s due to the

call themselves “friends” part

to have a friend you have


whiskey, too?

ways just because they don’t

to be a friend. Facebook

Taylor shares that “You’ve

It is good to be thankful

see eye to eye. So, were they

could have called them fans,

Got a Friend” in his 1971

for the friends you have

ever really friends? In my

admirers, or maybe even

hit. Queen announces that

and you should let them

opinion, probably not!

acquaintances (stalkers in

“You’re My Best Friend” and

know how grateful you are

So, that is how I see the

some cases). They chose the

takes the level of friendship

by singing the Golden Girls

concept of friendship. I

word “friends” to link us.

the next level. We even learn

theme song “Thank You for

know that some of you might

Let’s look into that word a

in Toy Story that “You’ve

Being A Friend”.

not agree and that is okay.

little deeper, shall we?

Got a Friend in Me” thanks


ello, my friends,

something; or a favored

to get by “With a Little Help

I’ve learned over the years

and happy April!


from My Friends” and isn’t

that just because someone






to Randy Newman.

Dictionary’s definition of

I was taught as a child to

friend is: a person who

take comfort and celebrate

you like and enjoy being

“What a Friend We Have in

with; a person who helps

Jesus” in Sunday school. The

or supports someone or

Beatles teach us that it is easier



Perhaps there might be a

A true friend really can make life a lot more enjoyable and I believe “That’s What Friends are For”

few of you who will want to “unfriend” me on Facebook because of this article. To those of you who would be so shallow to do that, I say “Hasta la vista, baby!”

Send comments or suggestions to: helenahandbasketKY@gmail.com


Imperial Court News

By J. D. Vaughn reetings from Reign


It also was the culmina-

groups and hosting shows

32 of the Imperial

tion of the ABSOLUT Diva

at Transylvania University,

Working with the Court of

Court of Kentucky!

of the Year competition, with

Morehead State University,

Cincinnati, the ICK will host a

Reign 32 continued the year

finalists Aurora Cummings,

and Eastern State University.

joint fundraiser on April 23rd,

with a full month of events in

Mya St. James, and Georgia

March, kicking off the month


with the Mardi Gras Ball.

Patrick Thompson.

Coming up in April will

with the hilarious Miss Big


be several events and the

Bone Lick pageant. Categories

evening. Georgia Peach was

beginning of preparations

include Caveman Presentation


the ultimate winner of the

for Coronation 33, with

and Creative Cavewear. And on

Reign 32 beneficiaries, the

title and was honored with

announcements from candi-

Saturday, April 26th, Imperial

event was held at the Woman’s

a command performance at

dates for Monarch and Board

Crown Prince 32 Tim Logsdon

Club of Central Kentucky and

this year’s Coronation Ball.

of Directors.

will host his Studio 54 Show at




featured fabulous entertain-

The Court raised over $2000

On April 9th at Crossings

Crossings Lexington.

ment from ICK performers,

that evening. It was also

Lexington, the Court will host

Finally, Reign 32 will end

the UK Jazz Ensemble, a

announced that evening that

the 1 Girl, 5 Queens Show,

the month with the Miss

silent auction, and great food

Reign 32 had donated out

with Diva Lilo heading the

Derby Pride and King of

provided by Moveable Feast

over $23,000 of funds raised

show up, and some of your


Lexington. The event raised

to beneficiaries up to that

favorite entertainers as the

Nightlife on April 30th.

over $3000 and kicked off a

point. And a check for $3000

Queens! Then a week later,

The month of May will be

great month of fundraising.

was presented to Moveable

Duchess Benita Bloom will

campaign season for candi-

Then on March 15, the Court

Feast Lexington that evening!

host a Goddess of Rock Show

dates for Emperor and Empress

held the 18th Annual Falsies

Later that week, Countess

at Crossings on April 16th.

and the Board of Directors.




