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for who?

young people aged 15-30

youth organisations

% be part of an international youth exchange about international topics, media, theatre and much more;

% cooperate with us and create a newtork together in the filed of youth work;

% participate in international training opportunities in youth field in cooperation with our partner organisations by using non formal education. % join our varied European Voluntary Service programmes.

% start a partnership as a sending and hosting organisation in the frame of the European Voluntary Service and other European Programmes; % create opportunities together in order to meet each other and strengthen our partnerships through international meetings, seminars and training courses.

European Growing People

Associazione Culturale Link Viale Regina Margherita, 22 70022 Altamura - Italia Tel. e Fax +39.080.3148080


promotional flyer of Link - 2008-2009


promotional flyer of Link - 2008-2009