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she must be mad

issue #1 • feb/mar 2019

14 days on tour

sad people dancing


what? where? when? who? Apt 1302. Apartment 1302. A home just like many others. But somewhere in a building (almost) overlooking the water in Norrkรถping is apartment 1302. It can be whatever you want, an escape or solace or place of comfort. It's a home. And this is where I welcome you to a home filled with music, art, poetry, photography, text and thoughts compiled into the magazine that is Apt 1302. Follow along

through the rooms and get lost between the pages, dive into a world soundtracked by bands you've never even heard of, but will soon hold close to your heart. This is a place to find yourself and to let others find you. Welcome home.

all the love, linnea 2.

floor plan hallway


2. welcome to apt 1302 3. floor plan 5. hallway playlist

29. outside playlist 30. norrkรถping in pink 33. analogue adventures

living room


7. the center of a home 8. soundtracking a life 9. sad people dancing 15. beautiful people 17. i rektangelns ljus 23. she must be mad


kitchen 25. kitchen playlist 26. fridge poetry 27. un-glamorous food


35. songs for 3am showers 36. shower thoughts

37. bedroom playlist 38. no angels 39. where wilderness grows 40. you 41. 14 days on tour 45. notes to self & others 46. so long, forever?


playlist Life does almost always have a type of soundtrack, wheater it’s intentional or not. These following lists are what soundtracks the life in Apt 1302, specific to every room. Listen to the playlists as you flip through the magazine and disappear into the world that is Apt 1302.

wild world, intro - bastille you haunt me - sir sly do me a favour - arctic monkeys this was a home once - bad suns don’t delete the kisses - wolf alice perfect places - lorde miranda beach - coin masters - local natives an encounter - the 1975 time to pretend - mgmt



the centre of a home The living room is where your life is suppose to happen, right? Isn’t that what the name points at? Lonely nights or people spilling over the sofa filling every corner, it has all happened between these four walls. Wine tainted lips whispering words that only belongs to the night, lazy mornings eating breakfast in the sofa, dancing when nobody’s watching, getting caught up in your favourite series losing track of time and place, spending hours upon hours trying to finish that assignment, talking to your best friend via a screen who’s miles and miles away, or laying on the floor listening to your favourite vinyl record. It’s what you call life. Life lived in the living room.



SAD sad people PEOP d people danci DANC sad 9.


PLE ing CING people dancin 10.

wanna feel, I want to feel Better than I do right now wanna feel, so help me feel Better than yesterday Cause I’ve been watching the planes go land And people embrace from time That they’d spent apart And I’ve been waiting for someone to come nd save me So won’t you save me? band in with high ambitions, melancholic sound Oooh, it’s just like A standing the rain and potential to take over the world. Bryan Sammis, Without you Jake Lopez and Drew Bruchs is the trio to accomt’s just like watching a party plish this. From the other room Oooh, it’s just like sad people dancing About the room t’s just like sad people dancing t’s just like sad people dancing can bring you back and help you feel Better than you have before Oooh, trust me, I know how this goes know what it’s like To feel all alone don’t wanna go back to that know you don’t either Eat your heart out, baby Why don’t you sweat with me? No one is watching ’cause no one cares Please stop thinking Please just be here Oooh, it’s just like standing in the rain Without you t’s just like watching a party From the other room Oooh, it’s just like sad people dancing About the room t’s just like sad people dancing t’s just like sad people dancing Oooh, it’s just like standing in the rain Without you t’s just like watching a party

La bouquet

låtsas som att denna artikel är färdigskriven men tiden tog slut här adjö. la bouquet. skriv lite fint om dem. bry är värdlens finaste. hur deras musik låter, melankoli x10000000. lyrics till låten? illustration? foton lånade av dem? kontakta bry fråga. detta är lite allmän fakta om bandet och sen kommer vi in till att juste wow de har just släppt en singel, sad ppl dancing, vilket också är namnet på deras kommande album som släpps 29 mars!!!!