That will be followed up by

ceremony honoring the best in

Comedy Show at Crossings

the Inner Divo Contest at Pulse

feature some brief information

Lexington drag and community



Nightlife on Friday, April 18th.

about those candidates.

service. The evening featured

comedic performances from

This contest is open to any

There is more informa-

performances from both the

the Court performers. And

biological male entertainer;

tion on all events of Reign

Gilded Cage Diva’s of the Bar



applications packets may be

32 at the Court’s Facebook

Complex and the Rhythm



requested from Regent Empress

(ImpCourtKY) or website:

Cabaret Showcast from Pulse.

with various college LGBT

32 J.D. Vaughn or Emperor 32

the March


Court by




Awards, an annual awards






www.imperialcourtkentucky.org. LinQ


Meet the New Editor of GLSO’s LinQ Dear LinQ readers,

to the GLSO as a teenager grappling with his sexual

Thank you for taking the

orientation. He found a safe

time to read our magazine

place in our gay straight

each month. LinQ would not


be where we are today without

There he learned about

the many years of generous


support from our commu-

and history, self-love, and

nity. We endeavor to bring

community service. Now,

you the latest news about the

he has returned in order to

Kentucky and world GLBTQ

give back to the community

community and we hope to

that gave to him. He is a true

keep providing you with a

success story of the power

quality product.

of our shared committment

Recently, we at the GLSO saw a change in editors of this publication. We would

for youth (GSA). queer


to bettering the lives of our LGBT community. Marc has taken on the

like for you to meet Marc K.


Blevins. We are very excited

and the GLSO board has

to welcome him onto the

every faith that he can do

GLSO Board of Directors and

the job with exceedingly

into the position of Editor-

high expectations. He is

in-Chief for LinQ Magazine.

currently building a team of

Marc is a 26-year-old, life-

helpers, so if you would like







to get involved in magazine

studied Journalism at the

production or advertising

University of Kentucky. He

please email editor@glso.org.

went on to study Information


LinQ Donation/Adversiting rates Inside full page


Back cover full page


Here’s to Marc and our goal

1/2 page


Systems at Morehead State

of continuing to build an

1/4 page




outstanding LinQ magazine

Monthly Sponsor (One back cover full $750

combined journalism and

for you, our readers, each

IT background to pull each

and every month. Cheers!



edition of LinQ together for our community enjoyment. GLSO boasts a long history with Marc. He first came 6


Sincerely, Paul Brown GLSO president

page, front cover sponsor id, single page writeup, 1/4 page for 11 months)

Remember, all donations are tax deductible.

Email editor@glso.org or call 859.253.3233



Take Back the Night By Cynthia Lyons

It was a cold day outside but

The extra planning ensured



to set up resources tables for

the sun shone bright during

everything went as planned.

Vagina Monologues, Paws

TBTN event to share with the

the Take Back the Night

The event was well-attended

and Listen, Black Voices

community and also with each

march. The evening started

with lots of UK students and

for the Candlelight Vigil

other. Pride Center Office

at three different locations

members of the commu-

softened the intensity of the



nity watching and listening


and I tabled for Gay Lesbian






and was escorted by the



Through the eyes of a

Service Organization, where



Kathy Stein, a Family Court

survivor, Take Back the

we delivered materials and

Police. All three marches

Judge. spoke of witnessing

Night is the chance to

support for victims.

came together in front of


claim victory over your

Court House Plaza, where

violence and sexual abuse



for TBTN included: Kathy

supportive signs and posters

can destroy lives and fami-

courageously spoke up and

Stein, Christine Riordan,

were posted and someone

lies. UK Provost Christine

shared their stories often


with a megaphone called out

Riordan along with a UK

feel as if they rise out of

Kappa Alpha Psi, Delta

for “No more Violence.”

Professor and Social Activist

the ashes like the phoenix.

Sigma Theta, Tori Amason,

UK’s Violence Intervention

Chamara Kwakye provided

That’s what it means to take

Transy Vagina Monologues,

Prevention held meetings

motivational support for

back the night!

Porsha Jackson, Paws and

several weeks in advance


prior to the TBTN event.

violence and sexual abuse.












from Lexington were invited

Performers and speakers



Listen, and Black Voices for the Candlelight Vigil.

Two t-shirts from the Cltohesline Project that were displayed during Take Back the Night march. Left: “Don’t Ever Give Up” Right: “Out of the depths of hell comes life, beauty and happiness”

Interesting facts about TBTN • The first Take Back the Night rally was 39 years ago in Pittsburg Pennsylvania in 1975. • TBTN started as a rally for women against violence and sexual assault which later grew to also include men. • The TBTN event consists of a rally followed by a march where women hold signs, (Germany 1977) “demanding the right to move freely in their communities day and night without harassment.” • Allows the victims of sexual assault and domestic violence to speak out and empowers those who want their voices to be heard. Sometimes it is their first time telling anyone about their abuse. • 25% of all women are raped during their college years. • 12.8% of College freshmen and sophomores are victims of date rape. • 50% of victims tell no one of their victimization. • 44% of all sexual assault victims are under the age of 18. • 90% of all male victims are under the age of 18. • The biggest misconception is that sexual assault is someone you don’t know, a stranger lurking in the dark. • Sexual assault is not about sex it’s about power and control. • The Clothesline Project was first displayed in October 1990 during a Take Back the Night march and rally at Hyannis, Massachusetts. • The Clothesline Project honors women of domestic abuse or sexual violence. Survivors are encouraged to design their own t-shirt giving them a chance to expose the often horrific and unspeakable experience.




