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What does a commercial real estate agent in Colorado do during her off time? Puts on a pair of chaps and kicks up her heels at a Broncos game, of course! For Tara Battiato, this is a very literal description of what she does when she’s not working at her real estate office.

14 While minor blemishes are easy to hide, others aren’t so easy, but there are options for helping scars from our childhood or spots brought on by age fade temporarily and permanently.

12 There are so many child-friendly dentists that now we actually have the opposite to choose? Here are some things to look for when searching for the right pediatric dentist.

24 If you simply want an over-the-top Valentine’s Day, or want to spread the love across a lifetime, here are some great ideas to celebrate the beauty of love.


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HERLIFE DENVER IS BACK! Have an inspirational woman in your life? If you or someone you know has a great story that you think


ikipedia describes February as the second month of the year in the Julian and Gregorian calendars. It is also the shortest month with only 28 days in common years and 29 days in leap years. So what’s so special about this month? Here are some February trivia: February starts on the same day of the week as March and November in

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common years. In leap years, it starts on the same day of the week as August. February ends on the


same day of the week as October every year and January in common years only. In leap years, it is the only month that ends on the same weekday it begins. Having only 28 days in common years, it is the only month of the year that can pass without a single full moon. It is also the only month of the calendar that once every 6 years and twice every 11 years, will have only four full 7-day weeks. Some of the noted events in the United States in February in

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addition to the known and commercialized Valentine’s Day on the

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14th are the Super Bowl (first Sunday in February), Presidents’

great discounts, special events

Day (third Monday), and Groundhog Day on the 2nd. February

and behind-the-scenes details:

is also Black History Month and the month that two Presidents celebrate their birthdays (Lincoln on the 12th and Washington on

the 22nd). February used to only mean the second month of the year for me but has now become a very special month. Why? Because it is the month when HERLIFE Magazine comes back to Denver. I am very honored, pleased and excited to share this magazine with the Denver readers once again, and I am looking forward

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to more special months in the year as well as numerous special

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February months as we take this journey together.

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ph o t o by jm photoa r t



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DENTAL CARE NECESSITIES by c a t ie w a t s o n


beautiful smile begins with healthy teeth and gums. Most

fluoride and a toothbrush with soft bristles. Remember to brush all

of us learn the fundamentals of good dental health as

the surfaces of your teeth, always applying short back and forth mo-

children, but many adults let proper dental care fall by

tions. Protect the enamel on your teeth and avoid brushing too hard

the wayside. Since February is National Children’s Dental

or too fast. To ensure that your brushing is effective, replace your

Health Month, this is an ideal time for adults to also

toothbrush every two to three months or as soon as the bristles show

“brush up” on dental care basics.

signs of wear. Flossing at least once a day is another important aspect of basic

Daily Dental Care Good dental health starts with clean teeth. Brushing your teeth

dental care. When bacteria are allowed to build up between teeth, the gums will form pockets that trap more bacteria. Over time, gum in-

thoroughly at least twice a day will remove plaque, a combination

flammation from bacteria can damage the tissue and bones that hold

of bacteria and food that can begin to form on teeth as soon as 20

teeth in place. Left untreated, gum disease can lead to tooth loss. If

minutes after eating. When plaque remains on the teeth, it can harden

you’ve avoided dental floss because you find it difficult to use, check

into tartar. Both plaque and tartar are leading causes of bad tooth

your local pharmacy for floss picks and small dental brushes that may

decay, gum disease and bad breath.

be a better fit for your teeth.

Dentists recommend brushing with toothpaste that contains



Besides brushing and flossing, daily dental care includes eating

a healthy diet that’s good for your teeth. Crunchy fruits and vegetables, and foods that are high in calcium, help protect tooth enamel. Limit consumption of acidic foods such as lemons, tomatoes and citrus fruit or eat them in combination with other foods to limit the effect of acid on the teeth. Use moderation when eating candy, pastries and other starchy and sugary foods, or avoid them altogether. Also, limit your consumption of beverages that contain sugar.

Even the brightest smile can be spoiled by bad breath. Halitosis, the medical term for bad breath, can be a symptom of poor dental hygiene or other health problems. It can also be caused by certain strong foods such as garlic and onions that are absorbed into the bloodstream and then carried to the lungs. See Your Dentist Regularly The best way to fight plaque buildup on your teeth and the resulting decay is to visit your dentist every six months. Many adults fall into the habit of avoiding the dentist until they feel pain, but twice-

you’re unhappy about dull or yellow teeth, a teeth-whitening system

yearly checkups can help avoid painful conditions. Regular cleaning

may help brighten your smile. There are a wide range of over-the-

by a dentist or dental hygienist will remove plaque that can build up

counter products for teeth whitening, as well as some high-tech pro-

even if you brush and floss daily. In addition to checking your mouth

cedures that can only be performed by your dentist. Over-the-counter

for signs of tooth decay and gum disease, a good dentist will also

products are less expensive but also less effective than dental pro-

look for abnormalities in the mouth that could be signs of infectious

cedures. Talk to your dentist to find out if you’re a good candidate for

or chronic diseases including oral cancer. Many diseases that are

teeth whitening and which system will work best for your teeth.

located elsewhere in the body can be spotted in the mouth. Regular visits to your dentist will make you more comfort-

Even the brightest smile can be spoiled by bad breath. Halitosis, the medical term for bad breath, can be a symptom of poor dental

able about dental procedures. You’ll also have more opportunity to

hygiene or other health problems. It can also be caused by certain

talk with your dentist about the best toothbrush and toothpaste for

strong foods such as garlic and onions that are absorbed into the

your mouth and find out whether you’re flossing correctly. You should

bloodstream and then carried to the lungs. Toothpaste and mouth-

also let your dentist know about any medications you’re taking.

wash are only temporary cover-ups when this occurs. Persistent bad

Many medications cause dry mouth, a condition that can lead to an

breath may also be a sign of gum disease. If you brush and floss your

increase in cavities. If you’re subject to dry mouth, ask your dentist

teeth and are still subject to bad breath, talk to your dentist about the

about ways to minimize the effects on your teeth.


A Bright Smile and Fresh Breath Bright, white teeth can improve any smile and boost self-con-

Sources: American Dental Association (,,

fidence. Unfortunately, even if you brush and floss daily, your teeth

National Institutes of Health MedlinePlus®

may become stained by coffee, tea, soda or certain medications. If

website (



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Massage Envy Spa


by e liz a b e t h ro s e nb e rg e r | ph o t o g r a ph y by lig h t b o x im a g e s p ho t o g raphy

ynthia and Bryan Hinckley believe

everyone’s wellness regime,” Cynthia added.

that massage therapy can be a

“In other words, we believe that massage

powerful ally in one’s wellness

therapy is a necessity disguised as a luxury.

therapy continues its strong growth trend.

program. Owners of Massage

Our goal is to help people have a better qual-

More Americans are using massage therapy

Envy Spa Southglenn and Mas-

ity of life through the therapeutic benefits of

to relieve stress and treat sore muscles. Doc-


tors are turning to massage therapy as an

sage Envy Englewood, they provide services that are therapeutic and focused on health

Massage therapy has been used for its

maintain their health and emotional balance.” Mainstream acceptance of massage

adjunct to regular health practices. And even

and wellness. From customized sessions like

healing benefits for thousands of years. Once

health insurance companies are recognizing

Deep Tissue and Sports massage, to enhance-

only utilized by elite professionals or athletes,

the contribution of massage to overall health

ments like signature Aromatherapy blends and

it is seeing a wider range of clientele these

by covering massage in their plans, includ-

Murad® healthy skin facials, Massage Envy’s

days. Cynthia said residents of Colorado are

ing Flexible Savings and Health Savings

professional massage therapists and estheti-

active year-round, taking advantage of the


cians are trained to meet your specific needs.

good climate and seasonal activities. “They

“There are three components of our

Add late weeknight and weekend hours–and

are mindful of their environment, and aware

business,” Cynthia said. “We provide profes-

more than 800 locations nationwide–and now

of their health and wellness needs,” she

sional, therapeutic massage and facials at

you have therapeutic relief when it’s most con-

added. “They want to ensure their health and

convenient times and affordable prices.”

venient for you. Massage Envy was founded

longevity into their golden years, and spend

in 2002 with a simple vision: to bring massage

their money on high-quality products and

at Massage Envy locations have completed a

therapy out of the elite and expensive circle

services that help maintain their wellness.

professional massage therapy program with a

and make it available to everyone.

More people are turning to massage therapy

certificate of completion. In addition, they are

to relieve the stress of their modern lifestyles,

required to meet state licensing requirements

as treatment for medical conditions, and to

and hold professional liability insurance.