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Sad People Dancing - La Bouquet out March 29th 2019

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Arkansas-born 23 year old Arden is one of those people that one wish to have as a best friend. Happy, passionate, understanding and outspoken are characteristics shown through her youtube-videos. @ardenrose

WILL DARBYSHIRE Creative, creative, creative. Filmmaker and photographer wise beyond his years. He has an aura glowing with melancoly, reflection and love. Will is also the author of the book This Modern Love. Would highly recommend. @willdarbyshire

Best Dressed, also known as Ashley, might be one of the most fashionable people today. With an on point humour and immense sense of style, she has just gained one million subscribers. It’s weirdly nice seeing somone fully being unapologetically themselves. @best.dressed 15.

ZOZALEENIE She sings, draws, makes videos, paints, plays music, photographs and has probably every other creative ability to succeed in that too. Zoe Wilson portrays what arguably might be a close to perfect life in Australia. @zozaleenie

Between the palms in L.A. is youtuber, style icon and graphic design-student Lindsey Rem. If 90’s goth-indie-creativety was a person, this is her. It doesn’t hurt that her music taste is quite exceptional too. @lindseyrem


JACK & FINN HARRIES Teenage youtube-success gone environmental activists and spokespeople for mental health. Since Finn graduated with a degree in architechtual design from Parsons University, and Jack took a masters in ethnography and documentary filmmaking from UCL, they have given ”inspiring” a whole new meaning. @jackharries

@finnharries 16.

I REKTANGELNS LJUS En sista gång. Slutet av en era. Det välbekanta hummande ljudet blandas med tusentals förväntansfulla människor på ett av fälten utanför Suffolk i England. Dånet skruvas upp mer och mer för varje sekund i takt med att klockan tickar närmare start. Strålkastarnas sken dimmas ned tills fältet över Latitude Festival är täckt i ett kompakt mörker. Plötslig tystnad. Allas hjärtan står still, ingen andas. ”Go down, soft sound...” dundrar ut ur högtalarna ”Midnight, car lights” skriker publiken tillbaka, deras hjärtan pumpandes av ren eufori. Timmars köande i kylan, trycket av tusentals perso- ner bakom, metallstaketet som gräver i revbenen, armbågarna i 17.

ryggen och tårarna som brinner innanför ögonen spelar inte längre någon roll. En sista gång. Rektanglarna spottar ut det neonrosa ljuset och vi vet precis vad detta betyder. We are home. Stressen är maximal, ingen vet vad som händer eller hur det ska gå till. Fler och fler anländer bakom det rödvitrandiga avspärrningsrepet, redo att springa för sina liv. Någon hade sagt att vi skulle släppas in vid 12:00, men ingen vet säkert. Vakterna strosar övervakande omkring ett par hundra meter framför oss borta vid scenen, men erbjuder ingen hjälp. Fem minuter kvar och det grästäckta fältet ser

ut att sträcka sig era kilometer, inte en chans att vi skulle ta oss till barricade levande. Ångestblandad adrenalin flyter genom ådrorna när någon plötsligt springer. Föreställ er en zombieapokalyps, ungefär så ser det ut när runt hundra personer springer med gråten i halsen för att komma fram först. För oss finns det inget annat alternativ än att vara längst fram, att se vårt band för en sista gång på bästa möjliga plats. Benen viker sig snart, gropar gömmer sig i det höga gräset och folk faller som dominobrickor och blir nästan trampade på. Staketets iskalla metall biter sig fast när vi greppar runt det så hårt att händerna vitnar. Andan är ännu inte återhämtad men vi lyckades, vi kommer vara längst fram under The 1975:s sista konsert. Knappt tre veckor tidigare hade vi köat i 31 timmar för vad vi då trodde var slutet för vår del av ”I Like It When You Sleep...” eran, men när vi bröt ihop i varandras armar utanför konsertlokalen i München förändrades något. Ett ljus som annars ligger omslutet av mörker hade tänts inom oss, vad ren och skär lycka innebär