PFLAG Lexington Meeting Our meetings are open

open discussion meeting

Whether you want to talk

to parents, LGBTQs, and

and there will be no formal

or mostly listen, both new

allies. We offer a confi-

presentation. This will allow

and old members find these

dential, supportive atmos-

us ample time to talk about

meetings a useful time to get

phere where you can be

how our lives are going

support and to get to know

yourself, wherever you are

and to gain one another’s

each other better.

in your journey.

perspectives . We will also

The meeting will be 6:30

reflect on LGBT issues in

to 8:30 PM on April 8 at St.

our culture and in recent

Michael’s Episcopal Church,

news. Bring anything and

(2025 Bellefonte Drive).

everything you would like

This meeting will be an



to discuss!

Meeting are held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at St. Michael’s Episcopal Church, 2025 Bellefonte Drive, 6:30 to 8:30 PM.

Lexington LGBT Health Needs By Jessica Hughes

A community needs assessment commissioned by the Lexington Fayette Urban County Government (LFUCG) identified “access to mental health and substance abuse services” as a priority need area. The LGBT population of

LGBT community available

and understanding to the

is available during times

Fayette County needs and

in Fayette County. One acces-

unique concerns of the

that suit your schedule.

deserves access to quality

sible choice is the nonprofit

LGBT community. Effective

If you or somebody you



agency, Family Counseling

mental health treatment for

know is struggling emotion-

options. However, access to

Service, Inc. (FCS). FCS was

the LGBT community must

ally and needs support please

such services is not always

established in 1900 and is

be centered on providing a

know there are options.

accessible and affordable.

one of the oldest, continu-

positive and affirming envi-

There is a community of


ously operating nonprofits

ronment for those who seek

committed individuals who

needs assessment commis-

in Lexington. FCS provides


As highlighted

want to help. Fortunately,

sioned by the Lexington

a wide range of affordable

by the ALGBTIC, the LGBT

FCS is not the only mental




community struggles with




Government (LFUCG) iden-

services for children, adoles-

all the same concerns any

provider available.


tified “access to mental health

cents and adults. FCS delivers

other community struggles

go to FamilyCounselingKy.

and substance abuse services”



with– but there is often an

org for a full list of commu-

as a priority need area. The

mental health related condi-

added layer of stigma and

nity support services.

LGBT community is not

tions, including depression

shame that can compound

To schedule an appoint-

immune to the detrimental

and substance abuse.

and amplify other mental

ment at FCS, please call

health concerns.









health and lifestyle effects

The Association for Lesbian,

created by a lack of access to

Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender

treatment. Awareness of the


To get in

FCS strives to provide

touch with Robert to schedule


accessible, quality mental

an appointment at the GLSO,

need for competent coun-

(ALGBTIC) espouses coun-

health treatment for ALL

please call (859) 253-3233.

seling services for the LGBT



members of the Lexington

community may often go

create safe, supportive and

community. Currently, the

overlooked in mental health

caring therapeutic relation-

GLSO hosts FCS therapist,

treatment environments.

ships. FCS strives to provide

Mr. Robert Cardom. If you

The good news is there are

a safe and nurturing envi-

prefer to have your appoint-

treatment options for the

ronment that is sensitive

ments at the GLSO, Robert





Oh, to Be Childlike, Again By Bobbie Thompson aka Alana’s Spouse

By the time we reach our

However, it’s not that way

that Alana is a transgender

to bring up the word

adult years, we have made up

with children. Everything

person. Part of my son’s

‘transgender’ and explain

our minds how we think the

simply is what it is. That’s the

reasoning included worrying

Alana is also transgender.

world should be. Personally,

way things have worked with

about the close, caring rela-

The three of us: Alana,

from the time I was a child, I

Alana and her nephew. Not

tionship my grandson and

my grandson, and I sat in

heard things like “men should

once has Alana’s sister tried

Alana have developed over

the living room together as

be men and women should be

to tell her son how things

the years. My son was afraid

Alana and I talked. He sat

women.” That’s why when I

should be, nor has she ever

his son knowing Alana was

there, listening intently and

saw my long-time male friend

tried to hide anything from

“different” might affect that

occasionally nodding his

and former lover presenting as

him. He has simply is allowed


head. After a few minutes

a women for the first time in

to see things as they are.