“At our Massage Envy locations, we believe that regular massage should be part of 10


All of the massage therapists who work

The Massage Envy concept is designed to provide the ultimate in convenience to time-conscious clients. Their clinics are open 7 days, and more than 90 hours per week. Clients may reserve ap-

reduction), or focus on the specific parts of your body you have requested. Also, for the expectant mother, Cynthia said there are numerous

pointment times, or just walk in to receive a massage when they need

benefits from prenatal massage therapy. One study at the University

it. Members receive reciprocal benefits at any Massage Envy clinic

of Miami Miller School of Medicine suggests that massage therapy

nationwide. Their low introductory rate and membership plan allows

during pregnancy may lower anxiety, decrease back and leg pain, im-

clients to receive massages more frequently and for less than what

prove sleep quality and decrease levels of the stress hormone known

they would pay at most spas.

as norepinephrine.

Additionally, they’ve added facial services at the Southglenn

But the bottom line…massage therapy should be a part of

clinic where they utilize the groundbreaking Murad® skincare line of

everyone’s health regimen. “We want our clients to personally feel the

products. The benefits of facials are that they moisturize skin, reverse

benefits of massage. By taking part in regularly scheduled self-care,

visible signs of aging, improve skin tone and texture, alleviate redness

you can play a huge part in how healthy you are and how youth-

and sensitivity, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and reduce blemishes

ful you’ll remain with each passing year,” Cynthia said. “And just

and breakouts. Their professional estheticians meet all state and local

because massage feels like a pampering treat doesn’t mean it is any

licensing requirements, and are well-trained in the Murad® products.

less therapeutic. There’s no denying the research—massage is a nec-

The Hinckleys want their clients to know that at Massage Envy,

essary piece of everyone’s health and wellness plan!”

your session is all about you. “We customize your massage based on your individual needs,”

Massage Envy is located at 25 convenient locations in Colorado

Cynthia shared. “There are 250 known types of massage and body-

including Massage Envy Spa Southglenn at 7470-B South Uni-

work, with new massage modalities emerging every year.”

versity Boulevard in Centennial and Massage Envy Englewood

At Massage Envy, your massage therapist will inquire about why

at 3960 River Point Parkway, Suite E in Sheridan. More infor-

you are coming in for a massage, your current physical condition and

mation about services, hours of operation and membership can

any specific areas in which you are experiencing pain or would like

be accessed at or

to address during your massage. Your therapist will either perform You can also like

a customized full-body massage (for general relaxation and stress

them won Facebook or follow on Twitter through the websites.



herlife | beauty

How to Camouflage Age Spots, Varicose Veins and Other Skin Flaws by beth blai r


hile cleanse, moisturize and protect are common

skin issues. Try your best to match your skin tone. Choosing a color

terms associated with skincare, we can also add

that is too light or too dark will only bring unwanted attention to the

“camouflage” to the list. After all, many of us spend

imperfection. It is very important to be sure your skin is moisturized

too much time trying to make unattractive age

prior to applying any concealer or makeup in an effort to cover and

spots, varicose veins, acne, scars and other skin

conceal. If the skin is dry, the product will sit in acne scars, fine lines

flaws disappear. While minor blemishes are easy to hide, others aren’t so easy,

and again, will make them appear more evident.” In addition, she said, “Makeup primers are wonderful to apply

but there are options for helping scars from our childhood or spots

before your foundation and concealer. They help to smooth the skin

brought on by age fade temporarily and permanently. The key is to

and imperfections including pores and scars, and give the end ap-

discover our options.

pearance of porcelain skin.”

Flawless Facial Skin

there are color correctors that will help to conceal various imperfec-

That’s not all, she continued, “When it comes to concealers, Unfortunately, acne doesn’t stop once we graduate from adoles-

tions and color issues. The goal is to neutralize the unwanted color.”

cence. In fact, sometimes our adult hormones or poor skincare rou-

The final step should be mineral makeup which, Tiffany said, “is

tine can make us feel like we are back in junior high. Tiffany Fluhme,

known to provide amazing, light coverage and give an overall flaw-

CEO of Fluhme Beauty, offers advice on covering up facial blemishes.

less look.”

“Makeup is a girl’s best friend for many reasons,” said Tiffany. “Whether to help accentuate flawless natural beauty or to go all-out glam, our makeup bag is where we turn. It’s also where we turn to

Turn to the Color Wheel That’s where the Color Wheel comes in, said Dr. Michael Gold,

help cover skin imperfections including age spots, acne scars, etc.

a board certified dermatologist/dermatologic surgeon. “In order to

Concealer is an obvious go-to when our goal is to cover unwanted

properly camouflage skin discolorations, it is important to under-



stand the color wheel. All shades of imperfections have a shade that

highlights dimples and depressions.”

will counteract it. Green concealer will fight redness found in acne, acne scars, rosacea and blotchy skin. Apply lightly and evenly to affected areas with a flat concealer brush, and then gently apply a

Wrinkles Creases are simply a fact of life and while they may make us look

full-coverage cream foundation. Yellow-based concealers are best

wiser, it doesn’t hurt to dull their appearance a little. That’s where

for bluish bruises, veins and under-eye darkness. These can often be

Rodial BB Venom Skin Tint slithers in. Applied as a lightly tinted mois-

blended over foundation once everything is set, or mixed with liquid

turizer, it is infused with SYN®-AKE, a powerful dipeptide created to

foundation to brighten the eye area. Lavender concealer is used to

plump skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and hydrate. It’s made

normalize yellow-skin concerns. When applied all over the face, it

with SPF 15 so it counts as camouflage, protection and anti-ager

can correct sallow skin. It can also be used as a base to hide sun

all-in-one. If you want something made for the eye area, Rodial BB

spots. Just be sure to apply a matching, flesh-colored concealer to

Venom EYE is ideal for targeting crow’s feet and eye puffiness.

blend everything in.”

Long-Term Options Varicose Veins and Cellulite There are plenty of products to lather on to help with other skin

If you’re hoping for a permanent solution, there are some options depending on your flaw. “When there is a problem with skin discol-

area issues. For example, Dr.’s Remedy® Enriched Instant Cover in

oration or hyperpigmentation, we can use lasers and light sources to

light, medium and deep shades is made to minimize skin tone imper-

improve it,” says Dr. Gold. “A variety of fractional lasers or Intense

fections from sun spots to birthmarks.

Pulsed Light (IPL) help the pigment fade over time. For acne, there

Dr. Annie Chiu, a board-certified dermatologist suggests Derm-

are devices that can target the blemishes and reduce them, as well as

ablend , which is deemed Hollywood’s all-purpose cover-up. “It can

devices that improve acne scars. Rosacea lesions can be treated as

be used to hide tattoos, varicose veins or almost any skin blemish,”

well with the IPL or the pulsed dye laser.”


Dr. Chiu said. Dr. Chiu added, “A light self-tanner can make cellulite look less obvious as it takes away some of the shadowing on the skin that

Sources:,,, and



herlife | inspirations


BATTIATO b y kath l een m . kr u eger


ph o t o g r a ph y by lig h t b o x im a g e s p ho t o g ra p hy

ha ir a nd ma k e up b y lin d s a y a m b ro s io o f m a k e u p m a d a m e


hat does a commercial real estate agent in Colorado do during her off time? Puts on a pair of chaps and kicks up her heels at a Broncos game, of course! For Tara Battiato, this is a very literal description

of what she does when she’s not working at her real

much bigger – she became a representative of Boise State. After college, Tara was even more determined to gain a spot on her home state’s NFL cheerleading team and did a second tryout for the Broncos. She made it through to the final round, but again, didn’t surpass the competition to gain a spot. Not wanting to let her love of

estate office. This is Tara’s fourth year as a member of the Broncos

dance go unfulfilled, even for a year, Tara tried out and won a spot on

cheerleading team, and her third year as a team captain.

the Houston Rockets’ cheerleading team.

Tara was born and raised in Colorado. Like many little girls, she

The third time is the charm, they always say, and that was true

dreamed of being a ballerina when she grew up. Unlike many oth-

for Tara. It was on her third tryout for the Broncos, in 2009, that she

ers, Tara never let go of that dream. She pursued it. Ballet lessons,

finally made it into final round of 60 competitors and was selected

practice and performances continued all through high school. After

for the team. In the final round, the judges spend time interviewing

graduating high school, she saw her dream move to the next level

each of the 60 girls to determine their personality traits and skills at

when she was accepted to dance with Ballet Austin in Austin, Texas.

interacting with the public, an important component of the role of a

When the year with the ballet company came to a close, Tara

Broncos cheerleader. Since then, she has made it back on the team

returned to Colorado and competed in her first tryout for the Broncos

for three consecutive years. Each year, she has had to go through the

cheerleading team. She competed against hundreds of girls, all trying

same process and prove herself against new competition. There are

to gain one of the 34 positions available, but didn’t make it to the

no extra points with the judges for having been on the team the prior

finals. From there, she made the choice to attend college and chose

year, so each dancer knows they have to keep their performance at

Boise State because of their strong competitive dance line. Although

its very best to retain their place.