hade precis visat sig, och denna känsla var inte något vi skulle ge upp bara sådär. En sista gång. Den 14 juli skulle de spela på Latitude Festival mitt ute i ingenstans i England, och oavsett vad skulle vi ta oss dit. Latitude är inte lika lerigt som Glastonbury eller Reading & Leeds, men är samtidigt inte synonymt med det instagramidealistiska Coachella. Istället är festivalen relativt familjevänligt med konstverk uppsatta i den omkringliggande skogen, och rosa får lunkar omkring vid vattendraget. Det kan beskrivas som en temporär sagoplats anpassad till både vuxna, ungdomar och barn. Medan musiken dånar från scenerna finns det även tid för filmvisning, teater, komedi och de många matmöjligheterna. När mörkret faller lyses skogen upp av färgglada ljusslingor och projicerade ljusshower visas över vattnet. Festivalen är som en annan planet, en väg till eskapism där den utomstående världen inte längre spelar roll. För några få dagar får man leva i en lycklig dröm med de personerna man älskar mest. Det är precis det vi skulle göra.

Med folk från världens alla hörn står vi uppradade längst staketet, nu endast några timmar kvar tills bandet går på scen. Tyskland, Sverige, Dubai, USA, Schweiz, England, Polen, Tjeckien och Australien är nationaliteter som representeras av förväntansfulla blickar, längtandes e er det bitterljuva avslutet. The 1975:s fans har en tendens att dedikera hela sina liv till dem, och tvivlar inte en sekund att följa med på turné runt världens kontinenter. Gemenskapen som föds när man sover på gatorna tillsammans med andra vars hjärtan pumpar för samma sak som ens eget, är någonting helt obeskrivligt. Det spelar ingen roll om man aldrig träffats eller vanligtvis pratar olika språk, konversationerna flödar av kärlek som aldrig tar slut. Därav kommer det sig att två svenskar och en polack krampar om varandras händer när de välbekanta rektanglarna äntligen lyser upp. This is how it starts.

Manchesterbandets frontman Matty Healy kliver ut på scenen iförd platåskor och har ”What a shame” skrivet på bröstet. Runt halsen har han en liten rektangel som representerar bandets logga dinglandes. Den virvlar efter varje steg han tar och det ikoniska halsbandet är någonting han 19.

delar med stor del av publiken. Hela bandet är klädd i helsvart (from head to toe) men har en färgsprakande neonshow bakom sig. ”Love Me” är den första låten som spelas, snart följt av ”UGH!” och ”Heart Out”. Varje låt ger upphov till en ny ljusshow, nya skimrande, virvlande färger och mönster rör sig i bakgrunden och har egenskapen att passa musiken så naturligt att inget annat ens skulle vara tänkbart. Medan ”fallingforyou” är svartvitt och sprakande, skiner ”Loving Someone” i prideflaggans toner och färgar hela publiken i regnbågar. Det går inte att undgå den elektriska atmosfären som sprider sig vitt över fältet. Kvällen är speciell. Det är bandets första festival-headline någonsin, samtidigt som det är slutet på den snart två år långa turnén för deras andra album ”I Like It When you Sleep For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It”. Känslan av total överrumplande lycka blandat med förödande sorg går nästan att ta på i publiken. Konsertens slut betyder ett år utan spelningar att

”And that album [I Like It When You Sleep...] kind of became a bit of an era, and tonight that’s the end of that era. But, it’s the start of a new era called Music For Cars. And if we have some hardcore fans here, I want to prove to you something” se fram emot, utan att få känna sig så hemma med alla vänner i publikhavet. Tur att konserten varar för evigt. Halvvägs genom framträdandet händer det som ingen någonsin trodde skulle hända. Det fanns inte ens på världskartan, det händer inte ens i den vildaste fantasin. För alla utanför The 1975:s värld är det kanske inget märkvärdigt, bara en annan låt. Men för de som vet, de vet. Hela världen snurrar och om det inte kändes som att man skulle dö innan så är detta definitivt stunden. Möjligheterna om vilken låt det kan vara rusar genom hjärnan, ”Antichrist”, ”Haunt // Bed” eller någonting helt nytt från Music For Cars? Adam Hann, bandets gitar- rist, börjar spela någonting som för ett ögonblick verkar helt okänt, men när medvetandet har tagit sig ner på Jorden igen förstår vi.