We kept telling my son

2006, I was freaked out. What

However, it wasn’t that

I saw didn’t agree with what

easy when it came to my

accepting than adults but

I had been taught my entire

now 11-year old grandson.

we decided not to rock the

“I’m OK with it, it doesn’t

life. When we encounter new

Initially, my son, even though

boat until recently. One day,

mean anything to me,” he said

concepts that challenge the

he is very supportive of

my grandson said to me,

as he got up and gave Alana a

way we believe things should

Alana and attended the 2013

“NeeNee, we have a new kid

high-five. He then went back

be, then the difference can

Lexington Pride Festival with

at school and I can’t tell if

to playing his X-box.

be seen as an oddity, even

us, was apprehensive about

they are a boy or a girl.” It

It’s beautiful how accepting

perhaps unnatural.

allowing his son to learn

was the perfect opportunity

children can be. I hope to






questions or have anything you’d like to say?”

live to see the day when


we asked “Do you have any

adults can find that childlike acceptance of others in our hearts.

Save $10 online with discount code:PRIDE www.ImperialFlowersLexington.com


Imperial Flowers 393 Waller Ave. Lexington, KY 40504 12


859.233.7486 Local 800.888.7486 Toll-Free

KUNG FU GRIP, Saturday, April 12




Dine at Applebee’s and 10% of your bill will be donated to

Gay and Lesbian Services Organization Present this flyer to your Server on

Saturday, April 19, 2014 From: 11:00am to Close

Valid at one of the following locations:

2299 Richmond Road 1856 Alysheba Way

4009 Nicholasville Road 1761 Sharkey Way

Carside To Go Included



GLSO BD’s Dine to Donate a Success! The GLSO would like to thank BD’s Mongolian Grill for participating in our latest Dine to Donate fundraising campaign on Thursday, March 13. Two GLSO board members grilled and chatted with patrons during the three hour event. Together, we raised $334 to support our community efforts! Thanks to all those who participated.



Imperial Court’s 18th Annual Falsies By Brian Hawkins






Not So Fast with those Shovels By Rev. Marsha J. Moors-Charles


pring has sprung for

opportunity to shovel away

indifference to the courage

I’ve done my share of



the dirt that holds us back

it takes to step out of the

shoveling snow this year

Really, it has! Time to

from living our true selves

sexual identity one has

and you may have as well.

come out of winter hiding

and being all we can be.

known their whole life and

Snow shoveling is heavy

and put away the shovels.

Smothered by the dirt that mires down our selfworth, spring is a good season to plant seeds of wholeness and newness in our lives and in the communities in which we live.

step into who they know

work. It is tiring and back

themselves to be. Winters


of judgment, doubt, and

this old girl. Shoveling dirt

indifference weigh as heavy

for spring planting isn’t

as the wet snow that lingers

nearly as difficult and can

until another snow replaces.

provide a fertile space for

When I am invited to a

new possibilities in our

As a pastor, I often counsel


But, not so fast! Don’t be too fast in putting away ALL the shovels! Let’s hope that we can stop shoveling snow and instead, pick up different shovels: the ones used to move dirt around and prepare for spring planting. Having lived in Lexington for over 30 years now and with full appreciation for the beauty of the eastern Kentucky mountains where I grew up, Lexington can be breath taking in the spring with blossoming trees, bulbs peeking through the ground, and rolling horse farms a short drive from even the busiest suburban intersection. These spring offerings don’t occur without some planting and pruning and shoveling. In a metaphorical sense, spring offers each of us the 18


with folks who have allowed their lives to be adversely affected by long seasons of winter. This seems to be especially prevalent in the LGBT community. The heavy snow of friends and family members who judge them based on who they love; the gloomy, winter overcast of doubters who cannot celebrate the mutuality of love and commitment shared by two persons of the same sex; the dormant






gardens. But we must resist

who are weighed down, I

the temptation to swear off

try to encourage them to

shoveling all together in

hang onto hope: the hope of

order to reap the rewards.

spring; the hope of renewal;

It’s the same with our lives.

the hope of growth. And I

It can be very tempting

also remind folks that to reap

to allow life’s journey to

spring revival in our lives

overwhelm us and keep us

and in our hearts, we must

from living fully into our

be willing to shovel away

God-created diversity and

the snow and then move

uniqueness. But if we will,

the dirt around. Remove

and we can, we can find



new life, new hope, and a

influences and naysayers;

resurrection of sorts within

dig deep into your heart

our very souls.


and discover your passion;

So, keep hold of those

begin to believe again in

shovels. They may come in

your dreams and refuse to

handy as the season changes.

give in to winter blues.

