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The name is Ambeck’s Typography Bestiary A-Z by Mette-Sofit D. Ambeck. First, I considered that the artist was creative the new word. The artist used the A-Z word alphabets to design any characters. In particular, this design makes alphabets be more interesting and have a fine sense of humorous. it can clear to understand a Ambeck is a good book artist, she creative a lot of art book, used many different ways. such as laser engraved and some a handmade book. she was studied MA Communication Design, Central Saint Martins, London, I think that she’s design style used many printing techniques, as well as related to his background. Form her art works brings me some ideas about using alphabets and images to creative a new visual typography.


Illustrative typography


Workshop Concept

Art Nouveau


"The new art" movement (Art Nouveau) was from 1890 to 1910 in Europe and the United States the massive emphasis on handicraft traditions and formalism of the art deco movement.

Reference 2

Research Artist: Mucha


Architecture in the Czech Republic

Research Artist: ErtĂŠ



The Typography Circle

Interview Smile in the Mind Witty Thinking in Graphic Design Forty years of "witty thinking" from over 500 designers, including hundreds of visual examples and interviews with the world's top practitioners.

What I already to done

My research approach is therefore the first step is to determine research Mucha, and Erté’s painting, and found the similar situation both this two artist. I collected a large number of Mucha, and Erté ‘s book, learning about their background and motives found them and their creation is the new art new art movement, the Art Nouveau was began in the 1880 's, even reached its peak in 1890 to 1910

Conclusions 1, The theme: The Characteristics of Art

Nouveau in the Illustrative typography: Based on work of Mucha and Erté

2, Three part : illustrative typography , Art Nouveau , Alphabet

3, Art Nouveau had influence of

design alphabet in the poster and books, it’s means art movement had influence on illustrative typography and posters design.

4, The aim of illustrative typography were vary with people’s visual communicate , including image is more powerful then language.

Achive - CHIHYU LIN  
Achive - CHIHYU LIN