28. En låt som aldrig någonsin förut har spelats live, som de flesta inte ens vet existerar. 28 har aldrig ens släppts officiellt utan existerar bara i knackiga inspelningar från långt innan bandet ens hette The 1975, utan var kända som Drive Like I Do. Chocken som fyller publiken är obeskrivlig. Ett öronbedövande dån av tusentals röster fyller fältet uti varje kvadratcentimeter. Publiken har förvandlats till ett levande hav, och det är storm. Armar viftar som vågor, folk hoppar upp och ner och tårar syns på var och varannan kind. Var bandet startar och publiken slutar är svårt att avgöra, tiotusentals är plötsligt en och samma i ett perfekt ögonblick. Tjugoen låtar senare tar evigheten slut. Med lovord om att turnén ska börja i oktober 2018 igen och upprepningen av ”June first, The 1975” ringande i öronen jublar publiken högre än 20.

någonsin. Få gånger har det upplevts så mycket stolthet, lycka, sorg och tacksamhet på ett och samma ställe. Matty, Adam, George och Ross lägger ifrån sig sina instrument efter att slutligen ha spelat den självklara ”The Sound”, och går fram till mitten av scenen. De bugar, applåderar och tackar publiken för allt, för två #1 album och slutsålda shower världen över. För all ovillkorlig kärlek. Hjärtat bokstavligen brister i bröstet när insikten om att detta är det sista vi får se av dem på allt för lång tid, slår in. Tårarna tar inte slut. En sista sekund av överväldigande kärlek när de försvinner bort och ljusshowen går från skimrande ljusrosa till totalt beckmörker. Den bakre delen av publiken börjar spatsera bort mot utgångarna, nöj- da efter en bra konsert. Situationen ser helt annorlunda ut för oss där framme. I två år har vi levt våra liv med The 1975 som yttersta prioritet, med musiken som undanflykt och konserterna som ymnighetshorn för livsglädje. Brustna hjärtan och förvirrade själar gråter in i varandras armar. Femton månader tills de brustna hjärtana ses igen och långsamt kan sys ihop igen. Eran må ha nått sitt slut, de tre gigantiska rektanglarna må ha släckts, men rektanglarna runt våra halsar glöder fortfarande. Det är ändå dem som håller oss levande.


she must be mad she’s madly cool she is charly cox

Whenever I find myslf in a situation where I have to explain to someone who Charly Cox is, my first instinct is to say ”she’s just Charly”, like the name indicates exactly who she is. To me ”Charly” connotates to brave, kind, bright, passionate and creative. She expresses these attributes in the poetry she writes. Additionally to being a poet she’s also a producer and author. The latter has relatively recently resulted in her first book ”She must be mad”, which explores her own coming-ofage experiences regarding mental health, love and growing up. Her debut has been widely praised as a way to feel less alone and to understand your own worth. Charly began writing poetry in her early teens as an escape and a way to express her own feelings, especially since she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Today she is an advocate for mental health and shares her poems mainly on social media, Instagram being her go-to. She says

to Culture Whisper ”Half the battle with any mental illness is the biased voice in the back of your head that constantly screams that no one else has ever felt the feelings you have”. Taking to Instagram to share her work has gained her 38 000 followers and a contract for book number two. ”Validate Me” is to be released in October 2019 and she writes in an Instagram caption ”It’s all about how fucked I’ve become because of the internet. Love/politics/carreers. I’ve also written it entirely on my phone. It sounds sad but it’s hopefully funnier than the last one. EXCITING. Now excuse me while I have to finish it and then can we all celebrate?” So let’s go celebrate. Celebrate Charly Cox as the fantastic woman she is and celebrate her beautiful words. Celebrate unstigmatizing mental health and validating each and everyone’s natural beauty. 24.