Blessings on your gardening!

Categories are: Pride Presentation, Talent, Evening Wear & On Stage Question

A Fundraiser benefiting

For Applications contact: pridepageant@lexpridefest.org



AVOL’s 2014 Lexington AIDS Walk AIDS Volunteers of Lexington will be hosting thier 2014 Lexington AIDS Walk at 2pm on Sunday, April 13, 2014 in downtown Lexington. Check-in begins at 1pm and participants should meet at West Sixth Brewing Company (501 W Sixth St.). Some will walk to raise awareness that a new person becomes infected with HIV every day in Kentucky. Some will walk to honor those living with HIV/AIDS. Some will walk to remember those they’ve lost. Some will keep walking until it’s over. More details can be found on AVOL’s website: http://www.avolky.org/lexington-aids-walk/

Calling All Pride Volunteers

It is now time to start thinking about contacting us for volunteering for the Pride Festival. We have had many individuals help us in previous years and hope that we have the biggest turnout and response for volunteers for the day of and the duties leading up to the Festival. There are many volunteer opportunities in all areas including merchandising, first-aid, services, activities, stage hands, set-up and breakdown and more. All volunteers will receive a little something as a token of appreciation. Take 2 hours to volunteer and then enjoy the rest of the day and know you had a part in helping to make it possible. For any and all Pride volunteer inquiries, please contact volunteers@lexpridefest.org or fill the volunteer application out at www.lexpridefest.org and click on volunteer application.

Mr. & Miss Lexington Pride Pageant Attention all drag queens, biological women, trans-women, drag kings, biological men, trans-men, and well, EVERYONE! If you would like to represent your community in the upcoming Mr. & Miss Lexington Pride Pageant to become the official representatives of the Lexington Pride Festival, come out and compete for the title, crown and medallion! Contact pridepageant@lexpridefest.org for pageant rules and applications! The event will be held at 9pm on April 13, 2014 at the Bar Complex.

GLSO Librarians Share their Progress with the Library Community Jo

composed of specific types of

conference, which will be


Retucci, Cheyenne Hohmann

resources, such as materials

held at General Butler State

resources. They will also

and Kristy Nowak will be

centered around a specific

Park in Carrollton Kentucky

discuss issues with existing

sharing their progress on

topic, industry-specific texts,

April 9th through April 11th.

organizational systems used

the Pride Center Library at

or rare items.

The presenters will discuss

in most libraries today.










the Kentucky Joint Spring

The group will be sharing

how they re-organized the

Conference of the Kentucky

their presentation “Shifting

collection to make it easily

about the GLSO’s Lending




accessible for the community

Library collection, feel free to




Kentucky’s Special Library



the GLSO serves, as well as

contact library@glso.org or

Association. Special libraries

Collection to Suit GLBT

demonstrating the benefits

visit the center during open

can vary, but are typically

Users” next month at the

of creating an organizational

hours to browse and borrow.






April Calendar All meetings are hosted at the GLSO Pride Center unless otherwise noted