Tara had been singularly focused on ballet most of her life, she man-

When asked about common misconceptions about what it

aged to win a spot on the team, and her life in dance took on a whole

means to be a Broncos cheerleader, Tara has this to say: “First and

new look and a much broader perspective.

foremost, the Broncos cheerleaders are ambassadors for the team

Besides introducing Tara to many other dance styles, the dance

to the community. Each dancer on the team puts in a minimum of 30

line also brought Tara into a much stronger connection with the sports

hours a year doing community service. Second, we are professional

world. Tara found partnering her love of dance with the energizing

dancers. We have two 5-hour practice sessions a week, plus our

competition of the college sports world to be exhilarating. It brought a

practice on game day. Third – we are all huge football fans! We love

new perspective and sense of purpose to her passion for dance. As a

the sport!”

member of the college dance team, she became a part of something

Tara has really appreciated the opportunities she has had to give HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM


herlife | inspirations back to community and to men and women in uniform through her

Captains serve as the spokespersons for their team in communica-

affiliation with the Broncos. She has been involved in several Armed

tion with the coach and provide the leadership role for their team.

Forces Entertainment tours, which take groups of two to twelve

Each year, one of the cheerleaders is chosen by their team mem-

women on the road to do interactive shows with the troops. She has

bers to represent the team at the Pro Bowl in January. In 2012, the

visited troops stationed in Iraq, Kuwait, Turkey, Germany and Austra-

team nominated Tara to be their Pro Bowl representative for the 2013

lia, among others.

Pro Bowl in Hawaii. Tara got to spend one whole week of January in

Here in Colorado, the team took a group of players and cheerleaders, three of each, to visit the firefighters who were fighting forest fires around Colorado Springs. This was not an entertainment visit;

that beautiful Pacific island state with cheerleaders from all the other NFL teams. When Tara isn’t working at her office or as a Broncos cheerlead-

it was very low-key, just chatting with the firefighters and listening to

er, she enjoys a pretty laid-back lifestyle. Simply chilling and hanging

their stories. Their mission was simply to let the firefighters know that

out with her friends is her favorite pastime. She also enjoys running

people were thinking about them and appreciated the work that they

to keep fit, but considers it more of a fun way to stay in shape rather

were doing. Tara gained a new respect for these men and women

than a competitive sport. “I don’t expect to ever be running in a

and the sacrifice they make on the front line of defense against the

marathon,” says Tara.

onslaught of flames, smoke and heat. Every month, Tara and several others from the Broncos cheer-

For now, Tara is simply enjoying her place on the team and all that goes with it. What the future holds for her is yet to be deter-

leader team also serve as instructors for the Broncos junior cheer-

mined, by next year’s tryouts and other opportunities that may

leader program. The day-long program has become extremely popu-

present themselves. Tara knows that her career as a Broncos cheer-

lar, with more than 650 junior cheerleaders enrolled in the program

leader will eventually come to an end, but she feels that it has been

each month.

an important part of her career as a dancer. “I really love being a

Tara is also a team captain for the Broncos cheerleaders and has been for the last three years. The Broncos cheerleading team

cheerleader, but I know it won’t last forever,” according to Tara. “I’m excited to find out what will be the next step in my dance career.”

is divided into four groups, each with their own captain. Captains

Visit the Broncos website at

are nominated and voted on by their fellow team members, so Tara to learn more about

considers this role an honor, as well as a position of responsibility.

Tara and the Broncos Cheerleading Team.





herlife | culinary

VINEGAR VARIETIES by c a nd i s m it h


t’s hard to believe that during this rejuvenation in the culinary arts we’re currently experiencing, one of the mainstays of many chefs’ dishes has been around more than 10,000 years. Vinegar (which means ‘sour wine’ in French) came about simply enough—a

cask of wine soured into something special. For many centuries, vinegar has been used as a beverage (by the Romans), as a preservative (by the Babylonians), and as medicine (by the Greeks). In more recent times, vinegar has been used in war zones to clean wounds and polishes everything from countertops to windowpanes.

Research has shown that vinegar helps kill bacteria on fruits and vegetables. Add two tablespoons white distilled vinegar to one pint water and use to wash fresh fruits and vegetables, then rinse thoroughly. Vinegar is made by two distinct biological processes, both the result of the action of harmless microorganisms (yeast and “Acetobacter”) that ferments sugars (carbohydrates) into acid. The first process is called alcoholic fermentation and occurs when yeasts change natural sugars into alcohol under controlled conditions. In the second process, a group of bacteria (called “Acetobacter”) converts the alcohol portion to acid. This is

almost indefinite. White distilled rarely changes in color over time, and while color

the acid fermentation that forms vinegar.

changes or the development of sediment might occur in other types of vinegars,

The Vinegar Institute conducted studies and determined that because of vinegar’s acidic nature, it’s selfpreserving, doesn’t need refrigeration and its shelf life is 18


the product can still be used safely and without a change in flavor. The Food and Drug Administration labels vinegars based upon their originating material and method of manufacturing (usually a twofold fermentation

process). Some vinegars include: balsamic, wine and grape vinegars made from the juice of grapes; cider vinegar or apple vinegar made from apple juice (but cider vinegar be made from other fruits such as peaches and berries), malt vinegar made of barley malt or other cereals; sugar vinegar from solutions of sugar syrup or molasses; spirit or distilled vinegar from the acetic fermentation of dilute distilled alcohol; and rice or rice wine vinegar made from rice or a concentrate of rice without distillation. There are many ways to utilize the various vinegars on the market. Balsamic is great for salad dressings, sauces and gravies, and can also be sprinkled on cooked meats to add flavor and aroma. Malt vinegar has a distinctive flavor that contributes to the flavor of brewed beverages like beer. It’s also popular for pickling, and goes well with fish and chips. Raspberry red wine vinegar has a dark red color and delicate raspberry flavor. It’s perfect on salads or cooked vegetables, or used as a marinade or basting sauce for meats. Red wine vinegar can be used in salad dressings, pickling and cooked in reductions to make sauces. Rice or rice wine vinegar is excellent for flavoring with herbs, spices and fruits because it’s light in color and has a clean, delicate flavor. Rice vinegar is popular because it doesn’t significantly alter the appearance of the food. Add to stir-fry or salads, or to liven up vegetables and fruits. White wine vinegar is clear and pale gold, with a distinctly acidic taste, and an aroma reminiscent of the wine from which it’s derived. It can bring out the sweetness in strawberries and melons or add a twist to spicy salsas and marinades. Its tart, tangy taste also reduces the need for salt. Around the kitchen, here are some tried-and-true uses for vinegar. For instance, when you can’t get the last bit of mayonnaise or salad dressing out of the jar, put a little of your favorite vinegar into it, tighten the cap and shake well. Try soaking fish in vinegar and water before cooking it so it’s sweeter and more tender. Keep cake icing and homemade candy from becoming too sugary by adding a little vinegar to the ingredients before cooking. A teaspoon of white distilled or cider vinegar added to water while you boil potatoes will keep them white, and keep peeled potatoes from turning dark by covering them with water and adding two teaspoons of vinegar. Remove fruit or berry stains from your hands by cleaning them with vinegar. Research has shown that vinegar helps kill bacteria on fruits and vegetables. Add two tablespoons of white distilled vinegar to one pint of water and use to wash fresh fruits and vegetables, then rinse thoroughly. For fluffy egg whites, soak a paper towel with a couple of tablespoons of white distilled vinegar. Wipe mixing bowl and beaters or whisk with the vinegar-soaked paper towel, then dry with a cloth or paper towel prior to whipping egg whites. For fluffier rice, add a teaspoon of white distilled vinegar to boiling water before adding rice so rice will be easier to spoon and less sticky.




herlife | cravings

indulge BISTRO AND WINE BAR by li an e dav i s


pho t ograph y by lig h t box i m ages ph otogr aph y and f rom the ind ulge a rc hiv e s


ndulge Bistro and Wine Bar, located in the charming historic

Extensive glass wine walls throughout are an artistic statement as

downtown Golden, is surrounded by our beautiful Rockies,

well as being functional in showing Indulge Bistro and Wine Bar’s ever-

incredible outdoor patio and inviting ambience.

changing wine selection. It is no wonder they were chosen in OpenTa-

Indulge Bistro and Wine Bar opened their doors May 1,

2012, and owners Peter and Delinda Fatianow are passion-

bles Diner Top 100 as having one of the best wine lists in 2012. If you can’t decide which bottle or glass to order, sample one of their wine

ate and energetic about their business; their enthusiasm shows

flights. The Ron Burgundy and the Bold Blends are popular choices.

in the outstanding cuisine, friendly atmosphere, and attentive

Are you a grape lover wanting to know more? Check out their wine


school. It offers a perfect evening of munching on appetizers, sipping

The decor inside is modern with a rustic twist, containing natural elements with beautiful wood tones. There’s a great oval-shaped bar with comfortable seating all around as well as

wine and learning outside of the classroom about wine tastes, reading wine lists, pairings and much, much more. This is not your typical wine bar that just serves appetizers. Indulge

high and low tabletops and booths. The lighting is fantastic with

Bistro and Wine Bar serves up a full menu including artisan flatbread

the use of white tree branches and wine glasses. The inviting

pizzas, meat and cheese plates, Kobe burgers, soups, salads, steaks,

outdoor patio will be packed at the first hint of warm weather.

fish and pasta. I started with the Indulge Salad-- simple yet flavorful.

