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Stop thinking of a dream Dining Room and start living in one just in time for the holidays. No detail is overlooked as Linly Designs showcases the utmost sophistication with luxurious textiles, trims, and artesian finishes. From hand-crafted carved wood frames to intricate beaded fabrics, you will experience Old World charm made for today’s lifestyle. With the creativity of Linly Designs and craftsmanship of Marge Carson the results are always timeless and elegant.


Marge Carson's fashion and design teams relentlessly research around the globe for unique, fashion-forward fabrics that are cutting edge in textures, colors and construction. Forefront in their minds is a commitment to bringing customers looks and feels that are far from ordinary. Our research produces upholstery that possesses extraordinary tactile and visual qualities. Our fabrics are soft to the touch and captivating to the eye. They reflect a warm wonderful blend of Earth tones with shimmering gold, silver and metallic strands; fabrics that make the light dance before your eyes. It's a feel and look that is uniquely Marge Carson's; a generous, curvaceous, decorative and exceedingly comfortable assortment of sofas, sectionals, chaises and other seating.


You can personalize your Marge Carson furniture with our accents that enhance its design, style and ambiance. Complimenting our assortment of accents are bow and tassel ties, buttons and closures molded in brass, silver, nickel, pewter and other materials. Marge Carson's collection of nailhead trims are available in a variety of sizes and complexities. And our Ratchet Ties are perfect for accenting corner posts.


Marge Carson's finishes are deliberately designed to bring out the best of the unique characteristics of woods while enhancing carvings, styles, functionalities and visual appeal of our furniture. Our more than 50 finishes are unique in their complexity. Hand applied by our skilled artisans, they are multi-layered, often comprised of a truly special yet deliberate combination of materials: lacquers, paints, and gold and silver leaves. Physical distressing is used to give some of our furniture a warm, loved appeal. It's as much of a science as it is an art form. The end result is a beautiful and fitting finish, carefully applied, created to last and is appreciated all the more upon closer inspection.

Luxury Linly Designs is an industry leader in Interior Design, and has an impressive history of growth and expansion. Our company was established in 2002,offering elite interior design services in the suburbs of Chicago. It’s being able to take each project from A to Z. With every resource at our fingertips, Linly Designs can not only help with your custom furniture, but we can perfectly accent the pieces to fit into your space and complete your room. We do it all: from building or remodeling your home, to picking hardware on your cabinetry, to designing window treatments and hanging artwork and chandeliers. So stop in and see us, we will show you what you’ve always wanted.



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Marge Carson Furniture  
Marge Carson Furniture  

Stop thinking of a dream Dining Room and start living in one just in time for the holidays. No detail is overlooked as Linly Designs showcas...