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COMPANY PROFILE LINK SUPPLY ApS is founded in 2014 and is 100% owned by Danish partners. The concept is based on years of experience within the cable protection, identification and connectivity markets, both on the sourcing and engineering side, commercially as well as technically. The company operates from three sites in Denmark, Germany and USA. On the insulation and protection products, we primarily offer the extensive portfolio of selected manufacturers, which are high-tech enterprises, specializing in R&D, manufacturing and sale of cross-linked materials. Together with our partners, the long-term strategy is to develop a reliable business with products from our key partners in Far East as well as throughout Europe. The scope includes products like grate trays, cable cleats, oil absorbents, connectors, magnets, cold shrink, EMC braiding and conduits. This will be a great benefit for our actual customers and helps us to convince possible future customers. Our German and English technical communication skills allows us to detail all customer questions and problems direct with the responsible departments of the production and R+D department.


PRODUCT OFFERING Flexible and solid copper busbars Flexible Insulated Laminated Connectors Standardized range available off the shelf or customized to your specifications. Made from copper lamellas, tinned or bare copper PVC, silicone or Santoprene insulation. The best alternative to rigid busbars Usage: switch cabinets, switchgears systems, connecting generators, transformers, switching equipment. Copper and aluminum busbar Manufactured copper busbars and aluminum busbars to suit a variety of applications. Made in plain, tin-plated: either bright or dull, or bright nickel. Busbars can be fabricated to any shape or size. Laminated busbar A laminated busbar are a series of copper strips press welded together. The shunt is a flexible connector to alleviate vibration, component movement or mis-alignment. Made in plain, tin-plated, silver-plated copper. The strips range from 0.1mm to 0.3mm in thickness, and the shunt assemblies are between 10mm and 40mm thick. Rivetted, press-tinned or press welded assemblies The ends can be drilled, welded, bent or configured to customer requirements Flexible busbar, Braided flexible, Flexible connector, Power conductor, Transformer braid A flexible busbar, with connectors pressed on multiple copper braids. Available in plain, tinned or nickel plated copper braids Nickel plated copper for high temperature applications Cross sectional area, length according to individual needs. Straight or bended configuration Our braided flexible busbars can be made to customer requirements.

PRODUCT OFFERING Heat shrinkable tubing for insulation and protection purposes Heat shrinkable tubing Shrink ratio 2:1, 3:1 and 4:1 Thin walled tubing; unlined, adhesive lined (dual wall) Halogen free, commercial grade, , halogenated, military grade, highly flame retardant Operating temperatures from -55°C to 105 °C - 110 °C 125 °C - 135 °C - 150 °C - 175 °C Low to medium voltage rating UL224 CSA SAE-AMS-DTL-23053/5 Class 1 & 3 10 colour shades Medium wall tubing Heavy wall tubing End caps Cable breakout Specialty tubing Customized packaging – dispenser boxes – kits – pre-cut sleeves Bulk rolls, 4” / 1.22m lengths

PRODUCT OFFERING Heat shrinkable wire markers, tie-on cable tags and raised panel plates

Heat shrinkable wire markers Flexible polyolefin heat shrink sleeves used with wire marker printer. Supplied in double sided format which significantly improve the legibility of the wire markings. The wire label markers are mounted on the liner with a Pre-scoring option of the polyolefin marker sleeve and allows up to four sleeves across in length 12,5mm. The heat shrink sleeves are supplied in 2:1 and 3:1 shrink ratio and provides quick shrinking to cover and wide range of wire diameters giving less inventory. The wire markers are supplied and applied in accordance to your industry and compliance requirements. The range of materials covers from high performance to commercial applications from aerospace, military, defense, mass transit. The use of high temperature materials or low fire hazard polyolefin for use in areas where people safety are mandatory. 10 grades/qualities of wire markers are available.

Raised panel plates The panel plates are printed using thermal transfer printing and designed to replace engraved type plates. Printing is quicker, more efficient and cost effective, while the results are durable and long lasting and the plates are highly adhesive. Panel Plates are available in many colours and sizes, adapted to meet the labelling requirements for electrical components, electrical panels, junction boxes and instrument panels. ■ High scratch and rubbing resistance ■ Faster than engraving ■ Professional look with sharp and crisp legends ■ Foam backed adhesive for strong holding on uneven surfaces Cable Markers in extruded from halogen free and flame retardant PUR (Thermoplastic Polyether-Polyurethane) material which is hydrolysis ” No break down in water” and micro organism resistant. Its extremely strong with high tear strength, suitable for a variety of in and outdoor applications where durable mark permanence is de facto standard. The labels are fixed to the cable or wire using cable ties at both ends. The product is supplied as an all-in-one construction, where the extruded material also functions as the carrier. The markers are partially perforated for easy picking after printing and supplied on rolls for thermal transfer printing.

PRODUCT OFFERING Self-laminating vinyl labels, continuous vinyl Self-laminating labels provide important traceability information certifying that the wire harness has been manufactured in accordance with appropriate government or certification laboratory standards. It is critical that the label remain in place and clearly legible throughout the life of the product. Pressure-sensitive films and adhesives are the ideal solution for wire harness labels. Pressure-sensitive films are rigid and provide excellent printability, allowing the label to endure product use and abrasion while remaining legible. Specially formulated pressuresensitive adhesives are designed to bond well to rubber wire harnesses, ensuring that the label remains in place throughout the life of the product. To meet the demanding requirements for wire harness labeling, look to pressure-sensitive films and adhesives. ■ 3.5 mil frosty clear vinyl film for easy application ■ A Permanent pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive bonds well to a variety of surfaces ■ UL recognized under UL 969 – UL File – No. PGGU2.MH10170 Indoor/Outdoor Vinyl High performance polymeric stabilized soft vinyl coated with a durable permanent adhesive giving excellent dimensional stability. Selfadhesive Vinyl is designed for long-term interior and exterior marking applications. ■ Pipe Marking ■ Equipment work place ID ■ Ware house marking ■ Safety and Compliance ID ■ Gloss finish ■ When exposed to is resistant to chemicals, greases and oils, salt spray, cleaners, detergents, and general industrial grime Outdoor life. Expected outdoor life depending on colour range is 5-8 years Temperature range -40° F to 180° F -40° to 82°

VISION, VALUES & POLICY Our products and services are only as good as the management system that supports it. At LINK SUPPLY, we working on continually to improve our business processes. With a high level of technical expertise and a customer-focused feedback, we look beyond the standards to provide best value to our customers adding strategic value to our business. For us, quality means: ■ We are a trustworthy and reliable partner we deliver on time ■ We deliver products at compliant, high quality ■ We implement changes and new solutions quickly and well documented ■ We have a professionally managed, flat organization with short chains of command Quality Policy Quality is a brand for us. We never compromise on quality. We are operate according to ISO 9001:2015. ISO 9001:2015 ensures that our operations are running 100% in accordance to our documented quality management system. LINK SUPPLY is a sourcing company with strong relations to large parts of the world and a comprehensive supplier base within a high level of electrical applications._________________ Quality and service are an important part of our daily efforts to find the best solution for our customers and the conditions underlying the choice of LINK SUPPLY as a supplier. Good quality starts with a staff that is dedicated and motivated to manufacture and deliver a first-class product.