The large sitting area has plenty of comfy cushions along with

The Gnocchi Piedmontese was perfect comfort food for the chilly day

small tables (or footrests) that are actually tree stumps made of

outside, potato gnocchi dumplings blanketed in mouth-watering garlic,

beetle-killed pine.

truffle oil, and sautéed mushrooms topped with a perfectly lightly-





breaded free range chicken breast. On my next many visits, I plan to indulge myself with items on their menu that I have not tried yet, but which have come highly recommended. I’ll start with the Count Stroganoff Meatballs, roasted garlic meatballs, crème fraiche sautéed mushrooms and fresh chives. Then I’ll move onto Le French Burger, featuring an egg, bacon and luscious béarnaise sauce with a side of garlic fries, and the John Wayne Artisan Flatbread Pizza topped with filet mignon, caramelized onion and gorgonzola, all the while sipping my tasty flights of wine. Advancing into dessert, I’d try the Croissant Bread Pudding (I am not normally a big fan of any bread pudding) with flaky croissants, Grand Marnier, chocolate and raisins, finished with a white chocolate and raspberry sauce. I don’t think I could resist trying it. The Crème Brulee and Key Lime Pie I cannot pass up as they are two of my favorites as well as the Chocolate Fondue. Happy hour is daily, with an assortment of wine, cocktails, martinis, beer and flavorsome bites to choose. Among the offerings are Ahi Tuna Guacamole, Chipotle Pork Tostadas, Fried Pickles, Mac and Cheese a la Indulge, Mahi Tacos, and a selection of their favorite Artisan Flatbread Pizzas. Yum! Live on the south side of town? The location in Highlands Ranch (since October 2008) boasts the same delectable cuisine, stylish atmosphere, extensive wine collection, wine walls, outdoor patio with a fire pit and beautiful views of the mountains. Haven’t made reservations yet for Valentine’s Day dinner? Give them a call to reserve your spot. Check the website for hours, menus and upcoming events. Denver Restaurant Week 2013 starts February 23 and runs through to March 8. Enjoy a meal for two for $52.80 or one for $26.40. Fabulous deals for fantastic cuisine!

Indulge has locations at 1601 Mayberry Drive in Highlands Ranch (303- 991-1994) and in Golden at 1299 Washington Avenue (303-277-9991). For more information, please visit and for their wine school visit

Moving to Colorado in 2007, Liane has been enjoying the Colorado culinary scene ever since. Liane has a passion for cooking, entertaining and enjoying all the activities Colorado offers, especially when she is spending time with her family. She writes the “A taste of...’” segment in The Castle Pines Connection newspaper and other featured stories. She is a graduate of the University of Arizona with a BA in Communication and received her MBA from the University of Phoenix. Liane lives in Parker with her husband, Scott, two young boys, Carson and Tyler and their Rhodesian Ridgeback, Catcher.



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love the space you’re in by l i nnore gonz al es | p hoto b y j m ph otoa rt

Q: i am in the market for a new coffee table but don’t KNOW how to select the best size for my space. any advice? -stephanie from parker, co


Q: I have a small space. What do I need to keep in mind when decorating? - Susan from Denver, CO


If space is at a premium, it is always best to keep the following tips in mind: Scale down proportion

I always tell our clients to establish the layout of the space

Use clean lines

first. You can do this very easily by doing a space plan in which you

Remove clutter

lay out your furniture pieces. Remember to work with your room’s

Consider using a loveseat instead of a sofa

shape. If your room is square, complement your floor plan with a

Create a focal point in the space and decorate

square arrangement.

around the focal point Introduce mirrors in your decor that are well

After plotting and laying down all the furniture pieces, look to see

placed to enlarge the space

what is remaining in the void at the center of your plan. If you have a

Choose to use “leggy” furniture

square shape, then a square or round coffee table would be best. A

Try one large piece of furniture,

rectangular void calls for a rectangular coffee table.

like an armoire, in the room Use color and texture in the space but avoid high contrast

Linnore Gonzales is also the owner of a full service decorating company, Décor & You. “Décor & You furnishes and refines residential and commercial interiors. Our designers have the power to simplify how people achieve comfort, style and value in their homes and businesses. It’s an ambitious goal, and Décor & You delivers it – right to your door!” If you have any decorating questions or dilemmas, email Linnore at or check p hot o p rov i d e d b y j m p hot oa r t



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How to Choose a Pediatric Dentist by h al l i e sa w ye r


o you remember the drudgery we experienced at the

way to find out about firsthand experiences they’ve had. We ask

dentist’s office as kids? There was the dreadful wait-

friends for good restaurant recommendations, who to call for home

ing room with nothing to do but look through the same

repair and even what to read next. Why not ask around for a great

Highlights Magazine the office had since the beginning

dentist? Going to the dentist can be very scary to some kids, and it

of time. Or how about sitting in that huge plastic chair,

only makes sense to ask friends about their kids’ experiences.

which I swear looked just like an alligator’s mouth ready to snap shut? I remember waiting for what seemed like hours with my mouth open while the only thing muttered to us was “Wider, please.” Times have changed and things don’t have to be that way for our children. There are so many child-friendly dentists that now we actually have the opposite to choose? Here are some things to look for when searching for the right pediatric dentist.

Finding a pediatric dentist close to home is important because you may need to pull a child out in the middle of the school day for an appointment.

Proper Certifications What makes a pediatric dentist different from a regular dentist? They typically have two to three years of specialty training on top

Meet and Greet Before we buy a car, we usually take it for a test drive, right?

of the usual four-year dental school curriculum. This extra study in-

Why not do the same with your child’s dentist? Bring your child along

cludes child psychology as well as growth and development courses.

to meet the dentist and gauge their interaction. Does the dentist talk

They will have a board certification from an accredited institution, and

to you and your child, or just you? Does he/she have an engaging

should also be licensed by the state board.

personality? Talk to the hygienists who will be taking care of your child’s dental health. Ask about a typical office visit to make sure you

Get Referrals Asking friends with children for their recommendations is a great 24


are comfortable with their procedures. This extra preparation will give you and your child a chance to start building a trusting relationship

with those in charge of their dental health.

they have flexible policies regarding scheduling and don’t penalize you for being late. Sometimes things just happen (your daughter can’t

Inviting Environment While you’re there meeting the dentist, also assess the environ-

find her other shoe, the baby blew out a diaper right before walking out the door or your son throws a tantrum because he doesn’t want

ment. Is it child-friendly and fun? Does the waiting area have games/

to sit in his booster seat anymore), and having an understanding staff

toys for kids or just magazines for Mom and Dad? Make sure it’s a

makes a world of difference. I feel one of the major feats as a parent

place where your child is going to feel comfortable and look forward

is actually getting where we are supposed to be on time!

to visiting. Some great things to look for are: kid-sized tables and chairs, puzzles, books, video games in the waiting areas, televisions located in each patient station (good distractions!) and goodie bags for cavity-free visits.

Distance from Home Even though this doesn’t seem like it should be a deal breaker, it can be, especially when you are having one of those days I mentioned above. Finding a pediatric dentist close to home is important

Approachable Sometimes, what ails kids isn’t always a cavity from too many

because you may need to pull a child out in the middle of the school day for an appointment. If you are trekking across the metro area,

sweets. They may have sore gums, a bothersome loose tooth or

you can forget about getting them back to school in time before the

sensitivity issues. Make sure your child can approach the dentist

final bell rings. It may not seem like a monumental thing now, but

with these complaints and feel comfortable sharing their pain. A

when they get older, that means taking more tests and having more

good pediatric dentist will ask the child questions and seek answers

homework, which means missing out on school which can become

from them, not you. This is another great building block of trust in a

an issue.

healthy patient/healthcare provider relationship. Learning to speak up now about their health concerns will serve them well their entire lives.

Getting your child to look forward to the dentist seems like an impossible task, but with a little direction, you find a pediatric dentist


with just the right “pull.”

We know life rarely goes according to plan, and a great pediatric dentist and their staff should understand this completely. Make sure




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Light Bulbs That Make a Bright Difference by kathl een m. kr u eger


o you feel a bit lost when entering the lightbulb aisle to

light. These bulbs can save up to 25 percent of the energy costs, and

stock up on bulbs for your home? There are so many

last up to 3 times longer than their predecessors.

different types and different prices. How do you make the right choice–one that will save both energy and money– while still providing you with the proper lighting for each

area of your home?

Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) Fluorescent lighting has always been more energy efficient and lasted longer than incandescent bulbs, but was usually used only in the long,

Understanding the Difference The main difference between the newer energy-efficient lightbulbs and the standard incandescent bulbs with the wire filament in them is heat. The traditional bulbs that have the wire filament use heat to light

straight bulbs reminiscent of schools and industrial settings. Incandescent bulbs were preferred in home settings due to the type of light they emitted, which is a red light that has a warmer feel, versus a blue light. Fluorescent lightbulbs use gas inside the tubes to create ultravio-

up the wire that emits light. Ninety percent of the energy in these tradi-

let light. This light is not visible until it hits the phosphor coating on

tional lightbulbs is wasted on creating heat. Although there are energy-

the inside of the bulbs. Once the ultraviolet protons interact with the

efficient bulbs that still use the wire filaments, they only offer a fraction

phosphor coating, it creates visible light. Since this light is not created

of the energy savings that other bulbs can provide. New bulbs now use

using heat like incandescent bulbs, there is much less energy used. The

improved technology to create light without heat, saving energy and

newer “curly” versions of these bulbs can be used in regular lightbulb

money over the older versions.

sockets, can save up to 75 percent of the energy costs over traditional bulbs and can last up to 10 times longer.

Energy-Saving Incandescent Bulbs The first level of energy-saving bulbs would go to the new generation incandescent or halogen bulbs. These bulbs still use a filament that

Light-Emitting Diode (LED) LED lights work by sending electricity along the semiconductors that

heats up to create light, but they have been upgraded to have a capsule

are within the device. When this happens, an electromagnetic radiation

that surrounds the filament that holds in the gas to increase efficiency.

is created that can take on the form of visible light. This type of lighting

This leads to less heat or energy needed to create the same amount of

has long been used in traffic lights, computers and cars. Now there are



also LED bulbs that fit into the sockets for incandescent lightbulbs. LED lightbulbs are the most expensive type of bulbs. However, they are also the most efficient. They have a savings of 75 to 80 percent of the energy used in standard incandescent bulbs and last up to 25 times longer. So even though the cost for them is initially higher, in the long run they will pay for themselves with energy reduction and lifespan.

Choosing The Right Light Although there are energy advantages to consider, the type of light and fixture you need a bulb for is another consideration. Incandescent or their energy-efficient counterparts, halogens, give off a softer light, which

LED light bulbs are the most expensive type of bulbs. However, they are also the most efficient. They have a savings of 75 to 80 percent of the energy used in standard incandescent bulbs and last up to 25 times longer. many people prefer in some areas of the home. LED and CFL bulbs are great for long-lasting, energy-efficient lighting, but the light they emit is brighter and some bulbs do not work in fixtures that have dimmer functions. Here are some tips for choosing your lightbulbs: Dimmer lights. Halogen or energy-efficient incandescent bulbs are bested suited for lights that have a dimmer option. CFL bulbs do not work with dimmers. Bright light. For areas like the kitchen or a workshop where you occasionally need a bright light, LED will work great. All-day lighting. For areas that have a light left on for many hours at a time, CFLs are usually a great choice. CFLs take a few minutes to completely light and are recommended for lights that are left on at least 15 minutes at a time as they take more energy to light up, but save energy once they are on. By switching to more efficient lightbulbs and using them in the areas




Want to get great deals from Denver area boutiques, restaurants, and salons delivered directly to your inbox?

that will make the most of their benefits, you can save money and energy while not having to change your lightbulbs every month or two. It’s worth taking the time to choose the best bulb for your needs and reaping the benefits of a greener and brighter choice.





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b la c k & whi te di am on d e a rring s in 18 K rose g ol d

TRICE J E W E L ERS t he st reet s at southglenn 6885 sout h uni versi t y boulevard cent enni al, co 80122 www.t ri cej eweler s. com ph otography by l i ght b ox i mages photogr aphy

c lo c k w ise f rom l e f t: p e a r-s h a pe d c a n a r y y e l l o w di am o n d wi t h wh i t e di a m o n ds s et i n pl at i n u m 1 8 k whi t e g o l d r i n g wi t h m u l t i pl e di am o n ds bl a ck an d w h i t e di a m o n d e a r r i n g s i n 1 8 k ro se g o l d 18 k ro se g o l d a n d d i a m o n d p ave br acel et



1 8 K w h it e g o ld ring w it h m u lt ip le d ia m o n d s

p ear shaped can ar y y el l ow di am on d w i th w h it e di am on ds s et i n pl at i n um

TRICE JEWELERS t h e s t re e t s a t southgl e nn 6 8 8 5 s o ut h unive r si ty bl v d. c e n t e nni a l , c o 8 0 1 2 2 w w w. t ric e j ewe l e r s.c om

p ho t o g ra p hy by l i g h t bo x i m a g e s ph o t o g r aph y

18K ros e ros e gol d an d di a m o nd p a ve b ra c e le t



herlife | trendsetter

n ecklace ( above an d r i gh t ) mult i- color sapp hire a nd d iamon d n ecklac e in 18K gold ring ( above) d iamon d h eart s olita ire r ing in p lat inu m e ar r i ngs ( above an d n ex t page) 18K wh ite gold p a v e d ia mond heart earrings pendant ( above ) sterlin g silver hea r t p e nd a nt b y ch arles krypell





herlife | trendsetter c lo c k w i se f rom l e f t: di am o n d i n s i de o u t si de h o o ps wh i t e a n d y e l l o w di a m o n d cl u st er e a r r i n g s s e t i n t wo t on e 1 8 K g o l d di am o n d an d r u b y e a r r i n g s i n 1 8k w h i t e g o l d 1 8k w h i t e g o l d & di a m o n d c o l l ar n eckl ace

d ia m o n d a nd ru b y e a rring s in 1 8 K w h it e g o ld





herlife | fine things

Timeless romantic GIFTS b y a n n e . b ute na s


lthough I have an amazing husband who is very support-

As love is most definitely in the air this time of year, it is some-

ive and a true team player, I must confess that his lack of

thing truly worth embracing year-round. So if you simply want an

enthusiasm for all things romantic does make me pine for

over-the-top Valentine’s Day, or want to spread the love across a

the stuff of which romantic movies are made. “I told you

lifetime, here are some great ideas to celebrate the beauty of love.

I loved you once,” he will joke. “And if things should ever

change, I’ll let you know.” Even though, in my humble opinion, he could win “Husband of

Nothing speaks to love more than a thoughtfully composed letter from the heart to the one you adore. While some might break out in sweat just thinking of putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard),

the Year” award for all of his redeeming attributes and qualities, I do

the best approach is to just let it flow and speak from the heart. The

wish he had a bit of the old-fashioned romantic in him. He claims

grammar and punctuation are not nearly as important as the meaning

his dad was never romantic with his mom, and for whatever reason,

behind the words.

that affords him the ability to be the same way, but I’m not buying

If you want to make that message even sweeter, find a unique

a genetic predisposition to the notion. Instead, I can only dream of

bottle, perhaps something vintage, and roll the letter up, placing it in

what wondrous and timeless gifts of love he might bestow upon me if

the bottle, sealing it and giving it to your heart’s desire. (Admit it…

he had those romantic thoughts and ideas that would make the mov-

you’ve always imagined a letter in the bottle washing up on the shore,

ies jealous. Although I don’t expect a personal display of fireworks

its contents bearing the soul of another in an uninhibited display of

spanning the horizon (as my cousin’s husband did for her on a recent

words straight from the language of love.)

birthday) or a surprise hot air balloon ride (although that’s an idea to

Some of the best gifts don’t have to cramp your pocketbook, ei-

put in reserve!), it would be nice to see him indulge me with at least

ther. When it comes to genuine love, money has nothing to do with it.

one of these timeless romantic gift ideas.