PLAYLIST cigarette daydreams - cage the elephant shine on - the kooks west coast - the nbhd stay in - jaws salt - bad suns home by now - bombay bicycle club honey - swim deep menswear - the 1975 suburbia - troye sivan 8 (circle) - Bon Iver arrow - half alive


UN-GLAMOROUS FOOD Food isn’t always very glamorous. It doesn’t look as perfect as it does in cook books, because no, surprisingly everyone doesn’t have a perfectly lit photo studio set out to photograph food in. This is the un-glamorous side of food that results in many portions and doesn’t cost too much. But it (hopefully) tastes good. You need: • Potatoes • Carrots • Onion • Pepper • Broccoli • Halloumi • Spinach • Creme fresh • Lemon juice • Spices Or whatever else you have in your fridge and need to use. How much do you need of everything? Lagom.

1. Cut potatoes, carrots, onion, pepper, broccoli into small squares and put them in a greased tin. Squeeze lemon juice over everything and add spices.

4. Mix together creme fresh and spinach into a sauce. Take out the tin of the oven and pour the sauce and halloumi over it.

2. Mix the ingredients and put in the middle of the oven at 220°C for about 20 minutes.

5. Mix everything carefully and put into the oven for another 20 minutes (or until everything is cooked). Bon apetit!

3. Cut the halloumi into small squares and fry until golden.

I literally made this recipe up myself and I know nothing about food so don’t trust me.


Then when you have made this fantastic dish, you can sit down, enjoy the food while looking out at this view as The Kooks’ Shine On plays from the speakers.

OUTSIDE OUTSIDE PLAYLIST PLAYLIST super far - lany brazil - declan mckenna daft pretty boys - bad suns pink lemonade - alfie templeman homesick - catfish and the bottlemen i like america & america likes me - the 1975 where wilderness grows - gengahr hell is my head - blaenavon agnes - glass animals 1990 - la bouquet slip - AMA




songs for 3 am showers yes it’s totally acceptable to cry and dance at the same time. 10/10 would recommend. this is also the bathroom playlist. just fyi.



the shower is a place for reflection and unintentional overthinking. these are some people’s shower thoughts.

to do list today: work, ignore work, not wanting to work, hoping to get home from work, finally getting home i wonder what im doing in a parallell universe

The thought I usually have when I shower is that I’m thinking and then I’m thinking of that I’m thinking that I’m thinking. Then I think of that I’m thinking that I’m thinking of myself thinking. This can go on forever. how come I’m showering at 2am again?¿? why am I so good at procrastinating

kill your darlings Don’t let boys ruin your day even though they might be the ones who make it the best

I’d rather be at the Oscar’s dancing with the cast of Behomian Raphsody (or actually with Ben Hardy)

where? did? time? go?

never let someone ruin your favourite songs

cats are better than people???

how can people still ignore climate change 36.

BEDROOM pressure - the 1975 i want it all - coin

planet hunter - wolf alice

silverlined - peace

writer in the dark - lorde

on hold - the xx the only one - the black keys babys - bon iver

ditch - gus dapperton home - diiv staying up - the nbhd prague - blaenavon so long forever - palace

As known, music connects to memories. Some songs are ruined by that while others enhances songs perfectly. Here is my memories connected to No Angels, You and Where Wilderness Grows.