Wednesday, April 2

Saturday, April 12

Monday, April 21

7:00-9:00PM LGBT Discussion Group

1:30-3:30PM GLSO Fundraising Committee

6:00-9:00PM Company Q Drama Troupe Practice

Thursday, April 3

3:00-5:00PM Raging Grape Ape Committee

8:00-9:00PM AA Meeting at AVOL*

6:30-8:30PM GLSO Board Meeting

9:00-10:00PM KYBourbonBears Board Meeting

Wednesday, April 23

Saturday, April 5

Sunday, April 13

7:00-9:00PM LGBT Discussion Group

7:30-9:00PM TransKentucky

6:00-8:00PM Imperial Court Meeting

Thursday, April 24

Sunday, April 6

6:30-9:30PM Team Lex Volleyball*

7:00-9:00PM LexPride Planning Meeting

6:30-9:30PM Team Lex Volleyball*

8:30-11:30PM Mr&Miss Lexington Pride Pageant*

Friday, April 25

Monday, April 7

Monday, April 14

7:00-9:00PM Hispanic LGBT Discussion Group

6:00-9:00PM Company Q Drama Troupe Practice

6:00-9:00PM Company Q Troupe Practice

Saturday, April 26

8:00-9:00PM AA Meeting at AVOL*

8:00-9:00PM AA Meeting by AVOL*

1:30-3:30PM GLSO Fundraising Committee

Tuesday, April 8

Wednesday, April 16

3:00-5:00PM Raging Grape Ape Committee

6:30-8:30PM PGLAG Meeting*

7:00-9:00PM LGBT Discussion Group

Sunday, April 27

8:00-9:00PM HIV/AIDS Support Group at AVOL*

Thursday, April 17

6:00-8:00PM Imperial Court Meeting

Wednesday, April 9

6:30-8:30PM GLSO Board Meeting

6:30-9:30PM Team Lex Volleyball*

Kentucky Gives Day

Friday, April 18

Monday, April 28

7:00-9:00PM LGBT Discussion Group

7:00-10:00PM Senior’s Bistro Potluck

6:00-9:00PM Company Q Troupe Practice

Thursday, April 10

Saturday, April 19

8:00-9:00PM AA Meeting at AVOL*

7:00-9:00PM LOVEboldly Board Meeting

11:00AM-11:00PM Dine to Donate Applebee’s*

Wednesday, April 30

Friday, April 11

Sunday, April 20

7:00-9:00PM LGBT Discussion Group

7:00-9:00PM Hispanic LGBT Discussion Group

Deadline for LinQ submissions

8:30-11:30PM Mr&Miss Derby Pride Pageant*

6:30-9:30PM Team Lex Volleyball*

* not hosted at the Pride Center

Don’t see your group’s events? Email it to editor@glso.org and we will add you to our calendar! 22


Telephone Directory HIV/STD Testing, Services and Information

PFLAG Louisville

502 223 1323

AIDS Volunteers of Lexington (AVOL) 859 225 3000


859 806 0243

Health Department, Fayette County

Social Services, Lexington


Health Department, Woodford County 859 873 4541

Speaker’s Bureau

859 266 5904

HIV/AIDS Legal Project

502 584 1254



Moveable Feast

859 252 2867

Transgender Youth Family Allies

1 888 462 8932

Northern Ky Region

859 341 4264

Trevor Lifeline 24/7

1 866 488 7386

UK Adolescent Medicine

859 323 5643

United Way

859 313 5465

859 288 2437

Community and Social Groups

Religious Groups

24-Hour Crisis Line

800 929 8000

Bluegrass United Church of Christ

859 233 0208

24-Hour Teen Crisis Line

800 999 9999

Faith Lutheran Church

859 266 7621

Alcoholics Anonymous

859 967 9960

First Presbyterian Church

859 252 1919

AA/Alcoholic Teens

859 277 1877

Lex Friends, Quakers

859 254 3319

Council for Peace and Justice

859 488 1448

Maxwell Street Presbyterian Church

859 255 1075

Discussion Group

859 253 3233

St. Martha’s Episcopal Church

859 271 7641

Fairness of Louisville

502 893 0788

Unitarian Universalist Church

859 223 1448

Gay-Straight Alliance, Teens

859 266 5904

Woodland Christian Church

859 266 3416

GLSO Pride Center

859 253 3233

Imperial Court of Kentucky

859 619 7521

Berea College ACE

859 958 3633

International Gay Bowling

859 539 3058

BCTC Gay-Straight Alliance

859 246 6365

Lexington Fair Housing Council

866 438 8617

Centre College BGLA

859 238 5332

Lexington Fairness

859 951 8565

EKU Alphabet Center

859 622 5041

Lexington Human Rights

859 252 4931

EKU Pride Alliance

859 622 1027

Lexington Pride Festival

859 253 3233

Morehead State University

606 783 2071

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

1 800 273 8255

TUnity (Transy)

859 445 3822

PFLAG Lexington

859 338 4393

UK Gay-Straight Alliance

859 257 8701

UK OutSource

859 323 3312­­

College Student Groups

Don’t see your group’s contact information? Email editor@glso.org and we will add you to our directory. LinQ




Profile for LinQ by PCSO

LinQ April 2014, Vol. 36, No. 4  

LinQ is the only monthly magazine that focuses on Kentucky LGBT issues. It is published by the Lexington Gay and Lesbian Services Organizati...

LinQ April 2014, Vol. 36, No. 4  

LinQ is the only monthly magazine that focuses on Kentucky LGBT issues. It is published by the Lexington Gay and Lesbian Services Organizati...