Why not create a scrapbook? It doesn’t have to be a huge undertak-



ing. Put together eight to ten pages that are filled with photos, ticket

together special moments in your lives. If your creative side could use

stubs and other memorabilia, along with written words that describe

a little assistance in this regard, there are many software programs

what certain events meant to you and how even the most ordinary of

out there to help you pull this off perfectly! If you are really ambitious,

occasions became extraordinary memories.

consider a feature film debut of your homemade movie in the living room, just the two of you, with homemade tickets, popcorn and so-

A gift basket is a lot of fun to make, too! If your guy is into home improvement projects, purchase a toolbox and fill it up with his favorite goodies. For the guys out there, if your gal loves potted plants, purchase a large pot and fill it with treats, a pair of gardening gloves and other items that indulge her passion.

das, then dim the lights and let the show begin. Make it an event! A gift basket is a lot of fun to make, too! If your guy is into home improvement projects, purchase a toolbox and fill it up with his favorite goodies. For the guys out there, if your gal loves potted plants, purchase a large pot and fill it with treats, a pair of gardening gloves and other items that indulge her passion. Framed photos are also great keepsakes. Find a special picture of the two of you, have it enlarged and put a beautiful frame around it. Finally, put your imagination to work and make a coupon book. Think of all the things your partner enjoys and make coupons for those. For example, include one for a free neck rub or foot rub, a free car wash and detail, or a free activity out on the town of his/her choice. When you really put some thought into what your beloved genuinely enjoys, this is when true love speaks. Of course, for women like me, if he does the laundry, puts the toilet seat down, gives great foot rubs and helps with the kids, then

Do you like to bake? Consider making a dozen heart-shaped

those are some of the best gifts of all.


cookies for your sweetie. Or you could create a CD mix of your loved

one’s favorite songs. Kick that up a notch and create a DVD slide-

Sources: and

show or mini movie, complete with soundtrack and words that pull



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Little Ways to make a




by c ha n d ra b la c k we l l

ife? Oh, you’ve got plenty of that. A job. Kids, maybe.

teer assignments that can be completed in a small increments of time.

Friends and family. A sport or hobby or side business. A

Examples of microvolunteering projects include translating a flyer or

pet (or two or six). Likely, you have regular involvement in

brochure into another language, editing a press release or newsletter,

some combination of all of the above—so who has time

or setting up a social networking account for an organization. These

to host a mega-bucks-per-plate charity event or build a

kinds of projects can give you a little dose of good karma in a little bit

school in Guatemala? Well, here’s the good news—you don’t have to.

of time. To find a microvolunteering project, visit

Yes, it’s important to do something to make the world a better place during the course of your life (otherwise, what is life about?), but too many people assume that the concept of making a difference is re-

Got a Few Bucks? So you’re not Warren Buffet (yet). Well, it doesn’t take billions

served for those who have a great deal of money, influence and time.

(or even millions) to make a difference. In fact, you can put a good

Certainly all of these things help—but you don’t need them in large

number of your hard-earned dollars to good use simply by buying fair

increments to make a difference. Here are a few ways you can make

trade goods whenever possible. When many people think about fair

a difference, even with limited resources.

trade goods, they usually consider coffee, tea and handicrafts, but fair trade branding has extended beyond food and fiber. Free trade

Got a Few Minutes? Gone are the days when volunteer projects encompassed entire

products come in many categories, from bedding to wine and spirits to sports apparel. And the best news is that websites such as fairtra-

weekends—or even afternoons. Of course it’s always rewarding to de- and can help you locate retailers, in

vote an entire Saturday to a cause that’s near and dear to your heart,

your area and online, that sell free trade goods. So start shopping!

but thanks to the Internet, you can find a way to make a difference in just a matter of minutes. The term microvolunteering refers to volun36


You can also put your money to good use by thinking about how you’re investing it. Sustainable and Responsible Investing (SRI)

now encompasses an estimated 12 percent of the U.S. investment

(complete with an abundance of minions), and more about having

marketplace. SRI focuses on both the investor’s financial needs and

unlimited heart and abundant creativity. So what are you waiting for?

an investment’s impact on society. By investing responsibly, you can

Start putting your assets to work—and miracles will happen.

encourage corporations to improve their practices on environmental, social and governance issues, and also help to build wealth in underserved communities around the globe. Go to to find out how to use your dollars to build a more sustainable world.

Making a Difference Anytime, Anywhere: Random Acts of Kindness Chances are, you’ve experienced at least one random act of kindness in the past few weeks. Did someone let you go ahead of her

Got a Few Friends?

in the grocery checkout line because she had a full cart, whereas you

In addition to how you spend your own money, how your friends

only had a can of cheese dip, four wine coolers and a bag of fun-size

spend theirs can help influence businesses to do the right thing. One

candy bars (we’re not here to judge!)? Did you (finally!) make it to the

of the best ways to accomplish this (aside from stealing your friends’

front of the coffee shop line, grumpy and impatient, only to learn from

wallets and making all of their purchases for them, which could get

the cashier that the guy in front of you had already paid for your latte?

you unfriended pretty quickly) is organizing a Carrotmob. Though it

Random acts of kindness are those small, spontaneous day-bright-

sounds like a bunny’s dream come true, a Carrotmob is actually a

eners that help us all keep going. And sometimes it’s just the thing

sort of reverse boycott: instead of refusing to spend your money at a

someone needs to make it through the day. The best part of a random

specific company, you and your friends make a deal to spend money

act of kindness is that it doesn’t require a lot of money, time, manpow-

as a group to support that business. In turn, the business agrees to

er or planning! Any little thing you can think of to improve someone’s

make an improvement that is meaningful to you. For example, en-

day, do it! Looking for ideas? Visit, and make your “make

courage your corner store to implement more environmentally-friendly

a difference” move!

practices by arranging a massive shop-in in which the owners agree to use a portion of the revenues to go greener. Ultimately, contributing to the greater good is less about hav-

Sources:,, and

ing unlimited money and time, and/or your own personal kingdom



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b y k a t hle e n m . k ru e g e r | p h o t o g ra p h y b y lig h t b o x im a g e s photogr a phy


hese are little pieces of

name mislead you. Truffnies is a true “Colo-

chocolate gold.” That’s

rado Proud” company. This corporation is a

what people have told Lisa

small, intimately run family business. Lisa’s

Hemphill for years. Now, Lisa

two most dedicated chocolatiers are her two

has turned that chocolate

teenage children – Jacqui and Max. The three

passion into a full time business, making her

of them make and bake, pack and wrap,

unique creations. Truffnies are a delectable

ship and sell most of the Truffnies in their

cross between the European Truffle and the

commercial kitchen. After only a year, they

All-American Brownie.

are proud to support additional Colorado

Lisa has always loved cooking up deli-


cious creations. She actually made her first

Truffnies are delicious, melt-in-your-

batch of Truffnies 17 years ago while preg-

mouth chocolates with exotic flavors, but

nant with her daughter, Jacqui. The dream of

there are other aspects of these delectable

making her Truffnies as a living has been with

little treats that are appreciated by the

her most of her life. In September 2011, that

chocolate lovers who purchase and con-

dream came true when Lisa left her corporate

sume them. Truffnies are made from high

job to become the full-time CEO (Chocolate

quality, all-natural ingredients and contain

Executive Officer) of Chocolate Avenue USA,

no preservatives. That means Truffnies are

Inc. Who knew that the gift of an Easy Bake

always prepared fresh and eaten within a few

Oven at the age of seven could lead to own-

days after they have been made. “They aren’t

ing your own business some day?

meant to last for weeks or months,” says

However, don’t let the big corporate 38


Lisa. “They’re intended to be savored and

Truffnies are made from high quality, all-natural ingredients and contain no preservatives. That means Truffnies are always prepared fresh and eaten within a few days after they have been made.

enjoyed.” They have no paraffin or wax mixed in with the chocolate like you may find in many ‘fine’ chocolates. Truffnies are for the purist, those who want to enjoy their chocolate without those added extenders of shelf life. Truffnies are natural, organic, luxury, affordable confections that provide tantalizing tastes, every time. Eaten at room temperature, Truffnies will be closer in texture to that of a brownie, Lisa notes; when kept in the refrigerator and eaten cold, they will be closer to the texture and flavor of a truffle. You may want to experiment to decide whether you prefer them warmer or cooler. Of course, the flavor of the Truffnie you’re eating may make a difference as well, and there are always several to choose from. There are a few standard flavors always available, such as The Classic, which is topped with an edible gold dust, but Lisa and her chocolatiers create several specialty flavors that change with the seasons, like the Holiday Cracked Peppermint flavor that was offered during the Christmas season. Strawberry Lemon Pepper and Mango Orange were also hits this fall. When they first launched in 2011, Truffnies were being sold through a retail outlet at Park Meadows. From there, Lisa took Truffnies to a kiosk at the Denver International Airport for eight months. It was there that Truffnies truly got their international launch. Travelers from all over the globe stopped to sample this unique chocolate treat. As a result, Truffnies have found their way into some exotic places, such as the Emperor’s Palace in Ethiopia and the dressing rooms in Hollywood for the television program Dancing with the Stars. They have even been in the “swag bags” for the Hollywood elite at the American Cinematheque Awards. “Making a statement is about great taste” has become the corporate motto of Chocolate Avenue USA, Inc. Successful corporations, like Lockheed Martin, recognize the truth in that statement. They ordered 350 boxes of Truffnies to give out as corporate gifts in 2012. Corporations can get special pricing when they place their bulk orders, but they will still receive the same hands-on service from the chocolatiers who create and package these boxes of chocolate decadence. Anyone who receives a gift box of Truffnies will take note of who sent them, especially if they are designed around your corporate logo or brand. Truffnies have already garnered some prestigious awards from the connoisseurs of fine chocolates, such as Best Open Class at the Colorado Chocolate Festival, Best Non-Traditional Truffle at the Winter Park Chocolate Festival and Best Traditional Truffle Filling at the Broadmoor Holiday Chocolate Festival Truffle Competition. You will find Truffnies showing up at wedding receptions with special twopacks from the bride and groom, backstage in Hollywood, given out as special gifts and for some lucky ladies (and men) – delivered to them on Valentine’s Day. Personalized boxes and ribbons can also be special ordered for any purchase. Lisa is always trying out new recipes, so you never know what new and exciting flavor will show up in a boxed assortment. Chocolate Lisa invites you to reach out today and place your order for Valentine’s Day or any special occasion. Remember – “Making a statement is about great taste!”