”Being as in love with you as I am” Some songs mean more than others. Some songs hold memories so close to your heart. Some songs makes your eyes well up with tears no matter what. This is one of those songs. In the beginning of 2013, possibly late 2012, I somehow stumbled upon a link to this song called No Angels. I didn’t know it back then but it was a mashup of TLC’s No Scrubs and The XX’s Angels. I remember so clearly loving this song to bits, it was only available on youtube but I still had it on repeat, restarting the video again and again. I didn’t even think of looking up the band until a good few months later. That is when i fell in love with Bastille. There was a few songs by them availible on Spotify, and I soon learnt there were more mashups like No Angels, but they were nowhere to be found on official platforms. This showed to be what Bastille calls Other People’s Heartache, a mixtape where they (more or less illegally) made covers and mashups of songs before they ever released any of their own songs. Fast forward a couple of years, No Angels still holds such a special place in my heart since it was the beginning of me developing my music taste that later shaped who I am today. I’ve had the luck to see Bastille perform No Angels live multiple times, the best one possibly being in Berlin during their ”Reorchestrated” tour where they reworked all their songs and performed them with an actual orchestra. I doubt few things can ever beat that.

songs and songs and songs and songs and songs and songs and songs and so and songs and songs and songs and songs and songs and songs and songs an 38.

Where Wilderness Grows - Gengahr ”Torn apart as we try to conceal What’s going on”

A tiny obsqure band, five guys from somewhere in England who makes music that’s not played on the radio or found in any mainstream playlists. Named after a pokémon and paints all their album artwork by themselves, this is Gengahr. I found them by accident around five years ago when they were playing something for BBC Radio 1. Since then they have released two albums, A Dream Outside and Where Wilderness Grows. Gengahr always seem to create worlds within their music, songs draw landscapes in front of you to get lost in. Fittingly enough, the album and song names reflect these perfectly. When Where Wilderness Grows were released in March 2018, I did what I always do when albums are released, and stayed up until midnight and listened to the whole album front to back. I didn’t even make it halfway before I felt the need to write to the band and tell them how blown away I was. Comparing the two albums, the second one is such a progression even though the first one was amazing too. Gengahr is here to blossom and deserve all the love in the world, especially since they’re some of the nices people I’ve ever met. This is what they replied when I sent the long message praising Where Wilderness Grows:

ongs and songs and songs and songs and songs and songs and songs and son nd songs and songs and songs and songs and songs and songs and songs and 39.

”And you’re alive, at least as far as I can tell you are”

No, I’ve not yet screamed enough about The 1975 through this magazine. I’m not so very sorry. It’s October 16th, 2014. It’s the first time I’m ever seeing The 1975. 16-year-old me ran from school, eager to finally see my favourite band. Quite obviously, I was in disbelief and euphoria during the whole show. I had listened to You a fair bit before, but it was never one of the songs I reached to play first. But during the show Matty sang ”do you wanna dance, do you wanna dance, dance, dance at the bar at the back of the hall” and in that very moment it clicked that I was dancing right by the bar at the back of the hall, literlly living the lyrics in person. Since then You has been my song. During the 12 times I’ve seen The 1975, You has been played every single time but one. Me and my friends usually do this thing before shows, that we ask which song each person most want to hear. For Mikaela that’s Menswear, Alina’s song is Paris and mine is always You. Then when the song actually plays we hold each others hands and just know how happy that person is, hearing their favourite song with their best friends. Because of this, You always makes me think of tour too. For the past five years, You has been the soundtrack to some of my dearest memories, and will continue to be for years and years to come.

ngs and songs and songs and songs and songs and songs and songs and songs d songs and songs and songs and songs and songs and songs and songs and s 40.