You can order Truffnies online at or by phone at 720-344-7400, or visit the Chocolate Kitchen of Chocolate Avenue USA, Inc. located at 6920 S. Jordan Road, Centennial, CO 80112.

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YOU financially fit


LEARNING Fiscal prudence by c ati e watson


alk to anyone who’s made a commitment to lifelong physi-

relationship since numerous studies have shown that money is one

cal fitness and they’ll probably tell you that persistence is

of the top reasons that couples argue. Think of yourselves as a team

the key. Staying in shape requires constant commitment to

and work together to get financially fit.

exercise and healthy habits. The same type of persistence is required for financial fitness. Just like physical fitness,

financial fitness is only achieved by those who work at it. Physical fitness is defined as a level of muscular strength and

Get Informed. No matter how old you are, now is the time to start planning for retirement. The best way to begin is by finding out about retirement plans provided by your employer. Not all employers provide a pension or match funds for a 401(k), but if your employer

cardiovascular efficiency that allows one to meet a variety of physical

does, then find out all you can about it. Some employers also provide

challenges. Financial fitness can be defined in similar terms. Some-

financial services to help employees invest and save for the future.

one who is financially fit has strong financial reserves, is efficient in

Find Your Number. A recent study conducted by T. Rowe

their spending and is prepared to meet the financial challenges that

Price, a leading investment management firm, found that more than

can occur at every life stage.

two-thirds of workers aged 21 to 50 who have a 401(k) are contribut-

Some people are lucky enough to have absorbed financial

ing less than 10 percent of their salary each year. Nearly a third of

prudence from their parents. If you’re not one of those lucky few,

workers aren’t sure how much they’re contributing. Part of the doubt

you can still learn how to secure your financial future and become

about how much to save probably stems from uncertainty about

financially fit. A research team at Florida State University spent three

how much money is needed for retirement. Many financial experts

years studying the habits of people who are financially fit and then

recommend saving between 8 and 12 times your annual salary. Talk

condensed their findings into the following six simple strategies.

to a financial planner or visit to find out what your

Work Together. If you have a partner or spouse, try to communicate as much as possible about household finances. Learning

target savings number should be.

Do Some Forecasting. Once you have a clear picture of

to work together to manage your finances and plan for your future

your retirement goal, try to forecast whether you can reach it with

will make it easier to stick to your plans. It can also be good for your

your current rate of savings. Don’t forget to take major expenses like



buying a home or sending children to college into account. You’ll find retirement calculators at that can help you plug in the numbers and see where you stand. The results of your forecasting will tell you whether you’re on track or if you will need to alter your current spending and saving habits.

Maximize Savings. Researchers at Florida State University found that financially fit households automatically put money from each paycheck into savings. Another key practice was saving money for large ticket items like cars and appliances, and paying cash instead of buying on credit.

Researchers at Florida State University found that financially fit households automatically put money from each paycheck into savings. Another key practice was saving money for large ticket items like cars and appliances, and paying cash instead of buying on credit. Minimize Debt. Researchers also found that financially fit households share three common approaches to debt. First, they usually pay their bills on time and frequently pay off their credit card bills in full each month. This means they avoid making credit card purchases unless they know they’ll have money to pay off the charges by the end of the month. Second, many financially fit households pay extra toward their principal in their mortgage payment each month. Even a small extra payment can make a big difference over a period of several years. For example, paying as little as $7.50 extra per month on a 30-year mortgage of $100,000 at 6 percent interest can eliminate an entire year of mortgage payments. The third approach to credit shared by many financially fit households is establishing an emergency fund to be used for unanticipated expenses. This helps them avoid using credit for car repairs, medical bills and other unexpected events. Working toward financial fitness is more important now than ever before. Most Americans can expect to live longer than their parents and grandparents, and will need more money saved for a longer retirement. Besides ensuring a comfortable retirement, being in good financial shape will help you successfully meet some of life’s major financial challenges, including paying back student loans, buying a home and raising children.

Sources: CNBC, the American Savings Education Council and Florida State University’s Financial Fitness Project (



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Using Phone Apps to Design Your Home b y ha llie s a w y e r

furniture, shelves, lamps, rugs, etc. There is a free version of this app but it won’t let you save your design. Getting the $7.99 app will allow you to save your design, letting you come back to it again and again. (Available for iPhone only.) Once you get the structure the way you want it, you’ll need apps to help with what look you are going for, inside and out. Here are a few to help you get started.

Houzz is an interior/exterior design app that lets you peruse tons of photos and choose looks you would like to recreate in your own home. You can save photos of things you like to your “My Houzz” via categories you set up, just like virtual bulletin boards. You can ask questions directly to the designers whose work is featured in the photos. Also, there are green tags hanging from some products where you can click on to find the manufacturer and price. Another very cool thing is that you are able to locate local designers. You can click the professionals tab, select the service you are looking for, and then select the metro area you are from. A list of designers/service professionals shows up and how to reach them. You also have the ability to download your own photos to the app. If you are out shopping, you can take a picture of an item and download to the app to reference later.


DecorPad is one is very similar to Houzz but one of the unique esigning and decorating your home can be an overwhelm-

features that sets it apart is that you can search for deals in their ‘Looks

ing process. Choosing floor plans, paint colors, window

4 Less’ category. Both apps are free and have web versions. (Available

coverings, kitchen cabinets...the list of decisions goes on

for iPhone only.)

and on. But today, in the era of smartphones, there are some helpful tools right in the palm of your hand. (Yes,

Pinterest is an amazing app for giving you the inspiration you

there are apps for everything!) Whether you have an iPhone, Samsung

need as well some links to find out how to do it or buy it. The number

Galaxy or Android, you can have the services of a designer without the

of DIY ideas on here is staggering but if that’s not in your bag of tricks,

outrageous bill.

there are many stores/shops with their own Pinterest boards. Previously, you had to have a Facebook or Twitter account to sign up. They have

When it comes to floor plans and architecture, here’s one to check out: Home

Design 3D by LiveCad. This iPhone app

gives you the capability of creating and designing the home of your dreams. There are over 150 different items to drag and drop such as 42


changed that and you can get a Pinterest account with just a valid email address. (Available for iPhone and Android.) (Words of advice: Set a timer when you log on. Time will never have flown by so quickly in your life.)

Pinterest is an amazing app for giving you the inspiration you need as well some links to find out how to do it or buy it. The number of DIY ideas on here is staggering but if that’s not in your bag of tricks, there are many stores/shops with their own Pinterest boards.

How many times have you been furniture shopping and wondered if your room is big enough? This takes the guesswork out plus you have a floor plan of your house! (Available for iPhone only.)

Carpet and Floor Calculator by Suresh Desu. Flooring can be tricky when you are out shopping, with some things listed by the yard and some listed by the foot. Take the budget guesswork out by having this handy app in your back pocket. You can calculate costs right there on the spot and it even gives you a place to add in labor costs. (Available in iPhone only.)

iHandy Level—where has this one been all of my life? This app works just like a real level. Use it for hanging pictures, mirrors, remodeling, painting stripes, etc. You can finally put that big awk-

Dream Home by Apalon is a five-star rated app full of

ward hunk of metal away in your husband’s toolbox. Now you’ve got

high-quality photos of real interiors designed by professional archi-

your own and yours fits right in your pocket. (Available in iPhone and

tects and interior designers. You can filter your results by style, room,


what’s popular and even color. It also provides offline viewing, meaning no Internet needed. (Available in Android only.)

No home design project is complete without a few visits to your local hardware store, whether it be Home Depot, Sears, Menards,

You may need a helping hand in the middle of a project and these apps just might be the tools you’ve been looking for:

MagicPlan by Sensopia is an app that measures your

or Lowe’s. These stores all have their own apps and may be worth a download for the convenience of comparing products.

Sources:, iTunes and Google Play.

rooms and draws up your home’s floor plan by the pictures you take.



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Relocation Necessities b y lind a r. p ric e


he word just came—you are being relocated. What do you need to do to make this relocation stress-free and a suc-

for them, says Sarah Jo Wood, former realtor. When purchasing a new house, women are looking for a good

cess for you (and your family)? It all depends on whether

investment. From a financial standpoint, women are looking for a

you are a single, career-minded woman or a married

residential area where prices have held steady, says realtor Barb

woman with children.

Churchill. Realtor and Army wife Kathryn Miller believes that married

The single, career-minded woman is interested in being safe and

women want a house that is good for raising their children. In addi-

near the action. She wants a home near work. Good clubs, movie

tion, women consider the setting of their houses. They want houses

theaters, restaurants, museums, fitness centers, shopping and other

with a large, private, fenced, level backyard so the children can be let




out to play. A cul-de-sac,

ing distance or a short

instead of a busy road,


is often ideal for young



The married woman,

mothers who worry about

especially with children,

traffic and their children.

is looking for something

Maybe it’s their




creative spirit coming

in a beautiful, suburban

through, but women are

neighborhood with good,

more proactive with floor

high-performing schools.

plans than men, says

She is more accustomed

Kathryn. Women consider

to driving to malls, gro-

such factors as one child

cery stores and entertain-

per bedroom or not. Are

ment centers for herself

there enough bathrooms?

and her family. Even so,

Is there a spare room that

nearby parks and recre-

can be designated as

ation areas are a plus.

a playroom where toys

Women prefer new

can be left out? With

houses with ample clos-

the hours spent on food

ets, up-to-date kitchens

preparation, women want

and modern bathrooms.

a kitchen that is open so

Most prefer an open floor

they can keep their eyes

plan that is great for en-

on everyone yet attractive

tertaining or keeping an

enough to be seen by all

eye on the kids. Women

who visit. Sarah Jo says

like the “feel” of a house or apartment, according to Senada Adžem,

that women are concerned with the condition of the house. Does

top Florida realtor, and they know immediately if the house is “right”

it need repairs in areas such as the basement, bathrooms or other



rooms of the house?

you are not sure that the move is going to be permanent. By renting

President for the Corporate Housing Providers Association

your home as a corporate rental, you can leave your furnishings in

(CHPA), Kimberly Smith, thinks that caution is advisable if you don’t

place and rent for 1 or 2 months at a time (versus 12 months with a

know the area well or suspect the relocation might be temporary. In

traditional rental). If your relocation is not satisfactory, you can always

these circumstances, it’s a good idea to rent until you feel comfort-

return home!

able buying. She suggests that you not rent a traditional, unfurnished home, because it becomes stressful to furnish and your household

Above all, Kimberly states women should understand that relocation is not a time to make nice. This is the time to step up and negotiate a relocation package in accordance with your company’s

In these circumstances, it’s a good idea to rent until you feel comfortable buying. She suggests that you not rent a traditional, unfurnished home, because it becomes stressful to furnish and your household furnishings have more wear and tear.

policies. If you are the primary caregiver, a pertinent question to ask is if there is a babysitter allowance? Will my healthcare package be accepted in the new state? How will the company help me sell my house? Will the company give me a general orientation to the new area? What are the property tax rates? How many times am I allowed to travel back and forth before I settle in? Are rental cars provided? Publisher, writer and artist Linda McCracken has a different take on what professional women look for in a house. She seeks solitude in order to work at home and closeness to nature to stimulate her creativity. There is a small town 15 minutes away and she is near 2 colleges and other artists nearby. By living on a New Hampshire peninsula, she is able to enjoy the local community life yet has only

furnishings have more wear and tear. Your possessions can be put into storage while you become thoroughly familiar with the area and

one close neighbor. So it all depends—on the woman and her special needs.

take your time to purchase a new permanent home. Another tip from Kimberly is to keep your options open by rent-


ing your current home as a corporate rental rather than selling it if



herlife | tie the knot

b y c a nd i s m it h | p h ot o g r a p h y b y jm photoa r t


atrina (Katy) Lynn (Johnson)

Fort Carson in Colorado Springs once he

Steve left to go to basic training. Their love

Bechtold is a native to Colorado.

finished his training in order to be close to

continued to grow as they were forced to

She was born and raised in the

Katy and his family. Steve spent one full year

have a long-distance relationship. They have

Centennial area and graduated from

in Afghanistan to help the U.S. fight the war

now been together for more than three years,

Grandview High School. She then

on terrorism. Since his deployment, he has

and feel so blessed that Steve was stationed

went on to continue her education at Colo-

been stationed in Colorado and working a

in Colorado Springs so they were able to stay

rado State University in Fort Collins where she

new assignment that will prevent him from

near their families.

received a business degree from CSU with an

having to deploy again while he finishes out

emphasis in Finance. Katy was lucky enough

his term. Once he’s completed his time in

proposed to Katy. He knew that she would

to be selected for a job at Lockheed Martin in

the Army, he hopes to put his Business Man-

be suspicious if he made a big spectacle out

the fall of her senior year. Once she graduated,

agement Degree to good use and open up

of it. He also knew that she would get super

she started working full time as a financial ana-

his own business. The newlyweds currently

shy if he proposed in front of a lot of people,

lyst for the company. She went on to get her

live in Highlands Ranch. They absolutely love

even if it was in front of family and friends,

MBA from the University of Denver in 2009.

the community and hope to stay in the area

because Katy is introverted. So he picked

to raise their kids.

a Monday night to propose, and led her to

Steve Wilhelm Bechtold is also a native to Colorado. He graduated from Columbine

Steve was smart about the way he

The couple met in June 2008 in Las

believe that she was going to pick up pizza

High School and decided to stay in the

Vegas. They were both there celebrating their

on the way home from work (normally Steve

area to attend Metro State University. He

friends’ 21st birthdays, and their respective

is the cook and always cooks Katy dinner).

worked full time at Sullivan’s Steakhouse

groups happened to meet and hang out for

When she walked in the door, the kitchen

while completing his degree. In 2009, he felt

the duration of the trip. They were friends

lights were dimmed and there were candles

called to join the United States Army and

first and didn’t start dating until almost a year

on the counter. Steve had a large bouquet full

was shipped to Georgia for basic training.

later. Their relationship continued to slowly

of flowers on the counter with a ribbon tied

Steve was lucky enough to be stationed at

blossom and they fell in love right before

around it. The ribbon weaved through the






kitchen, through the dining room and all the way up the stairs. Every couple of feet, there was a card with a sweet memory, or something he loves about her, or a funny inside joke of theirs. The cards and ribbon led Katy all the way upstairs where Steve was waiting for her on bended knee and asked her to marry him! Of course, she said, “Yes!”

BRIDAL & bridesmaids gowns: The Bridal Collection

The happy couple tied the knot on September 15, 2012. They created a romantic feel for their wedding day and evening. They wanted the vibe at their wedding to be lots of fun with everyone

photography: JM PhotoArt

dancing and having a blast! They brought in a couple of their interests to make the wedding unique by having a wine theme and dancing in their cowboy and cowgirl boots for the first dance. They hoped to


bring out the silliness in everyone by providing a photo booth with

Littleton Downtown Floral

a lot of props. Overall, they wanted to share their love and fun with everyone that would be there!

caterer: Rocky Mountain Catering

The newlyweds went to a Sandals resort in Antigua called Sandals Grande Antigua, which is on a small island in the eastern Caribbean Sea. They chose Sandals because they cater to honey-


mooners and couples, and are all-inclusive. This particular resort was

Sugar Bakeshop

voted “World’s Most Romantic Resort” for several years in a row. Katy and Steve wanted to go on a vacation where they could relax by the


ocean, enjoy each other’s company and have no time schedule, so

Highlands Ranch Mansion

choosing an all-inclusive resort was a must for them. They had an absolutely amazing time and can’t wait to go back someday soon!



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ROCKY MOUNTAIN MS CENTER ANNUAL GALA pho to graphy by jm ph otoar t


he Rocky Mountain MS Center held their annual gala at the History Colorado Center. For the past 32 years, the Rocky Mountain MS Center has been a leader in international efforts to discover the cause and find a cure for multiple sclerosis. Multiple Sclerosis (MS), a chronic neurological disease, is the leading cause of disability in young women and the second leading cause

of disability in young men. More than 1 in 550 Coloradans live with MS. The Rocky Mountain MS Center’s mission is to improve the lives of people with MS and their families through care, support, education and research. For more information on how you can get involved or donate visit



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HIGHLANDS RANCH CHAMBER LUNCHEON pho to graphy by jm ph otoar t


he Chamber of Commerce of Highlands Ranch celebrated their business members during their monthly luncheon. The Chamber offers member businesses opportunities to succeed and grow in Douglas County as they continue to provide networking opportunities, legislative updates and community involvement. They educate, support and promote local

companies, as well as the Highlands Ranch community. They started in 2000 with a handful of businesses and have since grown to represent more than15,000 employees. If you want to learn, join and be involved with the Highlands Ranch Chamber and the Highlands Ranch community visit







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