14 DAYS ON TOUR Prioritizing music over everything else in life? Sounds healthy. That’s how we ended up on the streets of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Wales and England in the middle of January. The 1975 is the band that makes us travel miles and miles and whose music flow through our veins. This is 14 days on tour. Two swedes, four countries, six shows, and more happiness than anyone could ever imagine. Beginning in Belfast on January 9th, The 1975 played their first real show back after taking a break in July 2017 to make their third album A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships. With a new stage set up, new production, new songs and a bigger audience


than ever, the anticipation was insane. Queuing since the night before we were about to experience the concert up close. The audience was buzzing with electricity, eagerly discussing how the big screens, boxes and rectangles on stage would move or what songs would be played. Soon we all got the answers.

and Matty literally climbing into the screen at one point. This wasn’t a new level, it was breaking the cieling and reaching through the sky up to the stars. A third swede, Tobias Rylander, is to thank for the light spectacle. His ability to give life to a song via visuals is beyond anyone elses. A highlight for us was seeing him at the sound booth at the second London show, screaming to him in swedish how fantastic he is. One of the favourite songs off the setlist was definitely Sincerity Is Scary where Matty acts out the actual music video on stage with correct accessories

Waltzing in on stage the band looked happer than ever. Starting off with Give Yourself A Try, the first single they released from this era, the audience became a roaring sea. Singer Matty Healy danced around on stage like there was no tomorrow and the rest of the band, George Daniel, Adam Hann and Ross MacDonald, gave their all. The 1975 always have high ambitions, does everything to a maximum and creates stunning visuals accompanying the music. Every tour has always topped the ones before and during the shows for their second album I Like It When You Sleep For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It, people were sure they had outdone themselves. But in comes album number three. Seeing the stage light up for the first time was like walking into a real life art exhabition. Light was above, beside and around you. Moving objects

and a trademill to match the dance from the video. The Ballad Of Me And My Brain, You, It’s Not Living (If It’s Not With You), Love It If We Made It and fallingforyou were hosts to some of the most breathtaking visuals. The concert ended with the iconic song Sex, which ended with the gigantic screen showcasing ”Rock & roll is deas, god bless The 1975”. One show done, twelve days left of tour and five more shows to go. We walked out dizzy with exhaustion and happiness. After a few hours of sleep we sat on a bus on our way to Dublin for another night of a real life dream. This continued through Cardiff, Brighton and ended with two shows at the iconic O2 Arena in London, hosting over 20 000 people.

These 14 days in the UK were some of the most draining, exhausting and challanging days ever. But the amount of love, happiness and belonging made up for it a thousand times over. It’s insane how ”home” can move from country to country, city to city and venue to venue every night. The people on stage and the people whose arms hold you during I Always Wanna Die (Sometimes) shortly becomes the people closest to your heart. And experiencing that six times over in such a short span of time fills you with memories to relive until the next time you’re home again. Because when the rectangle glows, you know you’re home.


years, grooming them in a sense. a grown man using his fame, power and priviliges over underage fangirls is pure disgusting. people usually say ”separate the art from the artist”, but i don’t always agree with that. you can love a person’s music, but if they are horrible and does things that are wrong on so many levels, supporting their music is wrong too. it hurts when this happens to an artist you looked up to and had supported for years. børns is an american artist whose music i loved, had seen live three times, had his vinyl records and i had even met him in person. it’s clear that i gladly supported him. but then more and more girls started to tell stories how he had used them, talked to them, sometimes for

of course it hurts for all fans who held his music so close to their hearts, but the only right thing to do is support the girls and call out the artist themselves. sadly the music industry works the way that men in power always seem to do fine no matter what they do. you can’t and should never separate the art from the artist. they are an entity and go so closely together that they can’t be percieved as two. if you think you love someone’s music, think again after you’ve looked into who the person behind it actually is. no one would want to listen to a rapists or an abusers songs, right?

so long forever? is this goodbye? forever? for issue #1? yes. it is. not for forever but for now. with too little time, too high ambitions and too much to do for one person, Apt 1302 didn’t catastrophically fail. as you might know, I’m Linnea, the creator, writer, photographer, illustrator and everything else for this magazine. Thanks for taking the time to read and look through this little thing that I call my home. I hope you found something you enjoyed, or made you listen to some new music that you’ll soon call your favourite song. So long for now. See you at Apt 1302, figuratively or literally. Linnea Tjernberg, 2019


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